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July 18, 2008, 10:13 AM
How are you, people? Seems that Kishimoto is watching so many sci-fi movies recently, but well, even Kishimoto need a break some times, don’t you think? Again, another early review, but without MS Office in my PC I would be able to write it on my house, and I’m too lazy to install Office, even though the CD is in my desk! But well, let’s begin:

The scanlation used is from Binktopia

Naruto 409 – The Ancient Lore of Myouboku Mountain

LOL, That’s Naruto!

After an ominous cover with our little Yoda- version Fukasaku, the chapter begins with Naruto and Pa frog going to Myouboku Mountains to begin Naruto’s training. Finally we’ll see some real development involving Naruto when we talk about power aspect, and he needed this. These scenes were just like a déjà vu, just like when Jiraya and Naruto left Konoha to begin Naruto’s training, but this time, I want to see results coming from this training. One of the main problems in part 2 was to explain exactly the true reason of his training with Jiraya, people were wondering how much strong Naruto had became, but unfortunately, there wasn’t any room to show us his growth. And now Kishimoto has the chance to fix this mistake, not explaining his old training, but making a new one. And so Naruto was saying goodbye to everyone, and Shikamaru will try to figure out the code’s real meaning.

Just like I predicted, the code itself isn’t useful to Konoha, and Jiraya wouldn’t left something so vague to Konoha, and unless something really important comes to happens now, probably Konoha only will be able to fully decipher it with Pain’s attack, but will be too late. In a funny moment, with Naruto heading to the Myouboku Mountains without knowing the way, with a funny expression on his face, Fukasaku then explains that he won’t make his way to the mountains by normal means, only with the secret Naruto will be able to see its entrance. Two things: Naruto definitely has recovered his old self, seems now he’s able to bear with Jiraya’s lost, and Pain won’t take Naruto, because he couldn’t know his whereabouts, and even in a likely invasion, I don’t think Konoha would spoil where Naruto is. Then, with the reverse summoning, Naruto just vanished from Konoha, and probably this will be the last time he’ll see a peaceful Konoha again…

That’s what I’m talking about!!!

The panels involving Tsunade were great: she’s still a little sad with everything that happened, but, when she was asking to herself about Naruto being the child of the prophecy, I could sense that Tsunade also thinks Naruto will be the one to save Konoha. Probably she’s seeing Naruto as a second Jiraya, and is putting so much faith on Naruto just now.

And by this time, we can see Pain with the finals orders to capture Kyuubi, but if I must say, this isn’t the interesting thing to notice, but instead, we must pay attention to his last statement: to kill everyone in their way. Call me a sadistic, but that was what I’m expecting to see. Now I think is safe to say the Konoha’s invasion is just a matter of time, and Pain is really serious about his objective. Kishimoto haven’t lost his touch after all, which is a great thing: Pain will invade Konoha, and probably important and powerful shinobis will die be in the process. Sasuke has said that he would invade Konoha to take down the elders, but Pain is the one I want to see in Konoha. As a villain, he has much more potential than Sasuke, and he won’t have any regrets regarding his actions(probably Sasuke would suffer from this issue, attacking his old village).

Returning to Naruto, he made his way to the mountains, no, better saying, he was summoned by a frog, and before the training, he must eat something, but he doesn’t seem happy with the food, which is strange, because Naruto is the type who’ll eat anything! And after it, we’re filled with a brief explanation regarding the Senjutsu, and the best part is just coming…

So much to learn you still have, little padawan…

Fukasaku begins to explain the foundations of the training: Senjutsu uses the planet’s energy, in a manner of speaking. Naruto then must combine his own chakra with this external energy in order to use Senjutsu. I think we can make solid references with Dragon Ball Z here: Gather the planet’s energy is just like creating a Genki Dama, and for those who watched DBZ, we know how powerful it is. And not only with DBZ, but some references with Star Wars as well: Fukasaku lifting that rock was a good analogy with Yoda teaching the foundations of the force. Seems that Fukasaku got a little fatigued after it, but probably due his extended age, just like Yoda. I’m wondering if now, that frog who was speaking with Jiraya about Naruto’s key is in the mountain too. Let’s say for example that, besides the Senjutsu, Naruto can combine a fourth element: the key. Naruto then will become the supreme powerhouse, but Kishimoto must be careful here, because Naruto will become powerful, but he cannot be that powerful in a point where he can take down easily any opponent. He is a close range fighter, and we know how the hermit mode had increased Jiraya’s skill. Such power up is perfect for Naruto!

The main reason why I think this chapter was great was due the training: Each Naruto’s training not only gives a new perspective involving chakra and energy(chakra type on FRS training, Senjutsu now) but as well gives us a good development with Naruto: He’s funny in every training, not understand in a first moment, but with the practice, eventually he was able to master the previous one, and this time won’t be different. The part about the ice cream was incredible funny. Finally the Myouboku Mountain was presented to us: I was curious to know the place where Jiraya trained, and now will be Naruto’s time. I’m really forward to see this training, and I’m begging to Kishimoto doesn’t skip this interesting part of Naruto’s development.

