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April 25, 2008, 10:09 AM
Heeeelllloooooo, my friends! I hope everything is fine will you! In this review, I’ll put more personal comments here, as well edited pictures to a better understanding of the context, maybe some pictures won’t fit so well, but I’ll try to find some good tools, hehe; Let’s begin then:

The scanlation used is from Binktopia

Bleach -104 Turn back the pendulum 5

Why people cannot just enjoy the life normally?

And the pendulum keeps to turning back, and by now, 9 years had passed since the last chapter; I can’t understand very well why Kubo is giving this gap in this gaiden, and I don’t know if this gap is relevant to the story. I believe that Kubo used this 9 years to show us that the Vaizard’s, transformation, Urahara’s ban and evil Aizen plans were all linked; We know that Urahara was banned because he created an artificial gigai, but Soul Society sometimes hides secrets from the public eyes, as we seen about Maggot’s nest, so, I won’t be surprised if the main reason behind Urahara’s ban was something related to Vaizards, but if that’s the case, Kubo is doing an incredible job here, and from now, it’s really difficult to tell what’s going on next. And I also believe that the four past chapters were just to set the stage from great events And we already began to see some clues about these events: We can see some experiments being done with ordinary shinigamis, and in the backstage, three people are talking about how ordinary shinigamis won’t be enough in these experiments, what’s the true purpose of all of this? My guess is that these 3 people are trying to break some limits about shinigamis and hollows, just like Hougyoku. It was really great to see all of this conspiracy in this gaiden, even a manga like bleach deserves this kind of thing, to show us that not everything is fight, and more than that, doing this kind of thing, kubo will get our attention and focus, we’ll try to think and imagine: what’s the reason? And who are the three people? And in the end, all of use will think something like: What? I cannot believe, Kubo is genius! I never thought something like that! Taking our attention now is the best thing Kubo can do! And my guess about the three people: Aizen, Gin and Tousen, even if I believe this won’t be so simple…

Two kids playing, how cutel!!

Now we can see Shinji and Aizen just meeting Urahara, Mayuri and Hiyori; After 9 years, Urahara was really established as captain, and Mayuri as his right arm in the research center. Seems Soul Society didn’t care so much about Mayuri being released, he’s walking freely, as a ordinary citizen now, and still, he’s not very happy. Anyway, Shinji was about to tell to Urahara about the shinigamis being disappeared, when a crazy Hiyori just kicked Shinji in his back; I really loved these comic moments in the manga, just in the middle of the gaiden, we can laugh a little with these two! Hiyori and Shinji’s relashionship doesn’t seem a normal one, though! I don’t know if kubo will explore in this gaiden, or even if are room to this, but a more deeply explanation about Shinji and Hiyori could be a good thing. Even with this gaiden, still we haven’t much development about the vaizards, and now, with only 3 or 4 remaining chapters, maybe the time won’t be enough, unless Kubo is planning to do this in the main storyline. And after our comic moment, Sousuke is the one who explain everything to Urahara. Urahara acts as he doesn’t know anything about this, but if in the end, Urahara was turned to be the headed behind all the experiments, I’ll be really shocked and Urahara would be in the top of great characters, and that would make my day! But we could see three people back there, and Hiyori doesn’t seem the scientist type. And just a detail, but seems that others divisions knew about the current event, and 12º division wasn’t aware about it. Here, I really liked Urahara’s reaction to Shinj’s words: as I told before, Urahara seems as he doesn’t know about it, but, he isn’t surprised about it, either. But if Urahara really is the key to all of this, somehow he already knows, or he’ll be a part of this, and until now, kubo is doing an excellent job about the plot part, and I hope kubo doesn’t throw us some let down about this great arc

