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June 08, 2008, 12:25 AM
Hello, people! Again, a later review, but my job in the last week was getting hard, then I haven't so much free time as in the past! And just a little note: I'm not stopping with the Bleach reviews, but the greatest problem is the time. I'm sure I'll be back in the proper time, but by now it's difficult to maintain 2 reviews per week, but soon I'll be back!

Scanlation by Binktopia

Naruto 403 - Tears

Home... Sweet home....

The chapter begins with Naruto in his house. Then, we can conclude that some time skip really had passed; how much time still is unknown, though, but if we think Sasuke is fully healed, and Naruto is in Konoha, I'd risk about 1 week or even more. And now, seeing how the things are going, I believe Kishimoto won't show us what really happened in the time skip, and I think this is a bad move coming from Kishimoto: Maybe show some past events could be boring, but hide such events is even more boring. By doing this, seems Kishimoto is totally forgetting about Konoha and Naruto, at least to me, I want to know what happened: How they ceased the search, Naruto's reaction, Kisame results, and so many other things. Sasuke is the key right now, but Kishimoto must be careful to balance the things in the manga.

But the greatest problem I see with the time skip is about Ma and Pa frog: Jiraya's battle took place at the same time of the brother's fight, and if really a week had passed, then it's more than enough to frogs to reach Konoha. I don't think Naruto already knows about Jiraya, but I also don't think the frogs would take so much time to reach Konoha. One possibility is that only Tsunade knows the secret, and she won't tell anything to Naruto right now, because he's somehow tired with the Sasuke's search, or even something could be happened with the frogs in the way. My guess is Kishimoto will set Sasuke's saga first, and only after it, we'll move to Pain; however, I have no clue about how Kishimoto will place the frogs in the context.

Is good, Naruto?

Then, Naruto's thoughts are in his encounter with Itachi. Again, Kishimoto is using so many flashbacks, but finally we can see what really happened in their meeting. Itachi was a perfect strategist, and he knew his brother so much, then he predited that Madara could tell all the truth to Sasuke, and he predicted Sasuke's reaction as well. He even thought about the Konoha's invasion, and as some countermeasures, he gave to Naruto some new powers. Probably he knew that Naruto would use everything to save Sasuke, and he could trust in Naruto to save his beloved brother.

I have mixed feelings about this new powerup: while I think it was a great addiction to Naruto's arsenal, because it could skip some time about some "possible" boring training, even if still we don't know what it is, such powerup is destroying what Naruto really is: Everything he achieved in his life was due the hard work, but he just gained a powerup without the minimum effort: Naruto is the kind of person who will use every effort in the life, but the new powerup isn't exactly what someone really worked for.

Itachi was really a genius, a perfect candidate to Hokage title, seems he always was 2 steps ahead from the enemy: he even predicted correctly what could happen. My fear about this is that we could see some spy game, something like: Madara knew that Itachi had some aces up his sleeves, but Itachi knew that Madara knew about Itachi's aces. Using these arguments, Kishimoto is going beyond what spies really do.

Well, not everyday we can see Itachi smiling... You're great, Naruto!

Naruto received a new powerup, but still I'm not sure if that Naruto is a Bunshin or not. From what I can understand, the true Naruto was with Kakashi and co., and being the case, I don't know how a clone can inherits new powers like that. But that Naruto was caught in the illusion, and even he was totally broken after it, which could be a proof that was the real Naruto. I'll sticky with the first option, Because I think there's no need to Naruto to split up from the team when he made so many bunshins to search for Sasuke.

Again, I'm impressed with Naruto's great powers to change people. And this time the victim was Itachi. Itachi, being a true ninja, thinks that Naruto cannot handle with difficult choices, like Sasuke's problem. Probably to save Sasuke and and leaf at the same time could be too difficult to Naruto achieve, but I think Itachi saw how powerful is Naruto in his convictions, and even gave a smile when Naruto said he wouldn't retreat in his word. Probably he thought Naruto could be the perfect person to save Sasuke, and he wouldn't fail where Itachi did: to give Sasuke a life filled with light and peace, without hate or revenge. I know that Naruto will try to save Sasuke, but could he protect Konoha without killing Sasuke? I really don't think he's able to do this, and personally, I think Sasuke must be defeated in the worst way, he's making only stupid choices, and I don't want so see a merciful Naruto this time, trying to protect Sasuke even if the entire Konoha were to be destroyed.