And the most intriguing detail in the chapter: Naruto must die to become one with the nature. No, I don’t think we must consider what Fukasaku said in a literal sense. It’s not like he’ll lose his soul or body; but instead, I think Naruto must changes his perspective in the life to achieve the nature’s power. Let’s think about real life, meditation usually is used to reach some spiritual state, and I think the same could be applied to Naruto: using meditation or something similar will allow Naruto to achieve this “spiritual state”, thus being able to become one with the nature.

Oh, great, another ego-maniac…

As we can see, Sasuke already has reached his target, and an imminent battle is about to begin. Just like Sasuke, Hachibi has some super ego, as shown by his statements: a short and cool speech. Sasuke now has a strong opponent when we talk about ego, and I’m thinking this fight will be something where both of them would be saying how they are powerful, an ego fight. Even though I was happy to see a new character being introduced now, I wasn’t expecting to see his fight right now, and again, the story is returning to Sasuke. Now, just now, Kishimoto should focus on Naruto’s training, not in another Sasuke’s fight. Sasuke already has fought against Itachi this year. I, for one, want to see another character fighting in this year, not necessary Naruto, but anyone else would serve to this purpose. Sasuke’s overconfidence is another thing that’s getting on my nerves.

Sasuke is being terribly developed since his fight against Itachi: I don’t know if he’s trying to be just like his old brother or if he just have another unknown reason, but the fact is that he’s a pet in Madara’s hands. Some time ago, Itachi has said Sasuke was too pure to understand some things, but I don’t think so: What he’s doing is just stupidy: Sasuke doesn’t kill innocent people, like the ninjas when he was with Orochimaru or even the people from Konoha, he only intends to kill the people he holds some grudges against. And now, here we are seeing Sasuke attacking the Hachibi, without a reasonable reason, but only because Madara ordered. He isn’t pure, he is stupid. And if by chance Sasuke manages to capture Hachibi, at least Kishimoto could save us from the agony to see Sasuke praising how strong and invincible he is, giving a quick fight against the newcomer. Unfortunately, that’s my biggest complain about this chapter.

***Key Points***

Senjutsu’s explanations
Pain’s imminent attack
The old Naruto is back


Great Chapter! I don’t know you guys, but in this chapter, finally Naruto is back, the true Naruto. Even if in the past chapter Naruto had appeared as well, this chapter was almost totally dedicated to him. The speeches, dialogues were great, Naruto’s face were another thing I’ve missed so much. Pain is really decided to attack Konoha, and the training was the best part in the chapter, with solid explanations about Senjutsu and how it uses the user chakra to mix in a lethal combination. Unfortunately, the last panel was problem here, all that overconfidence is getting ridiculous, but in an overall, this issue shouldn’t be a problem here, because the entire chapter had the classic feeling of the manga “Naruto”.

And Now…

There’s not much to predict here, seems next week we’ll see Sasuke fighting again

As for Pain, now I think is clear that we’ll see some deaths in the process, and look at this paradox: Pain never lost a battle before, and Konoha is the strongest country, then what could happen in this clash? Both of the sides would be damaged, but still Pain has an advantage: his secret. Even if now Konoha knows the secret, they still doesn’t know its meaning, thus this secret will be useless by the time Pain arrives. Surely this will be way more interesting than Sasuke’s fight.

Speaking of Sasuke, I’m afraid to see another so convenient power up in the right moment, as we seen in the last chapter, and I don’t want to see to infamous ping pong again:
-I have the upper hand;
-You fool, now it’s time to show you my new power;
-What? But wait, I have a ubber master incredible skill to counter you;
-Haha, but now it’s time to show you my ultimate power..

You know the drill, and we had enough of ping pong in the brother’s fight.

The Flash
July 18, 2008, 11:37 AM
Great Review!

Like you, i'm looking forward to see the destruction of Konoha. I have nothing more to say really. I really like this chapter. I cant wait for next week.

July 18, 2008, 11:42 AM
great review I'm looking forward to naruto training sage style, (this whole senjutsu thing is going to be great for this project i'm working on) but I'm not really intrested in sasuke vs 8 tails unless we get to see the rest of team hawk do something for once, I mean I had such high hopes for them when they first showed up.

The Flash
July 18, 2008, 11:44 AM
^^^ congrats on your first post? and you joined in 2006? really?

July 18, 2008, 12:13 PM
yep i just don't really get around to posting that much mainly cause most topics just seem to clones of one i'd just finished reading.but the thing about I like about MH is that you guys don't go overboard like naruto fan "shudders" you can even get a word in edgewise with those guys. they nuke people's opionoin's. they have very detailed versus threads though

July 18, 2008, 12:22 PM
Yes, The Flash, do you come to think about how shocking would be this destruction? Not only in the fire country, but in the whole Narutoverse? One of the most(if not the most) powerful villages being totally devastated? I'm sure the ninja world would change after this event, and Akatsuki would be even more known and feared among the countries; and that's the perfect scenario to bring back Naruto as a savior!

kakuro, Welcome to MH, hehe!
I think Hawk Team will fight against Hachibi, back in the Kishimoto's interview, he said the Hawk Team would fight, even if is wasn't his idea; I also think he won't put so much effort in their fight, I'm just thinking Kishimoto want to dispose them ASAP, and such powerful monster as Hachibi should be enough in this task...

