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May 17, 2008, 04:33 PM
Sahugani’s One Piece Review 499

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this is what should have happened this chapter

Yesh!!! The break from new chapters is over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief. Oda has returned to shine his piratey goodness down onto his fans. Since I stopped reviewing Bleach, that meant I had no reviews to do during the weekends. Luckily though, I spent that time establishing the new chapter reviewer usergroup. I know many of you guys are more than decent at grasping concepts in manga. If there is a series you feel you know particularly well, I strongly urge you to start up your own weekly (or monthly) reviews. To learn more about it, read through the new usergroup’s guidelines and tips (http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=30983). It is my goal to get these started up for as many series as possible on MH. I am glad to say it is working as new reviewers have popped up in ES21 and Fairy Tail not to mention the ones already existing among the big 3. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s begin. The pics in this review come from the IOPC scanlation and the title pic is a piece by olafpriol (http://olafpriol.deviantart.com/) over at DeviantArt, so stop by her gallery later.

More Moneys

assassins are great with children

Well first things first. It seems that the CP9 money making strategy has birthed another pair where one partner does most of the work. I didn’t expect Kaku to be involved with the money making since he seemed heavily injured as well, but it seems he just needed to rest a bit. Now he and Fukurou market a “Giraffe Slide” to little kids. Oddly enough, the parents don’t seem to question how a giraffe suddenly got into their town without anyone noticing and then go on to trust the safety of a slide that has no sidebars and giant vertebrae, both of which could easily knock a kid off. Anyways, I’m glad these two “kind” personalities of the CP9 ended up doing their venue for kids. This means the only members that have not yet earned money are Kalifa and Lucci. While the last two were partner acts, Kumadori did his solo and I doubt Lucci is even conscious yet. I am more curious than ever as to what Kalifa will be doing. Obviously she won’t be able to use her devil fruit powers outside as the rain negates it, but I’m still hoping she works at a spa or bath house. Kalifa fan service = :<3


worry not my bony friend

As Luffy’s group heads off to start their search for Rayleigh, Shackie stops them and offers a light warning to them regarding the marines on the archipelago. She says they are at least aware that a number of high profile rookies are here, hinting that they likely don’t know many specifics as to the identities of these pirates. This seems to contrast the level of detail in which she was able to know every supernova’s name and bounty last chapter. This means that she truly is an information broker of the island as her own intelligence gathering abilities surpass those of the marines. I thought before that the 11 supernovas currently in Shabondy were known to all well informed citizens, but it does not seem to be the case. Regarding the marines though, it seems that Luffy got lucky and right now they are distracted by some other matter that should keep them clear from Shabondy unless something major happens. This makes me very curious as to what this critical matter is. It seems that while the Strawhats have been making their way here, there was most likely some new development in the global conflict that we won’t find out about until either after this arc or at least late into it. basically though, this means that the Strawhats can be relatively carefree without the fear of being arrested as long as they don’t make a big scene.

Market Demand

now Oda's just being silly with the designs

It seems the loser bounty hunters from earlier have decided to make money in a different underhanded way since they couldn’t beat the three Strawhats. They recognized that Caimie was a mermaid and sold this information to a team of kidnappers. While they are not the same as the noble bandits of legend, this group just screams Robin Hood and his Merry Men. The group is called the Hound Pets and its boss is a large, funny looking man by the name of Peterman. He does not seem put off in the least by the idea of facing 333 million and fifty beli worth of bountied body guards. To him, this is the chance of a lifetime since it is considered impossible to catch mermaids in the water. This explains why the Macro crew was so obsessed with catching Caimie. As Fishmen, they are likely one of the few kidnapping groups capable of working underwater. Since they have this monopoly, they attempt the biggest prize that no one else can catch since they aren’t skilled enough to get in on the land market. Anyways, back to Peterman. In exchange for this information about Caimie, he offers the bounty hunters ten percent of the selling price. When one of the bounty hunters asks for twenty, his partner interrupts him and accepts the ten. Though odd looking, this is likely one of the bigger if not the biggest name in the area’s human market, thus explaining the guy’s fear. The resemblance to Robin Hood’s Merry Men is most likely ironic since the Strawhats are already representative of that group’s spirit. Rather than “steal from the rich to give to the poor,” the Hound Pets “steal the poor to sell to the rich.”

