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December 22, 2007, 12:18 PM
Thanks to Kylara for the raw, tora-chan for the trans, and Franky House for the scanlation.

1. Uchiha Madara?

I believe (as many do) that Madara occupies the body of Obito. While people in Naruto's world have no problem with interesting style choices, it usually has to do with their abilities and the only reason that Madara would cover up half his face is if he didn't need he left eye and we know what happened to Obito's left eye.

As we see on the first page (and the fact he hasn't sunk into the ground yet), he seems to be able to control his physical nature with a time/space ninjutsu. I consider this a skill of the Mangekyo Sharigan. We know that with the Sharigan, both Itachi and Sasuke can do time/space ninjutsu. For Sasuke, this is his entering Naruto's consciousness. For Itachi it is his Tsukuyomi. We also know that the blood of the Uchihas was diluted over the decades, therefor it is reasonable to assume that Itachi and Sasuke cannot do this.

I believe that Uchiha Madara was not killed by the First Hokage, but had his consciousness/soul imprisoned. One reason I believe this is because I consider the fact that Sasuke 'took over' Orochimaru is a hint of what is possible in this world. We also know that ninjas typically are supposed to dispose of their comrades bodies, especially when they have bloodline limits, and yet we did not see that happen with Obito. So it is possible that his body was recovered by some organization, and came into contact with Uchiha Madara. There is one problem with this, and that is the fact that Obito's body is full size.

One thing to note, why hasn't Hinata used user Byakugan on Tobi, especially after seeing Naruto go straight through him.

2. Jiraiya

Not much to say about Jiraiya's end. A bit cliche, but done very well. Hopefully we will see him live on in Naruto. A bit sad to think that there will be no recovery of his body though. About the message he left to Pa Frog, I can only guess it has to do with his first book.

3. Tsunade

Was Tsunade in love with Jiraiya? That whole conversation they had in chapter 367 makes me think that is a possibility. I guess we will see after she gets the news of his death. It will definitely be interesting to see whether or not she attempts to revenge his death of her comrade, especially after giving that talk to Shikamaru.

4. Naruto

Whoa, Naruto looked pretty cool here. How many times have we seen Naruto knocked on his ass after attacking the enemy, but now who can blame him considering Tobi's jutsu. He wasn't exactly knocked on his ass either, and seemed to gather the wind around him and looked badass while doing it. Definitely an improvement over past times. It is also good to see an angry Naruto NOT gong into Tail mode.

5. Pain's secret once again

There are two possibilities to me about Pain's secret. One is very simple and the other one is very complex. The simple one being that Pain can take over bodies, and he hides them in his tower. The complex one being unknown at this point. This part pretty much confirms that the code on Pa Frog's back is definitely the secret to Pain. Also interesting to note that Zetsu knows that Pain has multiple bodies, and seems to know that Madara exists too.

6. Sasuke and Itachi

It seems pretty obvious to me that Itachi is still the strongest of the two because he does have the Mangekyo Sharigan, but I don't think that matters because I am guessing the upcoming fight is only serious on Sasuke's part. It is obvious Itachi has a hidden purpose that starts with Uchiha's Madara's goal and leaving his little brother alive. So the fight we have all been waiting for, I think will never come. At least not until Itachi's motives are known.

Rating: 4/5

Even though this chapter was a bit of a disappointment after the last one because the characters didn't get to know that Jiraiya was having trouble fighting Pain, this chapter still gave off a good 'calm before the storm' feeling. Plus there were a few pages I really liked (Naruto looking cool, the whole Konoha group talking to Tobi before the fight and all Sai could come up with was 'Bonds' (lol), and that last part with Sasuke and Itach attacking each other).


This time it's pretty obvious. Fighting all around :). Hinata will use her Byakugan, and hopefully we will have a better idea on how Tobi's jutsu works. I also have a feeling Kakashi will pull out his own time/space ninjutsu. I think the Sasuke/Itachi fight will be pretty good, if meaningless. And finally Tsunade will get news from the frogs that Jiraiya is dead.

December 22, 2007, 05:17 PM
Tobi/Obito/Madara theory lives on.

I agree with you on how cool Naruto looks in non-Kyuubi’s mode. I think Naruto mastered water element as well. I also agree that Pein’s secret is very complex and how much information Zetsu knows. As for Itachi, my heart goes out for Sasuke, he has no idea what plans Madara has for him. :blink

Tha Uchiha
December 23, 2007, 01:24 AM
Dittos as well for the Obito theory, I also believe that Zetsu, Itachi, Konan, Pain, know about Tobi/Madara, and that he is running the show. I also think that your spot on for the Uchiha Fight, it won't happen or it won't be long. I still believe that Itachi is good and he wasn't the one who destroyed the Uchiha Clan and it's cause was by Madara. You brought up the Hinata issue also, I thought it was funny that Sakura told Hinata to not take her eyes off of Tobi and her Byakugan wasn't engaged? Any hoot, thanx for the review it was much enjoyed!

December 23, 2007, 02:01 AM
Congrats on your 2nd review , good that you continued , thx for the food for thought !

Anyway heres what i thought about what you said .

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Ps: Where the heck did Konan go?

December 23, 2007, 06:36 AM
nice job on the review :) thanks for taking the time to write it. i love reading what others are thinking, so that's probably why i'm so good at lurking ;)

i have to say that i hope that tobi's ability to control the solidity of his body is not a sharingan skill. how many uses can the sharingan (mangekyo or otherwise) have? it's just too overpowered already in my book, but this probably will end up being a sharingan skill anyway. i'm glad, though that now we know that tobi is madara. this debate is safely over, but the tobi=madara=obito battle rages on :shakefist

it was nice to see the reappearance of some characters that we hadn't seen in a while (sai, zetsu, kiba, shino) even if they didn't contribute much. kishi hasn't forgot about them! :p i hope the next chapter has more action. i'm especially looking forward to see hinata's new and improved post time-skip skills and secondarily those of her teammates.

December 23, 2007, 10:28 AM
Thanks for the comments.

@Lord Hokage

Yeah, a much better look for Naruto imho. I don't think he has mastered the water element yet, though he definitely will if that old pic of him on his frog with water swirling around him is any indication. I just think it would be weird for it to happen off camera.

@The Uchiha

I think I am still on the line about Itachi killing his clan. If you have read the tenju theory (who hasn't), while the whole part about tenjus may not be introduced to the story, it still makes sense when it comes to Madara, his relationship with the First Hokage, and the reasons why Itachi killed his clan. Of course Itachi has been too mysterious with his not killing back when he entered Konoha (after Orochi's attack), so that is why I am on the line.


Yeah, it would have been screwed up for Naruto to have to fight Jiraiya, and I also got the impression that Kishi was consoling the fans by having Pain compliment Jiraiya on his skills. I also think it was pretty true to, since he probably defeated each one of those ninjas before. I agree that Pain saying he could have lost was definately out of character considering his God complex. Maybe it was just for Zetsu's benifit. Also you just triggered something in my mind. Itachi knows of Madara, but when you think about it, does Madara know that Itachi knows? If he Madara doesn't, then Itachi may be on the good side afterall, though that doesn't explain what happened the night his clan died.


Thanks. I am also looking most forward to Hinata and her group showing their skills. Hopefully Kishi will keep his new jutsu revelations coming, and give us something better than Chouji's hair attack.