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July 04, 2008, 12:12 PM
Hi, Hi, How are you? As you can see, this review is up a little earlier this week, and by the time I’d finished it, I still didn’t eat anything, you know, just to make sure this time there won’t be any problems! And with this review, I’m bringing the newest section in my review: “And Now…”. In this section, I’ll be writing all my predictions involving the current events in the chapter. It’s a bit risky to make predictions inside the review itself, sometimes we can get out of the current context, but with this brand new section, I’ll be able to write every kind of prediction that could be pertinent, without messing the review. Still I don’t know where place it, then it’ll be placed after the “Summary” section, but if you come to think of a better place, I’ll change the place;

The scanlation used is from Binktopia

Naruto 407 - To Naruto

OOWW, You’re THE man, Naruto!

After a beautiful cover with Shiho, the chapter really begins, with Shikamaru, Shiho and Naruto trying to decipher the code. Shikamaru thinks the code was directed to Naruto, and in fact, Naruto was the most obvious choice: after his training with Jiraya, it’s natural to Naruto to know Jiraya so well, and later in the chapter, we can see why the code was addressed to Naruto. But in the middle of their thoughts, Naruto then found out the key. The first character wasn’t “9”, but instead it was the Katakana character “ta”! And from all the people involved in this mystery, the one responsible to break the code was Naruto, incredible!

And I must say I’m impressed that Naruto figured it out with such an ease: even with a cryptography group and Shikamaru working hard, Naruto has done the most difficult part. He can be a dumb one sometimes, but in the right moments, he’s very smart and intelligent. With these little details, Naruto is being great developed throughout these chapters, and let’s hope that Kishimoto keeps things this way. The code was addressed to him, but still he has his own merits for deciphering it. Naruto really has the potential to be a Hokage.

And regarding our newest nerd presented in the series, I’m surprised to see that Shiho is playing an active role in this investigation, which is a great thing, I’ll comment more about it later in the review, but these girls addiction at this point couldn’t be better, mainly in a series with only a few women! And just let’s hope that she could be a regular character after the investigation: She’s cool as Shikamaru, and probably she’ll be after him everytime from now!

Just in time, Kakashi san!

Then, Naruto explains how he’d reached the conclusion that the character was a “ta”: Jiraya’s handwriting’s style is a bit different from usual, and Naruto was able to identity ii mainly because he has spent so much time with Jiraya, thus knowing his habits. Now, the first part of the code was decoded, so the group now must work in some pattern for the remaining part, and like Shiho had suggested, they could search in Jiraya’s book, and she was right in her guess. After all, the code was related with some book that Jiraya had written, but I think the things aren’t that simple: Ichi Ichi Tactics, the book who’s related with the code, was written during Naruto’s training; but in the prophecy, the great Toad sage said that Jiraya would write a book while traveling the world. Then why a book was mentioned in the prophecy when the code is related with a different book? The only suitable option here is that Jiraya kept traveling around the world, even in Naruto’s training; then, we could link the prophecy and the book in a coherent way, but I’m also thinking that could be something else, like I’ll comment later in this review.

And now, the always great Kakashi just saved time for them: while eavesdropping their conversation, he’d brought the “Icha Icha Tactics” book, because this book is the most obvious choice, notice the “Ta” from tactics. And so, Shiho is trying to find any pattern in the book. One thing I like about this code is that Kishimoto isn’t dragging this issue for so many chapters; instead he’s giving the answers to us just now. And we cannot forget about Kakashi’s facial expression: this book should be labeled above 18 years, and he’s a little embarrassed to read its contents; I love this comic Kakashi, and I was missing him so much! Then, Shiho was able to establish some connections between the 6 pages, though I have the feeling that it couldn’t be so simple: in the last chapter, the man from cryptography group said that Jiraya wouldn’t write a complicated and complex code right in the heat of the battle, and I think the same applies to the code’s meaning: Don’t you think that, at least, is weird to remember the first word from each page, and thus make a complete phrase with sense when you’re about the die? Anyway, I’m assuming they found the code’s meaning, or at least, some part of it…

Is that the only pattern? Or could be something else?

