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December 22, 2007, 11:20 AM
Hi all! My name is Taimoor and I am a long time follower of Naruto. I don’t participate is the forums that much but have been on Mangahelpers for over 1 years now. I have been thinking of starting a review of my own on a regular basis and this chapter was just the thing to get me started. This review don’t have any pictures but I will most probably include them in my next reviews. I love GK’s reviews and I hate him for not doing them anymore! Anyways….enough about me now, let’s get started. :D

So the chapter starts off with Naruto attacking Tobi without any success. Tobi easily sends Naruto flying. His physical kick which actually hurts naruto shows that Tobi is not an astral projection like many predicted in the forum but is indeed physically there. He can make his body impenetrate able on will. This alone, I believe, is a pretty darn good skill as it means no physical attacks can hurt him. I am not very sure but I believe this jutsu involves some elemental composition like Kakuzu’s Iron-Skin jutsu which used earth manipulation. The trick to hitting him would be using some elemental attack such as chidori. Either that or he will have to be defeated by some thing other than taijutsu (genjutsu or ninjutsu). Naruto is kicked in water and Hinata, who happens to be in love with Naruto, is worried about him. Here Sakura calmly tells her that there is nothing to be worried about and Naruto will not be defeated so easily. This shows why Sakura is a much more appropriate partner for Naruto. She believes in Naruto and have witnessed his strength first hand. She acts more like a partner than a fan girl. Same cannot be said for Hinata. Off course NaruxHinata fan will have a different opinion. :oh

The reaction of Yamato and Kakashi is also interesting. Firstly, neither of them is trying to stop naruto from rushing and attacking Tobi, this shows that Naruto has gained their respect completely. He is clearly not interested in trying to catch naruto. I believe, along with most others in the forum, that he is just here to delay them so Itachi and Sasuke’s fight can continue uninterrupted. Tobi comments here make me excited though. He says “may be now is a good time”….good time for what? Good time to reveal his identity or good time to trap them in some paralyzing genjutsu and return to the Uchiha hideout to participate is the “meeting”?:amuse Either way, he is now going to stop playing around very soon and get serious. I am leaning towards the first option because I believe Itachi and Sasuke fight will continue till the end. If Itachi is a bad guy, like most people believe, Sasuke is either going to kill him and return victorious or he is going to just get mind raped again. Even if Itachi is a good guy I believe the fight to reach its conclusion and some final revelation by Itachi before he dies. If he is a good guy, Itachi staying alive would be just lame as I just cannot imagine him doing good heroic acts with Naruto and company! :notrust:amuse

In another part of the Narutoverse, another fight is nearing its end. Jiraya has left his secret message and is now about to die. The code is:

9, 31, 8
106, 7
207, 15

I believe, the 9 is not Japanese “ta” simply because all others are numbers. My first reaction after seeing this code was that these are the page numbers on Jiraya book, each disclosing the identity of one of the pains and the seventh one for the man behind the scenes. Even though it may still be the case, after some thought I think it is something else. Firstly, the numbers are not is order. If Jiraya was referring to pain why would he write the numbers out of order? One can say that Jiraya was dying and just wrote the page numbers by thinking of one pain and the associated page on the book at a time without thinking about the page order but remember the author is not in a hurry and the fact that Jiraya remembered exactly on which page he described a particular opponent on a book he wrote around 16, 17 years ago is hard to believe:blink. If he can remember it so exactly, why would be mess up the order? Also, for the man behind the scenes, Jiraya should do something to make his name stand out i.e. write it in the centre, on the top or bottom. So my page number theory is out.