Fun and Games

I wanna ride the bubble coaster!!!

We return to Luffy’s group as they arrive at Shabondy Park (technically it is spelled Sabaody, but like Carlos Net, I prefer Shabondy). Initially, Pappagg is still protesting the amusement park being the first place to look for Rayleigh. He is truly a voice of reason as he points out that the amusement park was only suggested as a place he might be if he couldn’t be found in the lawless zones. Like always, his words of wisdom go ignored and the crew enters the park for a day of merry fun. As they actually get to the rides, Pappagg joins the others in the enjoyment though. Brooke is very amusing in this section as he does not seem to understand how some of the rides work. In the roller coaster and gravity drop rides, he assumes that the slow rises to the top are the actual purpose of the rides and is more shocked than anyone else when the carts suddenly start their rapid descents. For some reason, he decides not to try out the merry-go-round, the one ride that is actually slow as he claims to like. After apparently crashing the teacup ride, the next stop for them is Caimie’s dream, the ferris wheel. While at the top, Caimie thanks Luffy for helping her achieve this dream of hers. Pappagg and Hachi would not have let her come to this park if they did not feel confident in the strength of the Strawhats to protect her. We also learn that this was a dream of Hachi’s as well since apparently both fishmen and mermaids are not generally allowed here. It’s not surprising that these two races would dream of things that take them high since as aquatic people, they don’t get much of an opportunity to experience great heights. I think once they get around to sharing stories, Caimie and Hachi will be most fascinated by the Strawhats’ adventure to Skypeia. As the day of fun continues and Brooke is ironically scared of entering the haunted house, a foreboding presence reveals itself as we see that Peterman the kidnapper has disguised himself as a bear mascot of the park.


these pricks need to be dealt with

We now shift over to Grove 24, where Urouge is chatting with his subordinates. We cannot see their backs unfortunately, so we cannot see if they are Sky Islanders like him. We do notice that he has calmed down considerably since we last saw him and contrary to his name, he is more than capable of restraining himself when necessary. In this case, he has noticed that one of the Tenryuubito, Chalros Sei, has wandered into the lawless zone and everyone has gotten out of his way to accommodate him. It seems that even though the marines do not enter the lawless zones for fear of the high class pirates and other unsavory characters, the nobles are still untouchable there and can walk around as they please. This one is riding around on the back of one of his slaves and carries behind him a chain of scantily clad, beautiful women. It seems he was walking with the two Tenryuubito we saw a couple chapters back but somehow got separated from them and became lost. While he is beating up his steed slave for being slow and wobbly, he notices a doctor and nurse rushing around with a man in a stretcher. As punishment for merely moving while still in his presence, Chalros kicks the heavily injured man from his stretcher. To top everything off, he notices the beauty of the nurse and on a whim decides to make her his new wife. Apparently she will be his thirteenth wife and the first through fifth are to be returned to commoner status, meaning that for the nobles, polygamy is accepted and practiced. I assume though that children by these “commoner wives” are not recognized as nobles and their mothers are returned to commoner status once pregnant anyways. With the announcement of this new wife, the nurse’s fiancée protests and is shot for his insolence.


nice reaction time for a kid

While this incident that is even able to shock Urouge takes place, we finally see the whereabouts of our favorite directionally challenged swordsman. Completely oblivious to the current situation, Zoro walks right through the stunned crowd without a second thought. Other pirate crews including Apoo’s and Gang’s are present and after recognizing him as the Pirate Hunter, become fearful that he might do something very stupid. Their fears become reality as he walks right up to Chalros and starts talking with him, which prompts the noble to fire his gun at the Strawhat. Zoro easily dodges and dives in to cut the Tenryuubito down but is tackled by Bonnie first. She pretends that Zoro is dead and tells him to play along till Chalros leaves. Once the noble is gone, Bonney rants at him for his stupidity in picking a fight with a Tenryuubito. It seems that not only is the threat of an admiral coming to take revenge for a noble very real, but it also is enough to scare even the supernovae. I’ve fought the idea of the big enemy of the arc being government affiliated for a while, but it is starting to seem more and more likely and I’m becoming less and lass against the idea. I figured this arc was going to be similar to Skypeia in that the enemy would not be government affiliated and would fly under the radar to avoid a bounty increase. Since the last two enemies were CP9 and a Shichibukai, I wanted a break from fights with the government. Now though, it seems that a fight with the government is the best chance we have at the giant naval battle I so want to see during this arc. Oda is even being nice to me and setting up allies for the Strawhats like I wanted.