And finally, one of the greatest mysteries on Naruto was revealed: Jiraya’s secret regarding Pain. I, for one, was so excited when I was re-reading the chapters with Jiraya vs Pain’s battle, and I was hoping to see something really shocking about the code. “The real one isn’t with them”, just a single statement with the potential to save the world. The revelation wasn’t that twist, is true, but it makes so much sense in the current context: Jiraya and Pa frog said that no one would be able to defeat Pain, no matter how hard they try. If the true Pain isn’t there, then every attempt to kill it will be useless. This could explain why Pain claims to be invincible, and even a God. Try to think about this scenario: without this information, Konoha would fight against Pain with full power, but in the end, all the efforts would be wasted. Yes, Jiraya’s death was really important in the context, and I must say that I’m glad to see a simple, but yet, important revelation regarding the powerful Pain.

While I think the message suits perfectly in the context, probably there’s more than meets the eye. Yes, the information was incredible helpful now, but it doesn’t say much aside the fact the real one isn’t with them. To find the real one, for example, is one of the greatest issues now, because no one has the slightly idea about his whereabouts. And we have another issue: All of Pain’s bodies came from ninjas that Jiraya had found in the past, and in the code there’s nothing related with that. He only found out Pain’s secret after recognize all the ninjas. I have so many theories about this, but for now, I’ll sticky with the most likely at this point: what was solved was just a part of the real code, because about Pain’s identity, it’s too vague at this point. And I don’t think Nagato is the real one: the blond Pain has said that he could barely remember Nagato’s name, and he also said that this person has died a long time ago. The only thing I know is that the puzzle isn’t 100 % solved yet. And I like so much all these new events, all these mysteries are part from ninja world! Either way, now Naruto and co. will after Tsunade and Pa frog to tell the code’s meaning, at least to them, now it’s impossible to fully understand why Jiraya had written it.

If 1 Pain is a pain to be defeated, then 6 Pains will be…

And speaking about Pain, it’s time to see him again in the manga, and this time,he’s in a meeting with Konan and Madara. It’s interesting to see that Madara is referring to Pain as “invincible”, which could show that Madara is aware from Pain’s powers. Madara ordering Pain to go immediately could mean that Madara is plotting to get rid from Pain as well. If the true Pain is hiding in some place, then Madara will send all the 6 peins while he could go for the real one.

Pain now has a replacement for that Pain defeated by Jiraya, and with this, now I’m really more convinced that my theory I’d written some time ago was right. You can see my theory here ( http://mangahelpers.com/forums/showpost.php?p=668336&postcount=23), and in short words, Pain inherits the 6 realms’s powers. He needs exactly 6 bodies, no more, no less, and probably, each body has the power from one respective realm. Being true, then Pain is more than just a villain: he’s a mystical being, beyond the ninja’s comprehension. In fact, the Rinnegan is said to be more powerful that the Sharingan, I don’t think Kishimoto wrote this for nothing; and this is one of the reasons I like so much about Pain: the mystery surrounding his powers and eyes.

While I don’t think this new body has a strong relevance in the story’s context, there’s a possibility that the new body could be Kushina, Naruto’s mother. Let’s not forget that all of the 6 Pain’s bodies were people that Jiraya had encountered before, and then we can make the assumption that this new body has some connection with Jiraya. Jiraya was able to find out Pain’s true identity by his 6 bodies, so this new girl must be related in some way. And just like Yahiko was closer to Jiraya in the past, I think is safe to say Kushina also was closer to Jiraya, and her whereabouts until this present arc are unknown. Though we cannot say for sure if her appearance resembles that Kushina once we knew, or even if Pain’s bodies have some aging process, but Kushina being the new body would add more drama element in a likely Naruto vs Pain fight: fighting with his own mother he never had known will be too much to him, and we need further informations about Kushina, and I’m sure Kishimoto will explore this, soon or later. Either way, this new girl as a Pain body was a good addiction: through the years, Naruto always lacked when we talk about woman, more precisely strong nins, and with this new girl, I’m sure we’ll good actions involving her, which is a good thing!

***Key Points***

Pain’s new body is a woman
The code was decoded
Pain is really invincible without the real one


Great chapter, where we finnaly could see the truth about the code, or at least some part. Shiho in this chapter was another good thing, because she’s being vital in this development. A comic moment involving Kakashi was good too, and the new woman presented as a new replacement was another great thing here, I do want to see her fighting. While not a complete surprise that the real Pain isn’t among those 6 Pains, I think it’s a hint to show some powers from Rinnegan. And now seems that another imminent war is about to happen in Konoha!

