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December 01, 2007, 09:54 AM
I just decide to write something without hesitations. Sorry for the spelling errors

Jacques was standing in front of the earl. The situation wasn’t good they just lost a Noah due to his fault and the Ark wasn’t moving at all.
Plus rumors of General Cross being in Edo occurred and put the earl into unease. Allen Walker’s death was something that made him happy but still the Noah feared for his life. “Jacques you know why you are here.
Though I love you your entire mission in America is all going wrong.” So this was the case the Noah thought. He was to be blamed for the occurrences and would be the scapegoat. His grip tightened as he bowed down. The earl started to laugh.
“Don’t worry there is no punishment after all you created a way to corrupt innocence. Instead you will be tutoring a recently awakened Noah.

Her name is Marigold the despair of Noah.”

A woman about the same age as Jacques entered the Room together with Lullubel. She had long curly hair and was wearing a long nightgown. Jacques looked her into the eyes but it was like he wasn’t reflected in it at all.
“She still has to cope with the true history but I’m sure as soon as she begins to talk again she’ll be a great asset to your forces.”

This was the first big assembly after the feast in Grim’s banquet hall.
Stephanie, Flames and Blade were still looking tired but Zane forced them to attend because they were the subject.
“From tomorrow on we’ll start moving to our new headquarters in Washington D.C. you three, Belle and Daniel will go to Hevlaska and your innocence will be checked. Your ferry is already loaded and will attend in three hours.”
Zane’s word lingered in the heads of all exorcists and finder in the room. Moving tomorrow? How does he think will this be possible? When these four people go our forces will be halved for about a month he can’t really think that!
But Zane stopped the chatter with firm words:
”These three where corrupted by the Noah you all witnessed how powerful some of them became we have to fear another Suman incident. We and the forces heading for Edo are practically all exorcists left. We have to strengthen us even if it means a temporary shortage in fighters. Now dismiss!”

Stephanie looked at her ribbons and thought of the power she felt. What should she do if she looses it? She could never kill her sister with her old power. But resistance would be worse.
She looked at the ferry and her companions and tried to suppress the tears.

The new data of the new Noah will come soon. I just need some time to fix it.I hope it's okay to make a new one since the evil side was weakened in the last ark ^^

rhapsody blue
December 01, 2007, 10:23 AM
Yay! First post!

Anyway. I love your chapter; at least the Earl was lenient to Jacques. The new Noah of despair is very intriguing, but she is in a catatonic state right now due to the shock of remembering Noah's memories, right?

So the newly rescued exorcists, Belle, and Daniel are leaving to see Helvaska; hopefully nothing bad will happen on the way there.

Overall, great job! :thumbs

December 01, 2007, 10:37 AM
yes Marigold is in a shock and she will stay like that for a while
could someone post something in the character thread to avoid double post merging when I post the character describtion?

December 02, 2007, 09:54 AM
Nice. =3 Marigold seems really cool! And with five exorcists headed to Helvaska, hopefully nothing bad happens!

December 03, 2007, 11:13 AM
Yay, a new chapter. ^^
Something that makes me happy and brings light in my recently dark life.
Gomen, I am exaggerating as always. Lol.

Nice chapter, I am glad that Jacque did not receive any hard punishment or rather none at all. The new Noah seems to be very interesting, it will be fun to write about her.