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Tenacious Weezy
April 11, 2008, 08:20 PM
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This is my first review on a Bleach chapter so please leave comments or input as well.

Now on to the chapter -106 Turn back the Pendulum 3. Since this flashback arc has started there’s been a lot of excitement even without any fighting. Mainly the revelations to past events and knowledge of how things/people were before the current time in the story have been the main attraction for the flashbacks. This chapter while not as informative overall as the first 2 chapters of this arc (in terms of characters origins) it has given us the most information on a subject that was up to debate and also a little surprise at the end.

Now to start off the review I will start with the beginning.


It starts with Yoruichi receiving a report the Kisuke has gone to the Maggots’ nest. We also get to see Soifon (who does not seem to be VC at the time). Even though most everyone is weary of Kisuke heading to the Maggots’ nest Yoruichi seems okay and fine with letting him go as it probably is for a good cause. This scene seemed to be more for cameo appearances but it may play a part later on as it seems Yoruichi shouldn’t let Kisuke waltz in the Maggots’ nest so easily. I could say that she may have to deal with a predicament as a result of it but it’s something to not think too hard on.

After Kisuke convinces/forces Hiyori to go with him to the Maggots’ nest we are informed on the operations of the Special Forces and how the relate to the Gotei 13.


Basically it seems that out of the 4 great noble houses the Shihouin clan is best known for their proficiency in shinigami skills. This implies that they are the strongest (which isn’t to hard to believe) clan and therefore the leader of the clan inherits the Special forces and becomes their commander in chief. Along with this perk that same leader would also become a Captain in the Gotei 13. The division that the Shihouin leader would go to would become especially close with the Special Forces.

Before I go any further I’d like to thank god because until this information was found out I was worried that the back-story may contradict what we’ve been told in the story.
Let me clarify what that information told me.

1. Soifon was the first one to merge the 2nd Division and Special forces. This was said by Soifon herself but chapter -107 showing Yoruichi as the 2nd Division captain messed that up. Well based on what was told in this chapter basically if Yoruichi had been any other numbered captain that division would have had the Special Forces collaboration but what Soifon did was actually merge the 2nd Divisions with Special Forces.

2. Yoruichi might not have a Bankai. While this isn’t stated in this chapter there is a way to become a captain that does not involve showing your Bankai or killing someone. This is recommendations, as the Shihouin clan leader she wouldn’t have much trouble receiving those recommendations. It’s nothing to big but it would explain why she doesn’t care to use a soul slayer (if she still has one). Of course I’m likely wrong and there’s another reason why we haven’t seen her use a sword in a fight still its interesting to consider.:s

Next we learn more about the sub-divisions of Special Forces and the Maggots’ nest. Kisuke being the 3rd seat was in charge of the 3rd unit (coincidence?) also known as the Detainment Forces.


While Hiyori thinks that this means he was a Jailer (over looker of prisoners) there is really more to it. Kisuke explains that he also had to catch and lock up people that were a threat to the Gotei 13. Apparently if some ones thoughts/actions are a current or potential threat to the Gotei 13 then they are locked up in the Maggots’ nest. It seems a bit too much to me but Soul Society is a little extreme in almost everything they do so it doesn’t surprise me too much. Even members who want to quit or retire from the Gotei 13 are sent to the Maggots’ nest. This would imply that the 3rd Division captain of this time would also be there but who that may be (Mashiro/Hachi?) doesn’t seem important in this chapter if at all.


Interestingly Kisuke sees the error of locking up unproven threats to Soul Society. He even believes that if tasked correctly that some of the prisoners could help Soul Society instead of harming it. Ironically at that same time a prisoner goes to attack a defenseless Hiyori.


WOW! Kisuke proves once again that he is a trained killer. He informs Hiyori that to be the commanding officer in the Maggots’ nest you must be able to beat all the prisoners with only one bare hand. :oh That’s a ridiculous task first of all. There would likely be former Captains and VCs running around down there and to have a 3rd seat capable of that is crazy. I’m not sure if the rule still applies for the Maggots’ nest or not but the 2nd Division seems too weak in the current story to be able to have someone like that (I’m referencing the 2nd VCs pwning by Ichigo bare handed as an example.) Moving on….


