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May 25, 2008, 12:02 AM
So, people, another review in another week! And what a chapter, huh? Seems the Gaiden is in it's climax, and I couldn't expect less from Kubo! So, let's begin;

Scanlations from Binktopia

Bleach -101 Turn Back The Pendulum 8

I have a bad, bad feeling about it...

The chapter beings with the remaining captains and vice captains arriving at the epicenter of the problem; Love and the others are really worried about Hiyori, but after seen she’s safe, one of the problems is solved, but the minor one, because the true problem is just in front of them: hollow Kensei. He was recognized by the 69 tattoo, and what a surprise to see a captain so modified; aside from human shape and the tattoo, there’s no other human sign on him, just a brutal monster who will destroy everything in his way.

Of course, the captain’s reactions couldn’t be different, who in the world could think that a captain could become that thing? And not only that, but Rose’s observations implies that Kensei clearly is a hollow type, because of the mask and the reiatsu. Aside the fact the mask is a bit different from the usual hollow mask, in some time on the past, Rose or other captain could have been fight with similar thing, but in lesser proportions. Muguruma was the primary target in the experiments, and the results seem to be far more than expected: whether the mysterious people were trying to create a new hollow or not, a strong soul was more than enough. My guess is they’re trying to break the barrier between hollow and shinigami, and being the case, I’m almost 100% Aizen is the one behind it. And this barrier probably was broken, because with just a little amount of reiatsu, Kensei was able to push back all the captains easily, and Love was the first target. Again, a captain was hit in the back, but when Kensei was stabbed, the attacker was hiding himself, and was difficult to Kensei search him, but now, Kensei wasn’t hiding, they’re staring each other and suddenly Kensei appeared behind Love. Then Kensei could be even more powerful than the stabber.

OK, if you say so...

Love is still alive, but he doesn't appear to be in a good condition after the attack, and even with that, he still comments that he couldn't expect less from Kensei. Unfortunately, this creature isn't Kensei anymore, it's necessary to put it down, kill it or anything like that, but Hiyori doesn't like that idea very much; still she thinks in the monster as being Kensei, despite every damage it caused so far. To her, attacking a friend is something inadmissible.

Seeing all the captains fighting together is great, I cannot remember such event in the past, an even if their are really powerful together, this time things won't be so easy as they could think, and let's pay attention to Shinji's words: Even if Kensei is a comrade, now he's a monster, and must be put down for SS's sake, but most importantly, Shinji is doing this in order to help Muguruma: at Shinji's eyes, probably there's no turning back to Kensei just now, then something must be done to stop it. This situation is just like Rukia and Kaien: Kensei would thank Shinji and the others if by chance he could recover sanity, just like Kaien did;

Another interesting detail here is that Lisa is being too confident in her statements: She already saw the enemy's power, and still thinks that will be just a matter of time to handle the situation. Still we cannot say for sure how powerful is Lisa, but just like Shunsui said, she must be very strong, probably above vice captains's average; and add to this the fact she's taking the command in the next step, giving orders to Rose, and he's accepting such orders! We can imply that besides his unknown power until the moment, Lisa is very respected among the high ranks, as she is acting just like a captain.

Beware, Shinji, she isn't Hiyori!

Lisa's plans certainly are good, but just they begin it, a wild card appeared: Mashiro! And from his new look, probably she'd became a perfect hollow: she already has a hollow mask, and from what I can tell, her hollow mask is exactly as from regular hollows, and not only that, she was able to maintain her human shape; Mashiro now remind me so much of Shirosaki, when he took the absolute control over Ichigo. Probably Mashiro is the best result they got so far and she could be even more powerful than Kensei at this point: Rose was easily kicked in his back by her. The action in this chapter was incredible: an almost perfect formation was disbanded by just two people, and one by one the squad's powers are being surpassed. Even if the captains have bankai, I highly doubt that Mashiro and Kensei would give them any chance to use it.

Again we can see how powerful is Mashiro: Shinji, probably the last captain to be in condition to fight, is having a hard time with Mashiro; At this point, there's no hope for them, and I really like when the things come so far: The suspense is great, we know that, soon or later, the entire squad will be defeated and SS is in a serious danger; And another positive point here: Hacchi. He isn't a captain, but he was the only one able to stop Mashiro: He probably mastered so many spells perfectly, as we can seen in the Gochuu Tetsukan. And the most interesting thing in chapter: Now Mashiro, while imprisoned by Hacchi, is probably fighting against her inner hollow, just like Ichigo did. By the time, they're still don't know how to suppress the inner hollow, but probably in the next chapter, we'll see the first vaizard.

