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November 26, 2007, 05:09 PM
In the forest Koko and Legno couldn't believe what they saw. "Hello" said a voice, "how are you doing". Legno was about to say the words, innocence but the person came in between. "It wouldn't be fair if you did THAT. After all you were chosen to have my diary".

"A sir, did I hear that very well?" asked Koko. "Impossible? If you're the writer then it means you're the traitor noah and you are Dead" said Legno. The guy replied: "you're right and you're wrong. Somehow I am dead, but on the otherhand I am alive...". "I know the answer to the riddle" said koko. Bang, as slap of the head. "Master why did you do that?". "Let the man speak, and don't do such ridiculous things" replied Legno.

"Okay where was I? Ah, you're right or you're wrong. Somehow I am dead, but on the other hand I am alive..." (Koko and Legno thinking: is he or are we the monkeys over here?) "You see when the earl killed me, he forgot a thing. We noah are opposite as you excorsists. You can kill the host but that doesn't mean you killed the real deal." " The real deal?" asked Legno.

Let me ask you something:"What if I kill you? Does that necessarily mean you're innocence is gone? I killed you, but did I kill it?". "So you wanna say, to kill the noah, you kill its - what we call our innocence." said Legno. "Well we call it noah genes, but I rather call it guilth - the opposite of innocence. The earl killed the host but he "forgot" to kill my guilth and I found a conform host." said the noah. "Conform noah? and why the diary?" asked Legno. "Oh one question at the time! But what the heck since you already asked it. Conform noah. It's easy to explain: innocence choose its host when the synchronization is perfect, but guilth aka noah genes choose its host too when synchronization is perfect. You are called true apostle of goodness, while we are call true apostels of evil. And let's call me a malfunction. Now the diary part. The diary was written before my death, and one of my skills is to forsee the future. I saw my own dead and because of that I anticipated by writing a diary, hoping to get there with a new host. It was risky, and I was lucky. I couldn't come out of this place or the earl and my family would have found me. The only way was the diary, and you found me."

"That's a nice explanation. And now how do we defeat the noah?" asked Legno. "Well the interesting part. how do you kill all excorsists?" asked the noah. "It is said there's the heart of all innocence which supporst all innocence.Crush it and all be crushed." Suddenly Legno came to the conclusion "Can't be? So to kill noah, you must kill its heart? The earl" said legno. "No. The earl is not the heart, you're god isn't the heart either. Jesus isn't god either. But some other noah is and I know exactly who. If we kill that noah. Noah will be gone for good" said the noah.

"And so what are we going to do now?" asked koko. "Of course going back to HQ with this man" legno replied. "You can't go back to HQ, because we are going to the arc." said the noah. "Just a noah, a excorsist and a finder? Are you crazy?" asked Legno. "Not just us three, but the seven of us will go" said the noah. And suddenly sharp sheadows surrounded them

writer's note: next chapter will explain more the link between diary and suriviving. It'll also be more known about the noah and his skills and history. Adn we'll get to know the other four.

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November 26, 2007, 05:13 PM
woot, woot! first post. and i just happened to click on "new posts" and this happened to be on top :D

anyway, this is a nice, short chapter. very philosophical and thought-provoking i wonder if legno will ever be reunited with the others any time soon.

overall, nice chapter. will you be claiming another ninety-nine? :amuse

November 26, 2007, 06:47 PM
Sweetness, back to Lengo! <3 Nice chappie, it's great to see Lengo again. He's not gunna be hapy when he gets back to the US: "WTF? Way to leave me beinhd!"

November 27, 2007, 08:33 AM
Ah, nice chapter after such a long time =D
So, in order to kill the Noah, or rather their Noah genes (their powers), you have to destroy the "Heart" . It's similar to the Heart of all Innocences. Good idea.

But I think that the "Heart" has to be very well hidden since it would be "easy" to destroy it when just 13 or rather 12 Noahs are present. Just for comparison's sake, there are more than 50 Innocences (or 49?) on the world.

Anyway, I almost forgot where Legno is and who Koko is. I was like "Wtf, forest...Koko?" in the beginning. ^^

November 27, 2007, 11:02 AM
yay new chapter ^^ thx koenosaki! I really missed legno

November 28, 2007, 07:02 AM
I will see when I have time and feeling in writing a chapter