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March 28, 2008, 05:18 PM
Chapter 394: Sasuke’s Victory


A single leaf burns. Drifting towards the forest, Amaterasu will burn before Itachi’s empty eyes. Epic stuff. Seeing this chapter in a more laid back point of view as opposed to the Naruto fan boy that I am, this chapter and battle really was not as terrible as I, as well as others, made it out to be. Expectations ruin everything. Not once have I hyped something up and actually been truly satisfied when I get my hands on said item. The same goes for this battle. Yes, even if one doesn’t hype up the Uchiha battle, it’s still a bit disappointing considering it was the core of Sasuke’s character and essentially his reason for living. It could have been a bit more epic, but it’s done, it’s over. For now. Is Itachi truly dead? Who the hell knows? We’ll save that for next chapter. What piqued my interest is the single snake that escapes, only to slither his way into the burning forest and die by Amaterasu’s flame. Why? Does this symbolize that Orochimaru is truly gone for good? Or does this symbolize something else entirely, something such as rebirth? I suppose we won’t know for a few chapters, or until Kishimoto explain the entire Uchiha battle a bit more and what the hell REALLY happened.


Seeing Itachi lying cold, motionless, with Zetsu’s words: “You don’t think…Itachi’s dead!?” was pretty amazing. Never have we seen this tyrant so exposed and weak, so helpless. No one can tell whether he is truly dead or simply passed out. However, I’m inclined to think, with such an absolute ending, such emotion, I highly doubt that this battle’s conclusion would be as simple as “passed out”. Now, he can still be alive but be incapacitated in a different form. Maybe something relating to the Sharingan, or as Zetsu mentioned, a battle beforehand. It could be anything at this point. I’m sure in the end I’ll be wrong, but as of now I’m saying Itachi is food for the worms, gone, disposed of, however you want to put it. I can’t imagine Kishimoto letting such an emotional scene, even in the manga, turn out to be completely useless. Bringing Itachi back would eliminate any sort of meaning that his “death” once had. Unlike Orochimaru, Itachi’s death has meaning, it’s emotional, it has rhyme and reason. If you ask me how I feel about brining Orochimaru back, I’d say I’m all for it. However, not in the completely shit filled fashion that Kishimoto did. With that said, if Itachi is going to comeback, it had better not be in such a lazy and disgraceful way in which Orochimaru was brought back in.


Moving on, Zetsu further explains how and why Itachi should have won, questioning how this legendary murderer became such a peon. I completely adored the Sasuke scene in which he looks down at his supposedly dead brother, Itachi’s blood dripping from his forehead to his eye, down across his cheek, standing in the rain, smiles…and then falls. It was a great, great moment and one of the better ones in this battle. As the scene fades and we realize that this grand battle is truly over now (once again, for now…we never know), we can see Amaterasu’s full effects, burning all that it touches and continuing to char the land with it’s heat, even in the midst of this storm. Am I the only one that saw the image of Itachi standing out in the rain saying “There’s a storm coming…” when we see this scene? Good stuff.


We then move onto…OMG. ROFLEOMGWTF!? No more Uchiha!? NO MORE UCHIHA! *Moment of spastic glory*. Finally! It’s good to see Naruto and co. once again, as well as our ever ominous, enigmatic man of the hour: Uchiha Madara. I don’t have much to comment on here, it’s fairly straightforward and basically a set up for next chapter, which is exactly where I’ll end this chapter’s review. The team is stumped, they have no idea what or who this man is and are trying desperately to even touch his bare skin, let alone hurt the man. Naruto…actually explains something!? Granted, he’s 1UP’d when Shino speaks in his superior “language”. But for a second, he actually had something important to say about the tactics in which they should go at Madara with, commenting that his Rasengan definitely hit him, but was forcefully moved through his body (further explained by Mr. Quiet). The chapter ends with the gang warming up and looking up to Shino for assistance. Buggy boy is on the move!

