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June 28, 2008, 03:27 PM
First off, I must say that I have always been a huge fan of Sahugani's works.
His sheer talent at writing awesome One Piece reviews had, on many occasions, rendered me into a state of comatosed awe.

When I read Sahu's post, I've decided to make a poor attempt of a review, in imitation of Sahu's impressive analytical ones.

Also, can anyone give me any advice on re-scaling the images?
Comments are kindly appreciated! Please! As much criticism as possible!

Penny's O.P Review 505

Wake-up call
What's this? Jyabura's eating parfaits?

It seems like Oda knows what his readers want to see: Lucci regaining consciousness. One thing I like to point is that Lucci's expression is one we have never seen before. It might seem like Lucci's wearing his typical "serious face", but I think reader can sense a hint of surprise. Due to his fully independent nature, Lucci must be shocked, waking in a hospital bed. As a *leading* member of the CP9, the cruel and unwavering hit-mob of WG, compassion must be something new. This may be the key in softening Lucci's heart (see Sahugani's theory on Lucci's possible alternate mindset).

Anyone up for "Hot Potatoes?"
Captain Obvious Strikes

Before this page, we get a scene where the three captains express their subtle way of admiration for their separate abilities. Luffy's comment "you have some crazy ability" is upped by Kidd's retort "yours is the weirdest one here". The marines finally realize that "cannons don't work", and fall back onto the default marine strategy: stall until the higher-ups come. Law, who knows the urgency of the situation (the coming of an admiral), goes berserk in rearranging the limbs and body parts of unfortunate marines that are in his newly set "room". Before that, the marines note that a body part (like a head) won't die and may still feel the pain the main body is feeling, which is like something out of a cheap zombie movie.

Magneto of OP Universe
Those nails/bolts on his face look painful

While the Dark Surgeon is practicing ("don't worry. it will all be over soon."), Luffy shows marines and co. his "arm of a giant". The marines, strangely, are not shown horribly mortified at all, which was surprising to me as a reader. Kidd's ability, which pulled away all the metallic weapons the marines possessed and other metallic trinkets, formed a giant metal hand with it (possibly in imitating Luffy, or showing Luffy that he can do the same). However, why would a giant meaty mallet not garner the same level of alarm as a giant metal mallet? Yet... in retrospect, I guess you can say that a huge hand made of rifles, wheels, cannons, and swords is hella badass.

Captains wreaking havoc
"Don't turn me into a keychain!" - Luffy

As each pirate captain is having his fun, all three pirate crews emerge from the broken auction house to share the spotlight. The Straw Hats exhibit astonishment more than the other crews. Law's calm companions are as unreadable as ever, only shown to be amused/embarrassed by their captain's fun ("causing quite a scene there"). Killer, despite his namesake, can apparently keep his bloodlust under control and remarks upon something all three captains share: a quick temper. The Dark King is thoroughly enjoying the sight of mayhem, and the double-page ends with the three captains "chatting". Law notes Luffy's major size-decrease in an amused tone. Kidd, who I think have "aggressive encounters" with marines the most, observes that marines have really "bad" (understatement) formations.

Kidd's Respect
So THAT's why Kidd's been killing innocent citizens!

The following pages come up with interesting developments, such as the hostages rescued by marines via the rear entrance. This automatically implies to the surrounded pirate crews that either they make a move, or marines will close in from them from behind, especially when everyone have already exited the auction house. Kidd puts one and one together, and notifies his temporary fighting companions about the marines upcoming offensive, noting that it will be an all-out brawl. Kidd also adds that meeting Luffy was a pleasure (who doesn't get that reaction?), but that he won't be so merciful the next time he meets Luffy in the New World. Luffy, who goes off on a different tangent, responds with his typical "I will be the one who finds One Piece!" Kidd and Law immediately register this remark. To Kidd's delight, Luffy is truly a man who has conquered the first half of Grand Line. I don't think it is possible to express anything deeper or more truthful than this line from Kidd: "... On the path we have traveled up until now, saying such a thing would just get you laughed at... But from here on out, we are going to be sailing the sea where anyone without the nerves to say that is as good as dead!" This supports Gecko Moria's statement on just how insane (and awesome) the New World and the power level of its current inhabitants are. After saying that, Kidd decides its time to depart, and passes through marines effortlessly with his crewmembers clearing the way for him. Earlier, Killer is shown to have put his twin curved blades to good use, first by blocking an incoming marine's sword, then finishing said marine off. Another Kidd's crewmember is shown to be burping what seems to be fire (but unlikely) at an unlucky marine. Upon Law's uttering of "Bepo", the bear crewmember of his goes into a martial arts rampage, all the while spouting "aye aye captain!" The bear can also talk, as he sees his captain "walking back." As to where, readers can only hypothesize (Oda, you mysterious freak!). Sanji kicks, and notices the flying fish riders and their leader off in the distance.