Kisuke points out that there is one prisoner that is isolated from everyone else. Kurotsuchi Mayuri! Although hes still altered his appearance somewhat its toned down considerably compared to the current time in the story. Having Kisuke be the one to break out Mayuri seems to just make too much sense. It’ll be interesting to see what Mayuris part in this flashback will entail.

Final thoughts: This chapter was slow compared to the last 2 and with no noob Aizen it calmed me down as well. It was still very informative and honestly after wanting to some back story for the last 3 years I can’t complain at all.

All in all it was an 8/10 and considering all that happened in this chapter was that Kisuke took someone out of jail that’s pretty good. Hopefully next week we’ll get more info on Mayuris past or what the hell Kisuke is thinking of doing. Anyways that ends my first review, I plan to do them every week. Please leave comments!;)

April 11, 2008, 08:32 PM
wow good job, since u posted a review so quik

April 12, 2008, 03:14 AM
Congrats man, a good review.Solid opinions , solid statements.Keep it up

April 13, 2008, 04:59 PM
I like it.
quick points supported by well chosen pictures and a clear analisys of what is going on. I will be coming back each week to read more

April 15, 2008, 07:23 PM
nice review

i disagree with the point that there might be former captains running around in the nest. Vc's yeah probably since yama ji said that they can be replaced easily (after the sokyouku incident) which i thought was more based on who the captain wants as their Vc rather than anything else.and also reading that made me thimk its not that uncommon a deal.

But seeing as how disappointed and well pissed yama ji was when he saw that 2 captains went against SS that he deemed it unforgivable due to their rank and that they had to be eliminated makes me think that there are no captains at the maggots nest.

Also after seeing urahara stop that dude with one hand i guess hiyori wont be trying to kick his jewels again , anytime soon (or ever lol)

Might i also ask what chapter it is said that soi fong merged the two (2nd div and special ops) also like you said that soi fong does not appear to be the VP leads me to think that maybe she was 2nd in command in the special ops and not necessarily a part of the 2nd division. and then when she did merge the two she was appointed captain of the 2nd division as well.

Also i get why yourichi didnt mind kisuke going to the nest without asking her 1st , i guess she thought that the dude has been in charge of it most of his career , he knows what hes doing , whats the worst that could happen?

Tenacious Weezy
April 16, 2008, 08:42 AM
@Saifi - There probably wouldn't be too many Captains or VCs is the Maggots Nest because dying seems to be the major way to leave the Gotei 13 and being sent to the Royal Guard is the alternative. Only because it was mentioned that the 3rd Division Captain retired did I make that comment as according to what Urahara said No one is really allowed to leave the Gotei 13. There may be exceptions but just from the way Urahara explained it I don't see why there would be.

Old man Yama was pissed about those 2 captains because they were like "sons" to him especially so he wanted to deal with them himself obviously.

Soifon merging the 2nd Division and Special Ops isn't actually said anywhere in the Manga. It's just that she kept things the same when Yoruichi left. Whether she had the power to move the Special Ops to another division (with her) or if she had to stay with the 2nd Division is an unknown unknown. My comment was more to specifiy that the Shihouin clan could move the Special Ops around whereas it seemed that the 2nd Division was specifically in charge of Special Ops although the new relevation changes that assumption as well. Good catch.

I don't believe Soifon was ever VC or 2nd in command for Special Ops. She was in Yoruichis special bodyguard squad and over time she learned a great deal from her making her most fit to lead with no rightful Shihouin heir.

April 16, 2008, 05:58 PM
I liked it, but your statement that the commanding officer needs to be able to beat the prisoners "with only one bare hand" isn't well-founded. Bare hands, yes. One Bare Hand, probably not.

Tenacious Weezy
April 17, 2008, 11:56 AM
@Astray- I reviewed all scantalations before I did this review and I believe M7 had "bare hand". It's nothing to be to technical about but in this case Urahara seemingly took out the prisoner with his bare hand. I just went with it.

April 17, 2008, 01:56 PM
I see quite few errors with your analysis, based on obvious misinterpretation of what was said in the chapter. Ill point them out later.