Itachi, the perfect character...

And more flashbacks, but again, these flashbacks will lead us to another emotional moment in the series: backing in the day Itachi killed all the clan and told all those terrible things to Sasuke, we can see a Itachi crying. As Tobi explained in the past chapters, Itachi probably carried the greatest sorrow in the world, and the cry in that night could be the beginning of this burden. Filled with hatred, Sasuke was unable to remember this moment before, because would be unacceptable to see his brother crying, then Sasuke build some barrier in his mind to prevent any emotional remembrance about his brother. Itachi crying was the best moment in the chapter, I believe, because again, Kishimoto was great to show us the Itachi's emotional side. With this, I'm liking him even more, only a true man would drop such true tears like those.

But even if Sasuke now accepts his brother as a true man and a true ninja, he won't follow his ideals, and he'll do exactly the opposite. In the last statement, Sasuke said he'll rebuild the Uchiha clan, what contradicts him and Konoha's destruction. Probably Sasuke has as goals only Danzou and the councils, or even he'll make Konoha a place with only Uchihas ninja. I think Sasuke is using Itachi's ideals just as an excuse, by doing this, he can justify his actions using Itachi, and again, Itachi will be the great villain the leaf's eyes. Sasuke is being so selfish with his acts, and just beautiful words won't be enough to change his mind

***Key Points***

Itachi crying and smiling
Naruto's powerup


The chapter was good: some emotional scenes, as well the explanation about Itachi and Naruto's meeting; and seeing Naruto in the stage again was great, though I'm not so happy with his "saving Sasuke" motivation. The plot progression was a little slow, and Kishimoto again used so many flashbacks here. I'm really curious to see what will happen from now, but judging from this chapter, Sasuke isn't even a threat to Konoha, given the fact Itachi already predicted it, and until now, Itachi's actions were perfect, that's why I believe his countermeasure hasn't any flaws.
OK then, see you next week!

June 08, 2008, 01:18 AM
overall, really good chapter. thanks for the review, pat :)

i agree with you that the panel of itachi crying was a very emotional moment. it definitely made me a bit teary. and to see him also smiling in the same chapter? awesome. i have to say, i really like him without the poker face. :amuse that whole flashback between itachi and naruto was also really nice. the conversation seemed to be a test of naruto's devotion to sasuke and itachi seemed to be satisfied with the results, giving him an unknown power that is sure to be essential to naruto's survival the next time he meets sasuke in combat. i'm guessing it's some sort of counter for sharingan or genjutsu. that seems pretty obvious, though. hopefully kishi will be a little more unpredictable with this one.

i don't think i'm as bugged by the timeskip back to konoha as you were. i'm not really concerned with the results of suigetsu vs kisame since this fight really only existed to let the brothers fight alone. the outcome isn't really important to the story. also, regarding the news of jiraiya's death, i'm inclined to say that konoha, or at the very least tsunade, may have already heard from the frogs. if so, they are probably just waiting to tell naruto since he's sure to become very emotional. and we all know when he gets emotional, disaster can happen. yamato will have to be on standby to make sure naruto doesn't go 4+ tails upon hearing the news.

June 08, 2008, 02:30 PM
Two small issues I have.

"Some of my power" could mean absolutely anything. More than likely, as most people have said, it's some kind of countermeasure against the bijuu extraction technique, something to tame the Kyuubi (which I personally would love), or something to hinder/seal/protect against the Sharingan. Even if it is some kind of "powerup", isn't it about time that somebody actually trusts in Naruto and gives him something he deserves? Hard work is a fantastic theme, but making a comrade out of a sworn enemy is a better plot element. Especially after we've had about 400 chapters of Naruto "working really hard", all for 3 techniques that he uses.

