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Sahugani’s One Piece Review 500

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WOOT!!! 500 chapters means we must celebrate!!!

ZOMG!!! One Piece has reached the 500 mark! This is a truly remarkable feat considering that Oda has said on many occasions that the series is still nowhere near finished. We still have easily another 6 or 7 years left as our favorite pirates travel through the New World to Raftel. Okay, enough spazzing over the chapter number since there are other spaz worthy topics to move on to. In the world of One Piece AMV’s, I usually only post the new videos by JuniZorofan, but this time I bring you a project of Sund43 (http://youtube.com/user/Sund43) as she has organized the One Piece AMV makers of Longnose Productions to provide a 60 second representative AMV for each contributing member and they can be found in Part 1 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=8uOn0i3cgMQ), Part 2 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=QzdQDpw1-Tw), and Part 3 (http://youtube.com/watch?v=x5sWZwmpynA). As much as I’d love to promote every single member of Longnose Productions, the fact remains that this is a manga review and I don’t want to overload it with anime stuff. Since I can’t promote them all, use these samples to get a taste of all that Longnose Productions has to offer and experience the work of all the other members. Also be sure to congratulate the new co-leader, ZOroronoaRO (http://youtube.com/user/ZOroronoaRO) (what is with the 15-16 year old girls who are AMV experts there?). Let’s get on with it now. The pics in this review come from the Binktopia scanlation and the title pic is a fantastic piece by meiwren (http://meiwren.deviantart.com/) over at DeviantArt, so stop by and check out the rest of the gallery later.

Bathe the City

I can't say I'm not disappointed

*sigh* Well it is finally Kalifa’s turn to make some money for Lucci’s hospital bill and Oda has decided to quit with the fanservice that was oh so possible. Instead of working at a bath house or something similar, it seems that Kalifa is putting her soapy powers to work for window washers, chimney sweeps, and janitors. Using her devil fruit ability, she basically coats an entire section of the city in her soap and these guys no longer need to buy their own industrial soap. The constant rain already provides them with running water to rinse after their jobs, so now they basically just need brooms and rags. Anyways, despite this somewhat disappointing application of Kalifa’s ability, this means that all of the CP9 except Lucci have contributed to the effort now. During the next chapter we will hopefully see him wake up as he is next in line to be featured on a cover. If he does, we will finally get to see if he is still the cold-hearted sociopath he was before or if Luffy’s beating and the CP9’s affection have changed him in some way. Once we see that, we’ll have a better idea of where this cover arc is going since it is still far too short to be over yet.

Return of “Handsome”

The Fabio of One Piece

At the end of the previous chapter, Sanji resorted to the best option he had in dealing with Caimie’s kidnapping; he had to call for Duval’s help. The sparkly-eyed narcissist has arrived to aid the Strawhats along with his crew of Flying Fish Riders. Apparently though, the name of his group has been officially changed to the Rosy Life Riders to better match his newfound self-obsession with handsomeness. Unfortunately for him, his new face has not attracted women the way he thought it would. Though he cannot comprehend why this is, Sanji quickly deduces the reason to be Duval’s personality. When trying to attract a woman, it is not generally good practice to be constantly looking in a mirror being more obsessed with one’s own face than the woman being courted. Ignoring all of Duval’s many references to his own beauty, he does in fact accept the task of locating Caimie. They may not be in the kidnapping business anymore, but they do still have an intimate knowledge of the players involved as well as how the chain of operations works. Add to that that their flying fishes are more than likely the fastest mode of transportation in all of Shabondy. They are in all respects the best people to take on the job that the Strawhats could hope for. As they start the search, he asks that Usopp, Franky, and Sanji each sit shotgun with a member of the gang as they start their search. This leaves the Sunny all by its self, but I’m not that worried about it since ship theft is less dramatic than mermaid theft at this point in the story and so there’s not much point to it. odd though that in a place where stealing human lives is rampant and ignored by the law, there is still not much concern for ship theft. I guess with so many people selling off their ships in order to cross the Red Line overland, there is a good supply of cheap ships to obtain legally.


