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June 08, 2008, 02:09 PM
Sahugani’s One Piece Review 502

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this chapter calls for a badass Luffy

How goes it, guys? Last week I said I might not get a review done for this week. This upcoming week is finals for me. However, now that real classes are now over and my last assignments and papers are turned in, I need this little distraction before I get down to studying. Also, thanks to Sai’s updated RAW of the chapter, we’ve got a great scan to work from. I’d also like to mention that for the first time in a while, we have some new goodness from the great and powerful JuniZorofan (http://youtube.com/user/JuniZorofan). In the current competition between the Santouryuu vs. Longnose Productions AMV groups (http://youtube.com/watch?v=H8PeL0wWEFU&fmt=18), our girl from Longnose is competing against MonkeyDAce (http://youtube.com/user/MonkeyDAce) from Santouryuu. Monkey’s entry is Reveille What You Got (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ8aEGuFdFY&fmt=18), a fast paced battle AMV revolving around the CP9 fights. Juni’s entry is Give It All To You (http://youtube.com/watch?v=ZeGE4jzQJDU&fmt=18), an emotion packed AMV about Skypiea with cuts to the story of Norland and Calgara. Watch them both and choose a favorite. The links I used go to the higher quality “…$fmt=18” versions so you can experience all the awesomeness (I’ll be doing this with any Youtube video links. Clicking links within Youtube won’t do this automatically, so just add &fmt=18 to any video and most will become higher quality). Okay, let’s get back to the One Piece manga and start the review. The pics in this review are from the scanlation by Akan and the title pic is a piece by Rusky-Boz (http://rusky-boz.deviantart.com/) over at DeviantArt, so check out the rest of her stuff later.

Extra Cash

as much as i love the cover-arc, i crave a new color spread soon

As we continue to wait around for a new color spread from Oda, the cover arc for the CP9 continues on. Lucci has gotten his medical treatment and it seems that the CP9 made more money than they needed in their little side jobs to pay the doctors. I guess with four groups all catering to different audiences, they were able to make a killing. As we see here, Kalifa and Kumadori have purchased new wardrobes for themselves with Lucci’s pidgin, Hattori, helping out. Kalifa seems to have gotten herself clothing from the Criminal line that Pappagg designed (identifiable by the star), which I think is a nice touch. One other very noticeable thing is that it is finally not raining in St. Poplar! I guess the idea of it being a city of perpetual rain and the term “Spring Queen” referring to April showers must be rethought. If we take it literally, there could actually be a Queen on this island that the CP9 will meet. I guess we’ll find out eventually.

The Worst Arrives


Now that the auction is more than half over, the most repulsive of the Tenryuubito that we have seen, Chalros, finally arrives. Outside the building, we see the gigantic creature that Chalros’s father, Rosward, led with a chain. I’m starting to think that that creature might be one of the minkmen that were referred to on the auction house list in the last chapter. He is definitely a humanoid slave and not a mere pet since he has a slave collar. Only beings that can understand the meaning of an explosive collar would be able to fear it. At the same time though, he does not seem human and appears more beast-like. Back on topic, once Chalros arrives, he gets pissed at his slave for making him late and tells his attendant to sell the beaten man off. As he walks in, he expresses his desire to buy a mermaid to his attendant, quite clearly foreshadowing what is about to happen later in the chapter. He is also picking his nose while he does so, making it clear that the orbs around the heads of the Tenryuubito are the flexible bubbles common in Shabondy rather than an actual glass helmet. I’m probably just being nitpicky, but since it was revealed that Luffy could enter a bubble safely and even ride a bubble bike from inside, the bubbles clearly allow the passage of air. Since the entire purpose of the Tenryuubito helmets are to prevent them from breathing the same air as commoners, this means there must be a way to treat the bubbles to maintain flexibility but make it impermeable to air passage. Anyways, as he makes his way to the seat, all groups around take notice. Even as an auction house employee kindly and respectfully greets him, he continues being rude. Although all the Tenryuubito are despicable, at least Chalros’s father and sister maintain a certain level of sophistication, class, and grace when dealing with “respectful commoners” as opposed to this prick who treats everyone like dirt.