Finally is my turn…

Yes, now only one Vaizard needs to show up, because the seventh already appeared! Kuna Mashiro, lieutenant of 9º division, and what a comic character! 9º division is investigating about the shinigami’s incident, and so, Mashiro as well! And now we have others great comics moment in the story: just like Shinji and Hiyori, Kensei and Mashiro seems to have a more deeply relashionship than just captain and Vice-Captain, and the thing about the mysterious being unknown is really great! Again, I love this moments, in the comic part of manga, kubo is superb, the way he draws it, the facial expressions of the characters are great. OK, in some early part of the review, I’ve told that the vaizards could have some more focus, more development, and at least to 9º division, we can see a little development in this chapter: Mashiro, Kensei and others seats will looking for any evidences about the mystery. I believe that kubo put 9 º division in action to show us that Kensei and Mashiro, being Captain and Vice Captain, will be used as experiments for the three mysterious people: back in the review, these people said that normal souls won’t work, and now I’m inclined to think that Mashiro and Kensei could be the perfect victims in these experiments, because they aren’t normal souls. And while in the investigation, a huge hollow stand up right in front of the them: Judging by his side, sure it isn’t a normal hollow. The search squad was about to fight with it, when we can see a little kid being attacked by it. So, it’s time to show some captain fight, and in my personal opinion, this little fight suits so well here, it wasn’t an extended fight, like grimmjow and Ichigo, and we can see a former captain fighting at his best.

Take my Rambo-type shikai!

Time to see some kensei’s skill. It’s not like Kensei wil use all of his power here, but we found out his zanpakutou’s name and some powers from it. After the easy fight, Kensei helps the little kid, and this kid is the 69 guy, Hisagi Shuuhei. Almost known character had showed up in the gaiden: While this could be a good thing, because we could see some backgrounds from them, and see what they were doing in the past, could be a bad thing because if they won’t be used in some plot development, some parts of the gaiden could be wasted: instead of progressive plot development, we’re seeing some things out of context: but from now, I believe this won’t happen again, because with this chapter, the plot advance is getting really good and fast. And after the defeat of the huge hollow, we can see a responsible Kensei trying to cheer up the little Shuuhei, and that’s another strong point in this chapter: we saw a comic and lazy Kensei talking with Mashiro, and a serious and responsible Kensei trying to help Hisagi: In the right moments, he’ll act as a honorable man, and Shuuhei going to Gotei 13 could be due to this: after saw how a captain fights, and being saved by Kensei, I believe he’ll see Kensei as his hero, his idol, and will try to follow his steps. And in the last page, Mashiro is bringing some shinigami kimono from around the huge hollow. And not only 1, but 10 kimonos were found, the exact number of shinigamis that disappeared!
As some here could think, and so have I, the huge hollow is probably a quimera born from the 10 shinigamis: with the 10 clothes around it, and his huge size, I’m almost 99% certain that the hollow was the 10 shinigamis! What kind of experiments the people done with the shinigamis? Some kind of mutation, I believe. Just my guess, but if the three people are really Gin, Aizen and Tousen, then there’s a possibility they’re intending to create powerfuls hollows, or maybe espadas, in that time. If normal souls only become normal hollows, then powerful souls like captain’s soul, could become something really powerful…

Now, really the beginning of the end… and without clothes…

***Key Points***

The experiments with shinigamis
Urahara not shocked with the incident
Kensei being a true and mature captain in his acts
The plot is getting really interesting


The chapter was in the edge of perfection, for me the best chapter so far in the gaiden: we have action, in the first part with the experiments and we could see some Kensei’s powers from his shikai, we have a great, but a great plot development here, from the experiments until the discover of the 10 shinigami’s kimono, the mystery only increased now, the three people and their true objective, and in the last, but not less important, the comic: seeing Shinji and Hiyori and Mashiro and Kensei was only great! Kubo putting all of this was a great move in Bleach, but I really hope Kubo keeps the same level until the end, for this gaiden to be remembered as “epic”.

I don’t know if we’ll ever see a new chapter in next week, because of Golden Week, but I cannot wait two weeks to see what’ll happen next…
Well, guys, see you around the forum!

April 25, 2008, 10:35 AM
great review. this gaiden is certainly getting better and better with each chapter

regarding the first part, it is obvious that the guy is an experiment on creating vizard since we see the white mask substance coming from his mouth exactly the same way Ichigo's did way back when. the three individuals have likely found a way to induce hollow powers in shinigami but have not found subjects whose shinigami powers are enough to counter the transformation and retain themselves. as for the identity of the three, i'd agree with Gin and Aizen, but i'm not so sure the last one is Tousen. first of all, Kubo made Gin's recruitment to Aizen's side very clear and i doubt that he'd deny Tousen an actual intro if he was supposed to have joined way back then. also, having an unknown predecessor to Tousen gives Kubo an opportunity to introduce another major player

as for the ending scene, i'm pretty sure the hollow is at the very least a product of one of the ten shinigami who went berserk after the vizard transformation failed and his hollow took over. i'm guessing that this large one is the the result of one of these failed vizard devouring the hollow forms of the other nine, thus giving it its size and power.

finally, i must say i loved the little scene with Hisagi and in hindsight it seems like Captain Kensei was indeed his role model after this event. he does seem to have the same air about him and Kensei was most likely the reason he chose the 9th division later on. i really hope to see a reunion of these two once we get to the big battle in Karakura

Tenacious Weezy
April 25, 2008, 01:46 PM
Good Review.

