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April 06, 2008, 01:31 AM
Yo, Guys, everything all right? Well, the chapter -107 will be my first review about Bleach, Bleach is my favorite manga serie, then I'll write something about it, and now that Sahugani did his ultimate job in this section, I'll try to do my best here! Well, it's my first Review, then some things couldn't progress so good, but I'll try to get better with the time, and any comments will be really appreciate here!
Ok, then let's begin:

Bleach -107: Change back the Pendulum 2


Well, the chapter begins with a colored panel with Urahara Kisuke, the newest member in the captain's pantheon; One thing that really got interested me was the statement in the left side of the panel: "...The one who holds the key to it all is this man"; Since the beginning, I always had the feeling that Kisuke did something huge in SS, aside create Hougyoku and artificial
gigais, and now, seems that after all, we will finally know the secrets behind Urahara Kisuke, all of them. And the irony is that such happy face hides great secrets; Just looking to his face
in the panel, could one say that Urahara holds such key to big events?


Hehe, our favorite cat, and this time, in a important role: Captain of the second division! Here, I could say that such event was a double-edge knife: While some people believed that Yoruichi was
a former captain, others really didn't believe that: When Ichigo was saved by Yoruichi in the bridge, Byakuya didn't show any respect to her, what lead some people to believe that Yoruichi
was just the commander of the secret mobile corps; The fact is that Yoruichi was indeed a captain, and a old one, older than Byakuya; But Byakuya isn't the type of person that will show
some kind of respect to a person that supposedly defected from Soul Society. Anyway, what brought not only Yoruichi, but all the captains, was the promotion ceremony.


The so called ceremony was about Urahara's promotion; Here, we can see all the current captains in the past, prepared to the ceremony; If you take the order from left to right, then we'll have Yoruichi as 2º division's captain, Rose as 3º division's captain, Unohana as 4º division's captain, Shinji as 5º division's captain, to 6º division, we have an old one captain, and much
probably, he's a Kuchiki member: his number as captain is 6, just like Byakuya, and not only that but his scarf, exact the same as Byakuya; this lead to me think that each generation of captains
has a Kuchiki member; the kuchiki are a high class family in SS, then is only normal the have a member in the highest ranks of Gotei 13; and the person behind the old captain looks like
Byakuya; but returning to the order, then we have Love as 7º division's captain, Kyouraku as 8º division's captain, the rumours about Kensei being the 9º division's captain came to be true, and
finally Ukitake as 13º division's captain; only missing here are the 10º division captain and a Kenpachi, that still we cannot say if is the Zaraki Kenpachi.


At first, seems that Urahara isn't exactly a welcome member in his new division; Hiyori seems not care much About Urahara; I believe this is caused mainly because Hiyori is a little immature and acts like someone that do not respect his superiors(when she kiche Shinji's face in the previous chapter), nd add to this the fact that Hiyori thinks that Urahara was a member from the secret mobile corps and the previous captain just left suddenly.
Still, Urahara doesn't act like a captain, still, he couldn't get the respect of the other members of the squad, and one cannot blame him about it: To suddenty become a captain is a difficult task to manage, if you ask me.


One of the most interesting thing in the chapter, at least to me: Shinji and Urahara's speech: Seems that Shinji knows the problems about become a captain, and apparently he also knows that Urahara has problems with Hiyori, Hikifune was just like a mother to Hiyori, and this could be the main fact that Hiyori doesn't like Urahara: to lose suddenly someone that could be called mother somehow must be a hard thing; Urahara is trying to get closer to Hiyori, but here begins his tasks as a captain: his rank should be above his personal feeling, he's a captin right now, and personal feelings shouldn't be so important as his news tasks, to become a captain implies that his life will change, and the things won't go in the easy way all the time; After the
conversation, when Shinji was going away, guess who's back? Yes, Aizen! And not only that, but Shinji was able to notice Aizen; What kind of relation Aizen and Shinji share? is anything more deep thatn just a vice-captain and captain relationship? Was Aizen using Shikai? And Shinji was able to break it? MOre we see about Aizen and Shinji, more the mistery increases; And the last statement: you're a scary person? Here', there's more than meets the eye...


