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May 25, 2008, 11:59 AM
Helltroll's Short and Meaningless Review on Fairy Tail 87

I - Introduction

Hello again, people!
This is already my third review and I’m glad to get this much soothing from you guys. It is really nice to see that these reviews also receive some answers and I hope I could provide you some new thoughts for your Fairy Tail discussions. But enough with the talk, let’s get this review started.

II - Review

It breaks my heart to see Lucy like this.

After the great cover featuring Lucy playing a guitar we switch to the fight that started last week also involving a guitar. We see Jubia turned into Vithaldas little succubus and Lucy who seems to have problems to understand what is going on in this yet so short fight. But this doesn’t seem to concern Vithaldas as he continues to explain that Jubia is now his “little succubus” and is under his control. Now Lucy realises that the sound of Vithaldas’ guitar is the cause for Jubia’s change leading to the question why she isn’t affected by it. Vithaldas simply answers the question that it would be no fun if the two of them would be affected and that he wants a little catfight. This shows once again Vithaldas chauvinistic and very egoistic side. He is really a man who is highly self-centred and has obviously fun to manipulate other people and the fact that he is willing to use friends or other persons near to the target to kill them shows that he is also very cold-hearted and cynic. Lucy realises that too claiming that he is the worst which seems to please him a great deal showing once again how rotten he is. After that Jubia begins this fight with her water attacks.

Did I hear fan service?

But still Lucy doesn’t want to believe that Jubia is her enemy right now, which results in a defence stance and the partly loss of her clothes as Jubia decides to rip them off. This and the fact that Vithaldas seem to enjoy this greatly are hints that this fight will contain a lot of fan service. But still Lucy refuses to fight against Jubia causing her to attack our beloved Stellar Spirit user again and again which seems to confuse Lucy. However Jubia proceeds giving Vithaldas quite the highs and Lucy some weals. This causing Lucy to complain about this not being a fight but pure sadism (an attitude which fits Vithaldas quite nicely) only causing Jubia to get more serious. These panels are great because we are getting insight in the relationship between Jubia and Lucy. Lucy seems to at least recognise Jubia as a nakama of her since she is talking to her mind to give up her attacks and refuses to attack her. But she also realises that Jubia is now under full control of Vithaldas and that she will have a hard time considering the fact that Jubia was a member of the Element Four. However these thoughts are interrupted by Jubia’s own thoughts.

Insert random comment here.

Much to Lucy’s surprise she did indeed hear Jubia’s voice as she is attacking and holding her captive in one of her water bubbles, who are in fact part of her body and therefore enable Lucy to hear her thoughts. Jubia then explains that she also thinks of Lucy as one of her nakama’s and does also not want to hurt her. However she stills seems to consider Lucy her love rival, which Lucy promptly denies in her thoughts. After that, Lucy’s thoughts went off and she realises seems to love Fairy Tail. We then proceed to take a look at various moments of the Fairy Tail members in Jubia’s mind as she describes Fairy Tail as warm, friendly and “always shining” thus giving her a feeling of acceptance that she hasn’t known before. But after that Jubia says that she can only bring sadness causing her to shed tears and surprise Lucy a bit. This is really one of the best passages of the chapter, since we get to know various things:
- Jubia has a deep affection towards Fairy Tail. A hint that she will join the guild.
- Lucy seems to develop a strong bond between her and Jubia.
- Jubia views the Fairy Tail members as nakama, a feeling they will obviously return (and Lucy has already in this chapter).
This is however interrupted as Lucy lies down after Jubia’s attack has ended while Vithaldas told her to finish Lucy.

She’s got the spirit!

However Lucy stand up again and starts a speak claiming that someone who would care for his friends would never be rejected by Fairy Tail causing Jubia to shed a tear as Lucy proclaims that she got a great idea. Vithaldas though orders Jubia to finish her much to Jubia inner doubt as we see the great plan Lucy talked about: The summoning of Aquarius through Jubia’s water body, claiming much to everyone’s surprise that she could only summon her thanks to Jubia. This is a great and unexpected move which shows several things:
- Vithaldas and Jubia have underestimated her.
- She makes use of her surrounding during battle and uses the skills of opponents and supporters in a good way.
- Makes good use of her intellect.
This once again confirms that Lucy is a great tactical fighter and a very useful supporter for our group, who has in fact a little bit too much brute force with Natsu, Gray and Erza. But let’s move on: After Lucy has summoned her “joker”, Aquarius proceeds as every time Lucy summons her: Unleashing a wave of water to sweep away the enemy (and Lucy). But Vithaldas still seems to be very optimistic since his hair can absorb water. But between all the waves Lucy and Jubia scream to each other and try to grab their hands.

