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February 15, 2008, 05:59 PM
Alrighty then, its in my usual format , hope no one has a problem with that . if people ask me to i might type it all out with appropriate links later (depends on what peps say)


Intro/ What lies Beneath

Sauske /Descends

Sauske on the Offensive

Mighty goddess Amaterasu !

Rating etc

Umm.. also i know that there is a prediction thread but if you want to predict here as well i wouldnt mind !

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Saifi’s Komments (Naruto 389)

Hello Boyz & Galz, welcome to the 1st edition of my Komments, where I will try to give a decent perspective on the week’s chapter.
The scan I shall use is binktopia’s, with translation by HBK, raw by Littleshrimp & Mopping/Typesetting by Blud & Wingzy. Now that we are done with the credits, it’s onto the review.

What lies beneath?!

The chapter starts off with a surprise! We last left Itachi with his left eye closed & the right eye open sans the sharingan (any kind) while making his seals. This week we see the opposite, with the right eye shut & the left eye sporting his usual Mangekyou Sharingan!
To this many people cried foul, stating that Kishi must have made a mistake while others maintained that there was indeed a method behind the madness(it was intentional) I believe the latter of the two ; as to my reasons for that should soon be evident as we examine the chapter.

Further it is revealed that Tsukyomi (itachi’s greatest genjutsu) emerges from the left eye and Amaterasu (his Greatest Physical attack) comes from the right, hence following in line with Japanese mythology. This is exciting for me because it gives me hope of seeing the missing Susanoo making its entrance down the road.
Sauske Turns the Tide
So Itachi is making seals to unleash Amaterasu, but this time around logic prevails & rather than just standing around w8ing for it to happen Sauske decides to do something about it & take action! (Which I like) He reaches for his handy Shuriken seal &hurls a couple of fuuma shuriken @big bro, who only just in time recognizes the Shadow Shuriken technique &barely dodges it. Here again Sauske wins me over (ya! I am surprised too) by showing some old school chakra wire usage to manipulate the shuriken back at Itachi , who is less fortunate this time around.

Darkness Descends


Itachi getting hit was another surprise! Sure Sauske has grown strong and gotten better but surely with sharing (no less a Mangekyou Sharingan) Itachi should have countered this with ease, so how did he not notice the strings and or avoid the shuriken?
Well apparently it seems that Itachi’s eyes really have deteriorated much since his glory days. He seems to be having trouble just seeing Sauske, much less be able to notice the chakra wires and the hidden shuriken. This is also why I believe that the opening panel of Itachi with his other eye closed was not a mistake by Kishi , but rather deliberate to show exactly how much trouble Itachi is having just sustaining any kind of sharingan & can hardly open his eyes.
Sauske ,along with Zetsu infer that this is due to Tsukyomi being bested, but to me it seems that, this was gonna happen regardless, since we earlier saw how desperate Itachi was for his spare eyes! I suppose the universe smile down on Sauske once again as his timing could not have been more impeccable.
Something else to note is that Itachi must have had super reflexes to avoid the attacks to the degree that he has thus far, without much aid from his eyes.

Sauske on the Offensive


Rather than wasting time on gloating Sauske produces a huge Gokyaku (sp) /Grand Fireball & using it as a distraction, he charges through with a chidori. Once again Itachi is caught off balance & narrowly manages to fend him off with his own Gokyaku no jutsu. Sauske again shows presence of mind & blocks with his partial CS form!
Zetsu exclaims on his own narrow escape in the commotion & we see the anticipated Flame Vs Flame showdown that was predicted last week.

Mighty Goddess Amaterasu

So we see the clash of the brothers Grand Fireballs, which rivals the Chidori Vs Rasengan @ VOTE (for me) but further seems to be surprising as sauske’s jutsu seems to be overwhelming Itachi’s. Zetsu remarks that this may be because Itachi has finally found his opening & with bleeding eyes & almost on the edge, Itachi unleashes the Mighty & unholy Hellfire! As hot as the Sun itself, the goddess comes in all her glory, consuming all!


After thoughts

Wow! In my opinion, a truly splendid chapter! And me being one of the biggest Sauske hater & diehard Itachi fan, this is really something to say, it’s been a long time since I felt the urgency &suspense that we the fans have been craving.
The best thing: No genjutsu (hands down)
The old school nin/tai jutsu fighting made it awesome. For once I can be unbiased& give Sauske props, this chap should be fun to animate (God I hope they don’t ruin it!)
Anyway that’s it from me I give this chap a 5 & wonder how Sauske will deal with Amaterasu &what Itachi’s options will be after. I do hope that next week’s chap keeps up the momentum & does not go into the depths of suck that recent chapters had been.

