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July 11, 2008, 03:41 PM
Hi, people, it’s time for another Bleach review; like the Naruto review, this one is coming a bit earlier this week,, but in the weekends I don’t have much free time to write the reviews. But thanks god I was able to finish it soon. Shall we begin?

The scanlation used is from Binktopia

Bleach 317 – Six hearts will beat as one

You couldn’t understand these things, Ulquiorra…

Usually, I don’t make comments about the titles, but especially in this chapter, I cannot miss the title, and what a beautiful title: “Six hearts will beat as one”. It not only show us how dramatic are the things in this moment, but I think it exemplifies perfectly the whole essence of the Hueco Mundo saga: how strong are their bounds, and with that, they risked their lives to save Orihime. They’re true Nakamas, and will protect each other using everything. Not as individual persons, but with just one soul and spirit.

In a beautiful colored page, we’re seeing that Ichigo is on his way to save Orihime, when an ordinary hollow just shows up to be eliminated. In this meantime, Ulquiorra is questioning Inoue about her lack of fear, when she responds that as long her friends keep in Hueco Mundo, her heart won’t be filled with fear. This speech is a little repetitive, Inoue already said this before, but these moments, in this chapter, were totally different, because they’re perfectly narrated here.

As Orihime was explaining to Ulquiorra why she wasn’t afraid, we could see some scenes with Ichigo hurrying up to her rescue, and even flashbacks with previous fights. Alone, all these moments aren’t great, but when we put all of them in a recipe, we can see a great tension build through this speech, as if we can feel exactly what Orihime thinks now. Her pain was real, and I, for one, could understand her pain, even more than in the last chapter. This chapter was perfect to build this agony and tension around Orihime’s feeling, and I’m starting to change my opinion regarding Orihime: now she has some important value in the plot, at least in this part of the story: she’s the epicenter of the current event, thus she could not be ignored.

Before Ulquiorra, a little army…

But the things won’t be as easy as Ichigo could think: if before was only an ordinary hollow in his way, now his enemy will be the entire Exequias squad. And Ludbone, Exequias’s captain, is commanding a mass attack. Here, the Exequias are taking some screen time, and we find out their captain’s name. I don’t think the Exequias will be relevant at this point, but it’s good that Kubo gave some information about them: Exequias are just a little issue now, but let’s not forget that Kubo gives emphasis even in some minor details, and I’m thrilled with these details.

Unfortunately, even if they aren’t so powerful to stop Ichigo, he’s having problem to deal with all of them, when suddenly, Renji appears to help Ichigo, but not Renji, Chad and Rukia are coming as well. Even though we cannot say this chapter was action paced, seeing Renji, Chad and Rukia fighting together was great, I cannot remember such similar moment in the story, and even if Ishida isn’t with them right now, I’m sure he’ll come to help. He’s one of the six hearts too! Ludbone must be powerful, but I don’t think he’ll stand a chance against the combined powers, at most, he’ll cause some serious injuries, but he won’t win, that I’m sure

Chad’s thumbs up, Rukia’s determination in her look to Ichigo and her fight against Ludbone were some minor details that show us their resolve to help Ichigo. In first place, that’s the reason why all of them went to Hueco Mundo, and now they have the chance to rescue Orihime. Every kind of efforts will be well appreciated here. I couldn’t be more happy with it, Kubo now is focusing in Ichigo’s crew, and he should’ve done this a long time ago, but I cannot complain, after all, better late than never.

Chado!! Long time no see, huh? Glad to see you helping again…

I was really expecting to see the battle in fake Karakura, but I must admit that with this chapter, I’ve changed completely my mind. And why is that? Is because Kubo’s created the best possible situation in the manga, Ichigo must fight with Ulquiorra, and in this meantime, Exequias just appeared; then all of his friends will risk their lives to allow Ichigo to rescue Orihime one more time, and now, he cannot fail, because this way he would waste all the efforts from his friends. It is cliche? Yes, it is, the “save the girl” theme is somewhat common and superficial, but not the circumstances, the atmosphere. In Naruto reviews, I’ve said how much I like drama and emotional pieces, and just like in the last chapter, and every scene with Orihime and Ulquiorra in this chapter was filled with drama.

And another positive point about this chapter: Ichigo’s friends. We know that is a fact that his friends became kind of “useless” in the battles, because now, they aren’t in the same level of the espadas. And with this chapter, their uses were extended beyond the battle aspect, if they can’t fight against the espadas, at least they’ll be able to fulfill their only goal when they’ve decided to go to Hueco Mundo. And this is a perfect thing just now, they’re the pillars and motivations to help Ichigo in his task, and I’m glad to see how Kubo did a good job with them. Their bounds and relationship are so deeply, we can make some analogy with Saint Seiya, where usually all the Saints were risking their lives in order to help Seiya. Regarding character’s development, I don’t have any complains to Kubo, even if sometimes he makes some mistakes in the battles, we cannot say the same for the character’s human side. Was fantastic what Kubo’s done about this subject in this chapter

Hey, hey, calm down, Ulqui!!!

And returning to Orihime and Ulquiorra, as they keep talking about feelings, we could see a totally new Ulquiorra speaking of feelings. At first, I always thought that Ulquiorra was a cold, emotionless person, but now, I’m seeing Ulquiorra as someone that only will believe on what he ‘s able to see. Such beliefs are contrasting with Orihime’s ones, which she clearly believes on what she cannot see. This contrast was one of the best things in the chapter. The dialogue written here was perfect, and Ulquiorra said one of the best lines I’ve seen in any manga, movie, and book: “If I open your chest or head, will I see it there? This part was more than dramatic, was scary. The feeling expressed not only here, but in the whole chapter fits perfectly with the situation. I could almost say that Ulquiorra and Inoue are developing some kind of relation: they’ve spent some time together in her room in Las Noches, and now in the fifth tower. I’m sure Ulquiorra wouldn’t tell about his “beliefs” to anyone else, and the same apply to her, open her heart to an enemy.

