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June 24, 2008, 04:11 PM
Helltroll's Short and Meaningless Review on Fairy Tail 91

I - Introduction

Hello fellow readers!
Once again I wasn’t able to deliver you guys my weekly review and I’m terribly sorry about that. Some private circumstances made it impossible for me to write enough and publish. I therefore apologize deeply to you guys. This is also my fifth review which enables me to bear the title as an official chapter reviewer and I’m very honoured to see that my review still receive a good amount of views (though I sometimes wish for more comments). But enough with the chitchat: Let’s start this review.

II - Review

I am serious assassin. This is serious threat.

After we took a look at the latest cover made by Mashima-sensei inspired by one of his former (and quite long) works called Rave Master we proceed to look at the scene we witnessed one week ago: Erza and Shou are shocked to see the impressive sword skills Ikaruga had just shown them slicing cards into two parts and even destroying Erza’s armour. Shou realized that Ikaruga’s is insanely fast as even Erza couldn’t avoid the strikes which is once again shows her fearsome sword skills. She is also very confident in regards to her strength and mastery of sword techniques as she starts to tell Erza in a more than delighted tone that she was able to slice her clothes because Erza “didn’t pay attention”. This is in fact only partially true since Erza was paying attention but didn’t imagine meeting an opponent of this level which she has realized by now. Erza provoked by this speech takes on her serious face starting de facto the real battle much to Ikaruga’s enjoyment and under Shou’s monitoring (the fact that he is still there and paying attention may be important later on). After that we proceed to the real fight as Ikaruga claims to be not just a mere passer-by followed by Erza declaration of battle that she is her enemy. Simultaneous they change their stance, Ikaruga drawing her sword again while Erza uses The Knight exquipping two blades.
After that Ikaruga proceed to make the next attack in this fight being so kind to announce this.

Just one word: awesome!

Out beloved Erza’s enemy now rushes ahead starting the sword clash. Erza counters this move and after some sword slashes she unleashes one of her magic attacks: Tenrin: Circle Sword. We already know that these attacks are some of Erza’s strongest since she used Tenrin Blumenblatt to defeat Aria with one strike in chapter 58 and it seems that Erza’s wants to end this as soon as possible (which is normal under the current circumstances). Ikaruga however only has a little smile and a counter attack for her: Mugetsu-Ryuu Yasha Senkuu, a quiet powerful attack which destroys Erza’s swords completely, much to everyone’s surprise. It is also quite interesting to see that this attack seems pretty normal for Ikaruga since she doesn’t need special preparations to launch this attack indicating once again what a high level opponent she is. And even more surprising is the fact that this attack still goes on destroying Erza’s armour completly, something that even Jose couldn’t do.

No second thoughts here…..

Erza and Shou once again are amazed by Ikaruga’s power, who launches her next attack going by the name Mugetsu-Ryuu Kurara-En. This time however Erza seems to be better prepared exquiping her destroyed armour to Flame Emperor Armour with a high fire resistance, which is the perfect counter for Ikaruga’s fire attack. But even with her additional resistance Erza is thrown against a wall faced with the brute force of Ikaruga’s attack. Ikaruga also notices this giving her credits for the quick exquip and her defense with a little smile on her face. Erza now proceeds to stand up again as the Flame Emperor Armour bursts leaving her once again in surprise. Ikaruga, who seems to find this fight rather boring up until now, teases her claiming that she shouldn’t expose herself in male company and that she should rather use her strongest armour. Shou seems to understand that Ikaruga isn’t fighting only near at her full strength and is therefore provoking Erza causing him to view her as a monster. Erza is now very angered agreeing with Ikaurage by showing her best armour: Purgatory Armour. But before she could even react Ikaruga already has already crushed her greatest defense once again showing that she is worth the title squad leader.

*UT voice on* UNSTOPPABLE!

