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May 30, 2008, 01:56 PM

Well after a week off due to a combination of a busy weekend and the last week of my uni year I'm back with another review.

I figured I'd quickly take a paragraph to say that last weeks chapter was pretty damn interesting, from Mashiro's hollow form to the establishment that the Urahara and Tessai connection goes way back. I'll need at least a sentance or two to cover just how awesome Urahara looked in his reiatsu masking cloak too, seriously, that was just awesome xD (if you haven't twigged yet who my favourite bleach character is by a county mile I've clearly managed to restrain myself more than I thought!)

With that out of the way lets start on chapter -100!

We start out with someone who's character has been given rather more depth in this flashback, one Kyouraku Shunsui. He's out walking the streets of Seireitei seemingly unable to get any sleep when he catches sight of Aizen out and about as well.

There's instantly a couple of interesting options here, the first is that Aizen is just setting off for his rendezvous at the end of the chapter whilst the other is that the Aizen Shunsui sees is Kyouka Suigetsu and has been deliberately seen to give Aizen an alibi. I'm not sure which of these I prefer, the first would cast suspicion on Aizen since its more likely that from the timeframe he'd have been seen to be up and active whilst the second would alleviate him, but also mean he had all the captains in the palm of his hand for over 100 years.

After bidding good night Shunsui continues his wandering only to come across someone rather familiar.

[I]Even at her age, Nanao was hesitant when Shunsui asked if she wanted some sweets

Yes its a Nanao-chan~~~ and isn't she adorable! Shunsui's kinda sweet and kinda creepy, him and his universal love of women could get him in trouble in a lot of places in the world xD We see Nanao has some relationship with Risa (can we call her Lisa yet...it just makes so much more sense ><) who reads with/to her which is kind of sweet, a nice way to make a connection between the two and a nice way to add some more depth to Lisa without her actually being present.

The cover page is brutally ironic, we have Shunsui telling Nanao that Lisa isn't able to read with her but that she'll be back by daybreak...whilst Lisa herself goes down in a spray of blood.

That cues the scene change and we're back off to witness Kensei making a mess of things, mainly Lisa. He's briefly interrupted by a kidou from Rose who's recovered enough from Mashiro's attack last week to intervene and just as he's really about to kick off Hacchi (aka the man) uses bakudou 99, kin to subdue him. The more keen eyed amongst you will remember this as the binding spell Tessai uses on Ichigo in the shattered shaft.

I'd put in something funny, but nothing could be funnier than Shinji's dialogue

I'm actually surprised as to how effective this seemed to be, I know there's power scaling and things at work that are always going to create some pretty major discrepancies, but Ichigo managed to break out of this in a vaizard form.

Whether that clues us in that this form isn't as strong as just having a mask out is probably rather up for debate, its of course also up for debate just how strong Icihgo was at that moment before he broke his mask and the final bit is that it'd be amusingly ironic if at that one brief moment before he did break it, Ichigo was a proper hybrid with no problems!

With Kensei subdued Hirako asks Hacchi if there's any kidou he can use to fix him up to which he says no, especially not without knowing what caused the change. Its at this point that Hiyori starts to act odd as what seems to be something of a virus kicks in, the last panel on the page shows us something coming out of her mouth and then bam.

thats going to sting

Poor Shinji gets something rather more painful than a kick in the head, yep, a diagonal slash across the torso as Hiyori's mask tears out and forms over her face. Again the sharp eyed amongst you will note how this correlates to another shattered shaft event in the manga, that being when Ichigo became a hybrid in the shattered shaft. Urahara tells us that this is unusual and occurs when a soul is resisting the transformation, thus we can assume that all the transformations will start with the mask and the body will manifest itself later.

As to how this hollowification has been spread, its very difficult to say. It seems possible that it might be viral/contagious, Hiyori was cut by Kensei so she could be infected or it could possibly be something viral in the atmosphere thats been loosed that affects you if it gets into your bloodstream. Again with the shattered shaft references, the bottom of the shaft then was filled with a gas that sped up the transformation to a hollow.

With Hiyori fallen victim to whatever is at play the vaizard all suitably react with shock and surprise before rounding on the now hollowfied Hiyori to try restrain her...

...and then it all went dark...