Life or Honor

that has to be a painful way to go down

As Chalros makes his appearance, another slave is announced by the Disco. This time it is a somewhat ragged pirate captain worth 17 million beli. Out of nowhere he starts to bleed from his mouth, terrifying the very sheltered individuals in the audience. Even from the very back, Sanji was able to see or at least make an educated guess at what happened. The pirate bit his own tongue in order to make himself bleed to death. Since escape was not an option due to the explosive collar around his neck, his only two choices were death or a pitiful life as a slave to the nobles. Compared to the humiliation he would suffer going from a pirate captain to a mere servant, the option of dying at least allowed him to make his final act in life be a death of his own choosing. Since he had been shackled and chained, he had no way of causing himself physical harm with his hands. The only ways he could conceivably harm himself at this point was death by the explosive collar or biting his own tongue. Although the first option is a quicker and less agonizing death, it would mean that he died at the will of his captors. Biting his own tongue took the option of choice away from the nobles and put it back in his own hands.

The Grand Prize

that looks very easy to just roll over and break the glass

After taking the dead or near dead pirate off the stage and giving a false explanation of the events in order to calm the nobles, Disco puts Caimie up as the next item for sale. He makes sure to build up the tension in the room before finally unveiling the top item of this month’s auction. Pappagg is overcome with emotion at the sight of her and Hachi is surprisingly collected and eager to win her back “legally”. Nami is ready to act as the Strawhat representative for the bidding and had she actually been given the opportunity to bid on her, she likely could have played it smart and bought her with money to spare. Caimie sees her friends up in the back and becomes excited that they came as she said they would. Unfortunately, Chalros is so excited by the prospect of buying a mermaid that he bids 500 million immediately, completely ignoring the entire point of how things are bought at auctions. Even his father shows some embarrassment at how irresponsible his son is with money. Although the Tenryuubito are blessed with basically unlimited funds and are given a free ride on all legal matters, they still have an image to maintain as nobility. It is somewhat humiliating to have an idiot in this noble bloodline. However, there are no actual consequences for having an idiot child since their status as nobility is not earned but given to them by the government, so no matter what Chalros does, the family does not lose any power or status. With this in mind, Rosward is slightly annoyed but not so much that he tries hard to convince Chalros to stop being an idiot. With Chalros’s bid exceeding the maximum amount the Strawhats had to bid with by 300 million, the plan they thought was relatively solid has now been shattered. Even Caimie, who can’t hear anything outside of her fishbowl, can sense the tension on the faces of her friends and knows that something has gone horribly wrong. Chopper turns to Sanji, the Strawhat’s leading strategist, to find a solution but even the Black Leg is stumped. Hachi, who up until now has remained fairly level-headed about the whole issue of Caimie’s kidnapping, has decided to resort to violence to get things done despite the concerns of Pappagg. At this point though, there is apparently no other option since “legally,” Caimie is now the property of Chalros.

Best Entrance

lets see Kidd top that

As Hachi is about to start rampaging and the sale of Caimie to Chalros becomes final, Kidd figures that any chance for interesting buys is now out of the window and decides to leave. However, upon hearing a distant yelling, he pauses momentarily and watches as Luffy and Zoro crash through the roof with a flying fish rider and his steed. As usual, Luffy ignored all logic and decided that the fastest way to get into the auction house was to crash right into it rather than park and enter through the doors. Its seems that on the way there, Luffy noticed Zoro on Grove 2 and gave his first mate a ride to Grove 1, where Zoro still thought the Sunny was docked. Besides the Strawhats, Hachi, and Pappagg, the only one in the auction house to recognize the face of the Strawhat captain is Kidd. The leading supernova had wanted to see his fellow 300 million class pirate to judge if the rumors of his idiocy are true, but he was clearly not expecting something this random and truly stupid. As Zoro’s interaction a couple chapters back showed us, there is supposedly an understanding among all pirates here that although the entire idea of being a pirate goes along with ignoring the rules set by the World Government, the Tenryuubito are an exception. No harm is to come to them even inadvertently since doing so would bring the wrath of an admiral. It was unfathomable to Kidd that even the rumored idiot, Strawhat Luffy, would risk harming the nobles by entering in such a fashion.