The Mugiwaras' Escapade
A Mafia leader = not a land pirate?

Duval greets them joyously in his narcissistic ways, but is cut short by suspicious marines. Robin crushes them with a Nine Flower Twist, saving and scaring Duval to tears. The Strawhat Pirates then collectively makes a getaway, with the marines hot in pursuit ... that is, until Nami uses her massive wipeout technique at the pursuers: Thunderbolt Tempo. Law offers a massive former pirate captain with the name of "Jean Bart" to join his crew. Said former pirate captain says he will happily join if Law releases him from the Tenryuubito's hold. Law intercepts and informs Jean Bart that half of the credit of his newly-found freedom belongs to Mugiwara no Luffy. Although badass (in terms of his awesome and collected demeanor, humor, and devil fruit ability) and a good judge of character, Law has also appeared righteous in his own ways. He does not seem like the type to partake in wanton slaughter, although he is shown to be easily provoked (or agitated by commands from peers).

Recognition of Apprehension
Rare High-Leveled Boss Encounter

If I were Kidd, I'd be swearing full-stop then. A near-perfect escape from an incoming admiral only to be foiled by a "why is HE of all shichibukai here" Shichibukai member. Apparently, not many know about the merciful side of Kuma, as Kidd, Killer (can only be assumed, as that facial mask...) and Kidd's other crewmate must know of Kuma's reputation to show those kind of expressions. The sweatdrops forming on Kidd's forehead and his infuriated look of "I was this close to getting away and I have to deal with this?" suggests that Kidd is, combat-wise, still not at Kuma's level. As much as the thought displeases me, the recurring idea of Kidd getting captured by Kuma becomes a high probability. We do know that Kuma let the Strawhats go due to the promise he made with Zoro, but it is implied that Kuma has the highest "mission accomplished" ratio of all the shichibukai, especially with his "no-bullshit" attitude. Kuma might have changed from his tyrant days, but I'm guessing that, from the look of Kidd's leg wound, Kuma is here to incapacitate all offenders (at least).

Parting Words

Oda is indeed a genius, but he does get infuriating. How many times have we wished that there were more pages in his chapters/volumes? I suppose you can't rush brilliancy, but waiting is such a pain. Why is Kuma at the island? Is he really Kuma? Does Kizaru know of Kuma's presence? What happening to the Strawhats and Law's? Does the Dark King feel Kuma's presence? WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH ACE? Still, all in all, this was an awesome chapter (we got to see more hot Devil Fruit action: Law's body-reconstructing art, Kidd's somewhat cliche-ish Magneto powers, and Kuma's previously unknown and unwanted appearance - 2nd time).

June 28, 2008, 05:36 PM
Preety good work there!!
The only thing that bugged me was that u didnt make enough theories, and analises...it was more just telling what happened on the chapter...ur oppinions are very much welcomed (like Killer talked, or reylegh next moves, or laws abiliti...)!! Well for a first try it was good

At first i didnt like kidd, but i have to say that im starting to like his atittude and his motives are "almost" valid! He grwoing into an interesting caracter

Law was always my fafourite supernova, and he is living up to that

What did u think of Luffi using gear 3 like it was nothing? i didnt like it...
How about what took the SH so long to get out of the auction house?

Keep up the good work

June 28, 2008, 08:47 PM
well we did see him tired afterwards, maybe just the D. blood in him or he really was tired. and he is getting more experienced with his moves, it's not like gear 2nd where his blood speeds up and he's supposidly shortening his life. but what i thought was funny was you know how he put that glass braclet on his arm? the arm he made huge? *snap* the glass broke! waiiit noooo....that's not what Oda wants! magicallyf fixes the arm band! ta---da!!

June 28, 2008, 09:27 PM
Hi, Penny!
Even though I don't read OP often, you did a very good job with you review for a first try;

Well, since I don't readied the chapter, I cannot comment much about it, and my visit here was mainly due the fact I'll try to help you with the images:

-First, you don't need a powerful software, Microsoft paint will pretty much do the job for you here;

-usually, in my reviews, I've been using some panels or pictures from a page, then you can select the part you want using the rectangular tool on Paint; then, copy this part and choose to open a new file, after that, just paste the part you've selected and save it, microsoft Paint will re-scale an resize the picture automatically! at least to me, there's no need to do anything more!