What you said about Itachi wanting a peaceful life for Sasuke in the light, "without hatred or revenge" is... completely against what Itachi has been literally drilling into Sassy's poor, raped little brain. Every opportunity Itachi has seen Sasuke, he's tortured into him the idea that hating, detesting, and seeking vengeance is the right thing to do when it came to Itachi himself. All of this portrayal of Itachi in this positive light is, for whatever reason, completely overshadowing all the terrible things he's done to Sasuke. It's either fanservice being done to remember Itachi, or showing just how completely insane his life had made Itachi. I believe it's the latter.

In short, Itachi force-fed his brother thoughts of darkness, revenge, and especially hatred. He realized that there was no peaceful road that Sasuke could walk, because he would eventually encounter Madara. So he "raised" him in the mostly ninja-logical way he thought to- turn the boy into a power-seeking, hatred-fueled monster that would eventually overthrow Madara like Itachi himself never could.

Other than that, keep up the good work :) I may get into this "chapter review" business pretty soon myself :D

June 08, 2008, 05:17 PM
I always read your reviews and enjoyed them, however this one feels kinda rushed (but then again, you said you had little time ;p)
Important key point that you didn't mentioned IMO is Sasuke activiating sharingan at age 7. It makes you look at The Land of the Waves arc from a different point. Although Sasuke activated it at young age, I believe he blocked it out (just like the memories) and he re-activated it at the battle vs Haku. But then again if you re-read the arc you dont see Sasuke being surprised when he activated the sharingan, unlike Obito
Ow, and the picture of Itachi with the tilted headband is a tribute of Kishimoto's initial Itachi's design. I'm glad he was able to re-incorporate it in the story.

June 08, 2008, 09:10 PM
Thanks for another review.

I can't believe I forgot about news of Jiraiya's death reaching Konoha, but thanks for bringing that up. I personally think that Tsunade doesn't know yet. I think that Kishi would have shown us at least that. I also think that Naruto will get news of it in the next chapter. I don't see how Kishi can keep it secret for much longer.

About Naruto's powerup, yeah you are right in that it doesn't fit Naruto's character. At least with the 9 tails he had to earn his right to control it's power. I can't say that I am disappointed though since Sasuke has been receiving powerups left and right. About what his power could be, I have no idea. I am guessing that Itachi gave half of it to Sasuke, and half to Naruto, so it may have relations with Sasuke. Something design to triumph the powers Itachi gave Sasuke.

About Naruto being a bunshin, remember that Itachi would have had the skill to recognize bunshins, and he wouldn't have gave his power without knowing whether or not it would have some effect. So either it does effect through kage bunshins, or that was the real Naruto. It is definitely not hard to imagine Naruto putting his real body on the line in searching for Sasuke.

Anyway great review as always. Thanks.

June 08, 2008, 09:41 PM
Thanks for the review.

I must say that your reviews have help me see a good side to this story. Because the last few chapters have made me really mad. But your reviews have kept me reading.

Now I believe it was the real naruto that encountered itachi. Cuz for a bunshin to make a stand to the person who is freakshly strong with no backup. And besides when naruto's bunshin found sasuke, the real naruto seperated from the group heading full speed towards that direction.

Also we found out that sasuke doesn't have EMS unless he developed another way to attain it, without the eye transfer itachi was talking about. One of the main reason why i was really pist off with kishimoto cuz his been powering sasuke so much and kept naruto on the back burner. But at least he manage to slip something in naruto's favor. And now we shall be pondering and guessing on wth did Itachi gave naruto.

June 09, 2008, 07:48 AM
hmmm,we didnt forgot about the key that Ji wanted naruto to get if anything happened to him,and somthing happened to him ,so naruto will know,if not by tsuna then buy the frog that came out out of ji as long as i remember,and this key will be powerup ,,,even must be a powerup beside the powerup in this last chapter,,right?

June 09, 2008, 08:55 AM
A counter against Sharingan is the most plausible option like you said; Let's think carefully: Sasuke now has a completely new Sharingan with unknown abilities, and just a guess, but if Amaterasu is one of its techniques, and Sasuke being able to use about 5 of them, Konoha is pretty much done, or even Tsukiyomi, where only a expert sharingan user is able to break it;

Then, if Sharingan is useless, Sasuke only can relies in his ninja skills, and with the powerup, Naruto can match with him.

