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April 18, 2008, 08:50 AM
Yup, my dear people! Another week and another bleach chapter! Wow, this week really was short, already we’re in Friday! But Monday we’ll have a holiday, then I’m really happy! Well, shall we begin?

The scanlation used is from Binktopia

Bleach -105 Turn Back the Pendulum 4


The chapter begins with Mayuri, Hiyori and Urahata in a meeting. As always, our beloved Hiyori is mocking around, but now she found a great opponent to challenge her, Mayuri and his sarcasm here are great, and a beautiful discussion was coming up, when they were interrupted by Urahara and his proposal: Again, with his great sarcasm, Mayuri cannot possibly believe in Urahara’s words: set him free, and so, Mayuri asks him why the reason to such proposal. Urahara then said he needs Mayuri’s intelect and brain; He also explains he intend to build a research center in the 12º division, and with such department, maybe some changes will come to Soul Society, and with this, a little thing that will change Mayuri’s mind greatly: Urahara won’t only set him free, but Mayuri will be the right arm of Urahara in the new department, and the finally one: If anything happens to Urahara, then Mayuri will become the new department’s leader. OK, this proposal only will brings benefits to the parts: Being the right arm, Mayuri has a freedom to do any experiments he wants, and Urahara will get Mayuri’s help, because Mayuri won’t reject such position in a department. Let’s pay attention to Mayuri’s words: “Diabolical”: Two chapters ago, Urahara was just a lazy and shy new captain, but look now: he’ll do everything to achieve his goals, he’ll build a research center, and will use Mayuri as one of the leaders there: Knowing that Mayuri has a great intellect, Urahara made the greatest proposal to a scientist, and so, now he has a genius working with them. Two genius working together could bring great things to Soul Society, but will we see a cooperation between the two parts? Mayuri can just wait the perfect moment to steal Urahara’s position, but I’m sure Urahara is aware from this. Behind the happy and lazy face, Urahara hides a personality so mysterious and “diabolical”, using all the methods to achieve his goals; I’m impressed, to not say other thing, about the Urahara we saw in this chapter…


How cute is little Byakuya, and so serious too! Being a member of one of the four great families in SS, Byakuya already is taking too serious his duties as a Kuchiki member, and he’s training hard, when the old Kuchiki we saw in the past chapters just appears; He’s Byakuya’s grandfather, and much probably the current leader of Kuchiki family in that time; and besides Byakuya and him, we have another guest, and guess who? The beautiful cat Yoruichi! But it’s not like Byakuya will give a warm welcome, because a slash from his sword can’t be, but Yoruichi doesn’t care much about it. Yoruichi then called Byakuya “little Byakuya” just like in the bridge on SS saga, and is really great to see two kids playing around: Byakuya is trying to be a mature one, and Yoruichi seems really like a 5 old years kid, stealing Byakuya’s hairband, and after that, Some shunpo challenges will begin, and poor Byakuya, he never won the challenge against the shunpo goddess. Really funny moments here, and was good to see that Yoruichi and Byakuya shared some good relashionship in the past: I believe that Byakuya, even trying to be serious here, is somehow getting some fun with Yoruichi; Unfortunately, after Yoruichi’s defection from Soul Society, Byakuya lose respect for her: I believe Byakuya, being a heir in one of the 4 great families in Soul Society, wouldn’t accept that another member from other great family, could defect from his title; And with this, I’m almost certain that Yoruichi fled without any explanation, given the situation where she was. Then the old Kuchiki’s will return to his tea, and we’ll see a surprise…


