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April 13, 2008, 09:39 AM
Hello, guys, I hope everything is fine with all of you!
Just recently, I’ve started to write some Bleach’s reviews, and now, I’ll write some reviews to Naruto as well;
Some points I’d like to add: I’ll only comment things that will be relevant to the chapter’s context, I won’t tell things like: “the chapter is terrible because Sasuke is the main star” or “Sasuke is a god, no one is able to match him”; because this things won’t add nothing to the review, only the chapter will be commented and some references as well;

About the Key Points section, I’ll just write in this section interesting points that were, are or could be relevants to the story in some way, I won’t label these points as good or bad, but just, Key Points!

Well then, let’s go to the review:

The scanlation used is from Binktopia

Naruto Chapter 397


The first thing we saw in this chapter is the statement about “the man who knows the truth about Itachi; What kind of truth can Tobi possibly know about Itachi? And why to tell this truth to Sasuke? Now, Sasuke reached his goal, his life’s objective, and at this eyes, there’s nothing more important to Sasuke that his brother’s death, He doesn’t want to know anything more about his greatest nightmare, I believe that now, the last thing Sasuke desires is to heard the Name “Uchiha Itachi”, but seems that there’s more then meets the eye... Anyway, another gic event was about to happen, a so waited moment, the moment where we could tell who is the body behind that cloth and mask; the Akatsuki Leader, known as Uchiha Madara, would finally show his true face; I’ve wrote “body”, because we know that Madara is Tobi indeed, but we can’t say if the body is from Madara himself; and from what we can see until now, some parts of his face have kind of “scars”, but apparently, these scars doesn’t seem to come from old age, but whatever the reason, a little event stops Tobi from removing totally his mask: Amaterasu!


Yes, to activate Amaterasu, one must achieve Mangekyou Sharingan, and so, this person was Uchiha Sasuke! Somehow, Sasuke got Mangekyou Sharingan, and then, Amaterasu! Tobi then got surrounded but the black flames, and his mask was dropped in the floor, at the same time where Tobi hid in the Shadows; We had all the clues that we would see Tobi’s face in this chapter, but Kishimoto doesn’t want to show his face yet; There’s a more deeply reason to keep this secret until now, and I still cannot figure it out: Showing his face right now would solve the mistery, but why hide it again? The body is from someone that we already know? Or someone that only Sasuke know? My guess is that we’ll see his face for sure in chapter 400, where, I believe, a shocking revelation will come, usually like Kishimoto likes to do; but so, in the shadows, the flames fades away, maybe because Sasuke still cannot control it perfectly, or maybe because Tobi used some thing in the flames, and then, after the flames fades away, the truth come to the scene: Itachi just implanted Amaterasu in Sasuke; I believe that only the left eye got activated because Amaterasu lies in it, and in the right eye, we have Tsukiyomi, and still Sasuke doesn’t know about it; but well, What was the reason behind all of this?


After took his mask, Tobi walks slowly towards Sasuke, with he mask again in the face. I believe now that Tobi just put the mask again because he stated that his sharingan could trigger Sasuke’s MS, then, to avoid problems, it’s better pout the mask again. Now,Tobi begins to explain the reason behind Amaterasu in Sasuke: Itachi just implanted Amaterasu in Sasuke as a efforts against Tobi! But why? Since the beginning, wasn’t Tobi the co-worker of Uchiha’s Massacre? Wasn’t he Itachi’s mentor? And now, Itachi was against him: Backing to the brother’s fight, we can see that “poke” in Sasuke’s forehead was Itachi method to tranfers his powers to Sasuke; Just before his death, Itachi gave to Sasuke everything he had; And now, Finally we could understand The truth behind Itachi’s actions: Everything was to protect Sasuke! Is this a sick joke? Since his first appearance, Itachi was labeled as a cold and powerful villain, Sasuke’s nemesis and his main(and possibly only) target in his life, Sasuke did all the things until now in order to kill Itachi, the Uchiha’s murder. A person that kill his entire clan cannot be considered a good person, and yet, all that Itachi did was to protect Sasuke. There’s a limit to everything in the life, but kill his own parents, even it was to protect his brother, is unacceptable; Even if Itachi gave some signs of not being a bad person, for example, when he didn’t kill Kakashi, killing a family is enough to be labeled a malefic person.


An astonished Sasuke couldn’t believe in such things: his brother just wanted to protect him. Maybe is too much to Sasuke: the man that he fought until the very end was just trying to protect him. And if all of this is true, how can Sasuke live again with such burden in his heart? Being the person that killed his protector, and not only that, his own brother. Sasuke lived a life only with hatred in his heart, to find out now that all of his hatred was for nothing, not everyone in the world could stand with this: emotionally, Sasuke is completely broken now, he isn’t even able to question Tobi about all of this, but then, Tobi comes with another shocking revelation: Itachi indeed was trying to protect Sasuke from Madara, but not only that: he risked everything to protect the shinobi world and Leaf Village! Again, is this another bad joke? Tobi speaks from Itachi as a truly warrior and a man with strong honor’s code, only a man with all of these thing could risk everything to protect something. A huge plot twist is coming, if you ask me, because now, Sasuke needs an explanation about Itachi and his actions to save the world, because until now, we cannot say exactly what kind of actions Itachi took to protect these things. And now, Tobi is getting closer and closer from Sasuke, seems that all the attempts to prevent Tobi from reaching Sasuke failed...
Big revelations and things will come, that I’m sure.


