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June 30, 2008, 10:27 AM
Long time no see, huh, my friends? Well, first, let me explain why the review is so late: in the past 3 days, I was dying in my bed, victim of some unknown disease, probably due to some rotten food I`ve eaten Friday, then I was off of MangaHelpers for a while, and only in a few occasions I was able to use my notebook in the bed, and to write reviews in this condition is really a bad, bad thing! Now I`m feeling better, finally, then the review will come as well. As for the future reviews, well, I`ll try to eat something more healthy in order to prevent such disasters, hehe!

The scanlation came from SleepyFans

Naruto 406 – The Key to the Future

Too much, even for a sannin…

Initially, we can see Morino Ibiki, long time no see, huh? But his appearance here could be expected, after all, Jiraya has captured a ninja from amegakure for interrogation. But I don’t think the ninja has good answers regarding Pain: the ninja seems to know nothing about Pain or his secrets, aside the fact he’s very powerful. We cannot forget that Pain doesn’t show himself frequently, then, I think Ibiki won’t be able to extract some important information with this ninja. But in times like that, every kind of information will be important: Konoha knows how powerful and dangerous Pain is.

It’s interesting to see the way Pa frog is talking about Pain: a ninja with monstrous powers, and Jiraya seemed to know the extensions of his power somehow; in that fight, I got the impression that Pain wasn't using his full powers, and probably Jiraya was aware from that, and with Pa`s statement, seems the secret is related with these powers as well: to be able to defeat Pain, it's necessary to understand his powers first. And more I think about it, more I'm sure Jiraya was related with Pain's origins, probably in that travel, Jiraya has known some kind of mistic power or something like that, and he also predicted this power, in wrong hands, could bring a catastrophe to the world.

As long the things keep this way, I'll be happy: We all know Kishimoto's style, and regarding Pain's secrets, I'm sure we'll see shocking revelations, just like Tobi's identity: there's no need to hide his face if an unfamiliar face lies behind that mask, and the same goes or Pain: Pain is most likely to be related with Jiraya, or even Naruto(I'll discuss it later). And that's why I don't want to think that Kishimoto will mess the things about this issue just now.

Resident Evil? C.S.I? No, it`s Naruto, tcham!!!

Wow, an authopsy! And with that, probably Konoha will be able to gather some information about Pain: First, they'll be able to examine Rinnegan, which is a great thing; until now, I don't think that ever a single person had the chance to see a Rinnegan with his own eyes, and Konoha now has a rare exemplar of the legendary doujutsu. Probably the black metal issue will be resolved here, and another interesting detail: in a first moment, I thought his legs were burned, but looking carefully, I think is safe to say hie legs are covered with the black metal, even more than in the body. This panel with Pain being analyzed was beautiful, because not only Konoha has the chance to find more information about Pain, but because, in some manner of talk, one of the bodies from the (likely) final villain is being studied right now! And now, I'm even more inclined to think that in the time someone discover the code's real meaning, the legists will find out more important revelations inside Pain's body.

And now, more C.S.I and Law and Order in Naruto, where we can see Shikamaru and the cryptography group. Yes, that's another good reason why I like so much this chapter: the investigation. We can see that the whole Konoha is trying to gather and collect some information about Pain, and this time Shikamaru is in the scene again. But unfortunately, the code cannot be decoded by the group, due the fact they couldn't find any pattern on in, and just like they said, only a person close to Jiraya could be able to decode it, and by obvious reasons, this person must be Naruto. Lord Hokage, in my previous review, stated this prediction, and she was right here! In the end, Naruto will be the one responsible for decode the code, and I'm thinking he could be a really surprised with it. Probably the code is related with Naruto's training in these 2,5 years, then we can`t figure it out now, we'll missing some important detail, but this suspense is what makes these chapters great: We'll try to predict something, but I'm sure Kishimoto will throw us something completely unexpected!

Ah, Shikamaru is being popular with the girls! Now, it`s time for Shiho, the girl from the cryptography group, though I don`t think Kishimoto will explore some relationship between them: probably Shiho won`t be so important in the plot.

How did you get that information, Jiraya?

Shikamaru's task now is try to find a key among people who were close to Jiraya, then Kakashi was an option, but unfortunately, he was unable to make some connections between the numbers, like the man suggested. Well, just one, to be exact, but I don't think it will be relevant to discover further information about Pain, hehe! This funny moment came in handy just now, it`s been a while since we`ve seen this funny Kakashi, and this panel about the 106 cm with Jiraya and Kakashi was great, good to see that after all, even with the dark parts, Naruto doesn`t lose his touch.

Then, the remaining option was Naruto, because Shikamaru already has talked with Tsunade, without any success. And if Naruto is the only one who’s able to find out the code’s true meaning, then this code probably isn’t in any book that Jiraya has written, otherwise, Kakashi would be able to tell something about it. Which lead us to some confusion, because some book was mentioned on the prophecy, unless this book comes to take part in another event in the future?