Run away!

Now inside, Luffy takes immediate notice of Caimie. Since he is completely unaware of the failed plan the others had cooked up and remains completely oblivious to the type of people who currently surround him, he runs right to her to set her free. That is merely Luffy’s simple logic. He sees Caimie, knows she must be rescued, and so the simplest route to her savior is to just go and release her from imprisonment. Before he can make it far though, he is stopped by Hachi, who had ironically just been about to go himself to save her by force. He brings up the exploding collar dilemma that Pappagg had just moments before used to stop him, but Luffy doesn’t concern himself with this detail. In trying to hold back the Strawhat captain, Hachi is forced to bring his concealed arms to increase his strength, which reveals him to be an octopus fishman. This sight horrifies the various nobles around and they start screaming at the sight of him. As Luffy continues on toward Caimie, Hachi is paralyzed by the bigoted comments being shouted at him from these sheltered racists. They see him as nothing more than a sea monster and are afraid that mere contact might infect them with something. Since fishmen are prized goods in the slave market, they clearly don’t show these same fears as long as an explosive collar is attached to them. Once they are made into slaves, the knowledge that any action they might take against humans would result in swift and painful retribution allows the nobles to feel comfortable around them. Fishmen without such collars though are considered to be wild beasts who could attack them with no provocation. Eventually, Pappagg makes his way to Hachi’s side and advises that they flee and leave Caimie be for now. He deduces that they can find a way to save her later since leaving now is better than getting captured himself and forcing the Strawhats to save both a mermaid and a fishman.


He has no idea what he just unleashed

The commotion happening throughout the room is silenced in a single moment by the sound of a gunshot. Amidst the confusion, Chalros has drawn his gun and shot Hachi. After the moment passes, various reactions erupt from different corners of the room. Caimie, who despite her inability to hear what is going on, was fully capable of watching her guardian and best friend be shot in an attempt to save her. Understandably, she quickly turns from shock to panic as she disregards her current situation and concerns herself only with his life. The nobles breathe a sight of relief since in their minds, Chalros has saved them from a rampaging fishman that would have killed them all if left alone. Chalros is ecstatic and enjoying his moment of being a hero while netting himself a free fishman slave. As a man who up until now has had everything given to him, he feels as though this is an instance of him earning something for himself. In many cultures, a boy’s first time killing something on a hunt is considered the moment that he becomes a man. This is a feeling that is in current times passed on to many families of hunting enthusiasts around the world. For Chalros, this is a similar feeling as he feels that this action of shooting a beast has made him a man in the eyes of his family. Finally, the last group worth mentioning is the Strawhats, who are simply shocked, having never seen such disregard for life being so accepted by the public. The first of them to break this shock is Luffy, who stops his barrel run towards Caimie and walks back up the steps towards Hachi.

Octopus Tears

Hachi should know by now. for the sake of a friend, all bets are off

As Luffy passes by the octopus fishman, Hachi grabs him and tries to stop him from doing what he knows will happen. He reiterates the promise he forced Luffy to make upon entering Shabondy that under no circumstances is he to fight with the nobles. He says to simply let it go since he brought this on himself. The Strawhats have already gone through so much trouble due to him and he does not want to be the cause of any more. His intention from the very beginning was to atone for the injustices he committed to Nami as a part of Arlong’s crew even if he knew his crimes were too severe to ever be forgiven by her. He was deeply moved by the fact that despite his former actions, the Strawhats were able to treat him as an ally and even a friend. Time and time again, the Strawhats have shown generosity towards him that he felt was completely undeserved given his past with them. In his mind, being shot by Chalros is a just punishment for his life that has been one mistake after another and opportunities to make things right that he has let slip away. The last thing he wants to do at this point is to be the cause of any more trouble to be laid on the kind and generous Strawhat crew. While I doubt that any readers of One Piece doubted that Hachi was forgiven by the Strawhats, this speech makes it official. He is not the same man he was back in Arlong Park. He is undoubtedly a friend and ally now and as such, the sin of harming him cannot go unpunished.