We see the shinigami go down and then Kubo hits us with a nice little surprise in the revelation of who they're attacker was.

the only man with more image changes than MJ

and it's a Tousen, though the real surprise isn't that he's involved, its that he was a member of Kensei's division. This explains just how he managed to attack their division without them sensing anything unusual and also explains how Kensei knew his attacker quite so well. I'm not overly fond of the fact that he seems to have taken care of 2 captains and 2 vice captains, though a surprise attack with his ban kai certainly lets him do those kinds of things.

It also seems slightly at odds with his path of justice, if as a seated member he was helping orchestrate hybrid tests and plotting with Aizen but I suppose it does mean that literally since the very beginning he'd been Aizen subordinate.

With that revelation the disembodied voice of an approaching character isn't too hard to identify, especially with Shinji's surprise. The dialogue here nicely echoed the revelations of Aizen and Gins relationship actually.

not the most dramatic entrance ever if truth be told

so its Aizen who's been behind things, I'll admit to slight dissapointment that this seems to be working out in such a straightforward manner but I guess we'll find out the full information next chapter when Aizen reveals his plans and Urahara probably shows up.

He has sword out which is kind of interesting, either he's expecting a fight or there's some Kyouka Suigetsu about to go down. A little mention for the little person trailing him, chibi Gin. It pretty much speaks volumes about Gin that Aizen would bring him, at this point we can probably consider he's already at a level where he can handle himself in a fight with a captain, I love the little trademark Gin smile as well ^^

The last page provides us with a chance to see Aizen giving us the old Clark Kent is more than he seems look, that strong and confident apperance that he so often carries (interestingly in the current time he seems to have slipped more towards arrogance in how he's portrayed). Shinji's face in the last panel is excellent, such a look of anger and disgust as he looks up from the floor at his traitorous vice captain, I can't wait to see what he has to say to him. It would have been nice if he'd called him Sousuke, I wonder if the choice to use Aizen was deliberate phrasing to demonstrate Shinji's realisation of the deceit they'd been victims of.


Well overall that was another stunning chapter, this arc has been the best thing in bleach for a couple of years. More character development, more plot and just the right amount of action were present here and it sets things up brilliantly for next week.

What'll we see? I'm going to guess Aizen will fill us in a bit, Shinji and the others might become hollows (Shinji last?) and Urahara + Tessai will arrive towards the end of the chapter to set things up for the final showdown.

Oh and remember folks, next week = bleach on the jump cover and coloured pages, place your bets on who gets the colour spread. If Kubo really loves me he'll give me Urahara and Aizen xD

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed it and I hope it suggested a couple of interesting ideas.

DB out.

May 30, 2008, 05:49 PM
Good review!!!:amuse

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May 31, 2008, 04:02 AM
Another awesome review!!! Your comparison of Ichigo's hollowization and the Vaizards hollowization was a good observation. I always seem to find something I over looked when I read your reviews. Great job.

May 31, 2008, 08:14 AM
great review again deadberry, you stepped into some big shoes when sahugani stopped reviewing and you're doing a damn good job of filling them.

the comparison of the gas at the bottom of the shattered shaft was something i completely overlooked. i still hold firm in my belief that aizen is using the hougyoku that he either stole from, or was using on the orders of, urahara. perhaps he found a way to infuse the surrounding air with a viral form of the hougyoku that enters a shinigami through wounds in the body.

June 01, 2008, 10:21 AM
I think the infection is something in the zanpakuto itself. Another theory I have is that the sword/hollowfication was made by Urahara.
Any thoughts?

June 06, 2008, 11:56 AM
I think the infection is something in the zanpakuto itself. Another theory I have is that the sword/hollowfication was made by Urahara.
Any thoughts?

hmm, i hope there's a suitable explaination, seeing captains overpowered
this easily doesn't sit well me. i was actually hoping for more, the chapter
felt forced in my opinion. Of course it depends on the explanation given
in the next chapter.

oh, thanks for the review by the way, still a good read, though i didn't fully
agree with everything.

June 06, 2008, 06:59 PM
Thanks for the review

I'm not overly fond of the fact that he seems to have taken care of 2 captains and 2 vice captains, though a surprise attack with his ban kai certainly lets him do those kinds of things.

Not only the bankai, Tousen has taken care of two already injured captains and vice captains who got injured, in the middle of a big confusion, because they tried to confine two monsters without using full force. No wonder that later, every single vizard jumped at hollow-Ichigo with their swords pointing at his neck when he tried to kill Hiyori.