Chapter 395: The Mystery That Is Tobi


Love the cover. LOVE it! Shino standing with his back to the reader, and Oh! It’s nighttime. Shino at nighttime mix oh so well. What a bad ass. Here we go! Shino finally gets his 15 minutes! And what a 15 minute run it is! I really liked this chapter, truly. I was satisfied in nearly every way, though I’m not going to get too excited considering next chapter could just as well regress back into the usual format. But honestly, recall with me, if you will, the last time we had a truly comedic moment in a battle that is otherwise very serious (they’re battling it out with MADARA for Christ’s sake, though they don’t know it, we do). It’s been a long, long time. In fact, I can’t recall a single moment after the time skip that we’ve had a funny moment in a battle. So suffice it to say when I saw Kiba fall flat on his face after trying to play the hero…I was so happy I nearly cried! It’s wonderful and it actually feels like Naruto again, not some sappy, testosterone driven manga. But I digress, I’m getting ahead of myself.


So Shino attacks, all the while Madara throwing out his witty (and somewhat funny) comments about the bugs, proclaiming “Awww, nasty!”. Awesome. The man that took on Shodai Hokage is afraid of the Aburame clan’s bugs. That’s just great! It gives him a more human side, does it not? Ironically enough, considering this chapter might spell out that Madara is more than just an insanely strong shinobi, he could be something more than human, and wouldn’t that be a surprise in this manga!? (/sarcasm) The fight (if you can call it that) continues as Shino works his magic, comments thrown about how Naruto should watch Shino closely considering he hasn’t worked with him much. Suddenly, after moments of suspense and strategizing on Shino’s part, he gets Madara with his hijutsu! All is well and the chakra is being sucked (said slightly differently in a VERY odd way by Naruto…) I love Shino’s way of speaking, it’s so great and how I missed it so! After every claim, “Why? Because…”. Oh, Shino, you genius, you. Wh-What’s this!? Madara’s gone! Kakashi explains he can use space/time ninjutsu, too! And better than Minato’s!? This guy just keeps getting stronger the more we learn about him. This is the ONE time I have truly laughed out loud while reading manga. *Shino moment* Why!? Because of Madara’s reentrance into the battle. He doesn’t say a single word until Hinata sees him with her Byakugan (that thing is still around? Damn…poor Hyuga clan). Instead of acting bad ass and saying something like “You’re far too slow..” or any statement akin to that, he screams “OH! Hey guys!” as if he is a long lost friend, waiting to embrace his companions. I’m chuckling as I write his! It’s so damn awesome! I love Madara. *Imagines kitty picture of “OH! HAI!”*


Here it is…Kiba’s moment, his shining moment in which he…completely misses Madara altogether! I’ve already raved about how much I love this scene just for what it means to me in terms of comedic relief and the series. But that, along with Sakura’s face afterwards, brings a tear to my eye! However, things get serious quickly as Zetsu enters the scene and exclaims that Sasuke has won the battle and that Itachi has died, adding that Sasuke is “fading fast” (a bit vague, but it means he’s dying…don’t grasp at straws for this one..). I've beaten this into all of your heads for quite some time, but I'll do it again. How much does Zetsu FRIGGIN KNOW!? I'm honestly beginning to see the potential Zetsu has. He could quite possibly by the most powerful (in terms of knowledge, leverage, information) in Akatsuki. He works alone, he seems to claim allegiance to no one, and yet he knows all of the secrets in Akatuski it seems. I might have missed something, but I really don't think there is a single aspect that Zetsu is unaware of, save for a few slight details. Regarding the huge "mysteries" of Akatuski though, he knows all. He isn't just well informed, either, it seems that (the black one, at least) is highly intelligent. We'll see...Fwaha! Another comedic moment! (Keep it up, Kishimoto!) Naruto calling Zetsu “Aloe Vera man” has already become a legendary comment, and that it is. After a slight release in tension…Kakshi finally notices Madara’s Sharingan. Finally. FINALLY! We all knew it was coming, we were simply waiting. Now, what happens next!? Do we follow Madara and see where he leads us: To Sasuke, to the hideout, a gathering of Akatsuki? Who knows? It’s exciting though. I’m really hoping Kishimoto doesn’t do a scene change on us, I am dying to know what Kakashi makes of Madara’s Sharingan. At the same time, I’m still interested, despite being completely annoyed, in Sasuke and Itachi. What the hell happened!? So many questions, so little answers (none). Guess, as usual, we’ll have to wait. Well, that’s it for this double release! Tune in next time… Where is Tobi headed!? What of Sasuke!? Next time- Hurry Up!