Yes, the great Kaien is back! Now he’s in the Gaiden, but still, he isn’t a VC. In a good tea meeting, we can see Kaien and Ukitake’s discussion, where Ukitake is inviting Kaien to be a VC. We can see that Kaien doesn’t like the vice captain idea, which is very strange: Kaien will become a vice captain in the future, and this lead me to think there’s a strong reason to accepted such post: When a person rejects something with such conviction, it’s not easy to change his mind, unless something important comes to happen. Maybe all the recent events somehow triggered something in Kaien’s mind , and and we also know that Kaien has a strong sense of justice, and even with it, still he hasn’t accepted such post. And Kubo is giving some emphasis to this event, then I believe that after all the events, Kubo will show us the reason why Kaien has joined as a VC. And during the conversation, Ukitake talked about a new prodigy in Soul Society, just like Kaien, even if him doesn’t like this title so much; But then, this new prodigy was graduate in just one year! They compare him to little Byakuya, that is a prodigy too, but the new guy could be even younger than Byakuya, and already a seat office was assignet to him, even in a young age; Kain then comments that find this guy could be a little dangerous. It was just a funny way to talk about him, but Kaien only told the truth…


And finally we can see the prodigy, even if he is only a child in the given time: Ichimaru Gin, former 3º division captain, and in the gaiden, a prodigy, just like Hitsugaya. He was graduated in just 1 year, which is, to not say other thing, impressive; Seeing a potential genius coming, it’s obvious that Soul Society would keep an eye on him: Not every day a genius shows up, then Soul Society, with such strict laws to keep the order, will take this boy, thinking that he can be a perfect soldier; Unfortunately for SS, that choice wasn’t the best: As we seen, Gin killed the 3º seat officer from 5º division without any apparent reason, only saying he’s nothing; the fact is Gin in only a child, but a colded child without any emotions. No one borns that way, and I’m sure something really important and bad happen with Gin in the past. The situation here is so similar to Soujiro’s situations, in Rurouni Kenshin: a good child that became a emotionless person, due to his terrible past. And then Aizen also see the potential in Gin, but from a different perspective: Gin will be his right arm in the future a loyal person that Aizen can use at free will; And this little event is the final proof that Aizen already is bad person, his interest in Gin is the key, Gin will be a perfect ally to Aizen, then he’ll offer a seat to Gin; and this also proves that Aizen will try anything to be a captain, because a vice captain, I believe, hasn’t enough powers to give a seat to any shinigami. My guess is Aizen is planning to take off Shinji, then become a captain, and with more powers, he’ll promote Gin to a high rank. And to achieve such goals, Aizen will try anything, and so Urahara will be the key to this., How exactly the things will happen, still I don’t know, but the answers will come soon…


***Key Points***

Urahara was just ”different” now, I almost could say he’s in the edge of amoral scientis, just like Mayuri as captain
Byakuya’ moments were funny to see, as the adult Byakuya we know was almost emotionless
Gin, in panel above, reminds so much Soujiro Seta
13º division hasn’t a VC at the gaiden, seems


The chapter was amazing, The Urahara here really impressed me so much; to go so far to achieve his objectives, even releasing a prisoner is something that not every captain would do; he’s going too far at my eyes, he’s the newest captain in the Gaiden, and look what he’ve done until now. And all of his actions will bring the ultimate event in SS, but even with all, I liked even more Urahara; Old and great faces showed up in these chapter, seeing a young and funny Byakuya playing with Yoruichi was great! and seems that finally all the characters to be showed are already in Gaiden; The stage is settled to everything, and with the past panels, now I believe that everything is connected: The vaizards, Urahara being banned, Aizen’s evil plans, everything
The plot was great too, and next week, I believe, is where the things will burn up!
Then, see you next week, guys! Bye Bye!

April 18, 2008, 11:31 AM
I'd really suggest you use less full-page images. Even if the bandwidth is not so much of an issue nowadays, those huge gaps in text make it less readable, and simply annoying.

I haven't read this review yet, will comment on it after I read it; but after reading the previous two, I noticed something - your reviews are more of a summary than a personal analysis. A simple summary isn't all that interesting - everybody reads the chapter. What people want to see are more of your own thoughts and analysis. I know it's not easy to speculate on that few material we get every week, but I hope you'll gather your courage up and give up all of your thoughts and assumptions. Remember - even the most stupid assumptions lead to discussion here, and that is ALWAYS a good thing.