Hurry, because could be too late...

The gaiden is getting better and better, and seeing Hacchi fighting in this chapter was only of the things I was expecting most: He was one of my favorites characters, and using another unknown spell without chant to stop Kensei was perfect; Even if Hacchi's development wasn't so much here, the panels with him were great, mainly the panel where he used Sajou Sabaku: He was omnipotent using this bakudou. And even if this bakudou was useless against Kensei, he can try the Gochuu Tetsukan, given the fact it was able to stop Mashiro. From now, I think Mashiro will be the first vaizard, and then Kensei will be the second, but still, sixth people will be left, and if the only way to fight against the inner hollow is throught the Gochuu Tetsukan, Hacchi won't be able to control his hollow, because seems he's the only one able to use such spell.

Now, we can see Urahara with another crazy device: a robe that can hide one's reiatsu. Like I suspected, Kisuke wouldn't just wait in his headquarter for more informations, and another great surprise here: Tessai and Urahara are some kind of friends, given the fact Tessai knows Urahara for a long time, and this explains their relationship in the present. They're living in Shihouin family for a while, because Tessai knows exactly what Kisuke is thinking. this friendship is another good point to be mentioned: Even with everything, Tessai, as the leader of Kidou Corps, will follow Urahara and Yoruichi. And this friendship will pay a important role now, because Tessai will go with Urahara to help the others., and now, I'm totally convinced that the banishment is related with Vaizards's incident: Both of them are going to the incident, and would be a great coincience if they were to be involved in another incident after this one. Yoruichi is the only one left, but I also think she won't wait for further orders in her squad, and will help Urahara as well.

***Key Points***

Mashiro and Kensei are more powerful than ordinary captains
Lisa is acting like a captain
Mashiro seems to be a perfect hollow
Hacchi fought perfectly
Urahara and Tessai have some kind of friendship


The chapter was focused more on the fight, in a fight where I think the captains cannot win without Hacchi's help; to tell the truth, I was expecting to see at least one bankai or shikai in this chapter, but it's okay to skip them, wouldn't have room to show them here, anyway. The action and suspense were great, and the story seems to be reaching a conclusion; I just hope Kubo doesn't hurry the things, the gaiden still has a great number of unanswered questions and I think we need more 4 or 5 chapters, at least, to set the things. in an overall, another great chapter in the gaiden!
So, next week we'll be back!

May 25, 2008, 04:50 AM
Good analysis!!!:amuse

May 25, 2008, 01:07 PM
Great job, pat. ;)

Here's my take:

- I loved the parallels to Kaien-Rukia and Ichigo's training, too. This fight re-affirms how Aizen destroys everything he touches in his greed. It's also a powerful showing of hybridization's potential, as neither Kensei nor Mashiro seemed to be fighting that hard. After all, as Shirosaki showed us, the inner Hollow knows everything it's host does, so they can use their Zanpakuto in their current state. That doesn't bode well for the others.

- I disagree on Hacchi being integral to the Vizard training process. Remember, Ichigo broke through Gochuu Tetsukan easily once his Hollow came out; there was an external barrier keeping him in one place; and he was sparring with seasoned Vaizards during the entire process. I believe that having other Vaizards in the process, that are capable of fighting a transformed Captain-class shinigami, is the most important thing. We don't have any of those right now.

- Lisa's way of carrying herself surprised me, too. I knew Shunsui had faith in her, but I didn't expect to see her take command like that. But even with her and all the other captains around, it looks like this is going to be a clusterfuck for SS, which means Urahara was fully justified in being worried--especially since Hiyori didn't even want to fight. So I'm not surprised that he and Tessai are sneaking over there, and I won't be surprised if Yoruichi comes with them, either. I'm just wondering how Shunsui, and the other Captains, will take this.

- Mashiro being the first to stablize makes sense. She was the only one that didn't need to train with the mask after they got it, which suggests she's more in tune with her inner Hollow than any of the others. How that works into the story, though, is anyone's guess, because I doubt she can take seven other Vaizards by herself.

Oh, and I also think we need more chapters. But just 2 or 3 should be good enough with the current pacing IMO. Lets hope we get those extra chapters, along with a peek into some of their inner worlds.