But unfortunately, Naruto isn’t in a mood to try to decode it, he seems to be off in his life, and we can’t blame him for that, let’s not forget what happened in the past chapters. Even if Naruto in pretending to be happy, in reality, he isn’t, and Shikamaru knows that, so he’ll propose anything different in order to help Naruto; after all, they’re friends, and this time, we can see a pregnant Kurenai! I must say that in this chapter Kishimoto is showing a great variety of characters: Ibiki, Shiho, the legists, Kurenai. It’s good to see all the new and old characters, after all, they’re parts of Narutoverse, and I’m glad to see all of them, even in a few panels!

Well, seems that finally we`ll get the waited answer…

And what a déjà vu! Yes, the old funny Naruto from part 1 is back, good to see another funny moment in this chapter, Naruto is really a dumb one in some things, but he`s Naruto, after all; regarding the fun factor, this chapter was great, I have no complaints, it`s good to relax a little. Another interesting detail here is about Shikamaru’s maturity: Asuma’s death really has changed Shikamaru into a better person; he’s trying to encourage Naruto to fight for his goals in the life. Both of them lose their master, even when I thought that Jiraya was more than a master to Naruto that Asuma to Shikamaru. After all, Shikamaru still has his father, and the same cannot be applied to Naruto. Shikamaru also has been greatly developed in part 2, and the lazy boy now is a responsible man. Of course he still keeps complaining, but now he talks as a true man who`ll inherits Asuma`s legacy.

Soon or later Naruto will figure out what to do, but Shikamaru was more like a “fuel” to him. The speech from the last pages was great, a little sad but necessary just now. Naruto will be a Hokage someday, and he must be able to bear with all the possible situations. To protect the “king”, Naruto and Shikamaru must become true men to be an example for everyone in Konoha, and with that, we can understand perfectly Jiraya’s statement: A ninja’s life is measure by his death, not his life. A great impact has come with this, and Asuma and Jiraya’s death changed so much Naruto and Shikamaru, and if Naruto had some doubts in his mind, Shikamaru made his mind. That last smile in the chapter show me that Naruto will find the answer for the code soon, because now he’s determined to do the right thing. Probably Naruto will find out the code`s real meaning in the next chapters, but being the only one able to do this is what lead me to think that could be some connection between Pain and Naruto: Jiraya probably entrusted the code to Naruto because Naruto has some big role involving it. Yes, I love all these mysteries, even if I cannot decode the code right now, I`ll keep trying by myself!

***Key Points***

Many characters in the chapter
Pain`s autopsy
Shikamaru`s maturity
Naruto`s determination at the end


A good chapter: we have a good amount of investigation here, which suits perfectly for a ninja plot: Ibiki’s interrogation, the autopsy’s room and the cryptography group were good things to see here. No action, but at this point, there’s no room for any action, not until the code’s answer. Shikamaru’s coolness was great, and the results of Kishimoto’s words: “Shikamaru needs to grow up” were well reflected in this chapter. The great variety of characters was another positive point here. From all the cliffhangers, this one was perfectly, because seems the code will finally be decoded. In a briefing, a good chapter which is set up the upcoming ones!
And in the next week, I’m expecting “that” twist, but maybe I shouldn’t take my hopes too high, hehe.
But then, see you next week!

June 30, 2008, 11:22 AM
nice review , i coulda sworn you had done something diff this week , but i guess i was imagining stuff.

i do disagree about the code not being the book , since kakashi only read the popular icha icha series not the origional book which didnt sell much.

but ya good to see ur still at it :)

June 30, 2008, 11:32 AM
Good to see your reviews again. Its nice to know that not even unknown diseases can keep you from your enjoyable reviews :p

I heard a lot of complaints that this chapter didn't advance the plot or that it was quite boring. I actually liked that Kishi is showing other aspects of Konoha that we otherwise rarely get to see. It gives the feeling that Konoha is more than Naruto and the rookie nine.

I have to disagree with the Pain autopsy though. His legs are burned. Chapter 381 page 2, you can see the surroundings wich indicate that the water (or acid) is the cause of the damage. There are even sound effects wich indicate a sizzling/smoking sound. Also I'm not even sure that the dead body has the actual Rinnegan. All the animal summons also had those eyes, and I doubt that is was the actual Rinnegan. But we'll find out soon enough.
And the captured shinobi might not provide us with information about Pain, but he might give up some info about Hidden Rain itself.
And there's the wild theory that I (and half of the people one this forum) believe that the summoner Pain might be revived. Dont ask me how but just keep in mind that Rinnegan means "transmigration eye", referring to the reincarnation aspect. This would be THE oppurtunity for Pain to be summoned in Konoha and face Naruto.