any time is a good time for tea

While Sanji got the Flying Fish Riders to come to help, he told Chopper to stay put in Shabondy Park. The reindeer and skeleton heed these words, but Luffy, Hachi, and Pappagg decided to not waste time and ran off on their own to start their own search. Chopper is starting to panic as Luffy’s actions split them up despite Sanji’s instructions. Brooke however is on the opposite side of the spectrum and has taken to calmly sipping his tea. He defends this lack of panic by stating that since they were told to stay put while Sanji took care of the organizing, there is no point in senselessly brooding over what could go wrong. Until Sanji comes to get them, they might as well save their energy rather than build themselves into a frenzied panic that would both tire them physically and overexcite them mentally. Chopper sees this logic and joins him, but by the time Usopp finds them, both have taken this policy of relaxation too far. Brooke is representative of an opposite end of the spectrum to Usopp and Chopper. While the latter two easily panic over what could go wrong after any unexpected incident occurs, Brooke finds it easier to calm down and find a distraction to prevent himself from brooding. This is likely a result of his decades alone on his ship as he was forced to find distractions for himself to help him cope with the constant solitude and misery. However, the problem with this is that also prevents him from helping in the process to find a solution. The only person who has mastered the art of not panicking is Robin, who rather than ignore the issue, spends her waiting time analyzing the situation.

Search Begins

Why would Sanji choose to be paired with Duval in the first place?

With Brooke and Chopper now riding shotgun on flying fish with Usopp’s group, the search for Caimie is initiated. Apparently both of them were given a slight beating by Usopp for the overly relaxed appearance they had when they were found. Chopper is rightly sad that he listened to Brooke’s advice since doing so earned him a few whacks upside the head. Usopp and Brooke on the other hand have already moved on and gotten into the search at full swing. Brooke initially tells his driver to go at full speed, but since Brooke is so light yet his afro is basically a wind-catcher at those speeds he very nearly falls out. That brings up another issue. Since the flying fish can only remain airborne for 5 minutes, if the search takes longer than that (and it will), they will need to land in the water to restart flight. In order to get airborne, they first need to build up speed underwater, but I doubt that would work very well with DF users like Chopper and Brooke. Since I doubt Oda will actually bring up this point, I might as well drop it. As that trio splits up to start searching, we find out that Sanji got stuck being paired with Duval, which also came with the caveat of riding the water buffalo rather than a flying fish. The Strawhat cook is pissed off that the head of the Flying Fish Riders would be riding the slowest steed in the entire organization. Since Sanji likes being the knight that saves the damsel, this pairing puts him at the worst odds of anyone at actually being the one to find the beautiful mermaid. My guess is that even though Luffy will likely be the first Strawhat to locate her, Sanji and Duval will be the ones that find Peterman and give him and the Hound Pets what they deserve. This is mostly due to the fact that as leader of his own former kidnapping group, Duval is the one member of his team with the best knowledge of competing groups and is also the best equipped to beat information out of them. While the Flying Fish Riders simply sweep over every inch of Shabondy, Duval goes straight to the cause of the problems.


were there seriously no females to dress up?

We turn now to Luffy, Hachi, and Pappagg, who have split off from Chopper and Brooke to start their own search since they could not simply sit around and wait for Sanji and Duval. Their first stop is a small human shop on Grove 22. Luffy is threatening the owner for information on anyone that would have tried to sell a mermaid to him but he seems to have no idea and Hachi tells Luffy to stop or it will make the search harder. If it becomes known that the famous 300 million bounty head, Strawhat Luffy, is going around and threatening human shop owners in search of a mermaid, any owner who has a mermaid will try to sell it off as soon as possible to avoid Luffy’s wrath. As we take a look at the inside of this human shop, we see that it is very reminiscent of a pet shop with the humans for sale kept behind glass windows to provide the best view for buyers. Now that Luffy’s anger has subsided slightly, the owner of the shop misinterprets the reason why the pirate is looking for a mermaid and thinks Luffy just wants to buy one. With that mindset, he directs Luffy to a human man he has dressed up to resemble a mermaid in the hopes of tricking some idiotic buyer into paying a high price. For once, Luffy is able to see through a disguise and recognizes it as a human man. As Luffy’s group leaves the shop to continue their search, there is a very distinctive difference in each of the three of them. Luffy is screaming at the top of his lungs for Caimie. Rather than have any use at getting a response from Caimie, all it does is attract attention to himself and all the pirates instantly recognize Luffy as the famous 300 million bounty head. Hachi is oddly enough the voice of logic and optimism in the group and rather than panic or scream, he is still hopeful that they can find her as long as they can find the shop that she was sold to. Pappagg though is too busy crying and blaming himself for losing her.

