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Sahugani’s One Piece Review 485

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We all bow to Zoro's greatness

Hiya! I think now I should be getting back to a more normal reviewing schedule, which will be nice. In any case, this chapter was good enough that I wouldn’t ignore this weeks review under any circumstances. Not much else to say this week except that I have found myself running out of good stand-up comedy and find myself rewatching the same ones over and over. If you have any suggestions on which CD or DVD I should get next, post the idea in my “meet the mods” thread. To wrap things up, JuniZorofan (http://youtube.com/profile?user=JuniZorofan) doesn’t exactly have any new AMVmaterial for us as she is apparently sick, but she has compiled a bunch of pieces that she had not yet revealed into a new release, My Crap O-o’ (http://youtube.com/watch?v=VbrMSlWU3eY). The pics in this review are from the IOPC scanlation and the title pic is a wonderful piece by Evil-Siren (http://evil-siren.deviantart.com/) over at DeviantArt, so check out the rest of her stuff when you’re done here.


Yay!!! Thriller Bark is still seaworthy so others can still sail it

Well last week, the chapter ended with the Strawhats and Lola’s group refusing to give up Luffy to Kuma and thus incurring the wrath of the Ursus Shock from the Shichibukai’s great bear. It seemed at that time that the blast would be powerful enough to compare to the damage giant Moria did in cracking the island. Instead, the attack seems to have been a more concentrated blast. While the damage done near the shockwave’s center was effectively laid to waste, the area outside of a certain radius was seemingly unaffected by it. I guess that makes sense as waves that are emitted radially (in an expanding spherical shape) lose intensity at a pretty rapid rate as distance from the center increases. In this case though, all of the people are well within that radius of mass destruction, so since Kuma’s goal was destruction of those people and not the island itself, it makes no difference. It would have been way too powerful if he really could cause the destruction implied by the end of the last chapter (demolishing an entire island to rubble). In the entire span if the series, there have been only two instances where individuals have held that level of power and neither were in the form of a casual attack that could be used at any time. Enel had to build his arc to amplify his power to that degree and Moria had to absorb 1000 shadows to obtain that degree of strength. Still, the Ursus Shock is quite effective in dispatching large numbers of opponents simultaneously.

Among the Rubble

that is a usefull skill for clearing rubble

Now that everyone has been taken out by the large scale attack, Kuma strolls through the unconscious bodies. We clearly see Lola, many of her men, Franky, Brooke, and Nami knocked out on the ground and many of them are pinned under rocks (which technically should have crushed Brooke’s pelvic bone). Even though he has not accounted for the whereabouts of the entire Strawhat crew, Kuma stops when he finds Luffy. He must know that all of these people are merely unconscious and not dead. It seems that his intention is to fulfill his promise to let the people live at the cost of Luffy’s head even if they rejected his offer before (and this is supported by later events as well). For someone who was known for his ruthlessness as a pirate and who had been given an order to kill these people, Kuma is really going out of his way to let them live. As explained when he offered the deal last time, the World Government would likely care less about the lives of these witnesses if Luffy was captured or killed since the news of a Shichibukai slayer would mean nothing if the person was apprehended. It seems illogical that Kuma would break his usually unquestionable loyalty to the World Government to search for an alternative solution that saves human lives. I guess my original analysis of his character joining the Shichibukai to atone for his past sins seems quite likely. I’m guessing that in most situations where his superiors order him to take lives, he does try to find less violent alternatives. The only flaw with that thought is that if it was the case, the World Government would know better than to order him to perform a mass execution. To solve that, I think when it comes to using Kuma, the orders are mostly for show in those cases. As the entire world knows him only by his reputation as being one of the most violent pirates ever, Kuma’s name and a show of nonfatal force are enough to get most people to submit to his demands. This allows the World Government to get their objectives done while Kuma can follow his own morals. Even though the government would likely prefer a more thorough job, the fact that he follows orders better than the other Shichibukai and can effectively obtain the main objective is more than enough to make up for this pacifist approach.

