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Tenacious Weezy
April 18, 2008, 05:40 AM
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Well on to my second review for Bleach.

I appreciate the comments from my first one as some people said they liked just the highlights and some people pointed out the flaws. I will try to stick with one scantalator for reference for now on (which would eliminate some flaws) but my input will stay the same. Once again please leave any comments so that I can enlighten better!

Bleach Chapter -105 turn back the Pendulum 4

From the very beginning we return to the Nest of Maggots with Urahara trying to convince Mayuri to accompany him. Hiyori questions Mayuri for either his appearance or just his oddity. Mayuri responds by calling her a brat which leads to a funny reaction by Hiyori.


Mayuri for some unknown reason failed to see Uraharas captain robe as well as how it’s possible that he could have become a captain but he congratulates him anyway. Urahara wants to get back on subject (for obvious reasons) and asks the question again to accompany him out of the Nest of Maggots. Mayuri is apparently content with his lifestyle in the Nest of Maggots and wonders why Urahara even wants him.


Mayuri for some reason does not believe him. I had to reread this part a few times because it may actually be that Urahara doesn’t actually need his abilities but simply wants a replacement if something were to happen to him. If the 12th Division were to be picked up and ran by most anyone else they may not continue to use it as the Research and Development Institute. In response to what Urahara proposes to Mayuri about being the Vice-president of the Institute Mayuri asks if this means he wants him to serve under Urahara.


Uraharas reply to this makes me think a few things.

1.He does want a replacement just in case something happens. (hint hint)

2.He may have truly angered Hiyori at this point because technically she’s 2nd in command.:notrust

Seemingly Urahara convinces Mayuri but we move to another former and future captain for now


We are brought to the Kuchiki Manor where we are introduced to a very young Byakuya and we are also informed that the old man with the scarf (and placed as the 6th captain according to positions) is indeed related to him as a Grandfather. Not a huge surprise but at least now its official. Anyways it seems that as Grandfather Kuchiki returned he brought a playmate for Byakuya.


The Demon cat (early implications) seems to like messing with Byakuya. She proceeds to taunt him and steal his hair tie. Just like the current Byakuya (although a quite a bit more emotional) he gets very offended and proceeds to make threats to her while he later comments on himself being superior to her shunpo (not then, not ever).


Even Grandfather Kuchiki comments that his rash attitude isn’t a good thing.

On this part I took a few things out of it.

1.Yoruichi mentioned they played Tag when they were younger (in previous chapters) and its obvious that she wasn’t lying. While it may have annoyed Byakuya its obvious this is great training on a skill that later becomes one of his main suits.

2.Byakuya was outwardly emotional. With no hardships yet and a young outlook on the world he still seems humble (at least to his elderly Grandfather). It’s nice to know he wasn’t always so arrogant although lately he’s become a bit more likable in the story.

On to the next scene


We are taken to the 13th Division as Kaien once again is denying Ukitake the chance to take him as his Vice-Captain. Why he doesn’t want to become a Vice-Captain is unknown at this point although he just may not want the burden of it. This fits Ukitake though as he may have a hard time picking a new VC as he’s only ever wanted Kaien (at least in the last 100+ years). Ukitake shifts the conversation by mentioning a new recruit in the Gotei 13.

This genius boy who graduated from the academy in one year is very impressive to Ukitake and Kaien (who represent the first academy graduate to become captain and a Noble who also excelled in the academy, respectively). The boy is possibly even younger than Byakuya (who is something like a prodigy himself) and may become a seated officer soon. Although Kaien hopes that he may take the VC on the 13th division Ukitake lets him know he is in the 5th Division!!!

Once again we move on to the next scene.

We are taken to Aizen talking to someone as if he were impressed by some display that was shown to him. He then asks for his name.


Aizen then comments on the dead shinigami being a 3rd seat while Gin responds by saying he was nothing. Although it seems Aizen may have asked Gin to kill the 3rd seat it’s really not said outright. Obviously this sets up Aizens plans plus it establishes that Gin was very strong very early on. Loved this scene the most.;)

Final thoughts:

This chapter was a 10/10.:tem
It was thorough and gave us a good understanding of how a lot of relationships were made before the current timeline. Seeing so many scene shifts was unusual for Bleach but I’d imagine KT needed to speed up the story a bit after having such a slow previous chapter, especially if there are only 8 chapters in this flashback. I’d say seeing a young Byakuya and Gin was the highlight as they both became captains at the same time so seeing a comparison of the two at such a young age is cool. Other than that with no definite cliffhanger I’d assume the next chapter will start where this one left off or it will be a completely new scene. Anyways that’s the review! Please leave any comments or additions if you choose, see ya next week!

April 18, 2008, 02:56 PM
yo, Tenacious!
Man, you're was really good, but seems that thing about the full pictures isn't so good after all! But just like you, I don't have much time to edit the pictures, mainly fridays in my job the things get really difficult, but if you somehow knows something about how to edit the pictures, then please tell me how to this!

And even if our reviews have some flaws, it's not like you and me, with only two or three reviews until, could write perfect reviews!

I'm sure that with the time, we'll get better and better, trust me! When we reach about twenty or more reviews, we'll be really good!

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Hello stranger, pretty cool review you got there. I didn't catch the first one but then again, the last chapter was hardly as interesting IMO. I loved -105 because it confirmed a lot and at the same time gave me more questions like: Looking at young Gin, you think it's possible he's a fucked up kid that Aizen caught on early so, in a way, Gin isn't evil-evil he's just sick?

Also, I'm glad to know wife and a hundred years definitely took away from Byakuya's homostock because he was real bitch way back when (was that Yoruichi's chest seen first-cool) but all stupid comments aside, you think there's a bigger connection between Mayuri and Urahara than we know like maybe one of the reasons Mayuri is where he is or what he looks like can partially be Urahara's fault? IDK but seeing Kaien again was cool...Thanks for the review! :D