Symbolic in many ways!

After that we see once again the chessboard in Gerald’s room and Vithaldas figure having a crack. Gerald notices this too and is very surprised since he already had given up on Lucy and Jubia. But then he notices another “detail”: Jubia and Lucy are achieving magical fusion! Vithaldas also seem to notice that something is wrong since the water doesn’t seem to stop and keeps blasting his absorbing maximum. He then realises in shock that this is “Unison Raid” before he and our heroines are falling down on the ground which ends the fight. I must say that this indeed a great new development in this manga: Unison (btw: there is also a tool for synchronising called unison) Raid or magical fusion in general seems to be a method of synchronising magical abilities or attacks to increase their might. It is very plausible for Jubia and Lucy to subconsciously use this as Aquarius and Jubia both rely on water attacks. It is also very likely that magical fusion can only be obtained through a great synchronisation between the users and their feelings which is also the case here. With this we can conclude that this magical fusion as a symbol for friendship and trust will become a big part in some of the fights in the future (don’t forget Fairy Tail is a shonen where friendship is always one of the main themes).

The beginning of a deep friendship.

After the fight ends with Vithaldas hair and consciousness washed away we see Jubia and Lucy as they hug themselves and a little funny moment as Aquarius as usual starts to threat Lucy which seems to even scare Jubia.

III – Key Points

- If there’s a Fairy Tail anime someday, I will definitely watch this episode.
- Lucy and Jubia are really friends now.
- Natsu will fight nest.
- Magical fusion could have impact in the future.
- Jubia chances of joining Fairy Tail are now over 80%.

IV – Summary & Predictions

Phew…it seems that this is my longest review up to now and I’m very glad that I could finish this before the new week’s got started (a new exam is waiting and I need the time to learn). As you may have noticed there a lot of points in this chapter as I tried to go more into detail this time. After this short and very interesting fight a predict a little longer fight between Natsu and Fukurou next week since I expect to see a new power from Natsu and hope that Fukurou strength will be worthy his design. I also predict that Lucy and Jubia will either go to find Gerald or will find Shou since there is a good possibility for Gray to battle Ikaruga leaving Shou without obstacles on his way to Gerald. But now it’s time to drop the pe…keyboard. See you next week!
Yours sincerely,


*goes off to look for Fairy Tail doujins*

V – Random funny comic.


VI – Credits

Noizy Scanlations for their Scanlation.
Jollyjack at www.collectedcurios.com for this brilliant piece of humour.
Sahugani for the review layout I ripped so shamelessly.
And you, for enduring the masses of mistakes I made.

May 28, 2008, 01:18 PM
sorry it took me a little while to get to commenting. i really liked this chapter as it was a great mix of creativity and emotion (and fan-service :p). the interaction between Jubia and Lucy really was beautifully done by Mashima. Up until now, we have liked Jubia and wanted her to join Fairy Tail, but this chapter alone showed so many solid reasons why she will undoubtedly be forgiven by all of Fairy Tail and accepted into the fold. Given her close relationships with Lucy and Gray, i wonder if she'll join the main team or not

one disappointment was that so many of us were looking forward to seeing Loki in action. after Loki's short little arc, alot of fans became very interested in what he can do. however, even though we didn't get this, i think the creative way that Mashima used Aquarius instead somewhat made up for it

i also agree that magical fusion will very likely become a more critical matter in later fights. the way Gerard reacted to it, it seems like a rare phenomenon that dark wizards can never hope to comprehend. it could be limited to mages with similar powers such as Jubia and Lucy with Aquarius summoned, but i think we may see it in more unique fusions later on though i can't really guess specifics at this point

May 28, 2008, 03:05 PM
Thanks for the answer sahugani. I also hope that Jubia will join Fairy Tail in the future and I also agree with the fact that magical fusion will play an rather important role in the future (read the translation for the recent chapter. seems like we're on a right path).

Since we have Lucy and Jubia free at the moment I predict that they will be heading towards Gerald. It is most likely that Gerald will defeat them, though. He needs some more hype to build up the tension and provide the arc with the needed climax (also in the matter of fight against time). I see Loki being summoned by Lucy at the encounter with Gerald as a last resort to hold him abck until Natsu will arrive :)

btw: Don't expect a review soon this week. I have a lot of stuff to do (last 2 exams for this school year and some private reasons).

Edit: Due to some unpredictable circumstances there will beno review this week. Instead I will try to make a double next time.