My other idea was that each of this number could stand for one Japanese character. For example 1 for A, 2 for B and so on. This also appears unlikely as there are numbers like 106 and 207 in it. I cannot read or write Japanese but I think it is a reasonable assumption that Japanese language won’t have 207 alphabets! Also, why would Jiraya write in code form instead of just writing out the letters? Codes are written only in two cases. One, you aren’t sure about the safety of communication and don’t want others to decipher the message or you want to condense the message. Pa frog is an intelligent being,:eyeroll if he is caught by pain, all is lost, if not, he will not show his back to strangers!! It’s not like he is some doll which can be seen by everyone. Off course, even if pain understands the message, it is no big deal and he himself knows his true identity so no point hiding from him. So, I believe Jiraya wrote it like this to condense the information he wanted to transfer. This code cannot be too complicated because Jiraya is no genius who will come up with a complex code in an extreme situation like that :temAND Jiraya wouldn’t want it to be too complicated as he wants to transfer this information and don’t want to hide it. As he hasn’t written this code for security reasons, there is no reason to make it too complicated. Off course, Kishi won’t make it too easy for us as that would kill all the fun!:s I expect to see many theories in the Toshkan about what this code really means. Let’s wait and see. :amuse

The happy faced pain saw the code and tries to attack Pa frog. Apparently, that pain can separate his arm to attack. This is a very robotic attack. The way there is some small explosion at the joint and there is some smoke also shows that this is being propelled by some kind of Jet motor. This is not chakra as the attack also leaves some smoke. It remains to be seen whether only this pain can use this kind of attacks or everyone else too? Anyways, Pa frog escapes, leaving Jiraya’s body behind. This is logical given the fact that he is a summon and can always poof to his other dimension. Manda also easily escaped from Deidara’s blast. The attack also destroyed the rock Jiraya was laying on and his body drifts down in the water. Jiraya is happy about his end and believes that the death is honorable. Loss of his body like this also puts an end to all Jiraya Pain theories for good! I am happy Pain didn’t have the body as it will be very disrespectful to Jiraya. :mad

The fact that Kishi dedicated an entire page to Jiraya’s last thought, the Tale of Uzumaki Naruto, shows two things. Firstly, Jiraya has completely left everything to Naruto. He is Naruto’s teacher and knows very well how skilled he is. The fact that he has trusted everything to Naruto is proof enough that he believes Naruto is capable of handling the future of the world now. Secondly, the focus of the story is now going to shift to Naruto completely. It is also logical given the fact that Itachi Sasuke battle is about to begin. The Uchiha story will be closed and story will be shifted to Naruto very soon. Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying Sasuke’s importance will diminish or Sharingan saga will end. What I am saying is that Naruto will get more screen time now.

Granny Tsunade sees a frog jumping into water and sees Jiraya’s face in it. Everyone believed Tsunade will get some message about Jiraya as soon as Jiraya dies. So this is very predictable. :)

Meanwhile, to Hinata’s relief, Naruto comes out of water and is ready for round two. He has calmed down a little and this time instead of attacking Tobi just says he is tired of this silly game now. Everyone agrees and they get into a formation to launch an attack. Sai notices Shino’s and Kiba’s behavior and Sai notices the special bond they both share with each other and Sasuke. Sasuke is their comrade also and Shino and Kiba have always been competing with each other for the leader position for the team. They have a very special bond with each other, somewhat like Naruto and Sasuke would turn out if Sasuke wouldn’t have a brother to kill! Anyways, the attack begins now and I believe they will fail to do any damage to Madara and Madara will do whatever he said is a good time to do in the beginning!! I must say though, Yamato may be able to do something as he have the same cells as the Shodai Hokage who once defeated the 100% power Madara. Even though it is true that Yamato is only a copy and not as powerful as the first Hokage (he himself said that once), Madara is also not at full power (he also said so while talking to Pain in the first meeting we saw). We also have a MS user around. Tobi may be in for some surprises himself.:amuse I will say again though, he is unlikely to suffer serious damage.