One Still Stands

Bwa ha ha!!! You weren't expecting that

While kneeling down to get Luffy, Kuma is attacked by Zoro, who apparently survived the massive shockwave. This time, Kuma was not quick enough to react and was hit by Zoro’s Shishi Sonson, which is still technically Zoro’s most powerful single attack in his arsenal (in terms of the attacks actual concentrated power, not destructive capability). Unfortunately even this attack that cut Mr. 1’s steel body was unable to do the same to Kuma, who is revealed to have a metallic body of his own. This explains why Sanji’s kick was ineffective. If even an attack by Zoro that is for the very purpose of cutting steel is only strong enough to merely scratch the surface of this body, there is no way Sanji’s kick would be powerful enough to do anything to it. Beyond that, the fact that Zoro can’t cut it with Shishi Sonson is shocking as it means it is a substance harder than steel. Up until now, there have been only two things that are confirmed as being too hard for Zoro to cut through even with Shishi Sonson. The first is kairoseki, which we can assume is not at all a part of Kuma’s anatomy since he is a devil fruit user as well. The other is diamond as Das Bones asked Zoro about this before feinting. At this point I can only assume that Kuma’s metal body is formed of high grade carbon steel, integrating the hardness of diamonds into his body and explaining why he can’t be cut. However, as Vegapunk is later revealed as his designer, I wouldn’t doubt it if this metal is some new fictional alloy equivalent to adamantium in the X-Men universe. In any case, if Kuma is equipped with this metal, there are likely a number of others with it in the marines, so if Zoro hopes to progress, he will eventually need to upgrade his Shishi Sonson to a form that can cut substances harder than steel.

Franky’s Superior

future upgrade for our own cyborg maybe?

After Zoro’s attack reveals a metal shoulder and Kuma retaliates with a beam from his mouth, it becomes crystal clear that Kuma is a cyborg or robot of a class far beyond Franky. While Franky is a metallic being crafted by a mere carpenter with scrap metal, Kuma was the product of the world’s leading scientific mind, Vegapunk. This person still shrouded in mystery has abilities that far exceeds Franky’s when it comes to creating a cyborg such as knowledge of human anatomy, unlimited funding for materials, and is the foremost expert on devil fruits (though this applies only to Kuma’s creation, not Franky’s). The first thing to note is that unlike Franky, Kuma is still instantly recognizable as the same person he was before the operation (assuming he became a cyborg upon joining the Shichibukai and meeting Vegapunk), so his existence as a cyborg is still a secret to the world. It is revealed that Vegapunk’s name for Kuma’s class of cyborg is Pacifista, which to me is quite clearly in reference to Kuma’s general set of morals. It is also worthwhile to note that Kuma speaks very proudly of Vegapunk, which is in contrast to his generally quiet and to the point demeanor. I said last week that I believed he joined the Shichibukai for the sake of an individual rather than for the organization’s goals, but I seem to have been very mistaken on who that would be as the types of names I said before directly contrast his now apparent moral values. I think Vegapunk is the person he respects among the military and the reason he chose to atone for his sins as a Shichibukai. If you look at the people who have up till now idolized Vegapunk (Kuma, Koby, and Helmeppo), there is much reason to believe that he is among the noble individuals in the military and he will come into play in an arc or two as an ally to the Strawhats. This takes me back to the first One Piece prediction I ever made on MH, that the next Strawhat will be a devil fruit researcher, Vegapunk’s assistant. After this little exchange, I believe even more strongly that it will be true.

Zoro’s Resolve

How many people would stop reading if Zoro died?

With Zoro unable to cut his opponent, he realizes that he has no chance to subdue him by force. He instead decides to trade his own head for Luffy’s. As Luffy is the one the government wants and Kuma was already planning to take Luffy’s head in order to avoid killing everyone, it seems strange that the Shichibukai would even consider it an option. Zoro explains that even if his head is not worth much at the moment, it is the head of the future greatest swordsman, but even with this claim, the government would still have a problem with Kuma’s results. The only explanation as to why Kuma would even consider such an option is if he had talked with Mihawk about the Strawhats. After hearing Zoro’s claim for himself, he confirmed the potential Mihawk saw and decides that it is no mere boast. He asks why Zoro would abandon his own dream to save Luffy’s life and Zoro answers that it is because Luffy is the man who will become Pirate King. Although each of the Strawhats joined for the sake of their own dreams, each of them has taken a great emotional stake in helping the others achieve theirs, which is really one of the strongest bonds among the crew. The only thing harder than to see one’s own dream snuffed out is to see it happen to a nakama’s dream. If that nakama’s dream is proven impossible, it creates a sense of hopelessness amongst the others. This idea has been observed many times through Usopp, but now it is openly shown through Zoro in a rare display of emotion.