-And if want to test this method, let me know if it worked and I hope it helped you!

June 28, 2008, 11:36 PM
I was actually going to start reviewing the One Piece chapters as well, but then now, there are way too many people saying things. =\

Good luck.


June 28, 2008, 11:57 PM
@Raysen_ht: Hahahaha! I guess so. I'm not much of the theory type, which means my review will always be a whole tier lower than Sahugani's. It's not because I don't like making theories, but it's hard predicting Oda's genius. I will try making more analysis in the future, but Chapter 505 was pretty much a "fighting" chapter/clear convo. chapter. But yes. :darn Too much summary~! Sorry!
Heh. Kidd reminds me of someone who I can only describe as "fun-loving, and overly naughty". Yes. Pretty interesting character Oda came up with.
Law's friggin awesome. His devil fruit ability and his bear indeed make him a quick favorite.
Huuurrr. Yea! I guess Gear 3 will be a staple for Luffy's combat techniques. The other reason could be that the captains were all "showing off", or don't want to appear "less special" than the others. Luffy, who's Gomu Gomu no mi powers may seem limited, perhaps wanted to surprise the other two by using Gear 3? Those are my speculations. And about the SH coming out too slow, I totally agree. It's my guess that Oda wanted the captains to hog the scene first. ... But then again, if you look at all the combat scenes, it is possible that everything happened fast and simultaneous (and that Oda made it seem like the pirate crews in the auction house coming out slow). Because, logically speaking, why would Zoro miss out on such a great fight/display of power? By the time he got out, the first round was mostly over. I think it implies that the captains went overboard with their abilities, and creamed the marines faster than we thought.
Thanks for you support~! :amuse

Errr... the arm band? And yes. Gear 2 is the only gear that seemingly causes harm and fatigue to Luffy. Gear 3 only comes with a nasty side-effect, so we should be not be surprised to see more frequent abuse of Gear 3 in the New World.

Thanks~! Glad you liked it!
Oh! Thanks for the advice! Are you serious? I love messing around in Photoshop. I have to say I'm a Microsoft Paint idiot. I will take a look. You make it sound easy~! :D Can I talk to you later about the cropping of images? I know what to do, but I wonder if there is some kind of centering function on a particular part of an image.

Writing reviews is hard work! :amuse I first wanted to try it after reading 50+ reviews from Sahu. He makes it seem so easy. Trying it for yourself is a whole different matter. I don't much experience in it, and I only have a love for writing and all things related to One Piece. You should try writing a review! That way, there will be a lot more opinions and discussions over OP, which I assume is what everybody wants~! :D

June 29, 2008, 12:44 AM
"fun-loving, and overly naughty"

Are you thinking what im thinking??? when i first saw Kidd my first thought was that he looks just like "the clown prince of crime" you are saing the same thing? or you are remebering someone else???

June 29, 2008, 01:29 AM
"the clown prince of crime"

LMAO! You can't be serious! It's so rare when we think outside the OP Universe, right?

But yes. Some resemblance to our favorite naughty little "clown prince".

Creepy. Guess what number I'm thinking of?

June 29, 2008, 04:52 AM
very good read for a first time review imo. the images aren't that big uf an issue I think, as they are small enough ^^
as Raysen_ht mentioned before it could use a bit more of your theories on why the things we see are happening and how you think they could turn out for example.

other than that, please keep on writing ;) the more opinions we get to read, I think the closer we get to something like deciphering the Oda code (which is nonetheless nearly impossible) that's for Tsugomaru too. just try and give it a chance!

June 29, 2008, 10:27 AM
i have to say you did a good job for a first try here penny, just try and take as advices you get from here as something to help you improve for the next time...
it would be a good idea for you to also look through other member's reviews to see what you can learn from them(if you haven't done so already)

but overall...good job!!!

June 29, 2008, 11:28 PM
is it seven??? lolz :V

June 30, 2008, 02:33 AM
@Akainu: Heh! Yea! My images turned out pretty okay-ish after all~! Hm. Yes. I've got to work more on analyzing the motifs. I will try harder next time! :D
Oh. And the Oda Code can not be cracked. It is impossible. :p

@goldb: Yea! I understand! After all, no one is perfect, and to take advice is to improve! :amuse Oh! Hehehe! Yes I already did, but I'm nowhere near their level yet. I will try to be a weekly reviewer too! :p

@gao_dargon: :blink. Why seven? I don't have that many fingers on one hand! Lol~!