But I'll accept anything but Naruto with Sharingan, and I don't think Kishimoto would do this...:/.

Yes, until now, the only thing Itachi did to Sasuke was to guide him into the darkness and revenge. But if Madara's story is really true, and Itachi loved Sasuke more than anything else, then, even if Itachi driven Sasuke into the dark path, I think he did it not because he wanted, but because was necessary;

No brother would desire such future, but Itachi was unable to do anything good to Sasuke in his actual state, then, here is where Naruto will pay a major role: like Sasuke, probably Itachi thinks that Naruto is too pure, and with this, he has the perfect weapon to save Sasuke from the darkness;

hopefully this week I'll have more free time to write the 404 review: by the time I published this review, was already 4 30 am, and my eyes were almost closing! but even so tired, the review is a must every week!

And thanks for the key points, probably just like the memories, Sasuke locked the sharingan, because even a single remembrance would be so painful!

at my POV, Kishimoto would be a little lost if he was to mix the stories: Pain, Sasuke and Madara are too much to write at the same time, and not only that, but even Konoha would be destroyed if a massive attack were to happen with the 3 of them; But I'm trusting in Kishimoto here, after the Itachi story, where he was so great to fit every detail correctly, I think he'll place the frogs in the most convenient moment!

regarding the powerup, maybe Itachi only gave the initial step about it, something like: I'll give the basis, and the rest is up to you. this way, Naruto still has the new powers, but must learn how to use it; And you're right about it: the new powerup isn't cheap, the majority of powers Sasuke obtained until now weren't by training, and probably the only way to match them is with the new powerup Itachi gave to Naruto;

After seeing all the comments, I'm inclined to think that Naruto was the real one. Like you said, that Naruto did too much to be just a clone, and I don't think Naruto developed so well his bunshins at the point where his clone can bear so much against a strong opponent like Itachi;

regarding the powerup, my only complain is the hard work issue; besides that, like I said to CupofDice, the new powerup is perfect to counter Sasuke's cheap techniques: I'm sure Sasuke doesn't know nothing about it, and he'll be very surprised when he finds out about it;

Yes, you're right here! if things keep going like I thinking, Naruto will be filled with great and powerful powerups!

About the key, I think it could be the most powerful one, but probably it will only be activated in a likely Pain arc, when the frogs reach Tsunade and Naruto finds out what really happened with Jiraya;

And now, with Itachi powerup, there's the possibility to even mix these powerups, and then Naruto would become a hell of fighter, which I think is necessary to defeat Pain, Madara or even Kabutomaru.

June 09, 2008, 06:31 PM
But I'll accept anything but Naruto with Sharingan, and I don't think Kishimoto would do this...:/.

*shudders at the thought of this* :iik i don't even consider naruto having sharingan an option. that's something that would probably make me drop the manga like a hot potato =/

June 09, 2008, 07:25 PM
*shudders at the thought of this* :iik i don't even consider naruto having sharingan an option. that's something that would probably make me drop the manga like a hot potato =/

I have to completely agree. Even in it's worst days, which for me has been most of part 2, I have never once considered dropping Naruto from my to read list, but if Naruto is given a sharingan that is the moment I stop reading.

By the way great review!

June 10, 2008, 12:12 AM
thx for the review

lol if naruto gets a sharingan, that'll be like Kishimoto's on crack and the whole story will just go to shot. I wouldn't mind him getting some cool space-time ninjutsu like the Fourth though, that'd be pretty useful!

I still dont think Madara told Sasuke the truth IMO, cos Madara's a sly manipulative bastard....

June 10, 2008, 01:15 AM
very good job man. Do you think that the power kishi gave Naruto is gonna be used?

Atobe the king
June 10, 2008, 07:42 AM
I enjoyed this review but im really suprised that you didn't analyze this

Sasuke had the SHaringan at 8...rather than awakening it with the battle with Haku.

June 10, 2008, 10:53 PM
Very good review Pat...As expected!!