I believe those three dissappearing people in the beginning were regular citizens and not shinigami. Also those three shinigami discussing the experiment may involve Aizen but their is definetly a Captain among them as the shadow outline seems to be patterened that the middle person is wearing a cloak of some sort. Wouldn't it be cool if it was Urahara, Mayuri and Aizen? >_>

I also agree about the Huge hollow possibly being a merge of the 10 missing shinigami.

April 26, 2008, 11:43 AM
It's good to see you here, Sahu! But if aizen has another comrade here, man, then I really cannot predict anymore, because the options will be unlimited here; but this also implies that his partner either died on the past, or still is a unknown traitor...
but only with the time we'll know@

Urahara, Mayuri and Aizen? Certain is interesting, but then the plot twist would be great, and somehow Urahara would be in Aizen's side in the present...
but anyway, every possibility could be here...

April 26, 2008, 08:58 PM
Nice review Pat :)
I agree with Tenacious that the 3 guys are Urahara, Aizen and Mayuri. First of all, i see the key point for Kisuke to be there in Ichigo recovering his shinigamis power. I see - 104 as a powerful argument that Icchi became a Vaizard due to Urahara's influence in the
way he recovered the powers. So for Urahara to do that he needed to do the method.

Mayuri was there because Kisuke needed him and recognized him as a brilliant guy who could help him.

Aizen was there well... he knew a big lot about Hougyoku and experimented a lot in SS as stated somewhere in SS's Arc, so he could be useful. Oh, and we can't forget the look he gave Urahara in Turn Back 1, he kinda read throw Kisuke's intentions.

It wasn't that difficult to see only Urahara being banned. Aizen's fooling capacity and Mayuri's desire to take over the research departament could have lead SS to believe that the experiment was all about Urahara's desire. There is a possibility also that Urahara was really banned due to the Gigai he created. Aizen + Mayuri could have helped him in that also(in this case, the experiment we are seeing in the arc now was not blamed at this 3 guys).

April 29, 2008, 10:38 AM
Oh, no no…I believe the experiments are Urahara’s + Mayuri’s doing.

My prediction is Urahara wanted to break ‘the limit’ creating what we know now as a Vaizard. He conducts all these experiments, without all that much remorse…succeeds in creating what we know now as ‘Hougyoku’ (or however you spell it) – in doing this, and all the experiments, he probably doesn’t have ‘evil’ intentions, but more like the ‘for the good of science’ the end justifies the means approach (or his ‘theoretical’ work is applied by someone else in practice). BUT, the unexpected occurs and the shit hits the fan: Vaizards are created, a big mess occurs and Urahara sees the error in his ways, tries to destroy the Hougyoku, can’t, is expelled, etc.

Aizen has probably spied and intervened in the whole story as it unfolds…he sees a ‘successful’ Vaizard and wants the same for himself…he sits back, plots and carefully studies all the chaotic events that have passed…as well as Urahara’s work (if you remember, before he went glassless bad-guy) he said he had studied all available info on Urahara’s work (which leads me to believe he isn’t involved in the experiments at this time)

- I think it was pretty obvious even before gaiden that Urahara is as much the puppeteer as Aizen is.
- Urahara, at this point, doesn’t see anything wrong in using dangerous people (Mayuri) to achieve scientific goals (devoted scientist approach).
- Urahara cerated the Hougyoku: these experiments look like pre-hougyoku material to me.
- Something went wrong, which is what leads to Urahara wanting to destroy the Hougyoku
- Aizen mentioned he studied all of Urahara’s available material on Hougyoku, which leads me to believe the upcoming ‘big event’ is what leads to Aizen brewing his masterplan…which he is simply going to witness at this point.