How many would stop reading if Sanji died?

Before Zoro can get a confirmation from Kuma as to whether the deal is accepted, Sanji is revealed to be awake and the cook butts in and says that it is his life that should be taken. After some insulting of Zoro and some self praise to make him seem the worthier candidate to replace Luffy’s head, Zoro knocks him out with a swift blow to the side. Zoro knows that he is the single person on the crew who can replace Luffy in this matter for two reasons. First of all, he knew that Sanji was doing this for the wrong reasons and that Kuma could tell. All Sanji was doing was trying to be noble and that all his talk of future fame was more from his own ego and a desire to look like the better choice for Kuma to take. Zoro knew that Kuma would not take Sanji’s words seriously. The second and more important reason is that Zoro’s role on the ship is the first mate. It is his duty to take over and act in the crew’s best interest when the captain is incapacitated or not thinking clearly. A captain is supposed to fight till his last breath for the sake of those beneath him. A general description of the first mate’s role is to keep the crew together until the captain is again able to. That means that the first mate’s foremost duty is to ensure that the captain can return to duty. This responsibility lies in Zoro alone and he will not allow for any other member of the crew to replace him. Although dying means he must give up his dream, it is preferable to the alternative of failing his duty to the crew, a duty that no other member can bear.

Promise Kept

behold the great paw of pain

Although it was left unclear as to whether Kuma would accept Zoro’s terms before, the confirmation finally arrives after Sanji is removed from the picture. He has seen the amount of sacrifice Zoro has risked to go through with this deal and to not accept it would mean that he insults the unerring pride he has just witnessed. At this point I am certain that he has either talked with Mihawk or will in the near future since the way in which he makes Zoro pay for Luffy’s safety mimics Zoro’s encounter with Hawkeyes. Hawkeyes saw Zoro’s ambition and delivered the final blow with his black blade so that Zoro would feel the weight and power of his dream firsthand and so he knows what he must overcome. In a similar move, Kuma uses his devil fruit power to separate from Luffy all the weariness and pain from his fights with Oz and Moria (including the immense stress of the combined gears). The idea behind this is that if Zoro wants to make his head equal to Luffy’s in Kuma’s eyes, he must experience the same pain and agony. If he is willing to accept all of Luffy’s pain, Kuma will accept that his resolve is strong enough to make his death pay for the captain’s life. However, as I believe that Kuma has spoken to Mihawk and already accepted Zoro’s resolve, there is another unsaid purpose behind this that mimics Mihawk’s actions. Mihawk dealt a near fatal blow to Zoro using his black blade so that if Zoro survived the wound, he would get stronger and prove his strength at a later date. Similarly, if Zoro survives Luffy’s pain, he proves that his body and will are strong enough to pull this crew’s dreams to completion and that they will continue to change the world for the better.


Mihawk doesn't need a crew, but Kuma doesn't even need a boat

After taking Zoro to a more remote location to undergo this ordeal, Kuma simply leaves the island. Although he said he’d take Zoro’s head as a replacement for Luffy’s, he leaves empty handed. I think when his intention was to take Luffy, he was going to take a living prisoner to Impel Down as it is the way to save the most lives and gets the objective completed, which seems to be his general way of doing things. However, Zoro’s head is not the objective of the World Government and was more of a moral deal to keep his conscience clear. Having already given Luffy’s pain to Zoro, doing anything more would break their agreement. If Zoro survives, then the he has come out of the deal on top. If Zoro dies, then Zoro would have paid his price and there is no reason to penalize the Strawhat crew by taking their first mate’s body. As Kuma leaves, he compliments Luffy for his fine choice of nakama and attributes it to being Dragon’s son. This could imply that Dragon could have been a pirate before a revolutionary but in any case built up a crew of supporters comparable to the Strawhats. This means that Dragon was not a one man show as he has appeared to be for quite a while. It is quite likely that as the story progresses, we will either meet Dragon’s present or former nakama or (more than likely) one or two people we already know of will be revealed to be among them. Although we know no details at this point, I’ve got a basic unfounded theory from what we know. Dragon had at one point a crew of nakama similar to his son’s (he might have been a pirate but that is uncertain). At one point, his entire crew was killed by the World Government, driving him to despise them and installing in him the idea of the revolutionaries. This was likely also aided by somehow finding out about the true history (I’m guessing from Nico Olivia), which gave him justification for his hatred and a reason to put forth the revolution in the name of saving the world from the World Government.


