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May 10, 2008, 08:33 PM
Hello, my friends! Today, the review is coming a little late, but I could write it before because my work was too hard yesterday! But now it’s here and I hope that you like it:

The scanlation is from SleepyFans

Bleach -103 Turn Back the Pendulum 6

What’s going on here? I could sense something really bad coming…

Continuing from the last chapter, we can see a worried Kensei linking the 10 shinigamis kimonos with the 10 lost shinigamis, and he also notice that from now, things will become really complicated, because until now, only normal souls disappeared, but Shinigamis are disappearing too, then Kensei sent a help message to Urahara’s squad, knowing that some specialized person could help to solve this problem; As a formidable captain, Kensei is also worried about the little kids around the place, and so he told them to return to home: and like I suspected: Kensei became Hisagi’s idol, and finally we found out the 69 tattoo origin: Kensei also has the same tattoo in the chest, and Hisagi saw this tattoo. I liked so much about this aspect, because so many people really got intrigued about that tattoo; I really like the psychological side from the characters, and must been really hard to Hisagi hearing the bad news(discussed later in the review) about Kensei: Being saved by a unknown man who tried to encouraged him, and sudden this man is no more; To show any gratitude, Hisagi then will carry a legacy; And in the present, aside the fact that Kensei already is a Vaizard, I believe if Hisagi could ever see Kensei again, he’ll always see Kensei as one of the most important person in his life, despite anything. In the first, I believed this Gaiden would be only to explain the vaizard’s origins, but now, in the sixth chapter, even little details, like the tattoo or even the relationship between Yoruichi and Byakuya were explained; From the storyline point, these things could be a little irrelevant, but not to us, readers; I don’t know how many of you care about these, but at least I’m very happy with such explanations; And I’m wondering if Kensei already suspects from someone, because 10 shinigamis were lost, OK, but this shouldn’t be really a problem to Kensei, a captain; and he’s too worry just now; Anyway, after the preparations, it’s time to see some scientists.

Please, give a smile, at least once…

Mayuri and Hiyori, I love these two! I’m really surprised to see Hiyori helping Mayuri, and from what she told, she was trying to be nice to Mayuri; Now, seems that finally Hiyori is adapting to Urahara as captain, because she isn’t complaining about Urahara, only with Mayuri; And I think she’s right about the complains: She’s the lieutenant only outside of the R&D(Research and Development), weird, huh? But all of this is Urahara’ fault, when he propose to Mayuri to be his right arm in R&D; In some sense, Hiyori and Mayuri are been manipulated by Urahara, but Mayuri doesn’t care about it, and Hiyori is paying the price, unfortunately. One thing that still bothers me is about the chapter -106: The entire chapter was only to show us the maggot’s nest and Mayuri’s release, but until now, I couldn’t see any use from that chapter. At this point, only little glimpses were shown from the R&D, and the plot, I believing, is starting to reach the climax, and I don’t see anything that could be related to chapter -106; Of course that I cannot jump to the conclusions right now, but I’m afraid that Kubo just spent a entire chapter for nothing, but let’s just wait. And in the middle of the beautiful discussion between Mayuri and Hiyori, We could see one of the most interesting things until now in the gaiden: Urahara was building some mysterious gigais. The purpose of those gigais is help the incident with the lost souls. From what I could understand, is the lost souls were put in these gigais, they’ll be able to remain permanently in human form. And In my opinion, I can assure you that these things will be related to Vaizard; there’s no other reason to introduce gigais right now in the plot for other reason than vaizards; Exactly how Urahara will take the souls I don’t know, because the souls are disappearing, then how to take back these souls? Again, I can assure to you that Urahara is hiding something from Hiyori, and later we’ll know why…