Vanishing Act

never leave your children alone at a theme park

As Pappagg cries and blames himself, we get a flashback to when Caimie disappeared. Luffy and the others were getting ice cream at a vendor in Shabondy Park and Pappagg left Caimie’s side in order to tell the others what flavor he wanted. He blames himself for both leaving her side at that instant and not stopping her from going to the park in the first place. Although Pappagg regrets letting Caimie come to Shabondy Park, Luffy claims that overall, it was a good thing that she came. To Luffy, nothing is more important than fulfilling a person’s dreams. Caimie’s long held dream was fulfilled by being able to enjoy herself at the park and to both her and Luffy, that happiness was worth any cost. Pappagg still cannot be convinced though and even starts to regret allowing her to come to Shabondy at all. When he starts to explain the reason why it was not smart to bring her, Hachi tells him to be quiet. This is most likely because he does not want to bring attention to the fact that he is a fishman and that they brought a mermaid with them. However, Pappagg continues his explanation and tells Luffy that in this archipelago, every human can be considered an enemy for fishmen and mermaids.

Suspended History

coolest shopping cart ever

While Pappagg is likely telling Luffy the history of the relationship between the humans of Shabondy and the fishmen and mermaids, we hear it from a different source as Robin explains it to Nami. Apparently, up until about 200 years earlier, fishmen and mermaids were highly discriminated against by humans worldwide. They were even officially classified as fish rather than as separate intelligent species. This fact shocks Nami, whose personal history with the fishman race gave her quite a different view. She had seen firsthand the physical superiority of fishmen compared to average humans and how that strength was used to overpower and rule her island. To hear that in the past, fishmen were the ones that were considered lesser species was a huge shock to her. Robin explains that it was because humans far outnumbered the fishmen and mermaids that this discrimination was possible. They were thought of as mere sea animals and thus could be legally captured and sold off as pets and slaves. 200 years ago though, the World Government made a treaty with Fishman Island, making both inhabiting races officially recognized as people in the world community. However, that discrimination is still widely held here on Shabondy. This is most likely due to the influence of the Tenryuubito, who so enjoyed having fishmen as slaves and mermaids as pets that they ignored the government’s laws. As they are given special privilege by the government, the laws regarding kidnapping are ignored here on Shabondy, especially in regards to fishmen and mermaids. As Robin comes to the end of her story and they discuss how this relates to Hachi and Caimie’s disguises on the island, Franky flies in with a couple of Flying Fish Riders. He calls Robin by name and calls Nami by the name, Girlie. It’s a minor thing to note, but I like the fact that he has stopped calling Robin by her full name as he has for the past two arcs. Just as Robin stopped using her nicknames for the crew during the Thriller Bark arc since Enies Lobby brought her closer to them, Franky is now also fully comfortable in the crew and simply calls them by name as well. Anyways, he gives them the news that Caimie was kidnapped and has them each hop on a flying fish to help in the search.