Now i must re watch PotC 3 for the pirate council and Kieth Richards

The members that witnessed Zoro’s little stunt were Gang Bege, Bonney, Urouge, Hawkins, and Apoo. All of these guys were on some level impressed by Zoro and can thus be considered as possible allies. Unlike what we saw last chapter, these pirates show no desire to fight amongst themselves at present and I think once there is a reason to unite against a common enemy, they will do so. This is a big boost for my idea of a united pirate front in a naval battle. While Luffy and Kidd are at the top of this group, the strength of the others cannot be discounted like supporting characters of other arcs have been. While Luffy may end up fighting the big enemy of the arc, these guys will not submit to be considered even a temporary subordinate of anyone else. The only way these guys can be incorporated into the final battle is the creation of a united pirate force and the best way to establish that is for each one to captain their own ships. That way they can follow Luffy but not diminish their status as captains. Now I have just a few things to add to my analyses of each supernova from last chapter.

For Gang Bege and Apoo, their appearances are so minor that not much can be added other than to note how short Bege is.

Bonney is the most prominently shown supernova in the chapter and there are a few things to notice about her. It is possible that she bears a devil fruit power that lets her take on a child’s form. We don’t get a great frame of her while she is putting on the act with Zoro so we can’t be certain though. It certainly would fit with her gluttonous personality as it can be attributed to a child-like “I want” attitude. Besides that, she is the one most irritated by Zoro’s actions. She even has a problem with the fact that he wants to take the shot fiancée to the hospital. This offers yet another division in the classification of pirate types. The Strawhats are truly unique among pirate crews as Bonney’s attitude highlights. While other non-evil crews may not cruelly plunder or murder, they are still not humanitarians like the Strawhats that help the weak and needy.

Urouge also makes a notable appearance in this chapter. As I noted earlier, he is significantly calmer than his title of Demon Monk suggests. Should the Strawhats decide to topple the reign of the Tenryuubito, Urouge’s reaction to Chalros’ actions makes me think he would be the first one to join the pirate alliance. He would take a giddy pleasure in taking them on.

Hawkins only got a single frame but his words are still intriguing. He did not panic as Zoro drew his sword because he did not sense the shadow of death on the swordsman. Once again this hints at a mystical ability we do not yet know about. He seems to have a deep belief in fate and premonitions. While this could be a devil fruit power, I would very much prefer it if it isn’t. We have seen Zoro summon demonic auras, extra arms, fire, and the ability to cut steel with his mere willpower. I prefer to think that Hawkins’s abilities are along the same lines and that they are born from his own spiritual energy created by his will. Since he is the third highest bounty head in Shabondy, there is no question that his caliber is high enough for this to be possible.

Also notable are those not present. Drake, though I am relatively sure he cannot be considered an evil pirate, is likely more of a solo fighter and if he is to join the pirate alliance, he’ll need a bit more convincing than the others. He stopped the fight between Urouge and Killer to avoid civilian injuries but other than that, he likely prefers to not involve himself in the dealings of other crews. I am still hoping to see some interaction between him and Robin though as I’m sure they would have a lot to talk about

Kidd and Killer were obviously absent since more than any of the other crews, theirs is the most obviously evil. If you look back to last chapter, both of the pirate fights were between one of them and a non-evil pirate captain, so it is likely that both were initiated by them. Other than Kidd’s crew, all of the remaining supernovae seem to be fully capable of being friendly or at least respectful of each other. It is highly likely that Kidd’s disrespect for others could be turned against a Tenryuubito and initiate the events of the arc. This crew is most likely not going to be involved in the predicted pirate alliance.

Finally, Law is the last supernova not present. There is not much to add on him as he was both mysterious and ominous then and that has not changed. Had he been among the captains that witnessed Zoro’s actions, it would have diminished his ominous presence, so his absence makes me even more sure that he will be among the most critical people to watch this arc and likely the most unpredictable regarding whose side he is on.


fish-back bikers versus bubble bike archers...who'd expect that?

