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June 08, 2008, 03:48 AM
Helltroll's Short and Meaningless Review on Fairy Tail 89

I - Introduction

Long times no see folks.
It’s been a long time since I last published one of my Fairy Tail reviews and I have yet to apologize. I wanted to do a double review since I was unable to do so last week due to some school matters concerning the last exams this semester. But this was not wasted time as I already got the first marks back and scored very well so let’s celebrate this with a brand new review for our beloved series by Mashima-sensei.
And one more thing: Since I failed to deliver my thoughts on the last chapter to you I will try to review parts of the previous chapter while doing this. But enough talk, let’s start:

II - Review

Their first meeting…

After our looks drift away from the yet again amazing (and coloured) cover featuring Lucy and Natsu in the jungle, we take a look at Fairy Tail eight years ago and a little Gray arguing with Kana over her fortunetelling and her (for him) false readings into his future. Apparently Gray complains about that despite Kana’s prediction that this day would be brilliant he’s having bad luck. I personally loved this scene since it shows the bonds between Fairy Tail members that doesn’t get this much screen time and provides us with a little more background of Gray in his younger days. His relationship with Kana seems to be deep and I hope we could see more from her someday since she seems to have an interesting magic. But after these words are spoken a pair of little feet is entering the guilds house. Erza finally arrives at the guild and seems to be the centre of attention right away which even ends the conflict between Gray and Kana. As we proceed through the chapter we can see that Gray first seems to be very reserved towards Erza which is contrasted right after that as we see him running and searching for Shou.

Something just seems not be alright.

He then walks right into yet another battlefield where Natsu was battling Fukurou before he got eaten and where Fukurou is now ruling the place. As Gray witnesses the beaten up Happy, the shivering Simon and Fukurou he first asks why they aren’t searching for Shou showing once again his caring side for Erza, which seems to be fairly strong right now. Simon answers that he got “a little held up” which seems to excite Gray even further concerning the fact that they don’t have much time: As he explains Gerald seems to be a very strong person, knowing only the fact that Erza is scared of him, and since she is trapped by Shou’s card magic she will be a very easy target for him. After Gray’s analysis (which is pretty good), Simon admits that they shouldn’t have told Shou the truth in this moment while Happy points out that Fukurou ate Natsu. Now Gray is really angered and calling Natsu a “Flaming Idiot” provoking only further teasing by Fukurou who claims that Natsu will be completely digested in 10 minutes. This could be one of the explanations why Simon is this much feared of Fukurou: To absorb the magical power of his opponents grants him nearly an infinite potential in magic capacity, magic variety and overall power. The otaku may notice a slight reference to Bleach, where Espada Nr. 09 (with a damn horrible name I won’t spell here) possessed a soul cutter named Gluttony which had kind of the same power.

Go for it, tiger!

After these words Gray loses it and claims to defeat Fukurou attacking one of his most used moves: Ice Make: Lance. This is however countered with Natsu’s Fire Dragon Roar Fukurou can use since Natsu’s in his stomach as Simon explains to Gray. After that we can see that Gray’s ice seems to be no match for Natsu’s flames, which possess such a great power that even Fukurou, who is currently using a magic foreign to him, could destroy expert ice magic. Some may say that as Fukurou states, ice has lost while facing fire, but I think that it still takes a lot of power to destroy really good made ice like the one Gray is creating. Also Fukurou seems to notice this: As he’s engulfing Gray in flames (not much to his comfort) he reminds Gray of the potency of Natsu’s flames while using more flames trying to damage Gray severely.

It’s hard to make friends even in a guild.

As Gray is engulfed by the flames he remembers his past where Erza, despite being in Fairy Tail, was refusing to talk with other guild members (even the adorable Kana :] ). Gray however tries to change this being therefore the first person who wants to establish a bond with her after the “incident” at the tower. He therefore kicks away the chair and asks her why she is wearing an amour only causing her to make him look like a fool before the while guild calling him a pervert. This little memory seems to give him more power as he now freezes the flames - much to everyone’s surprise. He then explains the point I was making a few sentences before as he says that Fukurou’s flames aren’t nearly close as effective as Natsu’s which isn’t a surprise. He simply doesn’t have the experience with Natsu’s magic, not to mention the fact that Dragon slayer is an ancient magic only taught to a few and possibly very difficult. But this doesn’t seem to concern Fukurou (maybe due to the lack of knowledge?) as he now takes interest in Gray’s power which he claims to be splendid.

