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Minato's Disciple
April 10, 2008, 10:34 PM
Here is my review for Naruto Chapter 396, I can't produce images for now.

Twist #1. Kakashi was totally surprised seeing a sharingan once again. Not to mention that he knows for a fact that after the uchiha tragedy there are only 2 survivors of the clan, and Itachi just died. I wonder if tobi has a left eye too!? otherwise it's another twist of a lifetime for naruto fans. I think Kishi would like us to think that way as readers

Twist #2. I say Hinata was a lot better in this mission. She was acting like more of Neji for scouting the "4 o'clock" location. She did a great job in detailing what's the situation on that area. Finally, Truly a Shinobi huh?

Twist #3. Some things are quite vague though... How the hell was Zetsu able to record the whole fight of the brothers? As tobi asked, "Did you make sure to record evrything while you watched?", how was he able to mount a recorder? or what ability has he to "videotape" a fight like that? Was he also able to record the jiraya-pain clash? How the hell would tobi "watch" it? Darn.... all questions. This is what I like with Kishi-san. So many questions hanging as if the story never ends. Some may find it ridiculous but I like it.

Twist #4. Moving at the speed of light. I thought that it was unique for yondaime to do the flying thunder god technique. Tobi's was even a lot better with no chakra formula or handseals, he is able to teleport. How did he get that strong? **I still want to be neutral on obito-madara conflict of naruto fans although it was repeatedly referred in the manga that tobi is madara. Naruto is really full of mysteries.

Twist #5. Tobi and Zetsu took sasuke and Itachi but where's Itachi? partially revealing tobi gives me tha idea that he is still young. And really has plans with sasuke. It was a great surprise for you never know that sasuke was one of the subjects of Akatsuki. As Itachi explained, madara created akatsuki to shroud his true plans. But getting sasuke and giving something to reveal about Itachi is another twist for this another mind bending chapter.

Additional reviews:

- As expected, team kakashi failed with the mission. There were just too many obstacles aside from the fact that the enemy is too fast. It reminds me of the rescue gaara arc where akatsuki was able to hold the 8 shinobis from konoha with the barrier until such time that only sasori and deidara were left (as they were the only akatsuki physically present that time).

- Naruto goes dramatic again as sai tries to empathize, another boring moment I think on the next chapters to come.

- Tobi's face is half covered very much like kakashi's but his face is kinda old. It's quite confusing if he is an existing character who hid his identity or a newly introduced character. Hmm... more like 'pain'?

** I will be very happy to hear feed backs from you. I will be religious in doing this if naruto fans would like this.

thanks for reading:amuse:amuse:amuse

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