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May 18, 2008, 02:01 AM
Hello all.

After reading the posting on the front cover of MangaHelpers, I decided to begin contributing reviews to the amazing manga series that Naruto, and I believe that there is no better place to begin these reviews than with the great chapter that is Chapter 400.

I notice that patedecarne has began his own reviews. Please note that this is in no means a competition. I believe that patedeacarne's reviews are outstanding, and the approach that I will take here is more of a reviewal approach, than the analytical method that pate seems to have perfected.
So without any further dues, here is my review of the chapter titled "In Hell":

Artwork: Excellent


The artwork in this chapter is truly indicative of a milestone. 400 chapters in the making, Kishimoto's artistic style is better than before. The first thing that catches your eye is the excellent montage of Sasuke, Tobi and Madara. Madara, having his own mask, reveals no emotion. Sasuke, standing tall appears to be angry. And Itachi, that look which looks like an extreme sadness and emptyness. It is qiute impressive that those looks capture the character's true essences:

1) Madara: We have no understanding of him or his intentions until we see what's under the mask, or in another way, until we understand his true goals.
2) Sasuke: Based on Itachi's advice, he is full of hatred and anger towards the brother who was responsible for killing his loving parents and honourable clan. Or are they? Based on what Madara says, this does not seem to be the case.
3) Itachi: The star of the chapter. The good brother who went this far to protect his village and his young brother, who in ignorance, killed one of the greatest developed characters that this manga has seen.

I believe that, along with the new mask that Madara seems to be wearing in the old times (irony eh?), the artwork was very effective in this chapter, and was perfect for the story telling mood that Madara seems to be in.

While it cannot be compared to the effectiveness of the artwork of last week's chapter, like the amazing two page sprad of Madara versus Hashirama, I believe that this chapter's work is still high as we expect from Kishimoto.

Story Content: Superb


Kishimoto does it again. He explains to us the vulnerability that Itachi really had. Experiencing war at four, he grew into a war hating man, he would sacrifice the life of the Uchiha clan to prevent the catastrophe a coupe d'etat that Sasuke's father, Fugaku, was planning. Just as Madara said, the turmoil that Itachi was in was unimaginable, and even in that turmoil, Itachi made the most effective decision at the time. Ofcourse, the lives that were killed were plenty, however the effect he reduced was greater, and is very different from the kind of goal that Pain is trying to achieve. Had negotiations with the Uchiha truly been possible with the given time, I am sure that Itachi would have resorted to it as he is a person who tries to avoid unneccesary damage.


Action: N/A


While this chapter lacks any action, it does pump the adrenaline through the body when we see Itachi's determined face. Looking at his partially covered MS, one gets that an amazing moment is about to begin. While it was not amazing for the members of the Uchiha clan, it was amazing enough to drive Sasuke to become the person he is today, and was certainly amazing at fooling these last 397 chapters.

Final Verdict: SUGOI!

Thats it for me guys. Hope you guys enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it. Until next week then.

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May 18, 2008, 04:48 PM
Hi, Nasuke!

Wow, after reading your review, I'm impressed: separating the chapter into separate sections is another great way to write a review, and to tell the truth I cannot remember another member with such analysis type, which is a good thing!

And of course we'ren't in any kind of competition: after all, we're trying to show our thoughts about the chapters, and seeing how we're talking about personal opinions. there's no room for competition here; I'm really like to write reviews, and so you are, then that's what matters;

And please, keep up the great work!

◆ T.D.A ◆
May 19, 2008, 10:19 AM
good review, not too long which is what i like, you got to the main points, used imagery which made it more pleasing to read,

a good review is something that analyises the main points, themes of the chapter, gives a few opinions and pics but doesn't go too in depth into future happenings ,etc.

May 19, 2008, 10:49 AM
I do agree with your review, however, to call Sasuke ignorant is a bit out of place, don't you think?

May 19, 2008, 07:32 PM
Still....,what happen with Itachi is not a reason enough to make him massacre his entire clan.