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Sahugani’s One Piece Review 483-484

There's always a bigger fish

Hey guys. Sorry this took so long, but its kind of been one issue after another. Due to scanlation issues, holiday busyness, multiple internet losses, the start of the new school quarter, and various computer issues I was forced to be a bit behind. However, while the holiday hiatus of Jump meant fewer chapters to read, it also reduced the workload now that I’m back on track. In other news, I’m very excited about the anime now as I’m sure many of the rest of you are too. Thriller Bark has started and the latest episode marks the point in the story that I started reviewing, which makes me smile. Finally, in the time since my last review, we have been blessed with another two stellar AMV’s from JuniZorofan (http://youtube.com/profile?user=JuniZorofan). The first, Remember the Name (http://youtube.com/watch?v=okuYNcrV5tM) is a completely badass Zoro tribute and the second, Brothers Time of Dying (http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ex0v5MqHMkI&feature=related) is dedicated to Ace and Luffy and their bond as brothers. The pics in this review come from the binktopia scanlations and one from the Null-Kefi scan of 432. the title pic is an Oda original.

483: End of the Dream

Too Late

I wonder what your eyes see while they're evaporating

Well last chapter we watched as Luffy finally toppled the gigantic Moria and freed all the shadows, but from the looks of it, he may have been too late. The sun peeks through and all the shadowless people caught in it are already half evaporated. As the remaining Strawhat crew is composed of Usopp, Chopper, Nami, and Franky, panicking as they watch their friends disappear is the automatic reaction. A number of Lola’s followers who had taken cover also watch as their friends begin to vanish into thin air. Although by beating Moria in that form did in fact release all the shadows, the process of the shadows returning is not automatic. At this point it is simply a race to see whether the shadows can move faster through the air than the speed at which the sunlight disintegrates the shadowless bodies.

Distant Victims

Cindry deserves peace in some form

While things seem dire on the island itself, the scene shifts to distant locations where Moria’s other victims dwell. In addition to the individuals who were kept on the island, there were a number of pirates who Moria had deemed a threat and sent away on their ships and more still whose shadows were taken while Thriller Bark was still in West Blue. We watch as pirates and others throughout both oceans celebrate the return of their shadows and the joy of being able to return to their normal lives. Among the celebrating people, there are a couple who are noteworthy. First of all, there is a marine amongst the saved people and we can assume that this is the bearer of the first shadow Lola put into Luffy. There is no real significance to this other than to get a chuckle at noticing. More importantly, the last saved person to be shown is a maid in a noble household who upon seeing her reflection drops a stack of plates. Of all the zombies, the only two (other than Ryuuma) who we developed some sort of sentimental attachment to are Lola and Cindry. As we have Lola’s true form here, it is really nice to see the true host of Cindry’s stolen shadow. Apparently in the time since her shadow was taken, she had overcome her hatred of plates and found some manner of peace. She even had a kind master who I’m assuming went out of his way to allow her to function without her shadow. Upon finding that her shadow is back, he suggests a celebration for her. Although she is a servant, the master treats her like family. Due to the sad pasts of both the original Cindry and that of her shadow, I think it was important to show a true happy ending for this case in particular. The original Cindry had died young and then had her corpse desecrated to fulfill Hogback’s sick dream. Chopper’s speech had elicited some form of emotion either from a remaining fragment of the original Cindry’s soul or from the stolen shadow understanding the original Cindry’s pain. Either way, that experience left a mark of the original Cindry on the stolen shadow. By returning that shadow to a happy life with people who care for her, it also gives some sort of peace to the soul of the original Cindry.


which of the other two do you think he is?