And Now…

Pain and Konan are heading to Konoha right now, and even if they’re just a pair, Konoha doesn’t know the extensions of Pain’s powers, , and without any information about the real Pain, Konoha is in big and serious problem right now, mainly because he has the Rinnegan, and if the legends are true, his eyes will be a big problem. Even if Konoha has powerful warriors, Jiraya, probably the strongest among them, was defeated with such an ease by Pain, and of course Pain hadn’t used his full powers that time. Probably Naruto won’t be in Konoha by the time the attack happens, but Pain may be want to capture some people to extract information, and I’m sure Tsunade won’t let this go, and she could be a likely opponent to Pain, and I don’t think she can stand a match against him. In short words, I think Konoha is somehow condemned if Pain goes for real.

As for the code, probably must have another meaning, a deeper meaning, and I think Naruto, or something else will find out the truth a little late, after Pain’s destruction.

July 04, 2008, 12:49 PM
Olá Pate,

I am really surprised to find your review almost just in time :amuse

But I understand your reasons. I hope that you are still ok after a round of cheese bread :p .

Good review as always.

For the immediate future, I see two potential plots:

1 - As Konoha is under attack, the Root role will become clear on the story.

2 - Konoha will fall, meaning some important key players will probably die in the process, and Naruto will be kidnaped by the Great Sage to be prepared for the strike back.


The Flash
July 04, 2008, 01:26 PM
Olá Pate,

I am really surprised to find your review almost just in time :amuse

But I understand your reasons. I hope that you are still ok after a round of cheese bread :p .

Good review as always.

For the immediate future, I see two potential plots:

1 - As Konoha is under attack, the Root role will become clear on the story.

2 - Konoha will fall, meaning some important key players will probably die in the process, and Naruto will be kidnaped by the Great Sage to be prepared for the strike back.


Yep you took the words out my mouth. I predicted this awhile ago. Cant find my post where i said it - but i have a funny feeling that konoha will fall. Naruto will escape and train with the frogs... (possibly timeskip?)

July 04, 2008, 08:34 PM
you're pretty early :D, I enjoyed this review a lot.

I have nothing to say other than one comment, Naruto looked like Minato (a bit) in page 9.

July 05, 2008, 04:17 AM
Nice review, very thanks to Pat! I heard your name many times, now see your review, you 're good! Sorry for my English!

For the future:

1 - With Pain "summon" 's body, what kind of the information Konoha will know??

2 - Who 're fight with Pain? Tsunade, Naruto or 2, 3 certain team??? Pain will lose ???

July 05, 2008, 07:01 AM
Hi Pat!

First off, thank you for your efforts to present us yet another great review!
This may then be my first reply to one of you reviews! :D

Since the recent chapters piqued my interest yet again, i find myself more willing to reply to anyhing related to Naruto. I must admit that i was really bored with the whole Uchiha deal, though it cleared up a lot of stuff [but never all the questions surrounding the conspiracy on the uchiha massacre], and i was probably a "little" annoyed too by the weak story telling on Kishimoto's side.
So i just read the manga to satisfy my curiosity. Now However, i'm really excited to see Naruto back on focus and we finally get a break from Sasuke. Naruto may have failed to get Sasuke back again, but not a word about that since Jiraiya's death overshadowed all this, and by the gods - IT IS FANTASTIC!

If i am lucky, there won't be any thoughts on Sasuke again, just until Naruto encounters him to end all that drama for good.
If i am even more lucky, then we'll see Naruto really angry and he'll meet Pain sooner than expected. The chances of Naruto fighting Pain are slim, i know that! But i would still welcome it!
And if Naruto and Pain should really engage a fight to the end so soon, then it shouldn't be a fight with too many techniques and tactics, but more a rampage.
Yeah, i wouldn't be satisfied with less than Splatter! Pain killed Jiraiya damn it!
Pain deserves no less than being ripped apart and humiliated in front of the whole Ninja world.

Well, I really hope that [every other naruto FAN and] i will be lucky, but it's probably just wishful thinking. You can#t expect too much anymore, cause you might be disappointed in the end.

July 05, 2008, 12:18 PM
Great review.
But most of peoples are forgetting that this code (There isn´t real one or Real one isn´t with them..don´t know which one is correct) is only 1/3 from whole code Jiraya left. Autopsy of one of Pein´s bodies will bring some other discoveries, otherwise it would be useless. If Kishimoto wouldn´t have some sort of plan with that corpse he would let it in Rain country.
From interview with Kishimoto we know that this year wouldn´t be so much about Naruto, in fact I think that till now Kakashi and Sakura will be main actors so if latest Pain body was really Kushina Naruto won´t discover that this year.

edit: And btw you wrote that "the blond Pain has said that he could barely remember Nagato’s name, and he also said that this person has died a long time ago."
Wasn´t he speking about Yahiko. As far as I know he didn´t mention once Nagato during fight, just that Jiraya has no idea what happened to them.