On to the next adventure

With Kuma gone, eventually everyone on the island wakes up. Lola is shocked that Kuma apparently disappeared while the Strawhat crew is more perplexed by the fact that Luffy is now completely fine. Chopper fails to find a medical reason how Luffy’s returned energy is possible and Robin gravely thinks that he has simply had so much damage that his brain is simply not accepting the pain signals anymore and he’s basically high on endorphins. The only one not concerned over this fact is Sanji, who remembers his little encounter with Zoro and Kuma. He takes off to find Zoro and eventually does. However, Zoro is covered in more blood than ever and more still is splattered all over the ground. He has survived Luffy’s pain and lived after being dealt more damage than he has ever sustained in his life. When asked about all the blood, he says nothing happened. While this is clearly one on the most painful ordeals any Strawhat has ever undergone, to him, all he has done is his duty to the crew. He does not want the crew to know the details of what happened to him since it would only worry Luffy that Zoro underwent all that pain for his sake. He doesn’t want anyone to feel like they owe a debt to him as it would interfere with the lighthearted nature of this crew that they have all come to enjoy.


I know I say that every chapter of One Piece is the epitome of perfection, but this chapter really stands out as one of the greatest of all time in my opinion. One of the things I’ve really enjoyed about the latter half of this arc is the amount of development we have seen from Zoro as the first mate. Up until this arc, we have seen occasional instances of him taking command of the crew when Luffy is gone or making tough decisions to make sure Luffy does his job as captain (namely the issue of readmitting Usopp). This arc though showed the first instances of Zoro leading the whole crew in a battle situation and now with this chapter we finally see him epitomize his job of keeping the crew together at any cost. This is without a doubt the single greatest moment in Zoro’s development since he fought Mihawk and I am completely satisfied with this chapter thanks to it. In other matters, now that the Kuma issue is settled, I’m guessing we should get some confirmation of Brooke’s status in a chapter or two.

January 19, 2008, 04:52 PM
*Gdup gets out of his chair*
Clap,clap,clap,clap,clap, this chapter as well as the review deserves a standing ovation.

January 19, 2008, 05:11 PM
And yet another review from the king^^ Thx for sharing your thoughts with us.
This was indeed a real blast and the perfect way to start into the new year.

And about Kuma & Vegapunk: It is most likerly that the so called "most intelligent men of the world" will have a appearance in the next arc. all these bits of him were thrown at us from Koby and Kuma and i'm sure oda has something up his sleeve.

January 19, 2008, 07:14 PM
Excelent review! I also found the fact that Zoro had to take all of Luffy's pain very symbolic in many ways. The most astounding one is the one that shows how much Luffy risks and puts on the line for his crew, and how much he's willing to suffer for the well-being of the crew, and Zoro accepting it also shows his determination and resolve to protect his nakamas. He's not the guy who said to Luffy at first that if his way of doing things will interfere with his dream, he (luffy) will be the first guy to get cut up. He's now a guy who views his Nakamas above all. even above himself, his dream, and his promise with his dearest childhood friend. So he also risks his life to save his crew and captain, and also steps in to feel of Luffy's pain on the same matter. I think it shows what an amazing bond the Strawhats have between each others, although, at first sight, they seem like randomly picked persons.

And on Kuma's matter. I suspect him being a mole in the WG under Dragon's orders. He might even be one of those dragon nakamas that you were talking about.

This chapter was indeed an outstanding one. I gave me the chills.. Seriously.. =S

January 19, 2008, 08:07 PM
@gdupninja - that makes me feel good inside :)

@Helltroll - i think the chances of meeting Vegapunk this arc are pretty good. his existance has been referred to both before and at te end of the current arc. there have been others like Luffy's grandpa and Blackbeard who have had similar timeframes before introduction into the series. if it is not this arc, it will certainly be the next one

@Absolutio - you're right that Zoro has shown a dramatic change from his personality at his introduction. as i said in the review, each Strawhat has their own goals, but they have melded as each member develops a personal stake in wanting to see the others suceed as well. Zoro is now not just looking out for his own dream but the dreams of all his nakama that would be halted if Luffy was taken.

as for Kuma being a mole from Dragon or one of his nakama, there is a definite possibility. If Dragon's crew is meant to mimic Luffy's i'd say the chances are better. however, on this matter, my gut says it is unlikely. Dragon is a revolutionary and as can be seen from his first appearance where he saved Luffy from Smoker, he has no problem in opposing the World Government directly, so i don't think he'd use a mole

January 19, 2008, 09:16 PM
First of all, thanks for this great Review! I hope i don't overdo it in saying that i'm really grateful for you having reviewed this masterpiece of a chapter, which it truly is.

