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March 15, 2008, 07:03 PM
Mr. Congo Jack's "Talking Points Memo" on Naruto Chapters 392/393

I know my reviews aren't regular. I mainly do them once I get sufficiently annoyed with the plot: and right now I'm getting a bit miffed. I'm thinking of just doing 5 "talking points" sans images because I enjoy doing these, it's just the images are a pain. Here are some points about these chapters I'd like to talk about:

1. How Orochimaru Came Back

So this is how Kishi decides to bring him back? This is seriously weak. He shows up after Sasuke runs out of energy. It's not very creative. I was hoping for a ceremony performed by his devoted followers requiring hundreds of human sacrifices, emeralds, sacrificial lambs and such. And to bring him back just to have him killed off is ridiculous. This probably isn't the last we'll see of Orochimaru, whom I consider the Narutoverse's Lex Luthor. He's just not going to die.

2. Deus Ex Machina at its worst

So Itachi has a (up to now unmentioned) super sword that Orochimaru has supposedly spent years searching for? This makes, what, 5 things Orochimaru has spent years searching for (the sharingan, immortality, a good recipe for waffles, etc...) And this supersword is also the perfect match for the Kusanagi? And Itachi happens to have enough strength to summon it? Jeez, the way this arc is going it looks like Optimus Prime is going to pop out of nowhere and help Sasuke finish off Itachi, which reminds me-

3. My woman's intuition tells me Itachi isn't dead.

Itachi killing himself by overdoing it? That is way too anticlimactic. I foresee him popping out of the wall or having taken over Zetsu's body or something else. I almost hope he is dead so this arc will be over. This better not be another genjutsu within another genjutsu, or I will go over to Japan and give Kishimoto what for. I've said I'd do that before, but I'm serious this time. I mean it. Really. Stop shaking your head in disbelief. Why don't you have faith in me!?

4. What is Zetsu doing there?

Really? Will someone please tell me why Zetsu is in this chapter just to make random commentary? Zetsu is more than just the Joe Rogan of Naruto. I like seeing him, but he should be used more fully.

5. This Arc looks to be over soon.

My guess is that this particular arc will be over in the 400th chapter, if not sooner. I was hoping that Deidara would come back and nuke Sasuke and Itachi, but that seems unlikely now. It looks like Sasuke has emerged the victor of this fight (what a shock).

March 16, 2008, 08:16 AM
LOL I agree on every point XD

And you can buy one additional ticket to Japan! I'll be bringing my wafflle-thrower along

March 18, 2008, 03:47 AM
Deidara turning Sasuke and Itachi into dust would just be magnificent.