July 05, 2008, 02:21 PM
great review

1- i dont think naruto will be in konoha by the time pain comes

2- this may lead to a great fight in konoha

3- pain will probably be fighting 6 people at once from konoha

July 05, 2008, 03:27 PM
Oh, yes, the old and good cheese bread, how I've missed it so much, hehe!

@anddre & The Flash
Yes, Just like you, this scenario is the most likely to happen: All the people are expecting that Sasuke and Madara will bring the war upon Konoha, but now I'm seeing Pain as this new nemesis, and if this invasion really comes to happen, then I'm sure we'll see some deaths in Konoha's side; I think that when Kishimoto'd written that the second part would be more dark than the first one, I have the strong feeling he was referring bout the upcoming chapters. And could we think about how dramatic will be Konoha falling to Pain?

Yes, I've noticed that in sme panels, Naruto is almost just like Minato! Probably Kishimoto is doing that to show us how similar they are, and that Naruto is becoming just like what his father was!

Don't worry, is always good to see new people around here! And I'm hoping that you can see my others reviews as well!

Regarding the "summon" Pain, if I must say, probably Konoha won't find anything on him, because if the code is really true, then there's a high possibility that body coud be just "empty" inside, without any organs or tendons. Being a mystical entity, probably those bodies are just a container for the entity!
And if someone must fight with Pain, I'm afraid this person is Tsunade Sometime in the past, she'd vowed to protect Konoha fro all the threats, and Pain being a imminent threat, there's no wa to just ignore him; and unfortunately, I don't think she can make it...

Good to see you here, Sarmad!
Just like you, I'm relieved to see that Naruto is forgetting little about Sasuke, but come on, his master, his father, in some kind of speak, just died, and there's no way to just let it through. Naruto must learn that, if Sasuke doesn't want to return to Konoha by his own will, every kind of effort will be useless, and now he must focus in the people who really matter: Kakashi, Sakura, Tsunade and all of his friends in Konoha, and in order to protect all of them, Naruto must be stronger, to be able to take down even Pain.

And I think there's about 50% chances to see Naruto and Pain seeing each other in the next chapter: Or Naruto will stay in Konoha or will train in another place, and if by way Pain come faster than we expect, surely we'll some some "reunion" with them!

Yes, I don' think Pain's secret is so simple as we think: Pain is more than just a villain, because with him lies so many secrets, and like I said in the review, the code was a little too vague about Pain's identity;

And thanks for the note, I couldn't check by the time I was writing the review, and I was sure that Pain was referring to Nagato!

Pain fighting with all the 6 bodies at once is more than any enemy Konoha already've fought before, and we don't know how many bodies Pain still have, and if the real one isn't with them, there's no point to fight with all of them, but in the other hand, to capture Naruto, he'll try anything;

July 05, 2008, 04:29 PM
Just one problem- Pa Toad knows about Pain's abilities, at least the ones he fought against whilst on Jiraiya-chan's shoulder. Konoha isn't in the dark about that one.

July 06, 2008, 04:46 PM
nice Analysis and that message from jiraiya was left because no one other than him had the knowledge that he had fought them before,and about the real and six bodies thing it's not true since he originally had one human body.

July 06, 2008, 05:07 PM
Great Review Pat!!! In regards to Pein, I found your theories really interesting. Do you think it's odd that Konan will be going with Pein to Konoha? I can't help but think that her connection to Pein is more than being old teammates with Yahiko and Nagato.

July 06, 2008, 06:20 PM
Great Review Pat

Don’t you think that, at least, is weird to remember the first word from each page, and thus make a complete phrase with sense when you’re about the die?

Lol I thought the same way too. But then I figured that was one Jiraiya's passion to writes books about woman and stuff like that. So for sure he would remember all of his works and write the code in time.

July 07, 2008, 02:23 AM
great analysis pat , i dont think it is possible to pain to come to konaha there will something gr8 happening , lets see

July 07, 2008, 08:26 AM
Konoah is aware from some abilities regarding Pain, but still I think they don't have enough informations about the Rinnegan, aside the fact that all the Pains share the same vision field, which is a good information, Konoha could work about this; Oh, and let's not forget about the "summon" Pain and the "Absorb" Pain: Shikamaru probably will be able to establish some strategies by linking all these powers, but I'm sure we can expect a lot more from the most powerful doujutsu!