Last Straw

that was satisfying

Though he hears Hachi’s words, Luffy does not accept the conclusion that anything about the current situation can be considered just. Despite the fact that the other Strawhats know what Luffy is about to do and know that it will bring the wrath of an admiral upon them, they stand their ground as they know this is something that must be done. Besides them, the only one who can comprehend Luffy’s intention is Kidd and even he is stunned by the thought of it. Finally, as Chalros goes to shoot Hachi one more time, Luffy punches the Tenryuubito at full force. As we all know, this action, though completely justified in a moral sense, is something that not even the other supernovae had the guts to do. According to the special rules of this archipelago, an admiral will be called from Marine Headquarters to personally get revenge for the felled noble. There is the possibility that due to the special circumstances of the government currently declaring war on Whitebeard, there aren’t any admirals currently available to fight. However, there has been such a big deal made regarding this rule that it would be a bit of a disappointment for anyone lower than the rank of admiral to be deployed.

Regarding the deployment of an admiral to Shabondy, there are a few things to consider. Although I have said before that Luffy being the one to hit a Tenryuubito might lead to the other supernovae bearing too much of a grudge to ally with him, if an admiral is really the opponent, I think it is all the more reason that there must be an alliance in the end. It is still too early for the Strawhats to fight an admiral on even ground since there is still the entire New World journey for them to get stronger. With powerhouses such as Rayleigh and most of the supernovae already established as being at least somewhat honorable, an alliance not only evens the odds against an admiral but makes a fight against anything lower seem pathetic. As for who will be deployed, my guess is Kizaru. Akainu has already been hinted to be the ultimate supporter of “absolute justice” and so he is set to be among the most villainous people in the World Government. When his arc comes to be the opponent, he will start his own battle with the Strawhats rather than be summoned as in this case. Ao Kiji is also obviously not an option as he is too likable to be the actual villain of an arc. Add to this the possibility hinted by the silhouette in an earlier chapter of the arc that Kizaru may already be on Shabondy and it makes this even more possible.

There is also the matter of how Luffy’s action affects the initial goal of saving Caimie. As it has been pointed out on multiple occasions, Caimie has been fitted with the exploding collar, so Disco holds her life in his hands and if threatened by the Strawhats, can kill her on a whim. There are still a number of factors though that affect how this situation will be resolved. First of all, there are still three Strawhats that have yet to arrive and they happen to be the ones best equipped to deal with freeing Caimie. Robin can stop Disco from using the detonator, Usopp can attack from long range or use a smokescreen, and Brooke can get Caimie out of there faster than the others. The other wildcard is Rayleigh, who clearly has the power to help should he decide to and also has two decent motives to. First of all, he has already shown affection for Caimie and if it comes down to Disco detonating the collar, there is a good chance he’d intervene to save her. His power is such that even if Disco detonated his collar, he’d likely be unharmed and would be free to save Caimie. His other motive is watching Luffy pull off something no one but Roger would have the guts to do. As I have said before, the significance of Rayleigh being the first acquaintance of Roger’s to be announced early in the arc rather than at the end means that Luffy’s similarity to the pirate king will actually spark the former pirate’s actions during the arc. Though the first option seems more logical, I like the second one better since I want to see Rayleigh in action. We’ll just have to wait and see what Oda decides.


This was yet another stellar chapter from Oda-sensei. The final page with Chalros getting his well deserved punch to the face alone was enough to satisfy any reader. In addition to that, Hachi’s speech was extremely touching and takes its place among the many great emotional moments of the series. The only things I would have liked to see were reaction frames from Law and Rayleigh, though I’m sure Oda held back from these on purpose so that their reactions could be saved for further development in the next chapter. Rayleigh’s role in the next few chapters is likely to be significant and so it is better not to spoil his opinion on Luffy’s punch. As for Law, if I’m right about his manipulative nature, his reaction to Luffy’s punch would be curiosity rather than shock and would thus not fit very well with the other reactions seen in this chapter and would have broken the tension somewhat. Although I wanted to see these two, I understand the value of keeping them out and am glad Oda did so. On a final note, expect me to either be very happy or pretty gloomy depending on how my finals go.

