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April 25, 2008, 08:44 AM
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Chapter -104 Turn back the Pendulum 5

You guys should get that checked out.

After a 9 year time skip in the story from where we left off in the previous chapter we are brought to a horrific scene. We see three Citizens screaming in the moonlight. At first appearance it seems like they are throwing up something but it looks more reminiscent of when a lost soul is turning into a hollow in the real world the only difference is the citizens leave their clothes along with a kind of liquid in their place. Without much look into it though we are shown in outline of 3 shinigami assumingly commenting on what just occurred. With no definite unique features shown it’s actually a semi-mystery who these three are, although it can be assumed as Urahara, Mayuri, and Hiyori, it’s not 100% at all. They comment that regular souls can not contain the prototype but that they will continue trying the experiment. Very ambiguous but still interesting, I’m sure we will get a full understanding of what the first 2 pages of this chapter are referencing. (Possibly the Orb of Distortion or a prototype of it?)

The shoes make the man.

After the nice title page with Shinji (see above) we get a glimpse of clogs? Already Urahara has begun to show signs of his future self! As Urahara strolls with his Vice-Captain and Mayuri they are greeted by Shinji. Well almost everybody, as Shinji greets everyone but Hiyori she makes him very aware of not acknowledging her presence. As Shinji was about to make a comment on the going-ons in Soul Society, before being rudely interrupted, Aizen takes the initiative to do it for him.

Best Friends 4 Life!;)

Aizen and Shinji inform him that there are strange deaths / disappearances occurring in Soul Society. Urahara seemingly has no knowledge of the last month of events. He makes continuous comments that would almost make sense of what was truly happening to the citizens although Shinji counters every argument. Shinjis final comment is that the Citizens aren’t able to maintain Human form and are being annihilated. Even Urahara slyly questions this but Shinji plays it off as Unohana telling him that was the case. As I previously mentioned before, while there is no proof that that Urahara is the one causing these problems, by his responses to what he is being told it does make me believe he is likely the one causing the situation.

9th Division Goons

Shinji notes that the 9th Division is investigating the matter and we are shown that Kensei is the Captain of the 9th. He even has his own goon squad with him. Although the macho image is ruined as KT reveals that the Vice-Captain of the 9th is actually Mashiro!

Mashiro is easily the most annoying VC ever :D

It seems as though Kensei does not like Mashiro (just like in the current story’s’ timeline) She gives him a few insults and then begins to act like a baby by rolling around on the ground and asking for food. After seeing this little scene I’m inclined to believe that Kensei did not choose her as VC at all! Anyways the comedy is a bit short lived as a scream interrupts the “Mashiro-wants-to-eat-Ohagi!” conflict.


A hollow appears suddenly and a large one at that. Kenseis’ goon squad on command launches the pre-emptive attack as Kensei is given his second 15 minutes of fame. Continuing with the 9th Divisions appearance of confidence (and badass gloves) he releases the shikai of his Soul slayer but with the release command this time.


In one blow Kensei beats the hollow that his goons were only able to scratch. Finally after sheathing his sword he notices the little boy that was near him. He tries to help the little fellow out by telling him to smile, even asking for his name.

Not quite as good as Gins' intro but it will do :notrust

Kensei comments that his name is strong. Obviously this was a big influence on his life as he later becomes the 9th Division VC. Irony is truly at work in these flashbacks.

Did someone steal your Eggos?

The last scene involves Mashiros reappearance after being nowhere to find in the fight. She has found clothes just lying around. There is a remark made that there are 10 of these Shihakusho. At first I was not sure why Kensei gave a horrified expression like he did but after thinking it over I guess he should be horrified. Previously it was only Citizens that were disappearing but now Shinigami are as well. Also the appearance of the hollow could be linked to this if you ask me. It was very large and could have possibly been a Gillian. If those 10 Shinigami were turned into hollows and then merged with each other then the Hollows appearance makes perfect sense. This is all in speculation though but something to consider just as well.

Overview: The chapter started off as if this was a completely different story from the previous few chapters we’ve been reading. I give it a 9/10 but only because of Mashiro and Kenseis comedic scenes giving us a good grasp on their relationship. While we were shown quite a few things and told of the current events of Soul Society not much was explained to us. I assume all will be told in the next few chapters but after receiving in-depth information for the last 4 chapters it was disappointing that KT would be so ambiguous in a flashback that is supposed to help us understand everything better. Hopefully nothing will be rushed or contradictory to what we have already been told about the story later on. Anyways that’s my Review for this week, please leave comments and see ya guys next week!

April 25, 2008, 03:26 PM
Cool review.
I personally do not entirely agree on the assumption that the three are Uruhara Mayuri and Hiyori but on the other hand I do not have any idea who else it could be.
Also about kubo skipping the 9 years. He actually mentioned he would do this in the first few panels of -108. Remember? Something about "highlighting just a few important scenes" here and there check it out. I actually was expecting this and was more surprised that the first three chapters where chronological and sequential.
thats about all I have to add.