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February 12, 2008, 09:46 PM
Mr. Congo Jack's Review of Naruto Chapter 388!

By Mr. Congo Jack

Much has changed since my last review. Jiraiya croaked. We found out who AL and Yondi were. Led Zeppelin did a reunion concert. I don't know how I can possibly hope to keep up with this strange, futuristic world-

Pfft. Who am I kidding? To catch up, I'm going to start with Changes I liked and disliked.

Changes I liked.

1. We found out who Yondi was.
Honestly, that song and dance went on way to long. This mystery has kept readers coming back for years now. It's good Kishimoto did this, too. The manga's been way to Sasuke-heavy.

2. We found out who the Leader of Akatsuki is.
Again, another mystery that has intrigued readers for awhile now. It wasn't as interesting as the mystery surrounding Yondi's identity, but still good.

3. We found out who Naruto's mother is...and she is/was a redhead.
Need I say more?

While these things were great, a lot of crappy things have happened in the manga.

1. Pein is emo.
That's right: Pein is nothing but an emo kid with a major identity crisis and too many piercings. “Blahblah...true pain..blah blah blah...” Give it a rest. Not only is he emo, he's also got a massive ego. Calling himself a “god”. The only man who has the right to call himself a “god” is Mr. T, and Pein is nowhere near as strong/smart/awesome as Mr.T.


Why did he change his name to “Pain”? It sounds like the name of a terribly uncreative professional wrestler. And he probably feels all smug for defeating Jiraiya. Oh wow, you took out a 50 something dude who taught you everything you know (now that's gratitude for ya) by ganging up on him with six bodies you've stolen. How impressive. Heck, if it wasn't for Jiraiya, Pein would've died a long time ago. Either Orochimaru would have killed him or he would have wandered out into traffic.

2. Jiraiya Died.
Why did Jiraiya need to die? He was my favorite character, and he gets killed by an emo kid with delusions of godhood. Jiraiya should've died in a more fitting manner, like taking 1000 commies down with him or something.

3. Sasuke.
I'm not going to elaborate, because I think my position on Sasuke is clear. I'm just going to say this: Sasuke cannot pull off the sleeveless look. Period.

Alright, kiddies, now it's time for this week's chapter:


This week's cover is filth. It looks like the opening of a sitcom or something. Actually, that's a good idea: a sitcom about the Uchiha's! They could call it “Leave it to Sasuke”, and it would star Sasuke as the dumb younger brother who's always getting himself into trouble. Itachi would play the older brother who acts like the perfect older brother but is actually a crazy militant libertarian bent on global domination. Madara would be the crazy uncle with identity issues who enjoys organ farming.

...wait. I'm sorry, this is a manga review, not a pitch for a new show on FOX (I'd bet they'd pick it up, too.... It sounds a heck of a lot better than “The War at Home”.)

Things I liked about this chapter:
1. Zetsu

Zetsu is everybody's favorite overgrown venus flytrap, and it's refreshing to see him again. I just wonder why he is so happy to see the Amaratsu? Last time we saw it it was just some black fire...nothing to exciting really. Maybe Itachi has more than one Amaratsu, or maybe Zetsu is just easily impressed.

2. ............

I just realized, there's nothing else I liked about this chapter!

Things I hated.

1. Sasuke lives.

Why won't he die!!!!! More importantly, why are Sasuke and Itachi fighting solely with genjutsu? It's gotten them nowhere so far, and has only served to waste like 4 chapters. Hey, Itachi, if you want Sasuke's eyes so badly, here's what you do: 1. Cut off Sasuke's head. 2. Remove eyes. Done. Why exactly is he toying with Sasuke? It's not helping him out, in fact, he's just opening himself up to a world of hurt – Sasuke may be a punk and a loser, but I will admit that if he sees an opening he'll take it. It's best just to ambush him and chop his head off.

2. Itachi lives.

Ever since I saw Itachi go crazy, I've started to like him less. I used to think he was pretty badass – you know, doing what he wants, when he wants, like killing his entire clan. But now all this stuff about “Madara taught me blah blah blah...” has made me lose respect for a once perfectly good villain.