After this devastating blow we see once again an astonished Erza and a hopeless Shou claiming that Erza can’t win. Ikaruga further underlines these feelings by ironically asking if that was really Erza’s strongest armour. As Erza falls she explains that none of Erza’s armours could beat her blade and that she should have understood this by now. Over all these pages we got now more than enough information about Ikaruga to characterize her as a very proud, selfish and arrogant woman, who seems to fight for hedonistic purposes and seems to enjoy battle. These characteristics along with her skill make her the deadliest opponent in the Trinity Raven and since she thinks that Erza knows this as well she offers her to surrender. But Erza once again stands up on her feet and glares at the ever smiling Ikaruga. Unwilling to surrender she changes once again to an outfit without armour and two swords which seems to surprise Shou and Ikaruga, who thought that Erza’s will was broken. But this surprise doesn’t last long as Ikaruga quickly explains that the new outfit consists simply of fabric clothes granting her no magic ability at all. After Shou hears this he is shocked to see that Erza tries to defeat an opponent who could destroy her strongest armour with ease with just normal clothes having lost all her “advantages” against Ikaruga in this fight. Erza however remains calm causing Ikaruga to say that she seems still to be underestimated by her even after her little show which indicates that ikaruga sees Erza as a broken being acting out of desperation. Shou also thinks this way screaming that he couldn’t understand why she isn’t using her armour’s anymore and that she is way stronger with them. Erza however claims that this is not true remembering the scene at the river we saw during Gray’s fight against Fukurou.

The other side…

We see once again Erza looking at the sun who is being asked by Gray why she was crying alone when being with other people make her uneasy. Erza then remembers the old man who belonged to Fairy Tail as well as her (former) nakama as she realizes that she failed to protect her friends and they were dying right before her eyes. We then got to see that Erza is walking away from Gray claiming that she was not crying, which is a lie not only to Gray but also to herself. She admits that she was always crying and she was always trying to seem stronger than she was locking her heart away behind armour – still crying. As the flashbacks ends we look at Erza holding her two swords in a offensive stance explaining that she hid in her armour because she was weak and that she could never take that armour off. Ikaruga notices this without a change in her believe saying that she will still slice her up even if she is naked. Erza however explains further that the armour didn’t gave her the safety she desired against the fear of loosing friends, but was blocking the piece that creates friendship – the heart. Fairy Tail however taught her the opposite giving her a life full of warmth and friendship. This is a very emotional part, since Erza now is in a phase of development which will most likely lead into some changes in her character and maybe her fighting style but most importantly her moral.

I’ve never doubted you Erza.

Ikaruga notices this too as she once again claims that Erza should prepare herself for the incoming attack of hers. And Erza is also pumped up having lost all her doubts screaming that she will change herself into strength indicating that she will with the maximum offensive amount she can pull off. And with that we were left of as the final stage of the battle starts.

III – Key Points

- Ikaruga’s strength and abilities.
- Erza’s change in her character.
- Amazing drawn fighting scenes.

IV – Summary & Predictions

Once again an amazing chapter! We saw the first part of an amazing fight with well drawn panels and a lot of emotions in it. The change in Erza’s character and the strength of Ikaruga shown up until now are also a perfect set-up for the final part of the battle as the fight against the only “non-fodder villain” of Trinity Raven is nearing his climax. In the following chapter I predict a nice and well-fitting ending to this fight with Erza defeating Ikaruga with her pure will and the power of friendship maybe showing some new skills. The current chapter also leads into the question of Erza’s future fighting style: Some of her armour’s are shredded and with her new found inner strength I predict that we will see some changes in her fighting style since the focus will likely fade a bit away from the armour as a symbol of her history and past emotions. I’m also very certain that we will switch to another place for a short time which will be either Gerald, Sieglein or one of our heroes as we proceed slowly to this arc’s final: The grand battle against Gerald and the occurring firing from Etherion.
I have once again to apologize for my lateness but some private manners are keeping me busy and I hope you could understand this. I’m also not sure if I could write a review to the next chapter since I’m in Poland for a week at Saturday.
Anyways, have fun reading Fairy Tail and don’t forget to leave some comments.
Yours sincerely,


V – Random funny comic.


VI – Credits

Noizy Scanlations for their Scanlation.
Cyanide & Happiness at www.explosm.net for this brilliant piece of humour.
Sahugani for the review layout I ripped so shamelessly.
And you, for enduring the masses of mistakes I made.

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I. Steal Underpants

Uchiha Pet
June 26, 2008, 11:20 AM
I am actually quite new the the FairyTail Manga - Only just recently caught up with it. I enjoyed your review was very insightful - Erza is my favorite character of the series so far always full of surprises. I look forward to reading your next review and will have to go back and read the other's you've written.

June 26, 2008, 12:59 PM
@Uchiha Pet: Nice. It's always good to the new ones popping up in the discussions. Erza is also one of my favorite characters. Her unique personality and her past are making her a very likeable (and fearsome) character and her interion with the other guild members is always entertaining. Unfortunately I won't be able to write a review until the next sunday but I hope you will be pass by again and comment ;)