the famous Grove 1's biggest business

After a few flying fish come to pick up Luffy’s group, we finally get to see the location to which Caimie was brought. The location is the gigantic auction house on Grove 1. Here, the rich and powerful gather though most of them do not seem to even be Tenryuubto. At the back entrance we see Peterman waving goodbye to an auctioneer he had handed Caimie off to. Though officially illegal, kidnapping has become so deeply established into the marketplace of Shabondy that a bond of complete trust is forged between auctioneers and kidnappers so that Peterman can just hand over Caimie to this guy and trust that he won’t be cheated out of any earnings made in the auction. One would think that a dark business such as kidnapping would limit its sales to shops so that the kidnappers can sell to the owners and have this dark merchandise off their hands. Instead, lives are auctioned off and a job market for auctioneers to act as middlemen between the kidnappers and buyers emerged if a kidnapper such as Duval or Peterman is reputable enough to bring in good product, the auctioneers wouldn’t dare cheat them out of money for the risk of losing their business. The smaller groups though likely do resort to selling to owners of regular human shops since their lesser product would not be guaranteed a good price at the auction house. Anyways, as earlier mentioned, the many buyers at the market resemble the classical look of nobles though none seem to be Tenryuubito due to their lack of a personal air supply. Eventually though, the true nobles of Shabondy do arrive and they are the father and daughter pair that Luffy ran into earlier. As the auction house manager welcomes them, he must get on his hands and knees before uttering a word to them. It seems that although they have arrived here, the father, Roswald, has no intention of buying anything today. He merely intends to watch the auction and so can be seated in the VIP area. The daughter, Shalulia, takes note of Chalros being late as well as calling him her brother. As Roswald scoffs at his son’s choice to ride upon a human rather than a fishman, we take note of a few individuals among the croud that don’t seem to fit in.

The Dark Flags

Kidd looks cooler here than he did before

In the previous chapter, we got to see quite a few of the Supernovae who were present to witness Zoro’s interrupted confrontation with Chalros of the Tenryuubito. Now at the auction house we see a few more that were not seen then. The first that we see is Captain Kidd, who stands with a few of his crew as he discusses how misplaced the balance of power in the world is with reference to the Tenryuubito. He sees these government-recognized nobles as the reason why the world is so screwed up. In this sense, he speaks a good deal of truth as it points out the hypocrisy of the world’s ruling organization. While the World Government professes its dedication to serve and protect the people of the world, it has turned a blind eye to the many grave injustices of this island all to give the Tenryuubito free reign to act as they please. The policy of being able to call an admiral to deal with attacks on the Tenryuubito even prevents individualse from acting in self defense to protect their own rights as people. However, Kidd happily admits that he is no saint as he does take pleasure in mercilessly killing innocent people. This scene also reveals that despite Killer’s Daft Punk helmet hiding his face and his previous silence during his run-in with Urouge and Drake, he does indeed talk. As expected though, he keeps his answers short and succinct as he is by no means a chatterbox. Eventually one of the Kidd pirates takes notice of another Supernova currently attending the auction.

this calls for the return of Pandaman

Sitting on a cushy couch in front of Kidd’s crew is Trafalgar Law along with a few of his own crew including the bear, who holds his fuzzy-tsuba sword. The fuzzy theme of his crew seems to directly contrast with the spikes, stitches, and evil aura of Kidd’s. Despite these clearly deliberate differences in appearance, I still can’t help but get the feeling that Law is just as evil as Kidd, a feeling that is supported by Kidd himself when he meets glares with the Heart Pirate captain. Where Kidd is openly violent and murderous toward foes and civilians alike, Law is quiet and manipulative. Like Kidd, he apparently has rumors of his own nasty habits though I’m guessing they are less numerous and less direct than Kidd’s. Kidd’s tales are of places where he openly slaughtered innocent civilians and I’m guessing Laws are more along the lines of giant catastrophes that were hinted to be caused by Law but there is little evidence to prove it. I still can’t help but suspect that he was the one that somehow initiated the fight between Urouge and Killer a couple chapters ago. I realize that my view of him as a manipulator is not exactly well founded at this point, but he is still the single most mysterious person among the Supernovae and I am relatively sure that he will play the largest role in this arc of any of them short of Luffy and Zoro.

