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June 08, 2008, 03:35 AM
So amazingly enough there is not a thread devoted to theories and speculation guessing the history of the Navy's ranked officers.

It is safe to assume that there has only ever been one Fleet Admiral at any given time, but is it safe to assume that the Navy has only ever had 3 Admirals at a given time?

We know that currently there are only 3 admirals, it very well might have been 4 at one time. Who is to say that a high ranking officer has not gone defunct and left the Navy? We have seen Saul a Vice Admiral flee his post and go rogue, maybe an Admiral has or other Vice Admirals who are still living in the OPverse to this day.

Going along with the traitor vein, who were the Admirals before the current Admirals? Are they dead, have they been promoted to higher posts? We know Sengoku was promoted, but what of the other 2? Maybe one went rogue and allowed Aokiji or Akainu to fill that void.

Maybe someone from either the Shichibukai or Yonkou were once members of the Navy and held high ranking positions due to their strength.

Who was the Fleet Admiral before Sengoku?

Do you think any members of the Gorōsei used to serve as high ranking Naval officers? They fit the age bill, and do rule over the Navy. Plus they have scars to show they have been through a few battles.

Well go ahead and start speaking your mind.

June 18, 2008, 12:10 AM
Well judging by the chap 504 spoilers...........kizaru is most probably one of the admirals during roger's time.

Kizaru referred sengoku as ''sengoku-san''. n the bottom half of his face looks pretty old. Sengoku is a given as an admiral. The other former admiral would be Garp. He CORNERED Roger many times in the past, and judging by his superhuman strength n constant appearance beside sengoku would imply that he was an admiral but stepped down.

Well my theory is that the former admirals were Garp/Sengoku/Kizaru. Garp stepped down to allow Dragon to succeed him n Sengoku was promoted opening up the slot for Aokiji. Originally, Kizaru had also stepped down for Akainu. However when Dragon betrayed the world Govt., he reclaimed the position as Admiral due to lack of manpower.

The part about Dragon is based on a theory that he learned about the evil ways of the Govt. while he was an admiral n turned against them. Thus earning the title of the ''most wanted criminal'', starting a revolution to overturn the World Government in his own ''justice''

June 18, 2008, 12:25 AM
That would be a very good idea if all the ages connect well I think. Im wondering, are Aokiji, Akainu, and Dragon all near the same ages?

Kizaru, and Sengoku could all be near the same ages with Garp being slightly older since he could possibly have a child(Dragon) Aokiji's age.