I agree on everthing except Sasuke crushing Konoha, I believe he has an alternative plan. (I should really stop saying that, it is getting old. I apologize).

You are right on one thing, too much emotions and plot is way too slow. Makes me believe that when the war comes it will pure action with little or no Drama whatsoever. If it comes to Pein, it will be kill, crush and destroy. Since (hopefully) there will be no more drama-fests, we take them now one shot. Just be careful of hangovers :p.

It is funny how Kishi portrayed Sasuke and Itachi..

-Sasuke: the traiter, Villain with a heart, leader, excellent warrior with sharp instincts, he took the role of a human being who grieves his last family member. (which ironically he helped kill) And lastly the stupid boy bent on revenge (yet again).

-Itachi: genius, traitor (also), king (on his throne/chair in the hideout), supreme being ( with MS, Susanoo and Amaterasu), then weak/sick, and lastly he is a patriot. In the end Dead....

He seems to be building images/icons of some characters and then destroys them. Raising them on a pedestal and then knocking them down. So far only Konoha nin ( the goodies!) are safe from that treatment.

I think that in that way he adds realistic developpment to the characters, everyone struggles between what is right and what is wrong. Each one has his own burden, some (much) more than others. But in th end everyone must make sacrifice. Himself/herself or the collective...The internal struggles and the choices they make affect the entire world they live in.....

A 16 year old might be starting the fourth Shinobi war and another ending it. Cheers to Kishimoto for an excellent character developpment

June 12, 2008, 02:35 AM
You know, I disagree that Naruto changed anything of Itachi, there is a deeper reason. I think Naruto reminded Itachi of himself at that night when he left Sasuke to survive, I think he was greatly conflicted and afraid of what Sasuke would turn into through this event, especially after his death. With Naruto, he finally found another person that understood the brotherly connection he had with Sasuke and knew that he could pass on his work after his death.

Imagine Itachi's state, he already knows Madara is after converting Sasuke to the path of destruction, he knows his bro is a bit emo, he knows that he hasn't been hanging around with the right kind of people, and finally, he knows that his own end is about to come. But he sees that there are still people that are willing to put the same sacrifice and the same effort that he did. That, I think, is the reason Itachi smiles.

June 14, 2008, 12:43 PM
I have to completely agree. Even in it's worst days, which for me has been most of part 2, I have never once considered dropping Naruto from my to read list, but if Naruto is given a sharingan that is the moment I stop reading.

By the way great review!

I hope that will come to reality :D :D :D :D :D

I even posted a pic of Naruto with Mangekyou!
For all I know, Itachi probably gave Naruto a potential to awaken the ultimate-Sharingan because of his heritage.

Nine-tails <<-->> Sharingan
Another form of Mangekyou only obtainable by someone with nine-tails within themself.


June 15, 2008, 11:01 AM
First, people, I'm sorry to respond this so lately, but well, I couldn't ley all of you guys without answers!

I'm sure Naruto will use the new powerup, but Im' not sure if its use will be during the likely Konoha war, and my guess is Naruto will only use this powerup when fighting against Sasuke, probably it7s trigger must be Sasuke's new sharingan;

@Atobe the king
Yes, sorry for forgetting this important detail, but in the hurry, some things were out in this review, hehe!
But don't worry, in the upcoming ones I won't forget about such details!

Yes, you're right about Sasuke's true goal, now we figured out he's only after the Konoha leader, and I I must say, Tsunade will be in your list too;
And yes, Kishimoto is spending all of his efforts in these developments, but if one person must take the throne in development aspect, this person is Itachi: From just an ordinary villain in part 1, to the greatest savior in part 2; but how was he built? throught burden and sadness; Kishimoto gave the most painful life to a kind and honored man; joining all of this and we have a beautiful, yet, sad development...

Well, probably Itachi was a Naruto with great determination and motivation; and being the great genius we know, Itachi probably knew about Naruto's feelings toward Sasuke, and if one person can bring Sasuke again for the light, this person is no other than Naruto, and like you said, Nruto is able to use the same ammount of sacrifice to save Sasuke;