Caimie’s Courage

sticking your tongue out is at best a very mild insult

We turn now to the backroom of the auction house where the auction house attendant that took Caimie from Peterman informs his boss, Disco, of this new prize catch. Up until this point, the big sale of this auction was supposed to be a giant, but a pretty mermaid is expected to sell even better. Though it seems futile, Caimie resists with all her strength as she struggles to escape the grasp of her captors. Disco briefly mentions his slight surprise that it was Peterman of the Hound Pets that brought him a mermaid as he would have expected it more from the Flying Fish Riders and Duval. Since mermaids have become so cautious about coming to the surface due the risk of kidnapping, the only place to catch them is in the water, though this puts the kidnappers at a huge disadvantage due to the merpeople’s underwater speed. As the Flying Fish Riders are the best suited for underwater capture, they would have been more likely. Disco is not complaining though as it doesn’t matter who brought him such a great merchandise. In continuing his examination of Caimie, she sticks her tongue out in protest and for that act of insolence, Disco slaps her in the face and starts kicking her on the ground. Even after this beating, Caimie is still shouting at them that Hachi will come to save her. As he is about to continue “disciplining” her, he suddenly gets a look of shock and falls to the ground.

A Legend Revealed

this is why we love Oda

Now we come to the section that is by far the highlight of the chapter. As the attendants call for a doctor to examine Disco’s lack of consciousness, the giant that was previously the top prize of the auction looks down and recognizes the source of the feinting was the release of “spirit” from the old man sitting next to him. The man is revealed to be Silvers Rayleigh, the coating master that Hachi knew as a child and formerly the first mate of Gol D. Roger’s crew. Before I get into analyzing Rayleigh’s past, I’d like to make a quick note about the release of “spirit”. This is quite clearly the same type of ability as we have seen from both Shanks and Luffy or at least a derivative of it. The fact that the giant is able to recognize it implies that it is a much more commonly seen ability than we have previously thought and we can assume that is a commonly developed ability among individuals that have insane levels of both power and determination. Shanks has mastered it and simply released it at full strength when he boarded Whitebeard’s ship, indiscriminately causing the weak-willed to feint. Luffy initiated it accidentally as he merely displayed his determination and caused Duval’s buffalo to lose consciousness. Rayleigh also seems to have mastered it and is the first we have seen to use a directed version that can strike even those not focused on him. The skill can be likened to a killing intent but it is more like an unseen aura that is forged from the strength of a person’s willpower. I should also try to explain why Rayleigh would be locked up for sale at an auction, but for the life of me I can’t think of one. I’m guessing Oda has planned some very silly explanation for it that stems from Rayleigh’s complete boredom. It really is up in the air, so go ahead and offer whatever ridiculous reason you can think of.

The big news of this chapter is the fact that Rayleigh was the first mate of Roger’s crew. It had been a while since we last got a new hint as to the nature of Roger’s journey. The last one was Franky’s memory of Tom, the man who built Gol D. Roger’s ship, so I fully expected a new hint during this arc. Finding the first mate of that legendary crew was a big surprise though. As a few people have pointed out, we have seen Rayleigh before as he was in Buggy’s flashback of the time spent with Shanks on Roger’s crew. I don’t know if Oda had planned this design for Rayleigh that far back or whether he liked the look of the random crewmate he had drawn back then and developed it into the first mate. Either way, it is great to see Oda make references to material that far back and give them new importance. Rayleigh’s name being Silvers is also very significant. The obvious connection is that it relates to Roger’s name being simplified as Gold. The less obvious implication of the name makes me wonder if I’m looking too far into this. If Rayleigh’s name is also a reference to the famous pirate, Long John Silver, of the book Treasure Island, it includes some aspects I’d rather not believe. In the book, Long John Silver was in the crew of the notorious pirate Flint and was the only man that Flint was afraid of. In searching for Flint’s treasure many years later, he would shift back and forth between a father figure to the main character and a mutinous pirate caring only for himself. Like any good mangaka, Oda will likely not base Rayleigh completely on this character, but there are likely a few aspects that will be apparent. I definitely see him acting briefly as a father or grandfather figure for that in some ways will mirror Garp and in other ways will contrast him. Like Shanks, Rayleigh is a man who watched an ally achieve the very dream that Luffy seeks. Like so many others before him, he will see a distinct resemblance between Luffy and Roger though this case is unique in that his connection to Roger is revealed early in the arc, allowing his knowledge of that older journey to influence his actions throughout the arc. Luffy won’t accept direct advice learned from Roger’s journey, but the inspiration learned from stories of the old days will be invaluable. I would also expect Rayleigh to make some great sacrifice during the arc for Luffy’s sake in order to allow the Strawhats to continue. Ultimately, I believe that by the end of this arc, Rayleigh will stand just under Shanks and Roger as the biggest influences in Luffy’s dream. Roger lived the dream, Shanks stands to meet Luffy when he achieves the dream, and Rayleigh stands behind him to help reawaken the dream. Before the arc ends, I also hope to see a scene with Rayleigh and Zoro as they discuss Luffy’s journey and the role of the first mate in keeping the captain’s resolve from wavering. In the last couple arcs, Zoro has really stood out and shown himself to be very true to his role as first mate and meeting Rayleigh here will only further push that development.


