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March 22, 2008, 08:59 AM
Hello there, I've got a theory, that some of the OP characters might be based on hindu-gods and so on.
The ones that astound me most are the first two :

Monkey D. Luffy = Hanuman (God of strength; monkey like appearence)
Monkey D. Dragon = Vayu (God of the wind; Hanumans father)

Robin could be Sita who was captured by a demon - Ravana - that also appears in the form of a tiger, her husband is Rama (dunno who that could be though)
[on a side note it is almost similar to Nami being captured by Arlong!]
then Robin could be Lakshmi who got many hands, which would fit in the above theory as Sita is just some incarnation of Lakshmi etc.

Zoro: he is most clearly grounded on hinduism through all of his attack names isn't he?

Enel: there is a god that reads something alike; it's the god of death in hinduism but has a somehow diffrent role in Japan

I'm still searching for a Sanji(cook,chavalry), Brook(living dead, musician), Chopper(doctor), Franky(strong, strange, pervert) and Nami(gready, intelligent) like figure
also based on what Oda said about the positions in a family Franky would be the guy next to Robin up there.
and thinking about it Brook could be a far-off relative aka. Jesus ... well, not really ;P rather Saraswati (goddess of music and so on) if it weren't a she ^^

That leaves Chopper (could be the doctor of the gods aka. Dhanvantari), Sanji (clearly Kamadeva :D[without arrows]) and Nami (can't find a fitting incarnation for her in german wikipedia)

I'm not saying it's the only source of inspiration for Oda. We all know it is not. But what do you think? is it possible? it's mostly SH characters... and what do you think could there be more arcs derived from it like Robins is (imo)?

[the original idea I had only contained the first two but then I had to look up the rest :P]

March 23, 2008, 04:40 PM
I don't remember where, but it was stated that Oda does take some sources from Hinduism.

March 24, 2008, 06:25 PM
I thought so too but I couldn't find more than some vague statements that it is the case (not often and not official ones) that's why I looked through it and wanted to share my results with you.

At the moment I am working on "part 2" about some other asian religions/believes, but it is kinda hard to research, as there is very few and on top of evrything somehow confusing material.

anyways I'd appreciate to know in case you should find where it was stated as well as further replies and ideas as well.

March 24, 2008, 09:31 PM
propably, he take ideas from alot of cultures as well, Oda is great that's way..