Yours sincerely ~DeDaL

April 18, 2008, 12:20 PM
You're right, dedal_x, about the images, the problem is that I cannot edit images very well; any help here will be appreciated, hehe

And about the analysis, first I only try to give a brief summary of the each part of the chapter that I comment, then I usually write some personal thoughts about the chapter; I thought that if I was to write many personal thoughts, this could be a little boring, but seeing your opinion, Then I'll try to do these things in the future reviews!

That's just my third review here, but you can be sure that I'll try to get better with the future ones!

Writing is not my primary ability, hehe, being a programmer hasn't muvh to do with write, but I'll follow your advice from now;

Anyway, thanks, dedal_x!

Tenacious Weezy
April 18, 2008, 01:16 PM
Good review. I agree that you should put more of your own perception on the events that happen in the chapter but I still enjoy reading the reviews. I also have a problem in my reviews with full page scans and because of time contraints I had to do the review quickly or not at all. Still your set-up and observation makes me desperately want to improve my own review, hopefully next week I'll have something better (but still contrasting) to compare to yours. Keep it up!

April 18, 2008, 03:35 PM
nice review! ^^

Gin, in panel above, reminds so much Soujiro Seta

that is very true *_*

-Shishio takes Soujiro under his wing. Aizen does the same to Ichimaru.
-Ichimaru and Soujiro are both prodigies.
-Both of them smile all the time.


btw, you can edit/crop/resize to images on online http://www.online-image-editor.com/

April 18, 2008, 04:53 PM
Nice review patedecarne, congrats. Now that you pointed it out, Gin is soooo like Soujiro. The resemblance is everywhere... physical and psychologically clones at that age.

I agree with you on some points. This chapter explains the bad blood between Byakuya and Yorouchi, as the proud member of the Kuchiki clan certainly didnt see with good eyes the defection of his friend from the spot he so hard trained to achieve.

You're probably right, Kaien wont accept VC position unless something odd happens. His modest and lazy behavior reminded me alot of shikamaru. A guy that would step aside from the spotlight coz, according to him, there are others better suited for the job (he's lazy, that's all).

I'm also thrilled with the upcoming events in Bleach... this is a legendary ark, that's for sure!

Oh, and a suggestion: place the pictures of the thematic you're discussing above the text belonging to them. It's easier for who's reading to get an idea of what part of the chapter will be addressed before reading your comment imo. Also, a picture comment could be nice though :P
Keep it up

April 19, 2008, 12:11 AM
thanks for the review! i actually think your reviews are getting better :) please don't think we want to see less of your personal opinions, though. that's the whole point of these reviews! if you've got more analysis, put it in there. anyway, keep up the good work ^^

April 19, 2008, 10:53 AM
Thanks, man! I didn't really knew this site! Then my job here will become more easy, thanks!
And about Soijiro = Gin, it's almost the same thing; I'm wondering if kubo got same ideas from RK, and if that's the case, I believe kubo could make a individual gaiden to explain his past, just being careful to just copy directly Soujiro; Gin is an interesting character, then he deserves some originality;

Yes, I've thinking to write some comments in the pictures; after I edit the panels, I'll write some comments related to the picture, as you said
And it's really a shame that such relashionship could be destroyed that way, Byakuya takes so serious his duties, but even being the leader, he could get soft some times
And I'm wonder if Kaien's true reasons to be a VC will come from this arc, but if not, then Kubo could make another individual gaiden to Kaien, as he is a great character in the series that still wasn't totally explored!

Thanks for the comments, and don't worry about it, like I said, with the time the things will get better and better, and you cn sure expect some more personal opinions in the next reviews!

April 20, 2008, 03:14 AM
Nice review, just a quick note on what I read for the last page about Gin:

- Gin has already been given a seat so Aizen promoting Gin is really not a big deal. The way it was written made it appear as if you were saying that Aizen would usurp power JUST to promote Gin which sounds weird in itself.
- I don't see Uruhara as being the key to Aizen's plans however, just an unexpected advance on them
- and I don't see Gin having a troubled past at all. He likes killing, it wouldn't take a dramatic past for people to have that.

