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June 29, 2008, 06:13 PM
Welcome to the Boys Love section here at Mangahelpers!

First of all: Yaoi and Smut are allowed with restrictions.
We at Mangahelpers are very serious about a work and family safe environment, so the posted discussions and pictures have to be suitable for teenagers no matter what. Any links to or pictures of violent Hard Yaoi and Shota will be deleted, same goes for any kind of uncensored explicit hetero pornographic stuff. Please understand that we want everyone to browse this forum freely. Of course, a Yaoi-hater shouldn't complain when he visits a Yaoi thread in which pictures are posted but even so: no explicit pictures and no links to sites with easily accessible explicit content (e.g. links to aarinfantasy are fine).

Also, please don't exagerate on the yaoi talk in the normal sections. We don't want to offend readers of 'normal' series by slashing up the characters in the general discussions too much. For such series, you can use the "Slash Series" prefix, see below.

Shounen-Ai & Yaoi (Boys Love) (http://mangahelpers.com/forum/forumdisplay.php/764-Boys-Love)
Threads in the main forum are labeled with the following prefixes:

* Info/Rules - Mods Use Only: The rules thread (sticky)!
* Hangout – Hangout thread.
* Discussion - The prefix for all discussion topics.
* Slash Series - This is not a native BL manga and anime e.g. Naruto.
* Ongoing - The author is working on this series.
* Complete - This series is complete.
* One-shot - Short series, usually just one chapter.
* Hiatus - The author stopped his work on this series temporary.
* Canceled - The author dropped this series or the publisher canceled it.
* TV/OVA - Prefix for BL anime series and ova.
* Movie - Prefix for BL movies (Live Action or not).

You're free to create a new thread for every series that you want to discuss but please follow these simple rules. Those were merely made to guarantee a clean overview in the forum and an easy way to search for a particular series or author:

=> Don't create threads for hard-pornographic and extreme violent ("sick") series.
=> Only one thread per manga series. A separate thread can be done for the anime (TV series and OVAs included). Use the search function.
=> Only discussion threads for specific series (see note below).
=> Prefix the thread in accordance with the status (see note below).
=> Format the thread title accordingly to our template (see note below).
=> Don't create Polls.

Discussions: No Request And No General Talk!
This forum is for discussion of east-asian comic series only. You're free to create a thread for every series you want but don't create threads just to ask for chapter downloads or threads that aren't aiming to discuss a specific series.

=> Post General Discussions which aren't about a specific series, into the MH Boys Love Hangout (http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php/8889-MH-Boys-Love-Hangout).
=> Ask for recommendations and suggestions in our Recommendations - Suggest me... ! (http://mangahelpers.com/forum/showthread.php/45547-Recommendations-Suggest-me...-%21)

Status Prefix: Does Not Show The Scanlation Status!
We prefix the threads according to their status in their country of origin. This is not used to show whether a series is scanlated or not! When you start a new thread please prefix according to the status or (in case you don't know) just don't set a prefix. We will add it later.

Found a wrong status or the status changed and we didn't notice? Just PM one of the Global Moderators to change the prefix

Thread Title: Follow Our Template!
Please format the thread title according to this template. It allows everyone to easily search for a series by title or authors name. Don't use capslocks or punctuation unless it's the official way to write a title or name.
[PREFIX] Title by Author & Artist

* [Prefix] - Status Prefix.
Title - The most recognized title for this series.
Author - Add all names in native order (Japanese names: Last name first!)
Artist - Add all names in native order (Japanese names: Last name first!)
Serialized by – magazine name that publishes the chapters
Genre - shounen-ai or yaoi
Year – year of first release
Japanese Release – volumes released in Japan so far
Scanlation – available volumes
Smut Level - none, low, medium
Summary – you can describe the story or post a summary from MangaUpdate

If you find threads with missing information in the titles, please let us know.

Spoiler: Keep Threads Free Of Major Spoilers!
Please don't spoil any sensitive information in the first post of a thread. Let people look into the threads without being afraid of spoilers, at least in the beginning. You're free to openly talk about every complete series and one-shot but it's highly recommended to put major spoilers (e.g. the death of a main character) into spoiler tags throughout the whole discussion. You'll make a lot of people happy by showing a little consideration for those who haven't finished it so far.

24 Hour Spoiler Rule:
Mangahelpers enforces a temporary blockade for discussion of new spoilers/chapters. This blockade ends 24 hours after raws are publicly released.
For series with no forum, [spoiler] tags must be used while the 24 hour rule is enforced.
Please wait 24 hours before using art from new chapters in signatures and avatars.
Please wait 24 hours before posting any art based on new chapters in the art and stories section.
The 24 hour rule will be strictly enforced. This is a courtesy rule. Not every member reads spoilers and not everyone can read new chapters as soon as they are released.

We ask that the same format used to post spoilers in the sub-forums is also used for single threads. We also ask that [spoiler] tags are used in single threads. Please follow these examples:

Source: Mangahelpers (http://mangahelpers.com/)
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Source: Mangahelpers (http://mangahelpers.com/)
Credits: Ohana

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Thanks for reading - Have fun!

February 20, 2012, 09:01 PM

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