One other quick side note about the previous scene is that one pirate confirms that the Kaidou mentioned earlier in the arc is in fact one of the Yonkou. I figured this was the case back when it was first mentioned, but given this confirmation and Moria’s own recollection of his time in the New World, I now have a better picture of how those past events unfolded. We can assume that Kaidou is the one that killed Moria’s crew and crushed his spirit. Although the fight seems to have ended in Kaidou’s favor, I doubt that it was an easy win for him as the mentioning of the battle is supposed to imply Moria’s strength. While we have no timeframe of when this battle occurred, it is definitely before Moria gathered Absalom, Perona, and Hogback to start the zombie army (so at least ten years I believe). This means that during that time, he had access to far fewer shadows (with no zombie army) and far inferior corpses to make zombies (he lacked Hogback at the time), so overall, Moria was a great deal weaker back then in terms of both his crew’s total strength and his own. If we are to assume that Moria actually put up a decent fight, then I think we can also assume that this was before Kaidou became one of the Yonkou as that level of strength would seem too weak. Another thing to note is that Kaidou killed Moria’s nakama, differentiating himself from the other known Yonkou, Shanks and Whitebeard. While all three are top class pirates who don’t hesitate when taking lives, there are differences in philosophy of when a life must be taken. We have seen that while the Redhair crew is more than capable of retaliating when provoked, meaningless slaughter is not in their nature. Similarly, Whitebeard clearly values the lives of his nakama above all else as the code of his crew shows. He is also not so self-obsessed to believe that sanctity of life only applies to his crew, so I’m guessing that his policy is to avoid killing whenever possible. In opposition to these two, Kaidou proceeded to kill all of Moria’s nakama and left only the captain alive as a cruel punishment for losing. While the two Yonkou we have met are truly noble individuals that earned the respect and admiration of Luffy and Ace, this one is a truly despicable being if my analysis is correct. If I were to guess, I can imagine him as being the villain for the second or third to last arc.

All Better

...so Usopp really did shit

After the trip around the Grand Line and West Blue is over, we return to Thriller Bark to find that everyone is back to normal and their shadows had indeed returned in time. While the affected Strawhats are relatively indifferent to the near death experience they just had, the other saved people on the island celebrate as they are expected to. Robin and Sanji even come up with a theory as to the basis of the disappearance and savior. The idea behind a person’s body disappearing without a shadow is based on the same concept of Moria bending Oz’s body by bending the corresponding shadow. A shadow naturally takes the same shape as the person and through Moria’s power, he could flip the relationship (at least with zombie bodies) and change the body’s shape by altering that of the shadow. By the same power, Moria can remove a shadow from a person, which due to the flipped relationship of Moria’s power would cause the body to become nothingness to match the shadow. However, this does seem to have flaws. If Moria altering the shape of a zombie’s shadow (not even in direct sunlight) caused automatic changes, why wouldn’t removing the shadow completely cause the person to evaporate instantly as their shadow is gone? My guess is that a shadow is really controlled by two things, a person’s will and sunlight. Any other type of light (reflected or manmade) is controllable by humans and so falls under the category of controlled by human will while sunlight is unrestrained. I know it doesn’t make much sense but it falls under the same category as why seawater affects devil fruit users. Moria’s power alters the relationship between a person’s will and separates the two in a way that allows them to coexist as two beings. He can alter zombie shapes because there is no will to control the shadows and so he invades the shadow with his own and creates a new will to replace it. However, his power does not cover the effect of the sunlight on a person’s shadow. When a body without a shadow is faced with direct sunlight, the light tries to restore the relationship between body and shadow that was previously kept safely separate due to Moria’s power. If there is no shadow to alter, the sunlight instead forces the body to match the nonexistent shadow.


apparently even Oz's foot can't kill anyone in this series

It turns out there are still more survivors on the island. Hogback had lived through Oz’s trampling and has awoken Absalom, who was still unconscious from Nami’s final blow (though Sanji did the real damage). While berating the beast man for losing with the body he modified, Hogback relates everything that has happened on the island. At the end of the explanation, he says he has no intention of living as a loser and asks Absalom if he’ll do the same. This could mean anything from attempting revenge on the Strawhats to reentering society and restore his fame, though the former seems more likely in the given context. I think they will likely have at least one more appearance before this arc is through. If Oda wanted to show that they simply survived, he could have done so after the Strawhats had left or returned to them in a later cover arc. There appearance here and hint of further actions makes me think they will have a final significance in this arc whether it is an ill conceived revenge plot or an effort to save the Strawhats from the disaster next chapter.

Luffy’s Life

what form will be next?

We return to the Strawhats as they converse over Luffy’s unconscious body. Now that they actually have time to discuss, they talk about Luffy’s new gears. As they analyze the side effects of both forms, they realize that no matter how dangerous these powers are, Luffy will continue to use them and endanger his life. While the danger of gear 2 will likely lessen as his body acclimates to it and gear 3’s side effect is likely not as harmful medically (it simply disadvantages him if the opponent survives), it is extremely dangerous to use them together like he did here. As I said in my last review, combining them forces his body to pump blood at high speed through an enormous body instead of a regular sized one, which multiplies the health deterioration of gear 2 many times over.

