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May 30, 2008, 11:37 AM
How are you, people? Here we are, with another chapter; and again, I’ll change the review method in this one: the review will be way shorter than usual, we have about 13 from 17 pages composed by only flashbacks, and there’s no need to write so much about them, a flashback speaks by itself, then will be just 1 block for all the 13 initial pages, focusing more in what really happened in the chapter. Let’s go then!

Scanlation by Binktopia

Naruto 402

Damn, how perfect was this picture… And you’re the responsible for this, Sasuke

Continuing from last chapter, Sasuke is looking at sea, and judging from the flashbacks, Sasuke had made his mind about Itachi: In all these flashbacks, all the remembrances about his good brother were real, and probably this is the best thing Sasuke could gain right now: even if his revenge was useless, at least his brother wasn’t the monster he swore to kill.

In these flashbacks, let’s take a look on the famous “poke”- Itachi fingers on Sasuke’s forehead. It was used four times here, and Kishimoto gave some emphasis in the first 3 pokes to explain the fourth; it was a signature gesture from Itachi. Usually, people with strong ties create some things like this poke to show their love, and with Itachi wasn’t different. I believe that with this gesture, Itachi always was trying to show to Sasuke that he was a good and caring older brother who really liked his little brother, and in the brother’s fight, when Itachi poked Sasuke’s forehead for the last time, he was trying to say that he still was the good brother who loved Sasuke more than anything, and the ties remained the same as in the past. It was a great way to show how some ties cannot be broken by anything.

And finally, we find out what Itachi said to Sasuke after the last poke. And just like I thought there’s no way to get any more emotional, Itachi’s words were just amazing, but not only that: his smile also was great. The words and smile combined just created one of the best panels I’ve seen in Naruto. Even with every kind of adversity, Itachi died smiling, saying that won’t be another time to poke Sasuke again; how painful was to Itachi to say such words is beyond imagination, like Madara once said. About this panel, I’ll say it was perfect, the feeling involved was one of the most real things that I saw, and I’m sure the last scene with his brother alive was the key to Sasuke believes in Itachi and everything he’d done.

Now you know what’s the true pain, Sasuke…

After the wonderful panel with Itachi smiling, finally we go back to present, and I must say that Itachi’s panel was perfect, but we have another great panel in the chapter, and now, we can see Sasuke crying after all the remembrances. It’s said that one image is more worth than one thousand words, and this statement suits perfectly here: Now he’s crying true tears for everything that happened, and these tears are for his brother! In his emotions, I can see a mix of sadness, sorrow and burden coming from Sasuke, and now, that Itachi is dead, there’s no way to Sasuke redeem himself with Itachi. I wouldn’t add anything more in the drama and emotional side of the chapter, because there’s no need for that. More than in the last chapter, now Sasuke is truly showing his emotions. I cannot remember to see “this” Sasuke in the past. First, Itachi was smiling to Sasuke, and then, Sasuke crying for Itachi. I, who love every kind of real drama, couldn’t be happier about this aspect. Even if the majority of the chapter were composed by flashbacks, those 2 panels were worth the entire chapter.

And while Sasuke is crying, we can see Suigetsu, Karin, Juugo and Tobi with Sasuke. And all of them are respecting Sasuke’s emotion, even Suigetsu is serious now, and that’s a difficult thing to see! Probably now, they’re more than just a team, probably edging the friendship. After all, they’re with Sasuke for a long time, then, this could be expected. And even now they’re Hawk Team, they’ll follow Sasuke, so I think some ties were born here. And after seeing all of them now, sure some time has passed, and seems Suigetsu didn’t defeated Kisame: his goal was to obtain Samehada, but he still has Zabuza’s sword. I expected to see some thing related to Kisame in the chapter, but I’m sure Kishimoto will explain everything that happened in this little time skip. The skip was good to explain this chapter, but besides Uchihas story, there’re Kisame, Naruto and co. and the message sent by Jiraya. Kishi cannot just ignore these things, except by Kisame vs Suigetsu, the remaining events are important and relevant to the plot.