Only Oda among any mangaka has this uncanny ability to top himself every chapter and make every single one of them a masterpiece in its own right that keeps us addicted and coming back for more. To top that, he has finally reached the big number of 500 chapters! I would have liked to see a color spread to celebrate, but I think we’ll see one soon enough. Anyways, the big highlight of this chapter was obviously the appearance of Rayleigh and the revelation that he was the first mate of Gol D. Roger’s crew. I’m also more interested than ever in Trafalgar Law and can’t wait to see where Oda will take his character. There is no doubt in my mind that this arc will be the undisputed best arc of the entire series and I crave the next chapter so I can revel in its glory.

May 24, 2008, 05:31 PM
Nice review, it really brings up everything in this chapter.

I agree on the part about Law playing the biggest role this arc. I don't know, mysterious characters just happen to seem the most important for some reason.

As for Rayleigh and the Long John Silver reference, if there is one, I don't think it's that major. Silvers just happens to be a nice pirate name, that's all I think there is to it. :amuse

Not much more to say.. I feel like I'm just repeating everything in the review so.. Once again, nice review.

May 24, 2008, 05:42 PM
@Organizized - about Law, i really can't wait to see where Oda goes with him since he definitely seems to have some hidden darkness below the fuzzy theme. he has much more potential for development than the other supernovae. with Rayleigh, you're probably right that it is only a minor connection or non-existent. the only reason i really brought it up is because the image of Long John Silver has become such a stereotype for pirates in media that i expected a reference somewhere in OP. i'd rather not even imagine in my wildest dreams that Roger's first mate would be a mutineer.

May 25, 2008, 02:51 AM
Another great review.

I don't want to see Raleigh as a muntineer either but to play Devil's Advocate it would explain one or two mysteries that his presence in Shabondy so close to the seat of the World government poses. If the WG was so set on going after those connected to Roger that they were willing to execute the shipwright who made his ship I have trouble believing they would simply let his second mate live in peace, especially right under their nose, of course that might be the best place to hide somewhere where the WG in it's arrogance would never think of looking, but it could also be possible that in return for handing over Roger he and other mutineers were pardoned under certain conditions. Which is why there was no mention of bounty meanwhile marines would recognise him and wouldn't be happy seeing a former pirate swanning around thus he avoids him. I don't actually believe that because he was Roger's right hand and it just seems inconceivable. I like to think he was believed dead, infact badly wounded and nursed back to health by Shakkie who he stays with while avoiding doing anything too visible and staying away from marines so no one realises.

As for capture I have two theories right now one, he got drunk and woke up there and is just waiting to see what happens. Two he ran up a big bar debt and the owner sold him because he couldn't pay, so now he's just waiting for the auction to finish so the debt is cleared and then he's going to wander off again. I like number two myself.