June 08, 2008, 04:11 PM
Good review man!!
Why would they sell a 17 mil pirate for a lower price (considering that he is only human) if they could hand him over to the WG??
I think Hacchi is more of a boyfriend material to Caime than a dear friend (witch he also is of course) and that explains her reaction better!
I know that this is kind of a turn off, but IMO this whole "admiral comes to the rescue" thing was made up to prevent attacks on the nobles... so when nothing happens now, the people on the island will go ballistic on all the others and that will be the end of it!! im saying that because i dont want an admiral to come now... if one of them is defeated before the new world even start, the WG will have no power to counter the SH.... much less the yonkou....
I didnt like this chapter as much as the others of this arc... it took to long for something exiting to happen
good luck on ur finals

June 08, 2008, 04:30 PM
Awesome review! :D Took you a while though.. :p It just occured to me that just as you said, maybe an Admiral isn't really avialable atm, with all of the big things going on, so maybe a vice-admiral will be sent instead. And a vice-admiral is already on his way to shabondy from his own free will - Garp. I forbid some high tension-action with garp this arc, since he has some business with both Rayleigh, and now the Tenryuubito.

And about Rayleigh and Law's reactions.. It's what I thought exactly. I'm looking forward to the next chapter to see if Oda chooses to show us Rayleigh's reaction and comparing Luffy to Roger. It would be awesome! xD

Why would they sell a 17 mil pirate for a lower price (considering that he is only human) if they could hand him over to the WG??

That's something that I also thought and brought up in my review (give it a check if you please :p ). My assumption is that they don't sell it for a lower price (since it doesn't make any sense), and that the starting price is the bounty price.

June 08, 2008, 04:56 PM
As Chalros makes his appearance, another slave is announced by the Disco. This time it is a somewhat ragged pirate captain worth 17 million beli.There is something that has intrested me about that pirates death. Although i havent re-read the past chapters (lack of time), im assuming that the Charlos has become the first named character that has died in OP (excluding flashbacks :p)? I would think this doesnt bode well for either ace or whitebeard, since i now can really see one of them dying in the coming conflict. Before it was more of "oda doesnt kill so why should he start now" reason for them not dying, but to me it now seems even more likely. Or I might be taking such a little thing out of context. XD

Btw, good luck on the finals, and thanks for another amazing review. :thumbs

True Blade
June 08, 2008, 10:56 PM
There is something that has intrested me about that pirates death. Although i havent re-read the past chapters (lack of time), im assuming that the Charlos has become the first named character that has died in OP (excluding flashbacks :p)? I would think this doesnt bode well for either ace or whitebeard, since i now can really see one of them dying in the coming conflict. Before it was more of "oda doesnt kill so why should he start now" reason for them not dying, but to me it now seems even more likely. Or I might be taking such a little thing out of context. XD

Btw, good luck on the finals, and thanks for another amazing review. :thumbs

I don't think Charlos is dead. I know Luffy hits like a truck propelled by rocketfuel riding a meteor, but he's not the killing type, and I doubt a blunt trauma blow is gonna kill anyone in One Piece.

Great review, btw! I didn't really pay too much attention to Kidd in this chapter, but you pointed out his reactions... they were pretty interesting! I do wonder what role he'll ultimately play.