Yes, your last and most fateful choice in your life…

Another surprising panel at the end, where we can see Sasuke with a new sharingan variation. Personally, I don’t think it’s a good thing to create so many variations, let’s not forget the basic sharingan was the one with one, two or three tomoes. Whether Sasuke has MS, EMS or any other form we’ll find out later, but this new sharingan is more similar to a kaleidoscope than the Itachi’s sharingan, so I’m guessing Sasuke now has the true form of mangekyou sharingan. My greatest fear here is that now Sasuke could be somehow invincible; losing the cursed seal and Orochimaru was a good move by Kishimoto to place Sasuke as a normal ninja again, but now, with this new power, Sasuke could be even more powerful than Madara. I don’t know how Kishimoto will handle these aspects, but he must be careful about the new sharingan while creating new power coming from it.

And with the new sharingan, Sasuke has only one goal again, but this time, he’ll try to destroy Konoha. While this isn’t exactly a surprise, Sasuke is throwing off all the Itachi’s efforts, everything his brother fought for. Sasuke still is too immature, and now, he’s blaming Konoha for what he’d done, because Itachi was killed by Sasuke, not by Konoha. Sasuke was crying, but unable to blame himself for what happened, he’s using Konoha as an excuse, because he cannot accept he was the responsible. And now he made his choice, probably Sasuke is faded to death. Like Kakashi once said, those who live for revenge will find their fate by it. I’m really disappointed with Sasuke, and the arrogance just returned. Depending of Sasuke’s actions, his fight in Konoha will be the last, because even Hawk Team cannot fight against all the leaf. And I don’t think Sasuke will ever return to Konoha as a friend, Itachi already gave him a chance of redemption, to rebuild Uchiha as a true hero, but still Sasuke will try to bring Konoha the total destruction. And I don’t want more three years with Naruto trying to bring Sasuke to the “good side” again. IMO, Kishimoto built the perfect character to be killed, there’s no way to save him now. I’ll say again my favorite statement: “Who lives for revenge, dies for revenge”.

***Key Points***

Itachi’s smiling face was perfect
Sasuke’s crying was superb
Sasuke’s new sharingan


While too many flashbacks in the chapters, I’ll never forget Sasuke and Itachi’s faces in this chapter; this was the most dramatic chapter I’ve readied in Naruto, and was perfect. Due the flashbacks, almost no action and plot development here, but with Sasuke’s choice, I’m sure we can expect some actions in the near future. And I’m looking forward in the next weeks to really find out what will be Sasuke’s fate.
Then, people, see you later!

◆ T.D.A ◆
May 30, 2008, 11:43 AM
I predict a very sad ending when Sasuke dies at the hands of Naruto. I think Naruto will still try to bring Sasuke back to good because he never gives up, I wonder if he would be able to change Sasuke, afterall that is Naruto's true power.

May 30, 2008, 01:40 PM
yeah naruto will bring sasuke back no matter what method maybe even in a coffin

May 30, 2008, 02:51 PM
Good analysis!!!:amuse

S.I.M Editor
May 30, 2008, 03:08 PM
very good my friend. and i agree, i think its a lot more like the koleidoscope than itachi's, i think having the last sharingan makes the design very unique.

May 30, 2008, 03:33 PM
I :love you for this sentence " Even with every kind of adversity, Itachi died smiling, saying that won’t be another time to poke Sasuke again" I got teary, RIP :Itachi we will always remember you.

If they don't redeem the animation and make this scene into the Perfect moment it is, it will be a of waste story. It's more touching that Sandaime's funeral, and I never though anything could top that. But it does, and by a very long shot. It is the saddest moment in the entire manga.

As for the rest, I agree on everything except Sasuke wanting to crush all Konoha, I think he has another goal in mind. And the Elders/Danzou don't make all of Konoha, they make the head that should be changed. After they go, there will be others to take their place. I just hope it's not Madara.

(Ps: Konoha should build Itachi a huge statue. The Elders should do it and then die.)

May 30, 2008, 05:43 PM
great review... :kkthumbs

I must say that last night when I first read this chapter I had mixed thoughts about it. Only after getting a good night sleep and rereading the chapter have I come to realize its true brilliance.

one of the things that really stuck out to me was Itachis words... " I'm sorry, Sasuke... there won't be a next time". They are like an apology and a "I love you" all wraped into one. Could you even write anything more beautiful or simple then that?

The most amazing part about them is that they finally show Itachi as a human. For so long in the manga he has been portrayed as a cold-hearted badass.. while now, we see him trully as he is... a loving brother.