I can't wait to see how this ends.

May 26, 2008, 03:53 PM
My account must be screwed up, I didn't saw the responses earlier, damn!

thanks for the comment, be sure to come back in the next reviews!

Good to see you here, gig!
Yes, our beloved friend Aizen was able to change totally SS; If he was really the stabber or one of the 3 people, we can say for sure he was the mastermind behind the two greatest crisis in SS(and probably the only ones!)
And you're right about Hacchi not being essential in the process, probably here is where I think Urahara will do something, Hacchi accidentally will be in the middle of problem, and we know the results...
And yoruichi will help them, I'm sure about it, that's why I think we will see for sure more chapters, unless Kubo is a miracle man to set everything in just 19 pages...

May 26, 2008, 06:39 PM
once again a great review

regarding Lisa, i wouldn't necessarily say that her fighting strength should be considered higher than the other vice-captains but rather that her true strength is as a tactician. since the events occurring here are unprecedented and nothing was known about what they were up against, having a quick thinker who could form strategies on the fly would be invaluable. Shunsui saw an opportunity for her to truly test her skills.

regarding Mashiro, given what we know about her vizard transformation, i think hers could be seen as more successful a transition but less powerful a form. there is no doubt that her transformed state is indeed very strong as it pushed back a captain, but i'd still say it is far weaker than Kensei's. their transformations simply took different forms depending on the nature of their hollow strengths.

i also believe she will be the first to regain herself. the previous knowledge that she was immediately able to maintain her mask without training means that she struggles less with her inner hollow. she is a ditz and so her inner hollow is as well (relative to the hollows of the other vizard). this being the case, there is less conflict between herself and her hollow. compare that to others like Ichigo and Hiyori, who had the longest two times in regaining sanity. both of them have personalities that cause them to hide their true feelings quite often. both are very intelligent and caring, but have a lot of self doubt. the inner hollow knows everything about them and so it plays on their insecurities, of which Ichigo and Hiyori have the most and Mashiro has the least of any vizard. Mashiro will snap out of it relatively fast but as she does, Aizen will strike the others and turn them.

i also have to say that Hachi is not related to the regaining of sanity. all his bakudou does is bind the person so they can't harm others. after initiating this transformation, the person is automatically brought to their inner world to face their hollow (assuming they have already achieved shikai and created their inner world). during that time, the body is being charged by hollow reiatsu but as both personalities are busy fighting inside, neither controls the body and it rampages like the mindless hollow it is at that moment. the regaining of sanity is based solely on the person's ability to overpower their inner hollow. all the people on the outside can do is use bakudou to restrain him or fight in order to keep his attention off of others

regarding Urahara and Tessai, they will arrive after Aizen has turned them all but the bastard himself has already left. it is possible that some of them will have regained sanity by then after they beat their inner hollows, but i'm betting that Urahara will at least see Hiyori still rampaging. as i've said before, guilt over what he saw there is what leads him to the inventions that got him banished.

May 27, 2008, 12:25 PM
I just had this crazy idea...
DO we actually have proof that Uruhara, Yoroichi, and Tessai are actually not some form of hybrids themselves? That would explain Yoruichi's "sudden willingnes to leave her squad and status behind".
I know I know, my theories sare getting wilder by the post but still... tell me what you think.

May 28, 2008, 05:47 PM
Yes, could be an option about Lisa being a tactician; but maybe Shunsui didn't considered some point about it: even if Lisa is great as a tactician, I still think the main reason Shunui sent Lisa was in a move to encourage Kisuke: If another Vc is with Hiyori, Then Urahar could become a little more calm, but it was a great mistake from Shunsui, because we know what will happen with Lisa.
And regarding the fight with the inner hollow, I'm curious to see if we'll see all the vaizards taking control of their inner hollow, but I'm not giving credit to this right now: we know how difficult was to Ichigo, and let's not forget that seems some inner battles were timed by external sources; A difficul move to predict from now...

Until now we haven't enough evidences to take such statement as false, and could be a possibility; One thing that could be relevant about this subject is the fact Yoruichi, Tessai and Urahara seems to share a close friendship, and so, probably many secrets as well;
I'm sure soon we'll know the answer, but what you've said could be true, at least some aspects;
And yes, is very strange Yoruichi giving up from his squad that easily...