But then, Ichigo just broke in the room to rescue Inoue. Another great panel with amazing art, where we can see Ulquiorra a litte surprised due this sudden entrance.
Speaking of the art, I’d like to comment about Ulquiorra’s facial expressions: he shows no reaction to Orihime’s speech, being static all the time, and I’m really curious to see his reactions in this fight: judging by this chapter, this fight will be the last battle between them, and I think will be priceless to see the omnipotent Ulquiorra with a different look in his face other than his emotionless expression! I’m really looking forward to see this battle, and in short words this chapter was perfect to set up the scenario…

***Key Points***

Ichigo has good friends
Ulquiorra’s beliefs
Great dialogues


One of the most surprising chapters up to date: Too much drama involving Inoue and Ulquiorra; some action coming from the Exequias, and the friendship shared by Ichigo and his friends were perfectly explored and developed here. Ichigo finally arrived in the battlefield, and an epic battle is about to begin. The plot progression and development were good, and the art was great too. In a special note, the dialogue was the most impressive thing to be analyzed here, as it was built with solid foundations and inserted correctly in the context. And like usual, a big cliffhanger, and now, there’s no turning back. This chapter had another purpose: to show that Kubo knows how to develop human feelings. Great and amazing job, Kubo Tite!

And Now…

Like I said in the previous review, this battle has all the ingredients to be epic, and I’m not afraid to get my hopes up, because I know that Kubo will handle very well this fight, with any absurd power ups or things like that. Ichigo must achieve some new power in order to fight equally with released Ulquiorra, and in the next chapter, I’m predicting that Ichigo will gain the upper hand, probably he’s stronger now than when he fought with Grimmjow, and probably Ulq will use his sword;

As for Rukia and the others, probably Ishida will arrive to provide support; there’s a possibility to see him helping Ichigo, but it’s very unlikely, Ichigo must set this fight alone; And as long the events in Hueco Mundo keeps that way, I don’t care about Fake Karakura for a while, let’s set the epic battle now, because I think it’ll be worth to see.

July 12, 2008, 01:50 AM
Heee, finally someone who defends this chapter! :D And I sooo knew you would choose that panel with Ulquiorras finger at a delicate... place. Guess everyone did too. :P

Thank you for the review, you always say something that' s so true but somehow I miss it.

I' m really, really curious to see now if there will be a yelling Ulquiorra, after all, this battle could be... Well, and even more curious wether Orihime, or Ichigo will "open his eyes" if you please so that he can see all those brave little shounen manga hearts beating together.

July 12, 2008, 07:23 AM
Well pate... i have to respectfully disagree with u...
imo the chapter had the exact same caracter growth that the entire SS arc had... we already knew that "the 6 hearts beat as one" and if orihime took that long to realise that if one of her frieds disapeared like she did, she would go after them, i can only say she is not the smarter person ive seen...
The only good part imo, is something u didnt mentioned.... Ulq couldnt play his mind games with her this time (although i dont know why), her answears were not what he expected (only him, we, on the other hand, have seen this little speach a 1000 times...)
I was expecting much more for an after hiatos chapter....

July 12, 2008, 09:35 AM
^ Well, I'm with pat on this. Kubo really needed to set the stage here; Ulquiorra was one of the first Espada ever introduced, he has a longer history with Ichigo than Grimmjow, and he was the one who kidnapped Orihime in the first place. I felt he did a great job of emphazising this fights importance, and what everyone is fighting for. It can only make the fight better from here.

As far as the "friendship" thing goes...Bleach has always been like that. The theme of friendship has always been the most important one. Yes, it's cliche, and yes, it's been beaten to death--but Kubo didn't even fall back to that very much during the HM Arc, which is why I thought it was very shallow. I don't see anything wrong with trying to give more meaning to the fighting.

July 13, 2008, 12:34 AM
Hahaha, I think that would be obvious that Panel would be chosen, hehe!

But I think we must consider an important factor when talking about this chapter: the friendship and how it had a strong impact here.

Like Gig has said, Ulquiorra has a longer story than Grimmjow or anyone else, and the friendship aspect here worked perfectly well to link all the events;

Let me explain: By using this friendship in this chapter, Ichigo now has one more reason to set once for all his issues with Ulquiorra; Since the beginning, Ulquiorra was destined to fight against Ichigo, and I think all of us were aware from that: OK, could be just one more ordinary battle to Ichigo, but the strong bounds shared by all of the 6 are the ultimate resolve to make the most decisive battle in Ichigo's life: by exploring this friendship, Kubo was able to create the perfect scenario, where this battle won't be just an ordinary one, but where his friends's sacrifice (in some manner of speaking) cannot be wasted, and where Orihime is in a serious danger.

Think about it:

-When Ichigo fought with Byakuya, Rukia was in a safe place, protected by Renji;

-When Ichigo fought with Grimmjow, Inoue was in a safe place, far away from the battle;

-But now, there's no safe place, Orihimie could be dead!

And the strong friendship in this chapter showed me why Ichigo must win this fight, no matter what.

And not only that, but by doing such thing in this chapter, Kubo was able to greatly develop our heroes!