View Full Version : Ichigo VS Grimmjow

April 13, 2008, 03:02 PM
whats up guys this is my first amv and first post =) so criticism is welcome tell me what you like dont like and what i should change

April 13, 2008, 06:27 PM
its hella cool

April 13, 2008, 07:27 PM
thanks man do you think its too long?

April 13, 2008, 08:17 PM
nah. i like the clips you chose

April 13, 2008, 10:29 PM
Only thing I could suggest is to use a RAW version of the anime, not the subbed version. Other than that, it was good.

April 13, 2008, 10:38 PM
i was thinking that too but i like what this girl says about ichigo and when grimmjow tells him to get out and then gets owned by the getsuga tenshou

April 13, 2008, 11:49 PM
I liked the clips and other than making it with RAWs, perhaps using a different Linkin Park song because the AMV isn't that long, but the song is somehow slow paced that it seems longer than it actually is. (Perhaps something from earlier Linkin Park Album, most notably Hybrid Theory, or more fast paced song from Bleed it Out)

April 13, 2008, 11:57 PM
mmmm good point and good idea im going to try it thanks man

April 14, 2008, 12:32 AM
Hardly any editing at all, you've for the most part clipped out the audio and strung together a highlight reel. This is not very good.

Not being a jerk, make videos (http://www.youtube.com/user/notBowen) myself. Don't really do AMV anymore, last one I did was here (http://www.animemusicvideos.org/members/members_videoinfo.php?v=149156).

April 14, 2008, 09:08 AM
What is the point of AMV's?

April 15, 2008, 03:27 AM
try the song from the queeen of the dammed album. its with the guy from linkin park. or the song forsaken from the same album

Hollow Kurono
October 15, 2008, 08:27 AM
What is the point of AMV's?

Some people enjoy them very much,I used to make them myself.I love watchin them,I just love when theres a music video about someone,they match a song and stuff,its very cool.

December 16, 2008, 12:02 PM
The AMV is okay and all but:
- use RAWs, the subs are kinda distracting
- seizure warning (google it) if a dude gets a seizure he can sue you
- try repeating the awesome parts (Ichigo blasting grimmy with GT
for instance) of the video a couple of times
- try cutting in between, first sign of a newbie is that he doesn't
in his AMV's or that he doesn't cut enough.
- disclaimer, not that it helps but at least it can't hurt having one.
- try sticking to one song (you can use 2-3 songs if you decide to
make an intro and credits for the amv
- I know Dragonforce is an awesome band but speed metal and
bleach don't mix.
- special effects, try using special effects don't overdo it.
too many special effects = epic fail.

I may send you a couple of good AMV's later depending on my mood,
sprained my ankle really bad today.