Peace out


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February 15, 2008, 08:29 PM
Itachi's definitely vying to survive, but does he not cry tears of blood, defiantly challenging Sasuke's hold on Itachi's prize---not his blood, not his family, not his crest, but for eyes... a twisted touch of love, but in what sense must it be anyway! So, do you grab any passionate drama from Itachi ironically crying blood for his aspiration, for the Uchiha type of ultimate eyes? How inhuman it feels, yet, how... emotive it is in the same flow of it all.

February 17, 2008, 01:02 PM
Well,Madara is probably messing with Itachi and not telling him the whole truth behind his plans but I think Itachi's also messing with Madara having his own agenda aside from Akatsuki's plans.

Wasn't his mission to catch Naruto?Why didn't he go for Naruto?Naruto's the Nine Tails.They were alone,Naruto had no back up and had obvious problems handling Itachi's genjutsu.Kishi for sure didn't put those scenes just to fill the chapter with more pages.

I'm not sure that Itachi just wants to take Sasuke's eyes.Maybe he needs to leak some information to Konoha(Naruto) and Sasuke to go through with his own plan,because he can't do it alone?

Yes,I know,why would he fight Sasuke seriously if he just wants to tell him something.
But why would he unleash Amatersu if he wants to take Sasuke's eyes,amaterasu is a black flame that doesn't stop burning till it turns it's target to ashes
I dont' think that Itachi belives that Sasuke can handle amaterasu on his own,it's to risky,to recless,what if he burns his eyes?

So my thoughts on amaterasu and why Itachi freely uses it on Sasuke wiht the risk of destroying his replacement eyes are : Amaterasu is unleashed by the MS but the MS user can also control it,neutralize it at will,so Itachi can damage Sasuke and make him incapable of fighting,but can stop the amaterasu before it completely burns Sasuke to and so he can take his eyes after or do wahtever he has in plan for Sasuke.

Or maybe he isnt' thinking anymore about the EMS but just how to survive and runaway,so the amaterasu is an act of desperation:D

February 17, 2008, 03:54 PM

Wow , i didnt really feel all those emotions that you put there (i think you should write poetry/ do u write it ?)

but i do understand that yes it is very twisted and that makes it awesome , Itachi needs those eyes, in a sence acquiring them and survival is synonymous to him , since without his eyes he will be less than a shell of the person he was/ is.

But again the fierceness of those blood soaked eyes definitely reflects his ambition , and i think that sadly that might die with the light within them.


I agree that Madara is probably done with Itachi and has left him out to dry , he milked his eyes for all they were worth anyway and now is only intrested in sauske.

I believe what itachi is doing i not necessarily a betrayal of madara , since even if he manages to get sauske's eyes , he will still be an Akatsuki member and who knows if madara has some kind of hold on him to make him follow him. Either way i dont think madaras plan will suffer regardless of whoever ends up dead out of the two (sauske/itachi)

As to why itachi did not capture naruto; i dont know , its really anyone's guess , i would think that maybe he needed naruto alive for some twisted plan involving sauske and his (itachi's) spare eyes !

or maybe he just didnt want top get into a fight where he wouldnt be able to conserve his eyesight for his match with sauske.

I dont think that itachi wants to talk to sauske anymore than he has , i mean he has had plenty of opportunity now , i mean he even showed sauske the video of uchiha history through his sharingan (MS?) , come to think of it why didnt he just take sauske's eyes then ? why waste a perfectly good genjutsu ? i guess he4 got too overconfident.

Also the very idea of Itachi that is not a Bad Guy is repulsive to me .

But i do like your thoughts on how itachi can probably control amaterasu through his eyes as to what extent it can burn. Which i am predicting is also the weak point of the jusu , if his eyes become incapacitated b4 Amaterasu achieves its objective it might neutralize or even leave it out of controll where it would also harm itachi.

February 17, 2008, 04:32 PM
And I have a feeling that this fight could end in a draw.Sasuke unable to fight because of the damage taken by amaterasu,Itachi because of the over usage of MS.

If the fight ends in a draw and both are unable to fight,it could end in Zetsu/Madara capturing Sasuske and Madara killing Itachi who's gone blind and useless.

I think Sasuke would be pretty pissed lol:D if Madara killed Itachi.All his life Itachi and his murdered clan and familiy were in front of his eyes,filled with hatred he even sided with Orochimaru for power,got the CS, abandoned Konoha,Naruto,Sakura,Kakashi only to see someone else kill Itachi.I think he would completely loose himself.

February 21, 2008, 01:40 AM
well smudj , srryi didnt reply but i saw the spoilers and dont think me discussing this chap is fair anymore , and wow u actually brought up the one point that no one did in the other thread (spoilers ) ya i guess zetsu could capture the winner since he should be extremel;y tired and ready for madara to man handle .