The Association

Luffy doesn't get a post fight feast this time from the people he saved

Now we see the return of the wrinkled old man that first tasked Luffy with the task of beating Moria. Just like before, he is mistaken for a zombie as Usopp was not among the crew that encountered him before. Apparently he is the president of the island’s victims. It was easy to assume before this that Lola was the leader of this group due to the fact that she and her crew made the most significant appearance among them. While it is really just a minor point, it means that Lola has forsaken her role as a pirate captain and found a new role in life among this victims group. While it has not yet been addressed, there is a question as to what the victims will do with their returned freedom. They could attempt to leave Thriller Bark and return to their old lives, but I think that this victims’ association has effectively united the mixed crews into a single force that none would want to abandon. As their old ships are long gone and their numbers are greater than most crews, I wouldn’t doubt it if they took over operation of Thriller Bark (assuming it survives later events). This is even more likely since later on Kuma is told to allow Moria to recover (which I assume implies bringing him back to HQ for treatment), so this giant vessel would otherwise be going to waste. As for who will lead this new organization, I’m still of the opinion that Brooke will use it to retrieve Laboon. There is also a chance, though small, that Absalom and Hogback will travel with them. They don’t really have anywhere else to go and might find a way to put their skills to good use.

Orders Arrive

the new badass is here

After receiving some thanks from the victims, Nami remembers that there is a second Shichibukai on the island. As she recalls her encounter, the big bear is revealed to be sitting on the remains of the broken tower receiving orders from headquarters. Kuma is told that as long as Moria is still breathing, he is to be allowed to recover and continue in his capacity as a Shichibukai. This is something I have expected for a long time. The Strawhat crew just underwent a massive bounty jump, so it seemed unlikely for the story to allow another one after one arc. In addition, the way this arc was set up was tailored to cover up the Strawhat victory here. Moria’s former bounty was near Luffy’s, which reduced the need for an immediate bounty increase. Also, Moria worked in secrecy behind the fog of the Triangle, so any events that occurred there would be kept hidden from the rest of the world. The World Government knows that this situation is not the same type of situation as with Crocodile. In the earlier case, Crocodiles actions were both public and in defiance of the government. They had to remove him but gave credit to Smoker so that a pirate would not be treated as a hero. After the Enies Lobby incident though, it seems they released the truth of the Crocodile victory as they could just call it another act against the World Government. In this case though, Moria was not directly threatening his superiors and the only witnesses to Luffy’s deeds were the Thriller Bark victims and the Strawhats. If it became public knowledge that Strawhat Luffy took down two Shichibukai, people would lose faith in the government and the balance would be tilted. The best course of action is to keep Moria in the position and simply kill everyone who witnessed the island’s events.

Bear’s Power

"Smokey's way more intense in person"

Now that Kuma has the order to act, he does so without hesitation. It seems I was wrong about my prediction on Kuma’s actions. However, despite the fact that he is now on a brutal rampage, I still have faith in my analysis of his overall character from my older review for the most part. We know that during his reign as a pirate, his brutality was such that he gained a reputation as being excessively violent. Now though, he is generally extremely calm and unless given orders to attack, he seems to consistently choose the least aggressive option (as he did with Perona). However, when given an order, he shows no mercy towards his victims. While his calm off-duty personality could be seen as simply not wanting to take unnecessary action, I think it goes more to his character. As I said the first time I analyzed him, I think that there was some event that caused him to find religion, making his work as a Schichibukai an effort to atone. This might seem a bit odd as he is now using his strength to kill innocent people in a gov’t cover-up, but it is all in his personal sense of justice. His view is that the ends justify the means. One other thing to note (unless it is a translation error in which case please correct me) is that when on the den den mushi, he is talking to an individual (i.e. not the Gorosei). It could be that his cooperation with the World Government stems not from a faith in the goals of the organization but in the ideals of an individual within it. It could be a member of the Gorosei, Sengoku, or possibly Akainu, but that person believes in absolute justice.

484: Squish


how do characters in this series get so big?

