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March 22, 2008, 08:55 PM
Mr. Congo Jack's Key Points - Naruto, Chapter 394.

So I decided to switch the title to “Key Points”, because Blubberin’ Bill O’Reilly probably searches the web looking for people to sue.

Anywho, let’s get to the review. For the first time in like... I don't know, two months... I didn't despise the chapter. Here are my key points:

1. The fight's over!

Thank you, sweet merciful Jashin! It's over! I have to tell you, I almost thought this fight would go on for another year. It may not take the cake for longest battle, but it has been by far the most annoying. How many different levels of genjutsu were used in this fight? All of these illusions made me question everything about this fight. Maybe Zetsu was never even there - just a figment of Itachi's or Sasuke's imagination. Heck, how do we know it took place in some old temple ruin? It could have taken place at a Costco for all I know. It might not even have taken place - it could be all some weird training exercise done by Sasuke. I'm going to hope this isn't the case and proclaim this fight over. The winner - Naruto readers everywhere now that we don't have to see Sasuke gripe about Itachi anymore. Everybody wins (except for Sasuke fanboys & girls, but they don’t count).

2. Naruto's Back Baby.

It took a few months, but Naruto is finally back. The Sasuke-centric nature of the comic has been bothering me. I've said it before - the manga's called "Naruto", not "Sasuke". According to Kishi this is going to be Kakashi, Sasuke, and Sakura's year. Hopefully there will be a brief interlude before the story turns to Kakashi and Sakura where Naruto deals with Jiraiya's death and we find out what the code on the frog is.

3. The Uchiha May Die Off

With this arc coming to a close, Sasuke and Itachi concluding with both of them knocked out on the ground and Tobi up against like 8 enemies with at least 3 of them high-level fighters (Yamato, Kakashi and Naruto), the odds are against him. Top that off with Shino's super-move, the outlook is pretty grim for the founder of the Uchiha. Then again, he's Uchiha. He'll get a pass for now.

4. Hinata Did Something

Other than mumble, faint and get beaten up by her cousin, Hinata hasn't done much in the story. It's nice to see her contribute to a battle. I'm wondering if there is something other than the fact Tobi isn't a bunshin that Hinata has found out. She was about to say something to Kakashi that Kakashi already knew. Chances are it was about the bunshin, but perhaps there is something else she has found out. What else did her eyes reveal about Madara’s form?

5. Shino.

Shino is one of my favorite characters in Naruto. Not for his bugs (I can't stand insects), but because he's so mysterious. Everything about him oozes intrigue, from his clothing which hides his physical features to his introverted nature which conceals most facts about himself. His clan’s relationship with insects also intrigues me - why do they fight with bugs? What is the clan’s origins? Perhaps this arc will reveal a bit of Aburame history.


This chapter has left a lot of room for excitement and has directed the story into more interesting territory. This chapter has opened the door to many great topics that can be explored, from Tobi’s abilities to Shino’s history.

March 23, 2008, 02:26 PM

I swear, Tobi better not be who I think he is.

March 23, 2008, 09:09 PM
:rofl sweet merciful jashin, indeed!

nice key points, very witty and entertaining. i agree with points 1-4 :kkthumbs but, i'm pretty much neutral toward shino, so meh.