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January 14, 2008, 09:21 PM
Thanks, Arg for asking for this one, it ended up being an interesting read :D

Title: Vinland Saga
Genres: Seinen, Historical, Vikings
Author/Artist: Yukimura Makoto
Publication: Afternoon (Kodansha)
Start Date:
End Date:
Number of chapters at review: 39
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 21

General Overview: Follow the adventures of Thorfinn as he serves in a group of Viking mercenaries in the 11th century.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)
Art: 7
The art style reminds me very much of Claymore; ie. Berserk without the detail. It's well done, but the character designs are indistinct, and background characters might as well be made with a stamp.

Plot: 9
It's hard to tell with such a short run, but so far the plot has been extremely interesting. Plots are thick, and no one is ever what they seem. Given the title and the plot progression so far, I'm assuming this is going to be a fairly epic work. So it gets it's point for potential.

Characters: 7
There aren't many characters you get to know, but the main cast is intriguing. I look forward to seeing how these guys (and gals?) develop.

Themes: 9
How far do you have to run to escape your destiny? What is freedom, and how far would you go to get it? The thematic content is pretty subtle in this title, but well developed and consistent throughout.

Originality: 7
Nothing outstanding. The Viking motif is rarely used in such a historical accurate* way, so it gets points for that, and Askeladd is a pretty unique character. But time will tell how original his execution is, so a more detailed rating will have to wait.

Overall: 8
Pretty strong potential. It reminds me a lot of Berserk's flashback period, so if you enjoyed that, I suggest picking it up.

*there are many inaccuracies regarding events, but the cultural accuracy is pretty good

January 28, 2008, 04:38 PM
woot!! agreed!

February 07, 2009, 06:38 PM
Though I don't agree with you on some of the ratings and would have liked a higher point for the art section, I thank you for the review.

Even if it does not have extreme intricate details, it has great movement fluidity and very precise and proportional design when portraying weapons, characters and so on.

It is clear that Yukimura-sensei did his homework rather well, on both the story and the art. It is not a history lesson, nor does it has to be one. It is just an interpretation of the story.

Comparison to other mangas might not be that efficient here, even if they belong to the same genre.

Other than that, good review ... :)

PS: I read berserk and became an addict, but I still believe (now more than ever) that Vinland art is top notch and deserves at least a 9.

September 28, 2009, 05:02 PM
This post is pretty old but I have read the scanlations on other sites up to 56 chapters I love this manga it has spirit that ignites within the reader and even if you know the history and where it leads its very exciting I really enjoy the fights and for someone like myself who cares little for politics it actually enhances the experience here and I too love the art message me if there are other reviews on later chapters please thanks for the review!