If that wasn't powerful enough... you turn the page and are greeted with one of the most powerful/engulfing panels in the entire series. Everything about the page is perfect... In one panel Kishi manages to sum up every emotion that Sasuke is going through and just shove it in your face. You can actually taste the emotions that are running through Sasuke,it truly is heart wrenching...

Those two pages.. well technically they're four... made this entire chapter worth it.

The flashsback pages were well done but they just seemed like something we had already read... even though there was new material... they almost seemed like a waste until you sit back and look over the chapter again. Then their beauty really shows and ties together the entire chapter really nicely.

May 31, 2008, 12:03 AM
Sasuke is like a manga vercion of Darth Vader i think, but in Naruto,you never know, he might aswell combe back to the good side of the force haha

May 31, 2008, 09:06 AM
patedecarne: great review as always.

If they don't redeem the animation and make this scene into the Perfect moment it is, it will be a of waste story
don't hold your breath, they already had ruined "the moment of reunion" in episodes 51-52 (way too many flashbacks?).

"HAWK" only has one purpose, the complete and utter destruction of the leaf
YEAHHH Sasuke, go for it, burn it to dust and ashes.

May 31, 2008, 11:37 AM
Great review again.

I was/am conflicted about this chapter. For a long time I thought, like a lot of people, that Sasuke would become a villian in the story, but then we had the last few chapters which seemed set up to change Sasuke for the better. Now we find that he is going to become the villian after all. Of course he may just go after Danzo, and the two elders, but "crush Konoha" seems more inclusive than that. Okay, I also understand that just because we thought Sasuke would become a villian, nothing in the story before ch 402 suggested that he was headed down that path. First he went to Orochi, but that doesn't exactly make you evil, and he has done no truly evil acts under Orochi (leaving those ninjas alive was proof). Then we find out that he either had no intentions to give his body to Orochi, or that he lost his intentions as he grew stronger. We just assumed that Sasuke would be the last villian for Naruto. With ch 400 and 401 we find out the truth about Itachi, and it seemed that it was a story to change the path that Sasuke was headed down (at least in my mind), and I thought that this would be the last chance for Sasuke to find redemption. Well he chooses not to learn from his mistakes, and his brother's story, and chooses once again to find revenge. I guess that is why I was disappointed in this chapter. I thought Kishi could have made Sasuke a truly great character (and take the manga to new heights) if he tried to find redemption, but instead Kishi took him down the route a lot of us saw coming a long time ago. Naruto's enemy. I also thought 401 was the best chapter I have read in Naruto, but with 402 that has changed. Kishi really could have made a great story out of Sasuke, but now Sasuke will just become another villian.

That said I guess I am no longer disappointed with the story. Kishi has every right to take the story down any path (as long as it makes sense), and if we the fans assumed that something was going to happen, and it doesn't, well Kishi isn't the one to blame (though we were sort of lead down that path last chapter). I am disappointed with Sasuke's decision though. As I said in your review 2 chapters ago, this will be the last chance for Sasuke. And he has made it. I guess you are right about Sasuke being too immature. Hopefully this choice means that Kishi will finally allow Naruto to mature, stop having him chase after Sasuke, and prepare him to truly fight Sasuke.

May 31, 2008, 06:33 PM
I guess you are right about Sasuke being too immature
But you have to consider the fact that they forced his brother to massacre his entire clan, and before he knew it, sasuke found himself responsible for his brother's death.
can you imagine that kind of stress/frustration.

Still, I believe in sasuke's wisdom, he's not that kind of guy who gets pushing around like a doll, we have to wait and see what Kishi is hidin' for us.

June 02, 2008, 07:52 AM
OK, sorry for the lateeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr response, but since friday, I'm out of time even to breath, but now I'm comin back, hehe!

@T.D.A & DarKraD
Change the people... Yes, that's Naruto's main power, even more powerful than 9 tails, but I think some things cannot be changed; at this point, only a miracle could bring back Sasuke to light, and to tell the truth, I cannot find any way to make this true; but well, in death there's a possibility to bring him back, in the coffin...

@S.I.M Editor
I'm wondering if this sharingan was in Kishimoto's plans since when he threw us the concept of MS , but being the case, then he was planning to turn Sasuke a villain since the beginning!