I mean the story in general gets you involved, but this particular chapter really calls out some intense emotions! It motivates you to do a thousand good things and to become a better person, a person worth being and it makes you wanna read One Piece all over again to reach this moment!
I don't know how to say it any better ^^ .. I would've died of anticipation if i hadn't read the spoilers, and hence known that Zoro would survive. Reading spoilers really is the worst habit, but i don't think i can restrain myself from doing it XD

edit: I tend to get too emotional ^^

January 20, 2008, 06:58 AM
First of all, thanks for this great Review! I hope i don't overdo it in saying that i'm really grateful for you having reviewed this masterpiece of a chapter, which it truly is.

I mean the story in general gets you involved, but this particular chapter really calls out some intense emotions! It motivates you to do a thousand good things and to become a better person, a person worth being and it makes you wanna read One Piece all over again to reach this moment!
I don't know how to say it any better ^^ .. I would've died of anticipation if i hadn't read the spoilers, and hence known that Zoro would survive. Reading spoilers really is the worst habit, but i don't think i can restrain myself from doing it XD

edit: I tend to get too emotional ^^

The only manga that I make myself a law not to read the spoilers is One Piece. It's just too great to be ruined for it! Naruto is predictable anyways, same with Bleach. So it doesn't concern me if I read the spoilers or not, coz I care less about those.

January 20, 2008, 07:36 AM
I know i shouldn't have read it, but a month waiting was too much! ^^
I'll try my best to at least not read the One Piece Spoilers ;)

January 20, 2008, 11:00 AM
Sahugani as usual you have done an outstanding review, and honestly this (in my opinion) is was the greatest chapter ever (so far).There is just one thing that i would like to contest..the fact that Sanji offered his life in exchange , i think is more to show the true bond between him and Zoro(also the fact that he got up from that blow is a sing of his strength), because he states: "what about your ambition...idiot, What are you going to do if you die" as a fact that his goal is very importatn to, so Sanji is willing to give his life in exchange for the continuation of his nakama's dream.Thank you once again.
p.s Will Zoros bounty ever be as high as Luffies (or even closer to his) or will it just be the reputation???

January 20, 2008, 01:00 PM
Thanks for the excellent review, as always. I have to agree with you that this was one of the finest chapters in all of One Piece. Zoro character development ftw. Since their very first fight together, Zoro and Luffy's relationship has been one based on trust, and we've seen that develop over time into what is probably the closest understanding between two of the crew. But for him to openly declare that Luffy's dream means more to him than his own... I confess that tears came to my eyes. This is Oda at his best.

January 20, 2008, 03:06 PM
@Sarmad - i agree fully with this chapter's effect on a person's emotions. as for the spoilers, i for one cannot stop myself from reading them because i am too curious. lukily last year my roommate found a way to hide spoilers from me for series he recommended (deaath note, trigun, gundam seed, firefly). he simply told me everyone died, which i expected to be false but couldn't disprove and somehow it kept me from looking up spoilers. i don't think that strategy works for weekly series though

@Absolutio - you have a stronger will than i do

@fenix2012 - i think thats a valid point about Sanji. as i said, the crew members have taken personal interest in seeing their nakama's dreams come true and the same applies to Sanji toward Zoro's dreams. just like this chapter shows Zoro's true feelings toward Luffy and the crew, it does the same for Sanji in relation to Zoro mainly. despite their feuding, neither wants to see the other die. as for Zoro getting a bounty near Luffy's, i don't think it will ever be that close, but i think there is a definite chance that it will once again rise to over half of Luffy's

@Mooncrow - this truely was one of the greatest chapters ever and i too must admit that my eyes got watery. however, there is still one chapter that can bring me to full tears nearly every time and that is Merry's funeral. i want to say these are two of the greatest chapters ever, but i know there are so many other great ones and more to come that can compete. One Piece is ALWAYS GOOD!!!

