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March 05, 2008, 04:31 AM
Title: Uzumaki (The Spiral)
Genres: Seinen, Mystical, Horror, Psychological
Author/Artist: Junji Ito
Publication: Weekly Big Comic Spirits
Start Date: August 1998
End Date: September 1999
Number of chapters at review: 20 (end)
Number of chapters read by reviewer: 19

General Overview: This is a story told by Kirie, a highschooler living in a remote Japanese town. It's a story about strange things happening in that town, which all are somehow connected to the shape of the spiral.

Category Ratings: (1-10 scale)

Art: 9
Though it looks messy at first sight, the art is actually incredibly detailed, both characters and the backgrounds. This level of detail is rarely met in long series, while this short 3-volumed manga utilises every bit of talent the mangaka has.
All the scary stuff(it's a horror manga, remember) really gives you chills down your spine, as it's incredibly realistic.

Plot: 7
It's a horror. What else can you say? I'd even give 4 or 3, but the plot is more or less unexpected in every chapter - you never know what happens around, until mangaka actually decides to show it to you directly.

Characters: 8
Although the story doesn't make pauses to especially open the characters' inner worlds, you can feel the depth of each one through art and dialogue.

Themes: 7,5
The themes are pretty much common - social interactions, beliefs, behavior in both normal and critical circumstances.

Originality: 9
Though a horror manga is pretty much an original thing on it's own, Uzumaki takes a step even further from "common" - even in terms of horror.

Overall: 9
Somehow this manga is really captive. Once you start reading it - you stop only after realizing that you've missed dinner...or you get chills down your spine so cold that the chair turns into ice...

The art & story are incredible, but extremely violent, and scary. I definitely do not recommend Uzumaki for people that get stressed or nervous easily. It's definitely not for impressionable people!!!

Although I highly recommend it for those who enjoy a little mystic and horror.

April 27, 2008, 08:21 AM
yeah, after i read Uzumaki, some images and things came to my mind from time to time, such as the people transforming into snails... :s

it`s a good read, even if, at the end of it, i was like "WTH? that`s it?" :)

July 22, 2009, 12:22 PM
It's great... especially the "mosquitoes" and "Umbilical Cord" chapters.

But I just don't get the ending... WTF?