Hehe, I'm loving you too, e-nat? And by the way, how about celebrate Itachi's funeral together?? ahahaha
but I don't know if Itachi has others goals than destroy all of Konoha: After all he's to immature just now, I think, and even if his goal is Danzou and the councils, Konoha won't let him escape

you pretty much said the words I couldn't find: Itachi's last words were to shown how much he loved his brother, and if we could bring that fight to real life, I would say such words as well;
Itachi was more human than everyone, to give up from his own life, only a few people would do the same thing, and add to this his love toward Sasuke, and we get a perfect example for our world.
Two pages worth the entire saga...

you know, I was thinking the same thing: the ideas are very similar, and just like Anakin, Sasuke is too immature to understand some things at his age; and I also think Sasuke has some good in his heart, just like Anakin too, but I'm afraid this good could be revealed too late...

Well, the animators have a perfect treasure in their hands, and I'm hoping to see these last scenes perfectly in the anime; If well done, man, you can be sure, some people will cry: in the manga, was perfect, and in the anime, with some sad music, a good job from the seiyuus and from the animators, probably we'll see the saddest moment ever seen in any anime..

@CupOfDice & brolyss
A mix of feeling, totally true! in the last chapter, I was one of the people who really believed on Sasuke's redemption. Of course, his revenge could be directed to only Danzou and the councils, but Sasuke is a little extreme in his actions, so maybe he'll try to destroy the entire village; but if you ask me, Sasuke won't be the final villain, I'm saying this because of the prophecy, and with Jiraya's decision, Naruto could the one to save the world, and much probably, Pain is the villain in this prophecy, because Jiraya's decision was related to Pain. And let's not forget that Sasuke cannot fight against all the leaf, even if he defeat some nins, fighting against all the root would be almost impossible, and still we have Kakashi, Gai, Naruto and co. Shikamaru would be able to create any strategy to counter the new MS.
But, seeing how many plot twists we got so far, wouldn't be any surprise if Sasuke has some real goals behind this public one...

June 03, 2008, 02:33 AM
Awmm Pat, do u think Sasuke will be killed? :(

What the heck? He's going to do the very opposite thing his brother gave his life to achieve :S There is no point in destroying Konoha now, but at least we're gonna have
an amazing fight when Sasuke and Naruto meet again.

I still believe Sasuke will redeem, and Naruto is the one who will save him. How can a man become Hokage if he's not even able to save his best friend? (or something like that), These were Naruto's words when they met for the first time after 2 and a half years, werent it?

** Im very curious to see what this new Sharingan can do!

**Yeah, great analysis again ohohoho, and yes!! These 2 pictures were awesome, and even cried with Sasuke in that page (soo saad).

Looking foward to the next analysis, they're in my weekly must-read list lol

June 03, 2008, 10:02 AM
Olá Pat,

Keep the good work.

My two cents for this week are:

1 - Would Kishi use Sassuke desire for revenge to create a new political order for Konoha more in line with what we have today like ONU?

2 - Sassuke has recovered from the injuries he suffered during the fight with Itachi. So we could assume, unless we have med ninjas that we are not aware of as part of Madara infinite resources available, that two to three months have passed. If that stands correct, the story will go back in time to tell what happened to the rest of the Manga´s cast till now.

If what I just said doesn't stand true by the end of day, it would be at least curious to see Pain's reaction to Madara new "sidekicks" - The Hawk Team :amuse

3 - Bottom message of the chapter would be that Sassuke listen to the words but didn't understand Itachi's message. So we are approaching a Naruto x Sassuke rematch as lots of people are advising. Personally I think that Kakashi will play major role before this comes to terms. Another plot possibility is to use whatever Itachi said to Naruto previous to the fight with Sassuke.

4 - As Jenny Bird said, I am also very curious about the Sassuke's new arsenal of power.

With Kind Regards,

June 04, 2008, 05:26 PM
I interpreted what Itachi said a little differently. When they were younger whenever Itachi would always turn down Sasuke's request to teach him new techniques by poking him and saying "Sorry Sasuke maybe next time." Now Itachi is saying "there isn't going to be a next time" as way way of saying he's about to die and apologizing for for everything. Extremely emotional nonetheless.

November 08, 2008, 08:05 PM
yeah naruto will bring sasuke back no matter what method maybe even in a coffin

Thinking of the chapter where Naruto met up with Itachi and they have dialogue about Naruto bringing Sasuke back. He said he would no matter what and he would do it without killing Sasuke. I think Itachi gave some of his powers to Naruto and when the time comes he will use those powers to save Sasuke. I do think there is a positive reunion coming with Naruto and Sasuke.