***Key Points***

Tobi’s face: why so much mistery about it, is there really a reason to not show his face?
Will Sasuke get blind like Itachi? Because he has Mangekyou Sharingan and already used Amaterasu.
Seeing carefully Tobi’s face when Amaterasu got burned his shoulder, we can see that the bandage in his foreheard in inclined to diagonally down
Itachi hasn’t the scratch in his forehead protector in the last panel!


Well, a chapter with more questions than answers; Itachi being a good guy changes the things drastically in the series: for almost 400 chapters, we thought that Itachi was one of the main villains in the series, but now, we have a huge plot twist coming, and I believe kishimoto won’t let us down, Kishimoto must explain now what really happened with the Uchihas, because Itachi couldn’t be the murder, not being this good brother to protect Sasuke. If kishimoto does the things right here, with plausible explanations, Naruto will become incredible good, but he cannot fail here, because withous a good explanation, all the logic in the series will be over, and kishimoto will lose himself in a sea of confusion and contradictory questions;
The chapter was good, we have a better progression in the plot, and Sasuke’s reactions were great too, he’s reluctant to accept Tobi’s words, but inside him, I believe that he fears the answers; little to no action, except by Amaterasu, but we need this hiatus to explain all the unanswered questions!
Then, let’s just wait two weeks until next chapter;
Well, this is my first Naruto's review, then any comment will be appreciated to get better in the future reviews;
And if you guys like Bleach, then you can check out my reviews in bleach sections!

April 13, 2008, 11:01 AM
Nice review, pat!
I agree with you, that it is now time to clean up the whole uchiha story and gave us some needed background information. After that we can (hopefully) focus on Kakashi and Sakura und then finally on Naruto (if Part 2 hasn't ended by then).

April 13, 2008, 05:53 PM
I always enjoy reading these reviews...sometimes makes me catch something I missed. Although one thing: I'm not seeing any sort of bandage that everyone keeps talking about. Someone mentioned he had an eye patch, but that's just his eyebrow.

April 14, 2008, 03:13 PM
I always enjoy reading these reviews...sometimes makes me catch something I missed. Although one thing: I'm not seeing any sort of bandage that everyone keeps talking about. Someone mentioned he had an eye patch, but that's just his eyebrow.

Ya in this chapter looks like he just has a thin eyebrow.. Whereas in last chapter it looked like a strap for an eye patch. It looked and seemed logical at the time.

April 14, 2008, 06:54 PM
yay thx i missed the stracthed forehead protector on itachi

i love these reviews

April 15, 2008, 08:06 AM
Man, I can't wait to read the next chapter. I had hoped there was something else to explain Itachi's craziness and now it is starting to be revealed. Thanks for the thorough review.

April 15, 2008, 08:35 AM
Yes, in the upcoming chapters we'll have so many answers about all the current events; the bad thing is only the hiatus Kishimoto gave us, but maybe he did it purposely;

And about Itachi's craziness, it's something that deserves to be explained very very well; like I said in the review, everything has limits, and Itachi's actions were breaking these limits: what if Itachi accidentally could had killed Sasuke? To be in such extremes, is because something really important is going to happen

April 16, 2008, 06:03 PM
Will Sasuke get blind like Itachi? Because he has Mangekyou Sharingan and already used Amaterasu.

I think that Sasuke will not turn blind, because if Itachi really implanted his Mangekyou Sharingan, Sasuke probably would gain the new tipe of Sharingan that Madara has. Sasuke doesn't have the Mangekyou, but regarding this Itachi mencioned that he wanted his eyes, from this there are 2 possible conclusions: 1) it's possible to make the new-tipe-sharingan with one mangekyou plus the three-dot-sharingan; or 2) this won't be possible, and Itachi just said that he wanted Sasuke's Sharingan to play his "evil role". The problem with the affirmation that I made is when Amaterasu activated why the new-tipe-sharingan don't appeared? In the manga image the only thing that appeared is a Sharingan like Itachi's Sharingan. I imagined that if Sasuke had the 2-Sharingan-in-one, his sharingan must materialized in the form of Itachi Mangekyou Sharingan plus the three dots... only more questions...

April 17, 2008, 10:37 AM
I personally think the reason Sasuke did not get the new type sharingan is because he did not have a mangekyou in the first place. Itachi did say you need to take the mangekyou of your brother for it to work. that is why he told Sasuke about the killing your best friend bit and all that jazz.
I think what happened is that Itachi somehow transfered his "skills" into Sasuke's left eye, nothing more.