As we left the last chapter, Kuma had used his power to knock out a row of Lola’s men and imprinted them with a paw mark. He has also named Zoro as the first person he will have a real fight with. While Lola’s group complains about how unfair and cruel it is for another Shichibukai to attack an already weakened group of enemies, Zoro shows no fear and accepts the challenge. As their last two horrors were Oz and Moria, whose size reflected the enormous strength they wielded, the former victims are invigorated by Luffy’s victory and decide that they will not back down from this less intimidating Shichibukai. However, as Kuma made a direct challenge to him alone, anything else like running away or accepting help from Lola’s group would be shameful. After the challenge is accepted, Kuma offers the Strawhat crew some praise as many of them have built reputations for themselves even beyond being in the crew of Strawhat Luffy. Unlike Zoro (and Robin) the other members of the Strawhat crew become embarrassed as Kuma basically calls them famous. However, Kuma’s intention was not to commend the crew’s power but to let them know where they stand. Although Luffy is the one that has taken out two Shichibukai, the WG has determined that every member of the Strawhat crew is a threat to world peace.


that's Zoro for ya

For the first time since fighting Mihawk, Zoro once again finds himself in a one on one duel with a Shichibukai. Although he has already felt the strength of this class’s power and he is currently weakened from fighting Oz, Zoro still shows no hesitation. He knows that life does not generally allow for the easy road to be taken and as the crew moves farther along this will only become truer. While there is significance in the fact that he is now facing an opponent of the same caliber as Mihawk, his only thought at the moment is that if he cannot win this fight, he does not deserve to move forward. If he is fated to continue advancing toward his dream, he must be a man strong enough to handle any opponent that stands in his way.

The Fruit’s Power

finally, an animalistic shichibukai power

As the fight begins, it becomes clear that teleportation is not Kuma’s ability. He reveals it to be the effect of the nikyu nikyu no mi (paw paw fruit). He seems to be the first Shichibukai to have an ability that is in any way related to their animal title. The actual powers of this ability don’t initially seem to be logical given its name and appearance. His ability is the power to repel. With this ability, he can repel the atmosphere around his hand at high speed to create shockwaves. As for his “teleportation,” that can also be explained by this power. As animals have four legs, it would make sense that Kuma has the same kind of paws on his feet (although I can’t explain why he still wears shoes when he has to take his gloves off). For this, he repels the ground under his feet, causing him to propel forward at high speed beyond the velocity of even soru. The only ability that doesn’t seem to fit in the current definition of his power is making Perona vanish. Assuming that he actually does send people he uses this on to the destinations they specify, under our current understanding of this fruit, he’d merely be launching them through the air at speeds faster than the human eye can see. Not only would these speeds likely kill anyone but himself and a select few, but there is also the matter of directing and stopping their movement. If he does actually send them to any other location (even if its just to the marine HQ instead of what they say) he’d need a directional sense and photographic knowledge of maps that both rival Nami’s, which I doubt is the case. Also, if he is simply using a repulsive force to launch them like he does in his attacks, the ability to stop on a destination would be seemingly impossible at that range. The only explanation I can come up with is that he has a level of mastery over his own paramecia ability similar to Moria’s. Moria was able to use his power to manipulate the details of his power to create a great number of very different uses that far exceeded that of any other paramecia we have yet seen. As another Shichibukai level paramecia, it’s likely that Kuma too has manipulated his power for very different purposes and one of those might be true teleportation. In that case my earlier thoughts on how he self-teleports may become void, but we have yet to really explore his power to any great extent.

Crew’s Limits

can't touch this

As the fight progresses, it is clear that Zoro is at the disadvantage and so the other crew members try to help. Kuma uses this as more of an opportunity to test the validity of their bounties and titles. The first to fall victim is Franky, who makes the mistake of underestimating Kuma based on the innocent sound of his devil fruit’s name. Kuma demonstrates the sheer power of his long range attack as he sends a shockwave of air through the cyborg’s metal body. Next, when Zoro attempts an attack, he parries with his hands and uses his power to launch his opponent backwards. At this point even Zoro looks defeated, but before a finishing blow is dealt, Sanji strikes a kick to Kuma’s face, marking the first instance that Kuma either did not or could not dodge or parry. It could be that due to his power, his speed of movement is extremely high, but due to his large size, his combat speed is relatively slow (but still way above average). In any case, Sanji’s kick is not only ineffective, but it is the first instance I can recall that Sanji actually hurts his own leg with his kick. Apparently Kuma’s skin is naturally at a toughness beyond most if not all of the CP9’s tekkai. Finally, Usopp makes his own attempt at attacking, but is similarly repelled and insulted by Kuma. While not a major detail, it seems Kuma had no problem recognizing Sanji and Usopp from their bounties, which even Moria and his crew had difficulties with. I guess it’s only natural as unlike those opponents who had a comical quality to them, Kuma is a dead serious opponent who simply sees the truth and gets to the point.