As for Law being a manipulator it's down to a few things I believe that we all think this. Firstly the expressions Oda's given him are those of a smug git who knows something everyone else doesn't. The rest is down to the style of dress, like Bellamy's crew and Don Flamingo both featured furs, spots, feathers etc and the smiley face as you pointed out when talking of the Supernovas, I would guess that both he and Bellamy were underlings of Don Flamingo each representing a different side. Bellamy was the brash arrogant side that mocked and played with the marines during the conference while Law is the cunning amnipulative side evidenced by his abilities and the fact that he is running active pirate crews while a Shichibukai.

Edit: Also Law has what appears to be the WG flag tattoed on both forearms. A brand of some sorts or is he just mocking them?

May 25, 2008, 06:25 AM
Suuuper review Sahugani!

There isn't really much to add to it, as it is almost complete ;)
However, I don't think Luffy'll be the first one to find Caimie, since he's still over at grove 22 with papagg and hachi.

I would rather bet on Zoro and it's not just because he's looking for Grove 1 ^^
This arc may not be entirely dedicated for the first mates or right hands of the captains, which would obviously be lame, but i think that the first mates will play an important role nonetheless. Especially now with the appearence of Silvers Rayleigh, being roger's first mate and right hand. The auction would be a perfect chance for those two to meet. And i'm psyched to see how those two will interact!

I also can't figure why rayleigh is imprisoned in the first place or why nobody realizes that they got Silvers rayleigh locked in a cell, which is quite strange considering (though andaman has the best explanation for that) but i think that he could save the day in the auction house (that's probably why Oda placed im there), when things get ugly and they probably will since caimie is going to be sold and every villain is attending the auction.


I love your perspective on why nobody seems to know that they got silver rayleigh in a cell! Him being thought dead would really make sense. About shakkie healing him, i guess that's possible. ^^ But we could go even further and say that she was the Doctor in Roger's crew or perhaps even the navigator. Or she may have been none of that but a kid on roger's ship since she seems so young.

also @ sahugani ^^:
This makes me wonder how old Rayleigh really is! It's been about 20 years since Roger was executed but here Ralyeigh seems quite old, like Garp. We don't know how old Roger was when he was executed, but i always assumed that he was not older than 30 years! the difference in age between the captain and the first mate would be odd if Silvers would be much older than roger!

May 25, 2008, 06:50 AM
Man, great review as always ^^...what a great surprise we had on the last page of this chapter, then after reading this what comes to my mind first was what would you say about this man in your review?LoL.

I really like the way how Oda reveal Rayleigh as Roger's crew, up until now i recalled that Oda reveal every person that has connection with Roger indirectly, using other character's conversation, like the judge that said Tom's guilty by making Roger's ship, Whitebeard revealed that Shanks and Buggy was Roger's crew, and many more, or sometimes he made the character itself said it like Dr.Kureha, Gan Forr, and Crocus did.
Oda make Rayleigh's introduction so special by saying it himself in Rayleigh's name box "Former First Mate of The Roger Pirates".I hope he'll tell us the other Roger's crew since he's firstmate, though i won't put high expectation on that.

May 25, 2008, 09:43 AM
thank you for this in depths view sahugani! it adds a lot to the experience of OP (at least for me^^). as mentioned before it is almost complete but I have to disagree on one point:
I think it is not the wisest thing to leave your ship alone even if there are lots of ships around these are from people who were aloud to pass redline by foot over the holy land.
those who keep their ships are mostly pirates and I think that not all of them had a pit stop at W7 or something similar to get their ships repaired. at this point I think its important to keep in mind, that there are other pirates apart form the supernovae on Shabondy. I'm not even mentioning the possibility that there might be something else like thieves who only steal the treasures from ungarded ships or something to that effect.
But I also don't think that the SH were dumb enough to really leave the ship alone! especially those three who were still on board seem like they have some brain left even in extreme situations like that. furthermore I think oda is moving on so fast on purpose.
idk what it might be, perhaps he just wants to get to FI but there is a lot more off screne action. that said there might be some surprises left for intruders ;-)

one more thing I'd like to address is the connection Rayleigh to Hacchan. Hacchan said he knows him since his childhood or so ... this is quite interesting as it might mean that arlong but jinbei as well knew Rayleigh if not Roger. However Ray having an eye for girls especially pretty ones is confirmed ^^ which leads me back to Shacky who very likely was part of the same crew which I would have negated before due to her hinted high age (the scene she said she gave up piracy 40 years ago).
on a sidenote might Ray know that Caimie is screaming for Hacchan? sure she says Hacchin but perhaps he helps her because of that and not because of the previous stated reason?

to end my far too long comment ^^ let me add one further thought: where there are embers in the past, there had to be fire before right? now depending on the word meaning (could be ashes as well as blaze/glow) one could suggest that those embers either spark new fire (revolution, new age of piracy) or are finally extinguished (slavery and slaveowners wiped away).