The issue about the real one must be explained further; look at this: at first, one of Jiraya's three students had the rinnegan, but in the future, another of his students were with Rinnegan, and we have no signs from the original Rinnegan, and not only that, but more 5 people were sharing the Rinnegan. Too weird to me, and we don't know what happened with Nagato;

Good points you have: Until now, many people aren't giving so much credit to Konan, but I think she's an important piece in this puzzle: She was in the meeting with Akatsuki leaders, which could show that she is in some high seat inside Akatsuki, and she's with Pain since the beginning, thus knowing his secret: whatever happened with Yahiko and Nagato, Konan witnessed everything, because since that time she was with Nagato and Yahiko and now she follows Pain. And I think she holds some key to this "secret" too. Probably she'll be developed in the upcoming chapters, and I'm expecting to see some focus about her!

Now that you've mentioned it, I think is good to make some analogy with programming: with the time, you can be able to remember everything that you've wrote, this become a little "automatic". I'm using myself as an example, and seeing from this perspective, yes, there's a chance to remember these little details!

We all know how Kishimoto shares a strong passion with twists, and to see another turn of events isn't difficult; but the problem I see here is that is impossible to stop Pain at this point without a strong reason. he's going to Konoha right now, and the only possibility to cease his attack is if he finds out that nine tails isn't in Konoha;
but like you said, let's just wait, until now, every prediction we've made through the discussion thread was wrong, Kishimoto was always surprising us!

July 07, 2008, 08:51 AM
Hey Pate

Great review as always. I really enjoy your opinion to the issues presented in the chapters, and furthermore, I am liking this new 'And Now' section which allows you to discuss your predictions, nice thinking. A couple of points I woud like to mention:

1) I highly doubt that Konan has anything to do with Pain in terms of being related to the Rinnegan, and here is why. We are assuming that the Rinnegan is what causes Pain to be able to have the six bodies. Actually, it was be safer to say that it is guaranteed. Now, when 'Nagato' first showed the Rinnegan, he must not have known ninjutsu, or else he would have taught Konan and Yahiko who were very close to him. Since they needed ninjutsu to use it or atleast to use the Six Paths, I doubt Konan would have anything to do with being Pain's true identity. I, however, do not deny the fact that she might be holding an item of sorts as a keepsake for Pain. She probably hold high status in Akatsuki simply because she is close to Pain. She could not defeat Jiraiya, and as we have seen, the female kinoichi do not seem to possess strong jutsu, but are portrayed more as healing nin or have limited roles in the team. She could be brought in later as a healing nin who rivals Tsunade, or in this generation, Sakura.

2) Uzumaki Kushina as the new body of Pain. I like the idea bought up here. It is very very interesting. One thing I must say is that by doing that I can guarantee you a few things. First of all, the hentai world will be making full use of it in their manga interpretations (without a doubt). Second of all, it would present Naruto with a very good development opportunity to see how he would react. To me though, she seemed a little short to be Kushina based on her picture next to Minato, but since we do not know height proportions, the possibility still exists. Here is another take on this: what if the new body is Nagato? How are we sure that this new body is even a kinoichi? As we have seen in Haku's case, appearances can be deceiving, and even Kishimoto himself says that his major weakness is drawing females therefore it could be a male and therefore Nagato. Why does he still look a child? Perhaps it is the ability of the Rinnegan.

That is all on my end. Keep up the great work pate!

July 10, 2008, 10:01 AM
Hi, Nasuke!
You know, you're doing an excellent work as well, mainly because his review is about important point in the story, as the dialogue and the art; No one wants to read a story where such points are bad, and you're taking everything essential to explain well this points!

Regarding Konan, yes, you're probably right when you said she hasn't anything with the Rinnegan, instead, I think is safe to say she knows much more about Pain then the others; and it's interesting to think why she hasn't turned into another Pain body: Nagato achieved Rinnegan, and somehow Pain possessed Yahiko, but Konan wasn't affected; and she also had all the prerequisites to be a new Pain, but still, she wasn't chosen. Complicated, huh? The more we think about Pain, the more we get confused!
Kushina in the other hand, also has all the requirements to be a Pain body, and if by chance that body belongs to her, the problems will only begin, because some backstories must be told in order to fully understand why she was chosen, and we need more information about Naruto's parents;

Angel Of Life
July 10, 2008, 09:30 PM
Awesome review! these are awesome. I will be looking forward to the review of 408 afew days after its release.

July 11, 2008, 04:00 PM
Thanks, Angel of Life!

And by the way, the 408 review is up by now, you should chek it out!