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May 16, 2008, 08:57 AM
Hi, people, today the review is up earlier, but in contrast with last week, my job is a piece of cake today, then I had so many time to write the review; I also changed the topic’s name, because I think now it suits better(don’t worry, I’m crazy sometimes, hehe) and we can get a better clarification!

The scanlation used is from SleepyFans

Bleach –102 Turn Back the Pendulum 7

Great, grandpa; Now please tell something that we don’t know!!

Well, there so much to talk about this great chapter, then first things first: Soul Society is in a critical state of emergency, as never seen before. A captain and a vice captain just vanished without any traces, so it’s obvious that Yammamoto is aware that such thing could ruin all of Soul Society, then extreme measures must be taken in order to save SS. Being the leader of Gotei 13, I’m sure Yama-jii established some connections between the lost souls from 10 shinigamis, the giant hollow and Kensei & Mashiro, then I believe he knows that a unknown enemy is making his move. And just after the mission’s orders, Urahara entered in the room. But the calm and cool Urahara is no more: now we see a worried and exhausted 12º division captain, fearing for his lieutenant’s fate. I was really glad to see all of his reactions in this chapter, judging by them, we can conclude that Urahara really got closer to Hiyori, all of his efforts since chapter -307 after all, had good results, seems, and now, by his fault, Hiyori is in a great danger. Kubo is really one of the best authors to write about the psychological side of characters, so well illustrated here with Urahara; and the things get worse when Yammamoto forbids him to take part in the mission with others captains; worse than just sent his lieutenant to wrong place is just watching everything being unable to do a single thing. In the worst situation possible, a heated blood captain won’t help much, and probably that’s Yammamoto’s thoughts. His world now is crumbling, and it’s just a matter of time before the inevitable fate.

Even if costs my life, I must go!

Urahara is desperate to help Hiyori, when Yoruichi said some words to him; it was enough to calm down Kisuke, but I’m suspecting that Yoruichi said such words because she has two goals in her mind: The first one is encourage Urahara, because a captain cannot show such weakness, and the second one is to help Urahara.We know that Urahara and Yoruichi are close friends, and so, she knows how Urahara is feeling. Then, she plans to secretly help him while Yammamoto and the others captains are occupied with the incident, and certain a calm Kisuke could think in better ideas. And I cannot believe that Yoruichi will just wait patiently in her squad. Then three captains were selected to investigate the crime, and they are Shinji, Love and Rose. I’m really surprised to see that Rose wasn’t his real name, but instead his name is Otoribashi Rojuro, and certain, this name suits better for a captain. Then another name was revealed to us: The 6º division captain’s name is Kuchiki Ginrei. Even if he’s paying a minor role in the gaiden, certain is more pleasant call him by his real name than just “a Kuchiki captain”. Ginrei, Shunsui and Ukitake wil be on guard at Seireitei; and I don’t think Ginrei could be one of the mysterious people: in gaiden, he’s the head of Kuchiki clan, and he won’t throw away the pride of his family with a senseless act like that. Unohana won’t go with the three captains now, Yamma-jii still cannot measure how bad the things will become from now, then Retsu will stay in her squad already prepared while some old faces finally show up…

And coming directly from Dungeons and Dragons…

At this point, just like when I thought that Kubo couldn’t be more unpredictable, he gave us such marvelous present: Tessai and Hacchi, together, as leader and vice leader of the Kidou corps! Though for some people this isn’t really a surprise, because some people already suspected that Tessai wasn’t a normal shinigami, given the fact he is able to use a number 99 spell without chant, still is a great addition to gaiden, we got some information about the Kidou Squad, as well the appearance of the last pre-vaizard: Hacchi. Finally Hacchi is here, so, there isn’t anyone missing, I believe. A detail that I want to add is about their robes: in such clothes, they’re really looking like as true wizards. Yes, this could be a little obvious, but still is a great surprise to me, and with the mantle and the staff, Tessai seems to be really omnipotent. Again, I cannot understand why someone so important would abandon his seat. And this statement is reinforced with Ukitake and Shunsui’s statement: A captain saying “it’s an honor”, certain means that such person is respected in the entire Soul Society; and from what we saw here, seems that still Urahara and Tessai doesn’t share a friendship as we saw in the present. But with the appearance of Tessai in this chapter, now I’m convinced that Urahara’s banishment definitely has something to do with the Vaizards, and probably Tessai understood what really happen, or maybe he was framed just like Urahara. And I’m looking forward to see some new spells coming from Kidou Ops: Tessai should be able to use easily any known spell, and so far Kubo didn’t showed so much spells in the series. Even a little action coming from Tessai and Hacchi would be good.