May 25, 2008, 01:17 PM
@pandaman1982 - you bring up a number of very good points. regarding Rayleigh's possible mutiny, your explanation f events is certainly very plausible. like you, i also prefer the thought that he was presumed dead by the WG and that is why he is left alone. as for why he was caught, i think getting drunk is very likely a big part though we have seen before how well Nami and Zoro can hold their liquor and he should be on the same par. i just hope Oda makes the explanation as amusing as possible. him simply geting sold then walking away is also quite a hilarious thought. i also like your thoughts on Law and Bellamy being two students of Flamingo. there definitely seems to be enough evidence to hint at a relationship at this point. as for the tattoo on his hand, it is not WG affiliated. the 4 arms of the tattoo connect to bars like the ones on his shirt while the WG symbol connects to dots

@Sarmad - while it is true that Zoro is supposed to be headed to Grove 1, he also is now looking for a hospital and you may be overestimating his ability to even follow such a simple system of numbers to find #1. i will say that it is still the most likely scenario though. the main point of what i said was that Sanji wouldn't find them but him and Duval would rather be dealing with Peterman. About Shakkie, she couldn't be in Roger's crew since she has already stated that she gave up piracy 40 years earlier and Roger's journey was about 20 years ago. regarding Rayleigh's age, in Buggy's flashback in chapter 19, Rayleigh looks like he's one of the older members of the crew (though its hard to tell with the simpler art of the early days). there's also a chance that his heavy aging is somehow related to Shakkie's non-existent aging even though the two are supposed to be roughly the same age.

@bebekhappy - i agree that this method of revelation on a former Roger pirate is truly unique and is indicative of its importance. as i said in the review, Oda also for the first time revealed the connection early in the arc rather than in the wrap-up, which means that Rayleigh being Roger's first mate will play a critical role in the events of the arc. i too am hoping for some confirmation of other crew members, but i'm not holding my breath

@Akainu - I'm pretty sure that Franky wouldn't have left the Sunny if he thought there was any chance of ship theft. he probably built in a customized vault for Nami's loot and an anti-theft system to prevent theft, so i'm not too worried about the Sunny. regarding Rayleigh's connection to Hachi, since fishmen were not allowed on Shabondy, that must mean that both Rayleigh and Shakkie had to be on Fishman island, meaning that the very likely did have a personal relationship with the other fishmen. it is also possible that what you said about Rayleigh saving her due to the Hachi connection is true but i'm inclined to believe its just his sense of right and wrong along with the fact that she is a pretty girl. i wouldn't look too much into the interpretation of the chapter title though i very much like where you are going with it. i'm in full support of the idea that by the end of the arc, the Strawhats' action will have led to the end of the human market in Shabondy

May 25, 2008, 01:24 PM
could it not be possible that Rayleih could be there because he was drunk and got caught while sleeping. Oter than that i now believe that Shaky might as well have been a nakama of Gol. Being she was too chased by Garp implying why her relationship with rayleih is so deep.

May 25, 2008, 05:36 PM
just happend to rewatch/reread the OP at the point where Flamingo came back to discipline Bellamy and I wanted to add that to the discussion pandaman1982 brought up:
although all 3 crews used a smiley at some point I think it is important to note its singularities: while the newly introduced pair of smileys show a somewhat normal smiley, in Kidd's case with a sewn up mouth (it reminds me of sth. but I can't put it into words right now) Flamingos is crossed out! somehow I like to look too deep into it, eh? ^^