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December 09, 2007, 09:41 PM
Truly, there is a disturbing lack of topic (notice how I put it singular) about this manga on MH.

To copy the story as noted in volume 2 (taking out the spoilers), Red Eyes is about:

In July of the year 182, the all-out war between the Regium republic and the Dragnov federation was coming to an end with the imminent defeat of Regium. On the final battlefield, captain Grahad Mills, the commanding officer of the SAA Special Forces team "Jackal", was framed on the charge of treason by his subordinates at the instigation of his second in command, lieutenant Krayz. Court-martialed after the end of the war, with no advocate appointed to his defense and hte false testimony brought against him by his subordinates, he was immediately sentenced to death.

One morning, three months after Regium's defeat, the man they once hailed as "battlefield's god of death" was waiting for his sentence to be carried out in the Melvil military prison located on the outskirts of Solgrenne, the capital of the Regium republic. As he was about to be taken to be executed however, he murdered his escorts and staged a succesful breakout from the prison. Promoted now to a major in the department of public safety, Krayz orders Jackal member captain Waldman to lead the GIGN 1st Special Armor Section in pursuit.

In order to avenge himself against his former subordinates and discover the truth behind his betrayal, Mills begins a life on the run as an enemy of his very own country.


Now, on to the good stuff. Red Eyes is unique in that it not only focusses on the extremely badass Mills (with a nickname like "Genocide", you can't fail), it also spends lots of pages on the overall events taking place within the military. Strategies, company placements and even detailed descriptions of the various "suits" used, the manga-ka (Jun Shindo) is extremely meticulous and offers all sorts of information for those interested (most of these events have little to nothing to do with Mills himself, but are great extras).

As for the story itself, at its core, it is a revenge story, though recently (volume 5-7) it has been digressing a bit from this form and is turning more into an epic war story. For all ye action fans it has great fights, and as of volume 7 (the latest scanned one), probably even before, Mills is one of the biggest badass in manga ever, as I'll show you soon enough.
As far as I'm concerned, aside from being a fun and kickass read with good, evolving art, the amount of detail spent on the series is unsurpassed and makes it a must-read for everyone trying to break out of the main stream manga scene.

For those that don't want to read all that but rather want pictorial evidence, this is why you need to read Red Eyes:

Manga-Sketchbook scans this series, chapters and volumes can be found on Lurk

March 17, 2008, 02:41 PM
2 chapters of v8 have been released! </stealth bump>

June 07, 2010, 03:20 AM
do you know where i can purchase the english versions of this manga? espeically volumes 9 and above
i have been trying to find but with no success
i have only found Japanese versions

June 07, 2010, 12:12 PM
From what I can tell, its only available in French, German, and Italian (not counting Japanese of course). So no English version.