Damn, It’s not a good thing…I’m sure

And after the explanation about the new gigai, someone just broke in the room, and was a person ordered by Kensei. After hearing all the explanation, Urahara said that he’ll send someone to aid in the investigation tonight. Very suspicious, I think; Urahara just create the gigai to help, but why wait until tonight? Kensei was too worried about everything, and Urahara was too calm about everything; More I analyze Urahara’s actions, more I believe that he’s involved in the incident; And Urahara should be the one to go, given the fact he created the gigai and is very possible that he’s the only who is able to operate it, but instead, he’ll send someone else. Yes, Mr. Kisuke, who exactly are you? And the person chose was Hiyori; At first, she rejected the mission, but Urahara was able to convinced her, just being gentle with her; The persuasion power from Urahara is great, and definitely, Urahara is my top character. If you come to think about it, until now Kisuke was able to got anything he wanted using all means. Great, Kubo, Great! Oh, and we could see another young character in the gaiden: Akon. Well, he can become a captain now, he was able to dodge Hiyori’s kick! Just a joke, but we can that Mayuri and him will become closed quickly, given the fact that Mayuri is thanking him in the chapter. I didn’t recall Mayuri thanking any other person in the serie! And backing to Kensei’s squad, again we can see a kind side of Kensei, where he’s trying to cover Mashiro’s chest. And I must say, in these two last chapters, Kensei is being incredible developed! Even if is Kensei the only one to be developed by now, it’s enough to me: with only a few pages, Kubo was able to show so much about him to us, it’s more than I thought. It’s really a shame his fate, but in order to explain all the plot, we need to accept his destiny; And to interrupt his care toward Mashiro, the enemy attack finally begins.

What exactly can hit a captain in his back?

One by one, the entire squad is being exterminated, but the worst thing here is that the squad is being easily wiped down. I don’t think that a normal shinigami is the responsible for the attack, the squad is even unable to react, and so, Kensei was stabbed in his back. Not even a Vice Captain could be able to do such thing, unless this person is Aizen: The most logical explanation here is that Aizen is using Kyouka Suigetsu in the attack, to be able to stab Kensei, a captain, in the back without being noticed. Well, maybe a quick person, but still I believe that Kensei could at least defend from the stab. Which bothers me is that if the enemy is really Aizen, Kubo would be so predictable here, and given the fact that the gaiden until now is something like a Pandora’s Box, we could really get a surprise. I believe there’s no room to introduce a new character right in this point of the story, and if there’s a new traitor among the known characters, Kubo must explain perfectly well his role in the gaiden, and not only that, but also link this person in the main story. Aside from the identity of the enemy, we can conclude that his target was Kensei and Mashiro: Kensei could be easily killed, but instead he was just stabbed, and from that, I believe that since last chapter, Kensei’s squad was in an ambush: the giant hollow from last chapter was just a lure to attract them, the enemy knew that Kensei would investigate, and so they did the attack, because they needed a strong soul, Kensei and Mashiro are the perfect victims to the three mysterious person, because they have strong souls. And Kensei’s reactions, maybe he just expected such thing from the person, because somehow I believe that Kensei wasn’t that surprised when he found out the true identity of the enemy. It’s not like: You, how can you?, but the bastard thing implies that somehow, Kensei could expected it from the person…

How many mistakes will I do, Hiyori?

And here is where the plot really shines! A warning sent to all the captains, with the information that Kensei and Mashiro’s reiatsu had vanished: When I readed this part, I really got excited: Wow, then, everything begins now! The plot will only gets better from now, and there’s no turning back to the others sixth pre vaizards; and again, Urahara’s reactions were one of the best things in the chapters: Now he’s really worried about the events, but only when he heard that a captain reiatsu have gone: Maybe he knew that normal souls wouldn’t be a issue, but taking captain souls could mean that all of SS would be condemned. In this case, he knows what’s going on, but not only that, but why the sudden worry about Hiyori? He knows that Hiyori could be the next victim? The last page in the chapter was the greatest thing in the chapter, where I definitely can conclude that Urahara knows something, That’s why I said before that Urahara was hiding something from Hiyori. Really, Urahara is the key to everything…

