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February 23, 2008, 09:42 PM
Title:Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Publication:Weekly Shounen Magazine
Start Date:May 2003
End Date:(Not yet finished)
Number of chapters at review:182
Number of chapters read by reviewer:182

General Overview:Syaoran and Sakura are childhood friends from the Country of Clow, Sakura the princess of the land, while Syaoran is a travelling archeologist. One day, Syaoran finds a mysterious symbol in a ruin he is excavating, which is the same symbol Sakura sees in a dream. Syaoran takes Sakura down to the ruins, and when she sees the symbol, she is taken by a mysterious force, and see-through wings grow out of her back. When Syaoran rescues her, the wings turn into feathers and scatter, forcing them to go into a journey to search across the worlds to get back all of her feathers back. Joining them is the banished ninja, Kurogane, and the magician running away from his world, Fye D. Flourite. On the way, they encounter many dangers and enemies, while also finding the feathers along the way.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)
Art: 9
CLAMP art is one of the best around, clean and crisp, with excellent detailing. The character designs are excellent, though people may find them to be 'too long and tall'. For a weekly release, the art is still well done, and you probably wouldn't find a better drawing anywhere else.
Plot: 10
Rich, complicated, deceptive, fun, dark. Those five words make up the basic plot of Tsubasa RC. The beginning 50 or so chapters may seem to be more 'fun' chapters, but as the story progresses, you will understand what is happening, though are many twists and turns.
Characters: 10
Character development is seen in CLAMP manga to be very important, and that is why the characters in Tsubasa RC are very developed. All the major characters have long and complicated stories, with some of them being related to others. Though this is a shounen series, there is some shoujo elements to it, through the relationship between Syaoran and Sakura.
Themes: 5
Themes aren't a huge focus in Tsubasa RC, but they are in the sister manga, xxxHolic, meaning that some of the themes in xxxHolic do have some meaning in Tsubasa RC. For example, the theme of 'Hitsuzen', or 'destiny', which Yuuko, one of the main characters, claims to be in everything and everyone, and that no-one can escape from it.
Originality: 8
Tsubasa RC has a lot of original ideas in it, but there are various crossovers and ideas from other CLAMP manga that lowers the score slightly. For example, characters are used from X/1999, Chobits, Magic Knight Rayearth, and most significantly, Cardcaptor Sakura.
Overall: 9
Overall, Tsubasa RC is a great mix of many different elements, from plot, character development, and even the the art. A great read, it is mostly shounen with the slightest hint of shoujo, and anyone who is looking for something like that, would definately enjoy it. I would definately recommend this to anyone, anywhere.

June 11, 2008, 10:09 PM
TRC has the characters going for it and the worlds.
aside from that I am not too interested in syaoran and sakura's stories.
Faye's and karu's (i think) past and character got me interested
plus it connected w/ xxxHolic.

June 17, 2008, 08:27 AM
you should add, that TRC should be read together with xxxHolic
separately, they are just good mangas, but together... they're awesome ^_^
what CLAMP did with these mangas is magic :]

October 01, 2008, 10:37 PM
I absolutely agree with your review! Tsubasa was the first CLAMP manga I ever read, and it totally threw me for a loop (in a good way). The first 100 or so chapters lulled me into a false sense of what this manga was about, and then blew my mind (you know what I'm talking about). I am really enjoying it now, and eagerly await new chapters! :D

January 30, 2009, 01:28 AM
Agree with what Maphisto40 said about the first 100 or so chapters. It was just "Ho hum, this is cute, pity it seems rather predictable" and then... Well.
I'm not sure I entirely agree about the themes part. I would say that a lot of emphasis is placed on the theme that you can't bring back the dead. But then again that might be more from the more recent chapters.

February 17, 2009, 11:45 PM
I love Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles. And Mokona Modoki is sooo cute