his attack name even has a bear reference

As Zoro is on his knees, Luffy’s unconscious, and none of the other Strawhats stand a chance against him, Kuma prepares a final attack that compresses a huge volume of air into a tiny size that upon release, would create a shockwave of immense destructive capability. This technique seems to be a clue that his power is not merely repulsion as he said earlier. From the looks of it, it seems more like he has power over the laws of motional physics for anything his hands touch. He can alter the momentum of any solid object, person, or attack to any speed and direction he wants to act as a shield. For non-solids like air, he is less restricted by contact to his paws and so can alter the direction of motion of all the air in a large volume to compress it. Finally, just as Moria had some applications of his power that could only be used for his own shadow and not for those that were stolen or the shadows of the zombies, Kuma might be able to change more physical properties for his own anatomy but not others, such as mass (which would explain the ineffectiveness of Sanji’s kick). However, as we have not gotten a very good view or explanation of the scope of his powers, this is all completely theoretical and most likely isn’t true as I can’t figure out a way to liken them symbolically or otherwise to a paw theme.


you should know better

Even though he has already prepared his final attack, Kuma decides to give the Strawhats an option. If they give him Luffy, he will spare their lives. This move is very uncharacteristic of him as we have seen him up till now as the most loyal Shichibukai of the bunch. For him to offer this deal means that he is disobeying the World Government’s order to annihilate everyone on the island. Of course, both the Strawhat crew and Lola’s group immediately reject the proposal, but the more interesting thing is the fact that he offered it at all. As a former pirate himself and with knowledge of the close bond these nakama share, he probably knew the answer they would give beforehand and the choice was mainly to test their loyalty to the captain. I still believe that Kuma is not an enemy that can be fully detestable and should even be admired in a way similar to Mihawk. While he is known to be completely loyal to the World Government, he has now twice allowed for a more passive option than the most logical choice during this incident. The first was the fact that he did not aid Moria when he came. He knew of the World Government’s fear of a second Shichibukai falling and that such an incident would be catastrophic, but simply allowed Moria to fight alone using the lack of direct orders as an excuse. Now, the logical choice is to simply erase everyone on the island, which both covers up the defeat of a second Shichibukai and disposes of Strawhat Luffy, who would be an easy kill while unconscious. Instead, he offers the crew an option that both saves their lives (and Luffy’s if he is taken captive rather than killed) and allows the defeat of Moria to leak. From the perspective of the World Government, Kuma’s actions in both cases were completely illogical and the clearly wrong choices. For a person of Kuma’s personality to act in such a way, I’m pretty sure he has some reason for wanting Luffy to be kept alive even if it is within the captivity of the World Government. I’m pretty sure this concern has something to do with Ace’s defeat, but I guess we’ll have to wait until he officially declares Ace’s status as dead or captured (or at least the government’s declaration) to see this for sure.


Blarg!!! This review took way too long for me to do since it was such a stop and go project. Every time I made some progress, some factor stopped me and I had to resume later. In any case, as this fight progresses, I just love Kuma’s character more and more. Even though he is currently an enemy of the Strawhats, the more I see of his personality, the more I can envision him standing with Mihawk as one of the badass opponents who throughout the series have appreciation for the now famous crew. It’s hard to say, but my curiosity over his character has reached an equivalent interest as wanting confirmation over Brooke joining or not joining the Strawhats (which I still don’t think will happen). I simply can’t wait to see what happens next.

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Long time, no chat. As always, a great review! And since I took a bit of a OP break over the holidays, it's nice to have these to help get back into the swing of things, and to get everything of out each chapter. So thanks buddy.

Real quick, your analysis of Kaidoh and his motives from the 483 review was clever and I mostly agree.....with a caveat. You base a lot of your conclusions on the assumption that when Kaidoh killed Moria's nakama, said nakama were, in fact, human. But suppose that they were zombies? Then killing them wouldn't necessarily condemn Kaidoh to the evil camp.
Just an idea that came to me while reading.
Then again though, if you are right, I could also see the Yonkou being divided 'down the middle' with two honorable pirates, and two not-so-honorable ones. Might present some interesting conflicts down the road.

Moria said that his old crew-mates died because they were mortal. That's why he started making zombie crew-mates, because he realized from Kaido slaughtering his old, human crew-mates that human crew-mates weren't as powerful as zombie crew-mates.

ah, yes. I'd totally forgotten that. Thanks Imitorar.

January 26, 2008, 11:50 PM
Moria said that his old crew-mates died because they were mortal. That's why he started making zombie crew-mates, because he realized from Kaido slaughtering his old, human crew-mates that human crew-mates weren't as powerful as zombie crew-mates.