We now turn to the Strawhats still aboard the Sunny as they chat over some drinks. They are interrupted by the den den mushi and Chopper is on the other end. He is in a full panic as he tries to tell Sanji that Caimie has been kidnapped. He has no clue which group took her and can’t handle his guilt for letting her be taken. Even though she was with Luffy, these guys managed to take her, so they were obviously very good at stealth and deception so they could take her without confrontation. Now she is to be taken to a human shop to be sold off to the highest bidder, most likely a Tenryuubito. This could be a spark that leads into the greater conflict of the arc. If the Strawhats don’t manage to find her before she is sold, she will become property of a noble. That is a perfect reason for the crew to start a fight with the Tenryuubito and thus the government as well. It seems more and more likely that the main area of this arc will be Shabondy rather than Fishman Island. The latter location could end up being a completely separate arc. Either that or the main enemy will be triggered by events occurring here and will follow them down into Fishman Island. Here we have the Tenryuubito to initiate the main fight as well as the supernovae to ally with. Now that Caimie is kidnapped, there is even more reason to put off their journey to the undersea paradise so they can solve this crisis first. To deal with Caimie’s kidnapping, Sanji decides to call on the Flying Fish Riders. They not only have knowledge of the major players in the kidnapping business but they also have the resources to look around on the Strawhats’ behalf. Though Sanji might not have much love for Duval, he trusts the skill of the gigantic pain in the ass. Though Duval will most likely manage to find Peterman and kick his ass before the Strawhats even arrive, I’m betting that Caimie will already have been sold off to a noble. Beyond that it is kind of hard to say what will happen and we can only wait to see what Oda gives us.

Oda really has done a fantastic job of stumping me this time. The events that have transpired have given me some good thoughts on where the arc is headed, but the roads to get there are either too numerous or still unseen.

As I said regarding Fishman Island, all the events seem to be pointing towards the conflict occurring in Shabondy. The enemy, allies, and triggers for battle are all here and not in Fishman Island, so it is quite likely that the Undersea Paradise will be its own separate arc that will come after the Shabondy arc. While many of you as well as myself may be disappointed that Oda has once again tempted us with Fishman Island but instead put it off, consider the benefit of giving Shabondy its own arc. Going underwater would make us loose so many great opportunities that have been opened up in Shabondy. We have already established a few bases for conflict here but there are none for Fishman Island.

Oda has strongly hinted that the Tenryuubito will be the trigger for the main enemy to come and that the enemy might very well be a marine admiral. While I still doubt that the Strawhats are ready to face off against an admiral, some replacement force sent by the government is still quite likely. The only issue is how those forces will be summoned. Oda has set the story up for the Strawhats to start a fight through Caimie being sold to a noble. However, that could ruin the chances of the other supernovae forging an alliance with them as they’d be blamed for starting the problem. I think it is more likely that they will find out where Caimie is but before they can act, Kidd has already pulled the trigger by killing a Tenryuubito and bringing the government on their heads. After Kidd gets done in by this oppressive force, the remaining supernovae (minus Drake, Killer and Law) realize they must work together to survive. Those remaining three will be somewhat unpredictable and I’d need to see their reactions once the conflict starts before I can get an idea of what they’ll do.


All I can say is that the chapter was well worth the wait. I rarely (if ever) have anything negative to say about One Piece. The true highlight of this chapter was of course the fact that Bege, Bonney, Apoo, Hawkins, and Urouge have been established as being possible allies later on in this arc. They are clearly not enemies at the very least. This act forges a bond of respect among pirates and Oda’s choice of which crews to include in this fully supports my dream of a pirate alliance later in this arc. I am also very glad he didn’t include Kidd or Law’s crews as their characters are so much darker and we need to remain in the dark about them to highlight their evil or ominous natures respectively. I really need to hand it to Oda for this arc so far. It truly is a masterpiece and has me more excited than any other arc so far. If he does end up giving me the naval battle and pirate alliance I so want, I swear I’m personally going to write him a letter to thank him.