January 20, 2008, 05:13 PM
[QUOTE=sahugani;693448 One Piece is ALWAYS GOOD!!![/QUOTE]

Which makes me wonder why do you have a Fairy Tail sig&avy instead of OP. :s

January 20, 2008, 07:15 PM
Which makes me wonder why do you have a Fairy Tail sig&avy instead of OP. :s

thats simply because as a complete amateur at coloring i found Fairy Tail characters easier :p

January 20, 2008, 07:25 PM
Oh, I see. So the siggie and avy are your works I guess? I don't think it's a complete amateur's work though..

January 20, 2008, 10:54 PM
When did the name Vegapunk first make an appearance? I have heard i before this chapter.

January 20, 2008, 11:18 PM
Probably in chapter 433 (http://www.onemanga.com/One_Piece/433/06/), since that's where he was first mentioned by Coby.

sahugani, awesome review! You captured the symbolism and emotion of this chapter perfectly, and explained the questions it raised very well. This is easily the most dramatic chapter since the Death of Merry. I've been slowly growing to like Zoro more and more over the course of the series, because I didn't like him that much at the beginning, but now... That man knows his priorities.

January 21, 2008, 01:11 AM
When did the name Vegapunk first make an appearance? I have heard i before this chapter.

Please correct me if i'm wrong , but i think it was in the CP9 arc , where someone mentioned that he was the man that created the possibility for weapons to "become" devil fruit users(or was it Coby who said it first??).

p.s what about Moria , think that Kuma took him , and seriously how does Kuma travel )))??

January 21, 2008, 03:15 AM
chapter 433, Coby mentions him when he's talking to Luffy.

January 21, 2008, 12:50 PM
@Absolutio - :D i appreciate that

@pirate:hitman:L - Mooncrow is right. it is chapter 433

@Imitorar - you didn't like Zoro initially? in any case you're right to love him now. he and Robin were always the most hesitant about showing their true feelings toward the crew, so i think this little scene was needed like Robin's "i wanna live" to show just how important this crew is to him

@fenix2012 - ya it was Coby that explained that aspect of Vegapunk's research. i'm hoping Kuma took Moria because otherwise the World Government will have to replace another Shichibukai. as for how kuma travels, the teleportation could be an indirect application of his devil fruit or a cybernetic enhancement, which doesn't seem unlikely as Vegapunk built him

@Mooncrow - as i said you got the right chapter

January 23, 2008, 04:09 AM
zoro's always been my favorite character, so i absolutely loved this chapter :nuts

oda really outdid himself here :worship2

thanks for the great review :)

January 23, 2008, 08:16 AM
first post here...so hi
ive been visiting MH for a long time now and allways saw ur reviews
but this time u forced me to join just to tell u what an amazing job u´re doing
Sahugani´s!!!!! Seriusly, i look foward to ur reviews almost as much as to the chapters, cause u point out stufs and make connections that are simply great!
This chapter was awesome and zoros development is is also great!
I´d like to pint out that he didn´t wear his headband to fight kuma!?!? Maybe he knew
from the very begining he couldn´t win....well

Great job as usuall

January 23, 2008, 03:37 PM
@igotthegoods - Zoro is the ultimate badass of the crew, so there is a huge fanbase that shares the exact same view. it really was a stellar chapter

@Raysen_ht - first of all welcome!!! the boards are alot more fun if you post than if you just lurk around. as for the headband, i think that has a certain degree of validity. he puts on the headband as a sign to both his opponent and himself that this is a fight he can't lose (or can't afford to lose). in this case though, he quickly realized that the only way to save Luffy was to admit defeat in a sense, so the headband's meaning doesn't really apply.

January 24, 2008, 07:22 PM
In the fight against Odz/Oz it was apparent Zoro was the Strawhats' vice-captain, even more now, I like how Oda pulled this out of his pants to make up for the Enel fight letdown. Zoro is just way to badass as said before to be little more than a very strong crewmate, the man deserves a Zoro vs Impel Down or Zoro vs The Fishmen Nation Saga now, yosh!

It's good to see you are going to keep doing your reviews in the new year Sahu, best wishes and all, might as well include those. Keep up the awesomeness!