Please feed my mommy!

Much to everyone’s surprise Fukurou dashes into the direction of Gray with his amazing speed he possesses and tries to eat him just like Natsu in the chapter before. Gray however is aware of the weak point this “technique” has and proceeds to cool Fukurou of by creating ice around his face. After that our ice mage prepares for his final attack claiming that they don’t have the time to mess around with him and remember yet another scene from eight years ago. We see little Gray bleeding from his nose as he got his ass wiped once again by Erza as the other members claim. One even comments about Gray being persistent and asks if he has a crush on Erza which he promptly denies. The other than proceed to discuss about Erza’s strength which they found quite respectable, some even coming to the conclusion that she will could be one of the most powerful members in the future causing Gray to shout that he could never except her as one his nakamas. This may be the negative climax for the relationship between Erza and Gray shown in this chapter: Gray developed up until this moment mostly negative feelings for Erza as she is kicking his ass every time he challenges her and seems to be teasing him often. He however is unable to understand Erza’s past at the moment and is therefore unable to handle her the right way. We then take a look at Gray in the present claiming to take Erza back which is a wonderful contrast to the earlier panel.
Now we are going to witness his change in feelings towards Erza as he tries to beat her once again eight years ago.

Hunted by the ghosts of her past.

As Erza is turning to Gray after noticing him, he can see her crying which seems to confuse him. She however wipes away her tears talking about Gray never giving up. After that she asks him if he is ready which he denies followed by the question of surrender. Gray, who is still confused by Erza, askes her why she’s always on her own. Erza answers this question by explaining that she prefers to be alone since people around her make her feel uneasy showing the fear she has to loose people near to her. Even Gray seems to understand this as he asks her why she then sits alone crying causing even Erza to hold her breath. This is one of my favourite parts in this chapter since it shows:
- The effect the tower incident has on Erza: She has developed the habit to wear an armour and prefers to be alone to prevent her from the emotions that come with friends (positive and negative)
- Gray’s feelings towards Erza: At first he tried to get close to her but was always rejected leading to a negative attitude towards her which is redeemed in this scene.
We then leave the past to witness the final between Fukurou and Gray as they both prepare their attacks in rage. But this isn’t going to help Fukurou since Gray is bursting with anger and all the other emotions from the past and the present leading to his finisher: Septuple Combo, a mighty ice attack which defeats Fukurou, frees Natsu and seems to enlighten Happy. As he proceeds the attack, Gray summarizes that Erza was always alone and kept people from lowering her pain be wearing an armour not only out- but also inside of her little self.

This man speaks the truth.

He then claims that Erza has to be with Fairy Tail since it is the only place that contains the friends and warmth she need. And with a look at the amazed Simon and the unconscious Natsu and Fukurou we are leaving the world for this week.

III – Key Points

- Grays relationship with Kana and Erza.
- The emotional aspect of the fight.
- The ultra cool panel at page 13.
- Natsu hasn’t used up all his stamina.

IV – Summary & Predictions

And yet again I’m writing the last sentences for one of my reviews and it feels good to be back at business. I was at first a little disappointed with the direction the past few chapters moved. But after analysing this chapter I felt that there are now great new possibilities for this arc: The fact that Natsu was taken out by surprise and Gray has to handle Fukurou prevents Natsu from using up alls his stamina before battling Gerald which he needs since Gerald seems to be a real badass. This fight was also a good possibility for the author to display Gray’s feelings towards Erza which came in comparison to Natsu a little short and the way it was handled was brilliant (it kind of reminded me at the Naruto vs. Sasuke battle in Naruto but this comparison wouldn’t be fair). It also very likely that Natsu will receive his power up while battling Gerald (which would be more dramatic). As for the next chapter title: Since there is only one member of the “mighty” assassin guild Skull Order left and we once again have many people out of fights I predict that Ikaruga will show herself to either Lucy and Jubia or Gray and the others trying to delay them as Natsu is heading to Gerald. But it is also possible (and more likely) that we will see something unexpected from her since she is the leader of Trinity Raven and therefore on another level.
Phew…I think this was my longest review up to day and I hope I could provide you with enough information to heat up your little Fairy Tail discussions. See you next week.
Yours sincerely,


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VI – Credits

Noizy Scanlations for their Scanlation.
The team at www.vgcats.com for this brilliant piece of humour.
Sahugani for the review layout I ripped so shamelessly.
And you, for enduring the masses of mistakes I made.

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