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July 07, 2008, 03:16 AM
Hi Guys

Its that time of week again. As some might have noticed, I have usually been on the 'conservative' side when giving my reviews, specifically on the last chapter, defending Kishimoto and what he has done, as I truly believe that he has a talent to convey stories to make you feel like you have not had enough and that you want more, a lot more.

This week is no exception. While I do not think it was a chapter that was focused on elements such as character development or action content, but it reminded us of two very important elements: simplicity and conviction. I will review this chapter a little differently this week as I see no need for the other sections this week considering the content of the chapter. However, the review will show how the two items above were demonstrated, and as always, I always welcome any feedback or comments you might have. A final note would be that I will not be grading these chapters with a point system, but instead, I will just give my final thoughts summarizing what I think, as I do not see the point of rating something that is so subjective, but I think my words would be enough to show how much I really like or dislike a chapter.

Now, enough chit chat, and down to business. Please enjoy my review of Chapter 407:

Chapter 407: To Naruto | REVIEW




Simplicity is one of elements that people tend to overlook, and its beauty is usually displayed in small moments that usually end up defining the image of a character. In this chapter, this is told in the antagonist of the story. Naruto manages to crack the code that Jiraiya left Konoha, and it was Naruto's simple and calm nature that made Jiraiya leave him this code. Pain, who seems to be very intelligent, could not determine it. None of the jounins made sense of it, not even Shikamaru (ya thats right, Im saying that he's above Jounins in term of intelligence) could not determine it. Konoha's decoding team, composed of experts, could not crack it, because they lacked this important element. Personally, I am not dazzled at Naruto's intelligence because lets face it, he's not the brightest of the bunch. The opposite of intelligent could very well be argued for his character. However, as we saw, all it sometimes take is a simple look to determine things. Perhaps Chouji could have made a difference here. Shame Kishimoto did not bring him out (just kidding). This element was honestly the highlight of the chapter for me, and while not much went on, it was definitely enough to make me appreciate this week's fix (yes Naurto is like drugs, you always come back wanting more).



Simplicity was displayed in the antagonist. Conviction was beautifully shown in Madara, who in my opinion, is the main villian of the story (arguably it could be Konan/Pain, or it could be Root). Where is this you ask? Simple: his defense of Sasuke. When Konan asks 'Is He Up for It', Madara says 'I guarantee it'. Pretty strong statement for a 100 year old person. However, his choice of words really show how 'defensive' he is of Sasuke, and how much he trusts in Sasuke's power. Let us try to think of something, we know that Madara is very powerful, and although he was defeated by the 1st, we can pretty much guarantee that he is one of the strongest shinobi at this time next to Pain. What could his possible motive be? Perhaps he wants immortality like all villians, but perhaps he wants a successor? Who better to succeed him then someone who is like him, who lost his brother, who has no one left? I believe that he really want Sasuke to trust in him and be his follower, and I thought his guarantee of Sasuke's power and ability was just bloody brilliant, and it shows conviction to him. This element, like simplicity, was my second highlight of this chapter, and the reason I enjoyed this week's chapter alot.


I thank you all for being patient with the format this week, as I said, since there was not much to discuss regarding content like Kakashi's definite pervertedness, I thought that discussing how those two elements were fitting for this week's review. I will say that this chapter was definitely not as exciting as the ones we've seen in the past week's, but we cannot really expect 100's one week after another. However, this chapter was definitely enjoyable, and hopefully, it marks the beginning of a new set of chapters to come that will keep us at the edge of our chairs.

Until next week then!

July 07, 2008, 01:40 PM
Great review! I completely agree. I liked your thoughts on Madara. I certainly hope that's how his character develops, as it makes him somewhat of a gray character that people could relate too. I also felt the same about Naruto. I've seen people complain about Naruto being the one to figure it out. Like you said, it wasn't intelligence that solved it, it was because it was meant for Naruto. After all, after three years of being together really means you get to know each other.

July 07, 2008, 02:09 PM
NIce review!I thouroughly enjoyed it.I know.it kind of amazed me that Naruto,of all people,was able to notice the difference.He must be one of the most Underestimated characters up till date.Always springing up surprises.But ofcourse,the time spend with Jiraya must have helped big time^_^
And that was a good way of looking at Madara's personality.I personally agree with you on Sasuke being Madara's sucessor(even they used to look very similar before!)

July 08, 2008, 11:43 AM

Thanks for your kind words and I am happy that you agree with me. Naruto is not a mind-learning type, he's a body learning type. Through experience he gains his skills and only with those experiences is he able to master techniques. The great thing about him as well is that he cannot be copied. Simply because his techniqus are most efficient to him. His use of a shadow clone for Rasengan. His use of three shadow clones for FRS was something he came up with to suit himself and his fighting style.


Ya. The resemblance between them is uncanny(their looks, their history). At some point, I was so convinved of this resemblence that I thought that Sasuke might have been Madara's bastard child, but that would have made some implications as to his mother's true allegiance. However, given we know that will not be the case, the argument of a successor is a definitely valid one. Also I woud also like to thank you for your kind words and I am glad you enjoyed reading that as much as I enjoyed writing this.