Pain now makes a very interesting statement. He wouldn’t have EVER won if it wasn’t for the fact that Jiraya didn’t know some secret. What secret? Who is he talking to? I think he is talking to himself and not to Zetsu but off course I may be wrong. Also, where the hell is Konan? Pain asked her to stay back but she could have been given some panels standing serious or sad or happy or anything!! Why did Kishi completely ignored her? Jiraya was her Sensei too and her emotions over his death would be interesting. What if she too is a part of Pain just like Yahiko?! But this will break the six pain=six path of reincarnation theory so I will not venture there.:amuse This statement of Pain does bring down his God status a little though. He is in fact weaker than Jiraya in a “fair” one-on-one complete knowledge fight. If we think about it, Jiraya did defeated three pains without any major damage to his body and it appears he only died because his arm got cut off AND he decided not to run away when he could have done so (Ma frog did escaped with the body from inside the barrier so I am pretty sure pa frog could have escaped with Jiraya if they both tried:darn:darn). Naruto will know what Jiraya didn’t so his chances of success will be higher. Pain also says that Jiraya appeared after Madara ordered him to capture Naruto. This puts an end to all Tobi is not Madara theories as at least Pain believes he is Madara. :notrust

Zetsu watched this battle too like all the major battles in the past. I must admit he got some pretty darn good abilities. The ability to travel huge distances in lightning speed, the ability to merge with the ground anywhere along with many others are just too damn good. Here we also see that both “parts(?)” of him don’t share the same conscious or even similar abilities as the black Zetsu knows Itachi and Sasuke are about to begin a fight while the white Zetsu is unaware of it. This hints to the fact that they may separate from each other to fight like Yukon and Sakon as they don’t share the same brain and are two different entities. The chapter ends with a teaser as Itachi and Sasuke are shown ready to start their fight now.

I believe their fight will be shown in the next chapter. Right now, too much is going on in Naruto verse and Kishi needs to handle them one by one. Jiraya’s fight is done and now focus will most like shift to Sasuke’s fight with some scenes of Naruto’s fight in between. For Sasuke’s fight, I think there are too many options and any speculations at this point are bound to be wrong. Still I will tell you what I think.

Firstly, till now, every one thought that Madara is Sasuke’s opponent and Pain is Naruto’s. This was further confirmed by the fact that Pain killed Jiraya and has been ordered to capture Naruto. Now I believe this may not be the case. Madara is the leader and Pain works under him. Naruto is the protagonist and he should be the one to fight the top villain (Madara). What I think is that Naruto will fight pain and Sasuke will fight Itachi now. This will even off as both Itachi and Pain work under Madara with Pain at a higher level but still a subordinate to Madara. After these two fights, something will happen that will render Sasuke will become the next opponent for Naruto. Most likely scenario is that Tobi/Madara takes over Sasuke’s body (yes our Child prodigy is nothing more than a little box now :p) and Naruto will fight Sasuke to rescue him. How Naruto will be strong enough to fight Madara in a Sasuke’s body is beyond me so we will just have to wait. Off course, Kyuubi will play a central role and so will Naruto’s Kage Bunshin training. Another scenario is that Sasuke and Naruto team up to fight Madara. This appears less likely but is also plausible. Again, we will have to wait and see.


This chapter was definitely interesting as the highest level battle to date(most probably even higher level than Orochimaru vs. Sarutobi battle) has come to an end and the most anticipated battle of the entire Manga is about to start! This chapter also confirmed that Tobi is Madara (at least in Pain’s mind) and he is the real leader. Let’s see how it turns out! I give it 4.5/5 as I am not very happy about the end of Jiraya; he failed to delay Pain and Pain is now heading towards Naruto.:mad:mad

December 22, 2007, 05:40 PM
Very good review and keep it up. :kkthumbs

I agree that Naruto would fight and defeat Madara, not the Uchiha’s brothers. I wonder whether Pein would die by Naruto’s hands or end up like Gaara. :blink

Tha Uchiha
December 22, 2007, 10:34 PM
I liked how you addressed Kiba and Shino, I never really gave it much thought on how they competed for leadership and that it resembled Sasuke and Naruto. KUDOS. Great review and many thanks! :D

December 23, 2007, 05:21 AM
Saifi's Komments

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Part 2 Konoha Games
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Part 9 Rating etc

December 27, 2007, 01:32 AM
Thanks a lot for your replies. I am glad you liked it.