in the next day, we see a happy Urahara, a an unhappy Hiyori, again... To try to get some closer to Hiyori, Urahara invites her to a special place, the maggot's nest! Maggot's nest? What exactly is this place? is There a special reason to take Hiyori too? So many question here, and so the problems, I believe. Hiyori's face was kind of surprising, did she know some thing about it?
Could be this nest something related to forbidden powers, Vaizards? But, if you're trying to gain some frienship with a new partner, I'm sure youcannot show bad things, right?

***Final Comment***

The chapter was great, I believe. Not much plot progression, the chapter was focused mainly in the ceremony and in the Shinji and Urahara conversation. Kubo showed us a general vision about Gotei 13 in the past, about captain's duties, and about Urahara becoming a major character in the plot right now, showing some aspect about his personality and preparing the set for great plot twists in the upcoming chapters: the maggot's nest.Being my first review, I'll try to get better in the upcoming chapters, then see you in the next week!

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oooh!!! i was hoping someone would start one up

i'll definitely be back later to comment :thumbs

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nice review

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Nice! Thanks for taking the time to do this :)

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thx for the review!

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thank you very much for jumping into the gap after sahugani gracefully bowed out.
I like your analysis, pretty decent review, keep it up.

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Very nice.

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Thanks for all the comments, guys!

Being my first review, still there some things to be fixed! Just select one panel at time, for example, and I'll try to detail more some things, but by the time I wrote the review, was already 4:00 am, and my eyes were almost closing, hehe, but I finished it yesterday because today would be a little difficult to write it, my job called me today, damn!

In the future reviews, I'll keep this rate, the reviews will be up Saturday and at maximum in Sunday!

April 07, 2008, 05:05 PM
Firstly, good to see a new reviewer ^^

Ok, I like your analysis of the captains (specially 6->Kuchiki) but I should mention that the current kenpachi is definitely not our crazy friend. If it had been, Kubo would have dedicated a small panel showing his face (as they did when talking about Rose). I somehow feel Zaraki was also mentioned as the 12th kenpachi...but I could be wrong...Perhaps check the chapter and see what Tousen's rank was at the time.

Also, in your review I feel the pages you used were not key points but like every 3rd page so you could tell the story better. For me, I would have expected the page where Aizen is revealed and the page where Hiyori kicks Uruhara in the nads to be in there.

And the translation you had was definitely different to mine - "No Suffer" -> "Here's a sample of my eccentricities for ya! Don't worry there's more where that came from!" I know the difference isn't big or anything.....

April 07, 2008, 09:05 PM

About Kenpachi, you're definitely right here, it cannot be Zaraki, the timeline would be screwed up with this fact!

About the pages, yes, maybe a certain order would be cool, and I'll do in the next chapter! it's just I tried to explain in the comments, but with the images would be better, among with the comments!

but again, you can expect some better things in the next!

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Very nice, friend!

Nothing more to add in your review.

Keep doing it.

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Ha =o Very nice, I never noticed the scarf thingy before in regards to him being a Kuchiki =3 Also, to add, I think that this Kenpachi is someone who we are already aware of/ has been mentioned before, only because Kubo has never once told us their name or shown us their face, even in the scenes where they died. Or 'died', perhaps =p Who knows.

April 10, 2008, 06:51 AM

Hello, Pirulito, it's good to see you here! But I'll keep doing the reviews, and you can expect some upgrades in the review of this week!


About Kenpachi, if you ask me, we won't ever see a kenpachi is this arc; I believe the focus will be mainly in Urahara and Vaizards, which will be a little confuse to know who's the kenpachi gaiden, but who knows, maybe a single panel!

April 10, 2008, 10:52 PM
Nice review dude! It's really good to see someone picking it up, and it kinda inspired me to do one for Fairy Tail. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would though, and it's 4.50am my time now - urgh! I think from now on, I'll keep any reviews I write to weekends as well....=o="