Good review though ^_^

April 20, 2008, 03:15 AM
pated carne,

I really enjoyed reading your review. keep it up
On a side note, will u be using different scans each week or just the scan that is out the quickest?

April 20, 2008, 11:42 AM
I just forgot to add in the review that when I said Aizen would give a seat to Gin, this seat would be in the high positions; Really, Gin already was an officer in the time when he killed the 3º seat, but to Aizen, the most interesting is to give Gin at least a VC seat; when strong allies are in the same position, or at least 1 position below, the things are way to easy to be completed; and that's why I believe Aizen could try to usurp the 5º division's power;

Well, usually when I wrote my review, I do it in my office, and by the time I wrote, I use the quickest version to be up, that's why sometimes I used Binktopia and FrankyHouse ones! but if another group releases first, then I believe this group will be my source;
Sometimes the translations to some parts could be a little different, and in these cases, I'll try to point the differences in the comments!

April 20, 2008, 01:46 PM
nice review! ^^

that is very true *_*

-Shishio takes Soujiro under his wing. Aizen does the same to Ichimaru.
-Ichimaru and Soujiro are both prodigies.
-Both of them smile all the time.[/url]

If I remember RK correctly there is one big difference in their personalities being that Gin is a huge Sadist and enjoys killing while Soujiro is mostly emotionless.

PS, Nice Review Pat

April 20, 2008, 10:06 PM
I´m here again, friend!
You did one more nice review.

I didnt realized the analogy among Gin and Seta. Just lacked rain in scene ^^

But I disagree about one thing. I don´t think Urahara was different as usual. This the man who offered a gigai to Rukia just to hide Hougyoku forever without even care about her, she didnt even knew. And posteriorly he used Ichigo & CIA to save Rukia. Wait! To Save her or to save Hougyoku from Aizen? Do you remember the words Aizen said to Ichigo "your mission is over" (http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/175/06/), "why are you making that face? aren´t you his subordinate? didnt you come here to take back kuchiki rukia because urahara kisuke ordered you to?" (http://www.onemanga.com/Bleach/175/08/).
Urahara Kisuke manipulated Ichigo & CIA

This isn´t amoral?

Sure, I think it wasnt so evil because for circumstances. But he did everything to achieve his goals.
I think this his nature.. not diabolical, but manipulator nature.

Editing: Sorry if my english is bad

April 23, 2008, 04:14 AM
Well, usually when I wrote my review, I do it in my office, and by the time I wrote, I use the quickest version to be up, that's why sometimes I used Binktopia and FrankyHouse ones! but if another group releases first, then I believe this group will be my source;
Sometimes the translations to some parts could be a little different, and in these cases, I'll try to point the differences in the comments!

Heya, nice review again and yeah i think more personal takes on the chapter might make things more interesting. Maybe Kaien decided to take the VC position in the end in order to keep the balance of power in the Gotei 13 and help keep an eye on Gin? Tbh, I dont think Aizen had evil intentions all along but that his ambitions all began when he found out about Squad Zero....sth big must happen involving the Hougyoku in the future! Did Mayuri help him make it? Hmm..

Btw, just thought I'd warn you as well that MH doesnt allow any Franky House scans on the website at all so dont use them! I had no idea till I was warned about it for Fairy Tail :darn

April 23, 2008, 07:44 AM
Hello one more time! don't be afraid to check it out always!
Oh, man, good observations about Urahara, I forgot all of these details in the past! In the beginning of series, my thoughts about Urahara were about a person who was trying to help Ichigo to develop his powers as well to save rukia; in the later, I saw him as someone who was trying to redeem himself for past sins, but still, Urahara, I believe, is selfish, and somehow is manipulating some people around him; but still, a great character, though!

Great thanks for comments and for the advice! About Mayuri and Kaien, Kubo is giving emphasis in their story, Mayuri was the only one to be locked alone, and Urahara settled him free; I'm sure kubo will explain more about it in the future; And there's no need to put the conversation about Ukitake and Kaien in the scene if Kubo again won't touch in this part...
Anyway, I won't use FK anymore, even if is a little weird; I'll try to get some information about it...