3. Sasuke broke the Tsukiyomi?

Wait, what!? Isn't that one of Itachi's “super” moves? How did he break it? Also, Itachi's reaction didn't seem to scared. It was like they were playing a board game and Sasuke just made a good move and he was a bit surprised.


So, in short, I didn't care much for this chapter. We all knew Sasuke would get out of having his eyes plucked out one way or another, but personally I think this was the worst way. I would have preferred Sasuke shedding his skin like Orochimaru, because 1. It'd be gross and 2. That way Itachi gets Sasuke's eyes, which means everybody wins.

February 12, 2008, 10:14 PM
well zetsu has been getting more screen paper time lately , i dont know why hes liking the fight either since most of it was them just standing there , then he gets happy that he may get to eat sasuke but that goes down the drain , now hes like ... ooh I get to see itachi's famous amaterasu !

i guess you cant blame him for that tho , because either way hes getting a body to eat soon , they do charge too much at the concession stand and poor zetsu must be getting hungry out of boredom !

As for sauske /Itachi lives . We all knew sauske wouldnt die , kishi would probably 'kill naruto and have sauske become the hokage in his place and errect a statue in his honor' before sauske dies.

And i agree that he made itachi lose a whole lot of cool points by having him be madara's stooge.Not to mention NOT killing his whole clan singlehandedly . And now because sauske has "Hatered" Hes the zues of narutoworld. And since i still like itachi i just feel sorry to see what deapths kishi will sink to to get his goldenboy out of trouble.

Honestly i am only still reading naruto hanging on to 'Hope' that the story will somehow redeem itself ! that and that i have put a whole lot of time in to it and well if i stop reading then my friends who argue that Shippuden manga/anime is trash win , and i dont want that to happen.

As far as itachi is concerned he will get a death thats being handled just as badly as light was in DN . (i was royally peeved of on that as well)

BUT ...

there are points i disagree with you as well

Itachi was clearly shocked / Flabbergasted and most likely pissed at sauske overcomming tsukyomi , heck i was pissed , and i am not even the one who's eye is hurting cause something that shouldnt have been possible , happened because its goldenboy on the other end.

and secondly mr T is kind of lame ! sorry !

February 13, 2008, 05:43 AM
I'd like to add something i didn't like about the chapter!

I don't expect much from Kishimoto these days but he really shouldn't have added Zetsu to the scene between the brothers at all! It's so painful to see Zetsu COMMENTING on the fight like it's sports match .. it's simply ridiculous and embaressing.

February 13, 2008, 01:57 PM
From me, well, I'm agreeing so much with his review, but one point I want to comment is about Sasuke breaking the Tsukiyomi, IMO Kishimoto just ruined totally this fight with this: There's no way Sasuke could break Tsukiyomi, one of the greates skills from Itachi somehow easily, now he will easily counter the amaterasu, then will get fatigued and then Sasuke will win, will be the most lamest thing from all time..

And Kishimoto said he would give us a great fight, yeah... I'm waiting...

February 13, 2008, 11:20 PM
Thanks for your reviews of my review, guys! Thanks for everyone!
@ patedecarne

Yeah, this fight needs to seriously get started, because right now it's more of a debate than a battle royale.

While I think any of Zetsu's appearances are great, I can see why it kind of sucks that he is interrupting the fight. We wanna see Itachi and Sasuke duke it out, not Zetsu talk to himself!

Mr. T? Lame? I pity the fool who doesn't recognize Mr. T's greatness! :p

February 13, 2008, 11:44 PM
oh man, i am cracking up at your comments on the chapter cover. all sasuke needs is a good catch phrase and this sitcom would surely get a green light :XD

February 14, 2008, 07:38 AM
I can't think of a catchphrase for Sasuke, but I've got a great one for Itachi! Itachi's catchphrase will be "you lack...hatred!" He could use it in all sorts of situations, like while giving Sasuke a pep-talk.

Sasuke: Itachi, why didn't I make the track team?

Itachi: You lack...hatred!

February 14, 2008, 04:02 PM
well that was true b4 , now sauske just says , u asked for it and now u have it my "burning hatred"