Sometimes lazy; sometimes perverted; but always a great man…

Another great surprise here: Shunsui is being extremely “human” with his actions in this chapter: In this point of the chapter, Kyouraku looking at an anxious and worried Urahara and making the decision to send his vice captain was fantastic; by doing this, Shunsui expects that Urahara become a little more confident, because another Vice Captain would help and be at Hiyori’s side. His hand in Urahara’s shoulders was the ultimate proof that he’s trying to encourage Urahara, just like a friend would do. At least to me, such attitudes were great. Shunsui is another perfect example of captain, not only with this, but also with his relationship to Lisa: Even if they’re perverted sometimes, now they’re acting like responsible ones, Lisa will help without any hesitation to Kyouraku’s request so we can conclude that Lisa respects him like a captain and also like a friend. And with the thumbs up, I almost cried, because we know what will happen to Lisa, she was just trying to help but will become a vaizard. It’s sad, but Kubo really knows how to write drama elements. He probably still carries some guilty feeling about his decision, though. And Shunsui also has a great influence towards Yammamoto: by his own will, he sent Lisa, a VC, when just captain class shinigamis would fight and Yamma just accepted it. Probably Yammamoto, seeing how Shunsui is a great captain, allowed him to take own decisions. Another positive point after reading this chapter is how Kubo is managing to write to plot: He’s not giving the answers chapter by chapter, but instead, he’s building all the facts and actions to set it all in the last chapters: By doing this, we, readers, are being involved even more and more, because when a new chapter is out, we read it hoping for explanations, but Kubo doesn’t give the answers, so we’re forced to wait until the next chapter to find out the truth. I can say that I’m very happy with this; I loved when all the mysteries are solved in the very end.

Not much from a captain, but still a good Frankstein!

As Hiyori is running away from something unknown, a serious Shinji comes to help Hiyori. It’s rare to see Shinji acting so serious, but Hiyori is in danger! Even if in the majority of the time Shinji and Hiyori are fighting each other, they share a strong friendship, given the fact that even in the present, Shinji and Hiyori are just like little brothers, even after the vaizard’s event. But the fight won’t be so easy this time: in order to protect Hiyori, he must fight against a former captain, not exactly a captain in human shape, though; Hollow Kensei will be the enemy. And like expected, Shinji is really shocked seeing what Kensei became. Muguruma being a monster was expected, the three people were doing experiments before in 10 shinigamis, and a huge hollow was born, because when we think in the results of the experiments as an evolutive chain, Kensei was able to maintain some aspect of his human shape, but with hollow parts; We don’t know exactly what they’re trying to do, but I believe Muguruma is the best experiment they got so far. Judging from this picture, seems that Kensei is in the same hollowfication process that Ichigo once passed through, but the difference is that Ichigo was somehow prepared to suppress his hollow side when he went in the training with the vaizards, but now, Kensei was taken suddenly and there aren’t any people to help him to control his inner hollow. My guess still is Urahara using the new gigai on hollow Kensei: he’ll take Kensei’s essence and place in the gigai, and from that, a vaizard will born.

***Key Points***

Urahara as we never seen before
The relationship between Kyouraku and Lisa
Rose and Kuchiki taichou’s real names


The chapter was probably one of the best I’ve seen in Bleach. “No one stands in the Heaven” and “Turn Back the Pendulum 7” were the greatest in my opinion. Even with little action here, the way things get conducted fits perfectly in the storyline, the great point in the chapter are Urahara and Shunsui, Kubo did a marvelous job with them; And I’m sure we can expect great twists in the remaining chapters. Add to this the hellish cliffhanger Kubo left us, with countless possibilities. There’s no complain about this chapter and please, Kubo, keep the excellent work!
Until next week, friends!