Chapter 394

Overall: Good
Plot Progression: Great
Dialogue: Good
Art: Amazing

Chapter 395

Overall: Amazing
Plot Progression: Great
Dialogue: Amazing
Art: Amazing

March 29, 2008, 03:20 PM
Axel, Nice review!
I really liked the last chapter also, it is nice to see some humor again.
I think Madara has serious multiple personality issues, seems he acts like Naruto until he activates his "all mighty" sharingan.
He then becomes a meglomaniacal bada$$.
What do you think of his mood swings?

March 29, 2008, 09:05 PM
Axel, Nice review!
I really liked the last chapter also, it is nice to see some humor again.
I think Madara has serious multiple personality issues, seems he acts like Naruto until he activates his "all mighty" sharingan.
He then becomes a meglomaniacal bada$$.
What do you think of his mood swings?

Haha, indeed he is an odd one. I think his mood swings, or moreover complete personality changes, are due to two things. One, his own lack of sanity entirely due to the years and years he has lived wanting more power, regaining it, losing it, striving for it, only to get up to this point and having to rely on some "kid" (Sasuke) to achieve his goal. And two, because he had to put on a sort of guise for the rest of the Akatsuki members so that they don't suspect anything of him and let him be so that he may monitor what is going on in the organization since he's otherwise "behind the curtains". He may have developed an alter ego due to this and kept it. He's one of the most interesting characters in Naruto, if not the most.

March 30, 2008, 11:34 AM
Nice to see your reviews again Axel. I enjoy reading your perpective

But I disagree with you on Itachi's "death". There is too much left unexplained between the brothers. and I dont mean just this fight but also some trivial things like Itachi and Sasuke in the past and Itachi and Naruto. Madara being an Uchiha can of course fill in some blanks, but it will lose the impact since Itachi-Sasuke has been going on for years. We'll just have to wait and see how this plays out.

As for Shino....this dude failed IMO. I expected much from him, especially after a absence of 5 years and Kiba hyping the guy. Also Tobi mentioning the Aburame clan got me hyped. All we got was a bugged version of Gaara's sand.... His speech pattern is also funny but becomes annoying on long term (good thing that Kishi decided to let him be the silent type)

The best part was, like you said, Kiba and Tobi. Its been a while since I saw some humor in a real fight. I know that Kishi is building some epic and "darker" mood but I'm glad he doesnt forget that this is still a manga, and a few laughs are always good

And not the forget the main character of course (if he still is anyway): Naruto
I seriously feel bad for this guy this chapter. He went to train to "save" Sasuke, and here three years later Sasuke played Orochimaru and Itachi and came out alive while Naruto has accomplished pretty much nothing. I know he will get his key training but I want to see some epic Naruto action before he is being shipped of to boarding school with the frogs. I miss the days that Naruto talked trash AND actually backed this up....

April 01, 2008, 12:07 PM
Nice review Axel. Comedic relief wasn't bad at all. And a surprise, someone that looked like a dumbass, and it wasnt' Naruto for once. I know it's pure exaggeration, but at that moment, I couldn't help but say, wait.. Naruto didn't charge in and looked like a complete fool and it was someone else who did it? STOP THE PRESSES! XD

Now that I think about it, Naruto has yet to do a head on charge against his enemy in this arc, I guess he is changing a bit. (The head charge with the Clone, yeah I know.. but at least it wasn't the real one who went in like a moron)

Aloe Vera..

hwhwhwhahahahaha.. oh man, that line was classic right there. Zetsu getting pissed was even more better..

April 09, 2008, 02:37 AM
A very nice and level headed review! Refreshing! Good job!

When you bring up the point about Naruto adding useful commentary to the battle, I'm reminded of all the times when Naruto was particularly useful in battle and has effectively thought up the winning strategy. Like in this scene: http://www.onemanga.com/Naruto/62/06/

It seems like Naruto's own intelligence and ability is taken for granted more often than not, or is overshadowed by his lack of experience and naïveté (such was the case during the Wave Mission), or by his hot-headed use of Kyuubi. From here on out I'm excited to see what will become of him in battle. He shows the passion and potential to be a great leader, but how soon until we see significant results?!?

And you're right, the finale of the Uchiha battle was excellent, but hot-diggity-damn! It's FINALLY OVER!!! Next!