Sorry for the late reply. My net is very slow as I am on vacations and thus I had to download each page of your(Saifi’s) reply separately!! Anyways…Now that I have all of them, I can finally comment.

Tobi’s weakness:
I do agree with you that a space time shift can also hurt Tobi. Off course, we won’t know unless someone actually tries. I think Kakashi will definitely try his MS but it is highly unlikely he will do that in the next chapter. Right now everyone is much more interested in Sasuke Itachi fight and Kisame-Hebi needs to be shaved off too…

Tobi’s Strength:
Tobi is indeed strong. How strong you need to be to control a rinnegan user who could defeat a Sannin at 100% power!

Of Jiraya and Toad Sage:
The fact that the code was written for Toad Sage is very interesting. I wanted to note it in my review but as I didn’t have a clear prediction I refrained from doing so. As the code is for Toad Sage and Naruto is the one to defeat Pain, Toad Sage must pass on this information to Naruto. Even though it would be ideal if Toad Sage actually calls Naruto over and train him for the fight before giving him the information, I think it might not be the case. The reason I say so is that Pain is coming to catch Naruto, how will Toad Sage call Naruto and find enough time to train him before pain get there? The situation is certainly not very conducive for a time skip here. I don’t expect Naruto to find a hyperbolic time chamber simply because Kishi made Kakashi say before that Naruto is not going to get strong overnight like the hero of some Manga!! What I do expect is that this information will be passed on to naruto by some toad and the key toad will arrive and help naruto “tame” Kyuubi which will give him some power boost.

Your observation about Kishi trying to relate Jiraya’s character to himself was also very good!

Pain’s Reflection:
Even though it may be true that it is a way for Kishi to appease many Jiraya fans like me, I think it puts a definitive cap on Pain’s strength. This chapter made him look “human” in more than one ways for example him saying that someone ordered him to do something. It may be that Kishi made him appear too strong and realized only now that if he makes Pain so unbelievably strong, there would be no way to make Tobi stronger than him and ultimately Naruto stronger than Tobi to defeat him!! So he is humanizing pain a little by little. If you ask me, it is somewhat like Gaara’s story. He was introduced as someone who has never been hurt, is strong beyond belief(atleast for a Genin) and is a total monster. Later he was humanized by Lee to some extent before Naruto ultimately defeated him. Off course, pain is at a much higher level. So much that he claims to be God instead of being a simple monster!

The ever mysterious Zetsu:
I think that its not that Zetsu don’t want to help, I seriously believe his combat powers are not as strong as his other Akatsuki comrades. His speed and stealth abilities are off course above any other but his physical strength hasn’t been shown yet. Also, knowing even Zetsu knows about Madara, one really pity Kisame as he is the only one unaware of the true identity of Akatsuki leader.

Final Thanks:
Thanks again for your reply Saifi, it was a most entertaining read. I feel sad because we won’t be getting a chapter this week but I believe Kishi will more than make up for it next week!

December 28, 2007, 04:02 AM
I really enjoyed reading this review taimoor2 and saifi's replies were as good as another review and very enjoyable to read. I would like to add one point that perhaps the behavior of pain pretending to be a god is just an act on pain's path and that he does not believe it himself and uses it to intimidate his opponents. I say this because would a man with the god complex that pain seems to have, take orders from another person, like pain does from tobi. I think pain actually has a very different personality than the inhuman egoistical display he has presented so far.

January 01, 2008, 08:33 PM
thx for your compliments guys , srry i didnt respond earlier , u know the whole holidays thing and all . but hoping to hear what you guys have to say about the next chap now , take care and happy new year