May 17, 2008, 10:25 PM
dude...why do you foresee an alliance? I mean the supernovas are there because they are the best. I mean have we seen the Mugiwaras join with another pirate crew? I think not i mean sure a group...but when taht happens, it because the other group lacks the power...and pirates joining each other...i doubt it man.

May 17, 2008, 10:39 PM
hi, i've never commented before, but i love you're reveiws and a while back you wanted an AMV done to 'ready to fall' by rise against (zoro vs ryuma <--i think that's his name), well im ZOroronoaRO on Youtube and im in longnose productions (with JuniZoroFan!! :D) and would happy to make that AMV for you once the anime catches up!!!
anyways, thanks for all your work i really enjoy reading your theories and everything!!!

May 17, 2008, 10:39 PM
Great review like always Sahugani :)

Like mugen wrote I also don't see any alliance coming up soon in this arc or later with Mugiwaras and other pirates . Reason ? Mugiwaras are too strong to allie with anyone and for bigger thread to happen they will probably ran off like the same way they did when Blackbeard tried to catch them up. ALliance with other Pirates will show One piece from different perspective and we will see too many fights and not enough space for other crew members .

As for what Shackie said in the bar , the marines are busy with some other matter in the world now . I think my predictions about baresek Whitebeard going around and destroying every Marine ship or base to rescue Ace , is becoming reality ..........lol

Other predictions is maybe that Shanks is having a war against Whitebeard .........

Anyway that are just my speculations :D

May 17, 2008, 10:45 PM
of course that was exactly what i was thinking that ...Shanks is fighting Whitebeard! But I would doubt that because the crew didn't agree they were...ut that does seem possible, though the winner..would be? I guess it would depend on the crew cuz the captains are somewhat handicapped..cuz neither is at their prime. not unless Shanks has some sort of ability.

May 17, 2008, 11:21 PM
@mugen - well at this early point in the arc it is hard to accurately predict anything, so that prediction is more of a gut feeling than anything else. the ones that Zoro met with in this chapter we can at least determine not to be evil pirates. while these are high level pirates and are thus have the pride you mentioned, they clearly also have respect for the other supernovae that have made it as far as they did. i believe that if a big enough threat appeared, that respect would form a foundation for an alliance. the naval battle i envision is born from the thought that if they captain their own ships in this battle, they can fight side by side but not diminish their pride as captains

@omni-giri - haha. you must have been reading these for a while to bring up a comment that far back. i'm always up for a good AMV. that is one of my favorite fights of Thriller Bark and "ready to fall" is one of my favorites by Rise Against, so be sure to tell me when it gets made

@Astral_Shive - i see your point with the alliance taking too much attention from the Strawhat fights, but i still think it is a good possibility. their role would be more likened to that of the Franky Family and Galley-La during the Enies Lobby attack. we'll get occasional glimpses into their struggle, but it wouldn't divert attention from the one on one fights of the Strawhats occurring simultaneously.

about Shanks and Whitebeard, i have to disagree. when the two Yonkou clashed blades a while back, Shanks' crew did not believe that their captain desired to start a war with the elder superpower. the other suggestion of Whitebeard taking revenge is a greater possibility, but he does not seem the type of man to take out his wrath by rampaging. he would go straight for Blackbeard's head. i think that the most likely option is that Dragon has stepped up his revolutionary movement to a new level. it doesn't seem like we'll get many hints on this for a while so we'll just have to wait for Oda

May 18, 2008, 06:35 AM
hey sahugani!
thx for this awesome review!! ;)

@ MUgen (and Astral_Shive)

About the possibility of an alliance between the supernovae... i think that it's absolutely possible, if an admiral or someone as strong(or stronger) appears in order to avenge an attack on one of the Tenryuubito. Either way there will be many marines or crewmen to aid "the thread" or yet unknown enemy, making an alliance absolutely necessary.
But what makes me now almost sure that we'll have an alliance between the supernovae, is simply the introduction of the 9 pirates.
Why would Oda bother with introducing pirates in such a grand manner, when they won't even play any major role in the arc or in the arc after this one? You can't tell me that he just wanted to waste some space for useless characters. ^^
And if you would say that each of the rookies will take action on their own, then i would ask how that would be even possible?
I can't see a scenario where each rookie would get his individual story in a single arc.