As for next chapter, I too am hoping for some Naruto-Jiraya flashback showing their training and they key to the code

June 30, 2008, 12:17 PM
Don`t worry, I won`t stop with my reviews with just that! Damn, but I must be more careful from now, or else something bad could happen with me, this isn`t the first time...
And about the legs, burn is my second option, and the picture you`ve linked is a strong evidence! I was using photoshop to make a good zoom about his legs, and at least in this scanlation, they seemed to much as separate metal pieces, and I still don`t have time to make some comparisons with other scanlations, and I`m not a pro with photoshop, maybe I`m doing something wrong, hehe!
Regarding Pain`s revival, I didn`t mention it on the review because I`d written a theory about the Rinnegan, and I have the same opinion as you: if those three pain were ressurected, then there`s a strong probability that just one could be revived as well, mainly because I believe among the 6 Pains, one of them inherits the Heaven`s power, who power could be the ressurection, if my researches are correct!
So, Konoha being attacked by inside is beyond its defenses, huh?

June 30, 2008, 12:49 PM
nice review and glad you're feeling better :)

i also felt that there were some moments in this chapter that had a bit of a part I feel, so i'm glad you mentioned that.

like you said last week, i don't see naruto as much of a detective, either. it's possible that he may solve the code on his own, but i think it may be a joint effort where naruto figures out the key, but shikamaru or the cryptographers are the ones who actually solve it. hopefully we'll find out next week ^^

i have to mildly disagree with you regarding pain being the probable final villain. though it's very possible, i feel like kishi is shaping up either sasuke or madara to be the final villain.

◆ T.D.A ◆
June 30, 2008, 02:35 PM
Just a question why did you change from using binktopia scanlations to Sleepyfans? :)

June 30, 2008, 10:27 PM
It's always enlightening to read your reviews. Amazing job, especially this week for a person who was sick with food poisoning :p...I hope you get well soon.

I like the fact that Kishi is showing us more of Konoha in in this chapter, and not just the typical people. We see why the village is considered to be one of the strongest ones, with its various units. One unit I'd love to see is the nuke-nin hunter squad (is that their name?), those are awesome.

We also see the normal characters that we are used to, Shika reveals his pwnsomness once again, he is the hidden ace for countering Sasuke's cool. Naruto has his old self again, and not Just a soul in grief. Kakashi, hehehh well he is Kakashi, brilliant from Kishi.

I guess life goes on, and doesn't stop with the death of the heroes. Madara is still preparing his weapons and there is not a moment to lose...
We didn't see much of Tsunade, i wonder wht she is doing? I hope she is not in depression...

July 01, 2008, 09:01 AM
Well, igotthegoods, I`m confused with all this "ping-pong" twists that Kishimoto is making: Pain was labeled to be the ultra mega villain, his fight with Jiraya was a strong hint about it, but then, Madara took the main`s villain role, then was Sasuke`s time, and finally, Pain is back at the stage! We`re in a complicated situation right now, but I`m guessing Pain will be the final one mainly due my fanboyism: I think Pain has all of the ingredients to be labeled "The final One", but you never knows, Kishimoto seems to be a little crazy, hehe

Oh, yes, food poisoning was great, but in the next review, I`ll make sure to write it before eat any food on fridays, ahuahau
But good times, huh? seeing Konoha as like in the past, but unfortunately, I think this peace time soon will be finish; And regarding Tsunade, probably she fell in depression, but she has so many tasks as Hokage, then I don`t think she`ll have so much time left to think about Jiraya, which is a good thing, not because she`ll forget a little his thoughts, but because she`ll fell better!

Ah, T.D.A, let me see...
ah, nothing in particular, SleepyFans was the first I`ve readied in this week, probably was due this fact!

July 02, 2008, 03:55 PM
Great review as always and thanks a lot. :kkthumbs :lovebunny

In my opinion, the code’s true meaning is located in the Tale of the Gallant Jiraiya or Pervy Sage memoirs, not Make Out Paradise books. If both Asuma and Pervy Sage’s death changed Naruto and Shikamaru for the better, it's very unfortunate that Orochimaru’s death changed Sasuke for the worse. :D

Umbra Wolf
July 04, 2008, 10:45 AM
Great review like always, I really love your subtitles, great technique to entertain the reader and to structure the text.
To be honest I like your reviews of Naruto and Bleach best.:amuse

But I want to add something concerning this particular part:

Initially, we can see Morino Ibiki, long time no see, huh? But his appearance here could be expected, after all, Jiraya has captured a ninja from amegakure for interrogation. But I don’t think the ninja has good answers regarding Pain: the ninja seems to know nothing about Pain or his secrets, aside the fact he’s very powerful. We cannot forget that Pain doesn’t show himself frequently, then, I think Ibiki won’t be able to extract some important information with this ninja. But in times like that, every kind of information will be important.

Loo here (http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=32681&page=4) on this page Jiraiya's epiphany is discussed and the Amegakure nin is part of it. I've found the page which might connect this shinobi and his informations to pain's true identity.

July 04, 2008, 12:29 PM
Thanks for the comments, Lord and Umbra, I'll keep doing my best!
And as we can see in chapter 407, the code's real meaning was in Icha Icha Tactics, but just like you, Lord, I was expecting to see the meaning in "Tale of Gallant Jiraya", because the Tactics was written in the Naruto's training, then it's possible that Pain really has some thing related with Naruto!