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June 29, 2008, 03:37 PM
Hey Guys

It has been a while since my last review but the delay is mainly to me having lost the motivation to continue this on a weekly basis. However, Kishimoto's story telling is improving so well that I could not resist the urge to continue doing this, and therefore, I will continue to bring these reviews on a weekly basis until this wonderful story comes to an end.

Therefore, please enjoy my review of Chapter 406:


406: Unlock The Future Chapter Review

Character Development: SUPERB

Well, this is definitely the highlight of the chapter. This chapter featured a wide array of characters that has not been seen in a very long time. The last time we saw such a volume of characters was when Gaara was revived and Chiyo lost her life. This is most likely Kishimoto's tribute to Jiraiya, who unlike a lot of the other characters int he manga, did not receive a proper funeral. Well, one reason might be the absence of a body, but looking at the characters this week we see just how important a character he was, almost like a Hokage.


Not only did we see a large list of characters, we also witnessed the development of a lot of other characters, and the introduction of some new ones to reflect on the development of the older ones. Shikamaru, my personal favourite Naruto character, and the star development pupil of this chapter. His maturity astounded me, and his character made me think that he might be a future advisor of Konoha (if Sasuke's invasion succeeds). His effect on other characters is also clear. Kurenai, she looks as if she relies on him. The new decoder looks as if she is mesmerized by him. Naruto, looks to have definitely been inspired by him. Overall, we see that the death of Asuma really changed Shikamaru to the best. With that inspiring speech he gave Naruto, and with the death of Jiraiya, it makes me excited to think of the development that Naruto will experience, and unlike Sasuke, it will hopefully be for the better.

On a sidenote, I would like to point out that I do not believe that decoder girl will end up with Shikamaru, I still believe that right is reserved for Temari. As I said, I believe the function of decoder girl is to serve as a highlighting to Shikamaru's effect on random strangers.

Finally, the remaining person here that needs mention is Tsunade. While there were not many panels that featured her, it is obvious from the previous chapters how Jiraiya's death affected her. Furthermore, the fact that she told Ibiki to do whatever he wants to the victim is indicative of the fact that she is currently in a vengeful state. Hopefully, this state of mind does not drive her to her own demise, but hopefully, this state will transform her into a better Hokage.


Well, it is clear enough that this chapter did not feature any action whatsoever. However, since it has almost been 10 chapters without any whatsoever, I anticipate that we will get to see a battle quite soon, and it will hopefully be another well choreographed battle that wows us.

Story: GOOD

Well, the story is simple: Find the key to solving Jiraiya's code. It was not a very progressive chapter for storyline, however, we just came back from a very lengthy story about the history of Konoha, so perhaps Kishimoto decided that it was time for a break. I think that was a very wise move, as featuring on one element for too long usually tends to bore audiences, and therefore does not serve a proper purpose.

Art Work: GOOD

The final section of this week's review. Unfortunately, it would have been nice if I saved the best for last, but this is the not case with this week's chapter. Since this chapter served a purpose of character development and lacked in the story telling aspect, I am not surprised that the artwork is not extraordinarily good. This is not a negative aspect, but it is more of an acceptable one considering the circumstances.

Final Verdict: 4 OUT OF 5

Like all of his chapters, this chapter does not deviate from what we expect to see from Kishimoto. Though it lacked some elements, it made up for greatly with the emphasis on character development that is discussed above. Though I might be biased because of my favouritism to Shikamaru, I have no doubt that this chapter served its purpose of making its audience come back for more. Keep it up Kishimoto!

June 30, 2008, 02:05 AM
thanks for the review. i agree entirely with your final verdict :)

i'm kind of a shikamaru fangirl myself, so of course i loved this chapter. :amuse he was definitely in full-on super-cool mode.

the fact that shikamaru was the main focus of this chapter wasn't the only reason i enjoyed it (though it didn't hurt :p), but it was mostly because of the wonderful character development you mentioned. in the chapter discussion, there have been some people complaining that nothing happened, but i beg to differ! this chapter was a necessary one for naruto to help get him through his period of mourning for jiraiya. naruto needed to find a kindred spirit, which he did in shikamaru. it was nice to see someone inspiring a change in naruto's feelings for once since he is usually the character that does so for others.

as a side note, i really hope kishi ends up giving us at least a short funeral for jiraiya. his character certainly deserves it!

June 30, 2008, 02:11 AM
i believe we have been granted this in the last two chapters and more specifically this chapter when we got to see flashbacks of some of his funniest moments.

June 30, 2008, 02:27 AM
i believe we have been granted this in the last two chapters and more specifically this chapter when we got to see flashbacks of some of his funniest moments.

i suppose we had a bit of an "in memoriam" with all these moments but a proper funeral would still be nice, imo. it's true that kishi might have done this in lieu of a funeral, which is seeming to be the case.

July 04, 2008, 04:58 PM
Great Review Nasuke!

And i mean it! You did a great job on pointing out Shikamaru's importance for the other characters. And it certainly is character development that we see in this chapter, but it's only shikamaru who got "more" mature.
All the others are the same ol' same old, but are just acting strange cause their Frog hermit was murdered!!

It was nice to see Naruto angry for a change (in the chapter before this one), although it was obviously the sadness and mostly the shock talking, but it was still nice!
And i really hoped that Naruto had tasted a little more of the dark side until someone pulled him back out, but never mind ..
At least there is a chance that he'll get back to the dark side when the time comes to take revenge on Pain and i certainly don't want anything besides some real splatter action. Anything else would be be unsatisfying to say the least!
A fight with tactics and techniques can be nice but the fight between naruto and Pain must be about ripping each other apart. I really wanna see pain being ripped apart for killing jiraiya ^^ .. no merci from me :D

About Tsundae's "vengeful state", i agree! I hope she won't do anything stupid, like fighting pain, although she might have no other choice, cause she has and wants to protect Konohana/Naruto.
Which might end in her death, but i don't know if that's good or not... i certainly don't want her dead, but if it finally lets Naruto go wild then ...
well we'll see!

Sorry for drifting off soooo much :)

ANyway thx for the review! keep it up!