And I doubt that the Strawhats'll (or the other crews) run away this time because either caimie will be in the hands of an enemy or the common enemy will keep them from running some way else.

@Sahugani: ^^
I wonder, now more than ever what'll happen next.
As you said, one gets the feeling that the appearence of an admiral is inevitable. We don't know how many Tenryuubito there actually are on the archipelago but it seems that one of them is bound to get his ass kicked, at the very least.

It's funny and really amazing that the supernovae were just introduced the chapter before this one. The amazing part about it is that so much discussion has emerged by the appearence of those 9 rookies.
Now with Caimie kidnapped i really can't imagine how everything'll turn out.
And i certainly don't know how long they all will stay on the archipelago. (Well you said it all yourself ^^)

I guess that after the conflict with the Tenryuubito and the Marine HQ is initiated, all the pirate crews will retreat to ... uhm somewhere, cause the problem is that the archipelago is much too small for a grand battle. A naval battle would come too early if they would decide to fight right away. And there is the alliance to be considered, since it also needs time for the crews to come together and form such a bond.

My best guess would be that they save Caimie real quick, meet Raleigh shortly after that, he'll prepare their boat, the big conflict will be initiated by someone, the pirate crews will be forced to retreat to fishmen island, there they will have a seperate arc (Oo) and the alliance will be forged, after their adventure in/on fishmen island they will confront the common enemy in a naval battle in the new world.

I don't like my idea to be quite honest but it's my best guess, since there are so many factors that could change the course of the story ^^
(i think i am repeating myself .. feels as though i said it before XD)

May 18, 2008, 08:46 PM
I also don't think that Shanks and Whitebeard are at war I personally think that clash of power was a final attempt to convince Whitebeard to recall Ace by showing the kind of level Blackbeard was on that he could injure Shanks in a physical manner as their discussion had failed but that's just me. And looking at the strange appearances of the nobles I think it's safe to say there's a fair bit of inbreeding going on there, I can almost see Zoro trying to rescue that woman at the request of her fiancee, though probably not but at the least I hope that guy is the noble to take the fall if your theories regarding them hold sway so she can get away. At the moment I'm angling towards an incident during the rescue of Cami that gets the nobles attention not an attack that would result in the WG sending an admiral but enough for them to deploy their own forces such as mercenaries, as even with the collars they would require some brutes to discipline their slaves during the early training, particularly Pirates if their will isn't broken beforehand.

Robotic Red
May 19, 2008, 06:24 PM
Speaking of Dragon, given the behavior of the Tenryuubito...no wonder he started a revolution, eh?

May 20, 2008, 11:37 AM
@Sarmad - regarding your theory, i've had that exact same thought. they use Fishman Island as a base of operations to forge the pirate alliance and then come into the New World to face an armada. it is an absolutely beautiful thought and i would so love to see it happen, but Oda is likely too unpredictable for that to be the case. i trust he'll come up with something even better though

@pandaman1982 - regarding Shanks and Whitebeard, it was mostly to show Whitebeard how critical it was for Ace to be pulled out. Shanks needed to remind Whitebeard that they are now both Yonkou and he knows the weight of what he is trying to tell the old guy. regarding Zoro, i doubt he'll go and save the nurse but i am relatively sure that after the attack on the Tenryuubito, she will be saved as a result we will get a little reunion scene between her and the fiancee. regarding the WG deployment, i like the mercenaries idea since it still seems too soon to fight an admiral.. however, the way things look, an attempt to completely unseat the Tenryuubito from their inherited power seems to be in the works and an incident like that would definitely call for an admiral. he may end up just sitting on the sidelines to watch the Strawhats' progress while a subordinate is the actual villain of the arc. it is really hard to predict at this point

@Robotic Red - haha. very true. with the amount of power the government gives to these guys by mere birthright, it is unsurprising that people would want to tear down this evil institution. i just can't wait to actually hear Dragon explain his motives though that will not be for a long time

May 24, 2008, 03:55 PM
All the supernovas weren't there and spoke nice words about Zoro.. Perhaps these five are the "good guys" while Kidd, Killer, Law and Drake are the "bad guys" of the Supernova. Just a thought.