June 09, 2008, 02:51 AM
I think Imperium mixed up the pirate captain and the world noble.. Seriously imperium, read all the last chapters.. :s

June 09, 2008, 04:13 AM
I think Imperium mixed up the pirate captain and the world noble.. Seriously imperium, read all the last chapters.. :sIm sorry, i was quite sleepy when i wrote that. XD I meant the pirate catain laclieva, you're right. :p

June 09, 2008, 12:43 PM
Great review as always Sahu. I do think it's worth pointing out again the unquestioning support the other Strawhats give to Luffy as he does what needs to be done. I think this speaks to how far their trust in Luffy has progressed. They have seen Luffy beaten outright only once, and even knowing that his actions will bring a foe of similar power, they still stand by his decision. Indeed, even the two most cautious members, Sanji and Nami, don't say a word, except for Nami, who's concern is for Hachi rather than Luffy.

Though, I do think that it is a bit early for a real confrontation with an Admiral, and likely that Raleigh will prevent it from turning into a real battle. The other (unlikely) option, if we find out that Kiazaru is notably weaker than the other Admirals, would be for a full alliance to take him down, opening up a slot for a certain Marine Commodore that we know is aiming for the top himself.

June 09, 2008, 05:01 PM
Great review as always!
This arc feels like it is going to have HUGE repercussions on the entire One Piece world, like Water 7 or Alabasta. I don't think it is going to be quite as long as Thriller Bark, though. The real finale of this saga will be on Fishman Island.

June 10, 2008, 01:25 PM
alright. one last big post until finals are done

@Raysen_ht - as Absolutio says, i'd assume that for bountied pirates, the bidding starts at their bounty price. for these sales, part of the purpose of buying them is to treat them like trophies where the nobles can brag about how their slave was famous. as for the admiral stuff, i might be inclined to agree with you if it weren't for the massive build-up the idea of fighting an admiral has had. i think it is definitely still on the table that Oda could replace the admiral with someone else, but at the same time, he'll build up that replacement to come close to matching an admiral so we don't get a drop in expectation.

@Absolutio - first of all, nice review man. as for the idea of a vice-admiral, i can't say i'm too crazy about the idea since as i said, Oda has put a lot of build-up into the idea of an admiral and so i can only see him following through with that top rank or shifting the enemy to a third party somehow such as a bounty hunter. i don't see a vice-admiral as the villain though

@Imperium - i wouldn't look too into the death or apparent death of the pirate captain as being a prelude to Oda actually killing off characters. Oda has an issue with killing off main characters or arc-relevant characters, but for characters as minor as this guy, this trend isn't really applicable. i agree that either Ace or Whitebeard will be the first major character to die, but that will be a long way off

@True Blade - as things have progressed, i have also grown more curious about Kidd. he is turning out quite a bit less reckless and needlessly evil than i originally thought him to be and he's turning into a bit more of a wild card as to what role he will play. i still think that Law is more interesting, but Kidd is rising up my list

@Mooncrow - the trust in the captain is a major thing in the Strawhat crew. while they are more than willing to put their foot down when it comes to his little whims, when it comes to decisions of what is morally right, they all put their full faith in his decision regardless of the consequences. regarding the admiral stuff, i'm currently in the camp that an admiral like Kizaru will indeed come but Luffy will prevail with the help of Rayleigh, the Supernovae, or both. i have also been thinking that Smoker will at some point take the role of admiral and for that to happen, a slot must be opened up

@pirate-hitman:L - really? i get the feeling that this will be longer. we're still unsure whether Shabondy will be considered a separate arc from Fishman Island, which would affect the length, but in either case, i think there is more ground to cover here than there was in Thriller Bark. we have the supernovae, the former Roger's first mate, an apparent admiral fight, the toppling of the Tenryuubito from power and we haven't even gotten too far into this arc yet. i do agree though that this arc will have enormous consequences in the One Piece world

June 10, 2008, 01:28 PM
This week's OP will have the colourpages you're waiting for.

June 10, 2008, 11:08 PM
I imagine one thing one thing only a short black guy walking over to the noble dude and saying "YOU GOT KNOCK THE F*** OUT!!" and take jacking the guy's wallet anyway Luffy's under normal circumstances would have stepped knee deep into an admiral ass whooping but with the marines probably on guard after the announcement of Ace's execution they probably won't be bothered by that if the nobles had the power in the first place