***Key Points***

Akon was able to dodge Hiyori’s attack
The new gigai will take a major role in the plot
Urahara definitely had something to do with everything


Again, another great and almost perfect chapter: The plot is really getting crazy, where is virtually impossible to predict what will happen next; the introduction of Akon was a great thing here; The discussion between Mayuri and Hiyori was funny, and Urahara, always him, seems to know more than we think: A great plot progression here, completely great last pages and a perfect cliffhanger. I cannot wait until next week, because the main event begins now and I’m sure that Kubo will give us the best plot we could expected! The, See you guys in the next week!

May 11, 2008, 10:18 PM
Good review. It's interesting that a captain class shinigami couldn't sense the reiatsu from the attacker. To be stabbed in the back like that could mean that the attacker is skilled in hiding his/her reiatsu. I wonder if Urahara's gigai's could have anything to do with this.

May 12, 2008, 09:06 PM
Yes, I'm sure that the Gigai will have something about it, but I'm thinking that Kisuke will try this gigai in Kensei and Mashiro, and probably we'll know the results;

And now that I'm thinkink carefully about it, there's no other people to be the stabber; even if Aizen still isn't so powerful as in the present, Kyouka Suigetsu can help so much about it;

May 12, 2008, 09:18 PM
That could be a possibility. I'm thinking it definetly has something to do with Urahara. More than likely the events that are taking place right now is what leads up to his banishment from soul society. If it's true about the gigai's being the reason as to why he was exiled then this could be the explanation.

May 13, 2008, 11:42 AM
just like you, i'm thrilled by all these little details this gaiden is throwing at us. of all of these, the relationship between Kensei and Hisagi is my favorite. i REALLY want to see the current 9th div. vice captain's reaction when his idol comes to aid them along with the other vizard.

regarding Urahara's gigai research in this chapter, my first thought was the reiatsu-dissolving gigai that was the official reason given for his banishment. this is likely the prototype for that gigai. i suspect that the offensive gigai was part of research he did in order to return the vizard back to normal since he felt guilty for Hiyori's transformation. i highly doubt that he was very much related if at all to the creation of the vizard but rather that after they were created, he crossed the boundaries of Soul Society's laws in order to fix it, resulting in the special gigai and hougyoku

about the attack on the 9th division, Aizen does seem to be the most likely. however, it could also be Ichimaru using his released sword in a rapid extend and retraction to attack from a distance. i guess we'll find out soon enough

the last bit with Urahara is the biggest evidence to me that he is not involved withe the events occurring. after hearing that a captain and vice-captain were the latest victims, he simply saw the danger he just sent Hiyori into and was concerned for her safety. after watching her fall victim to whatever it is, he feels guilty that he sent her rather than himself and spends all his energy afterwards trying to fix it, resulting in his banishment.

May 13, 2008, 03:02 PM
Definitely I believe this gigai has something to do with Urahara's exile, even because the public reason for his banishment was a gigai in first place; We know that could be possible that SS hides something from the public, and a more detailed theory is that Urahara will try Kensei and Mashiro's souls in it, but with unexpected results; then a crazy hollow, just like Ichigo, will shows up, and SS, seeing all of these events, now has a strong reason to ban Urahara;

Yes, I'm sure Urahara now is worried with Hiyori, BUt I believe that somehow, he could prevent such incident: Should Urahara gone with the person who requested help, probably the stabber wouldn't get a chance to take Kensei and Mashiro; And even if Urahara doesn't anything to do with the incident, from my point of view, he was thinking literally as a selfish captain: ordinary shinigamis haven't any value to him, given the fact he didn't care when he was notified from the event with 10 shinigamis, but only when the problem gets critical, taking Mashiro and Kensei, Kisuke is really worried; He must hurry up, to prevent terrible events(even if we know this events will happen!)