July 18, 2008, 12:48 PM
Nice review as always.

I agree that Senjutsu is perfect for Naruto, especially as it focuses on strengthening his jutsu as opposed to learning a multitude of jutsus (though I still want him to learn at least a few). Also it would be really cool for young Naruto to become a Sage. The respect he will get after that will be mind blowing.

About Pain, I agree that Kishi has it set up for him to destroy Konoha. In addition to that, I don't think Tsunade will die, but I do think she will be overthrown by Danzo in the aftermath of Konoha's destruction. It would be a perfect chance for him to try a coup, by blaming the destruction on Tsunade's protection of Naruto. That doesn't sound exactly right though since nothing in the story has suggested that Danzo has anything against Naruto (other than him being a indirect student of the Third) and the two elders wanted him to stay in the village. I still think a coup is highly possible though.

About Sasuke, Kishi has two choices here. He could either be using Hachibi to show off Sasuke's skill (and how typical of Kishi >_>). That would be really annoying and not something I would want to read about. Or he could use this to bring Sasuke back down to earth by having Hachibi beat the crap out of him. That would be really great and I would love to see that along with Naruto's training. In addition to both, we may find out if Sasuke has truly become a Sith Lord, or if he plans on allying himself with Hachibi. Either way, I really want to see Sasuke defeated :tem.

July 18, 2008, 12:55 PM
yeah probably but the one thing I really hope kishi won't do is kill them without showing what they can do or who they are, but hey he does it to every body he dosen't want around anymore. Cough "Hidan and Kakuzu" Cough, seriously what the hell ? for once the anime might do right by us and give the zombie twins an impossible but acceptable filler backstory
so is anybody confuse about why no one knew about two jinchuriki's in the same country?

July 18, 2008, 01:46 PM
Great Review and great Chapter too. I was really hoping to see Naruto in the toads place.

I was just wondering actually... will Naruto also have ink "tears" like Jiraiya, because that might look a bit funny on him. (remember Jiraiya had to modify the tears to turn into hermit mode so it might be connected somehow)

As for Sasuke... still don't like him. Especially that he's like ten time more powerful than anyone, so i don't see why there would be fair a fight..... seal, most powerful/evil chakra of his clan, Amaterasu, new type of Sharingan (the stongest for sure), strongest Jutsus (with the lightning) strong nakamas.............. u get the point.

July 18, 2008, 02:57 PM
Come to think of it, how pissed would Sasuke be to finally get to Konoha, only to find it in rubble after Pain came and went?

Oh, the look on poor Sassy's face would give me so much glee :)

July 18, 2008, 10:49 PM
Hum, with only 15 years and already becoming a sage, not a bad idea if you ask me, and with the clone method, I'm seeing that future as almost certain one, after all, Naruto will get the respect he deserves, what a great step to become Hokage!
As for Pain and Konoha, the coup could be highly possible, but I'm thinking that Danzou and the root could be affected by the attack: Seems Danzou loves Konoha, and seeing his village being destroyed maybe would trigger some sense of protection. Maybe Tsunade and Danzou together to protect Konoha? Certain not the best alliance, but still a powerful one!

And Sasuke, oh, God you don't know how happy I would become if Hachibi was to defeat him! but like you said, Kishimoto is Kishimoto, then I don't doubt that this fight could be just an exhibition to show new powers, unfortunately. At least some alliance between Hachibi nd Sassy wouldn't be so bad as a crap and cheap fight...

Maybe Akatsuki only found the Hachibi's localization in the recents days: If Yugito, Nibi, was the second most powerful, then Hachibi is the most powerful, but power means problems, and probably he was trying to hid to prevent disasters and problems, too bad that Sasuke now knows his localization...

Well, maybe the ink tears could be a possibility, but I'm guessing that Naruto will gain another trademark, somehting really unique, maybe some tattoo or even a new uniform, and he deserves a new look, after this so called powerful training, some upgrades will suit better!

Well, until now, Sasuke's life was a completely failure, totlly wasted, and again, his revenge against Konoha could be messed by Pain; And for all the reader's sake, please, Kishimoto, don't make Sasuke go after Pain to get another revenge, only because Pain was the first to arrive on Konoha...

July 18, 2008, 11:35 PM
I have been giving this idea some thought now, however I do not think that Sasuke will make it around to attacking Konoha. What Sasuke, the genious, fails to realize is Madara's particular comfortabel situation. How could someone know the situation so well with Itachi if he was just a mere spectator? How could you get close enough to the Hokage to see Itachi 'BEGGING' him to protect him from Danzou. The reason is simple: Madara is not who he appears to be, and is most likely the reason behind the coup d'etat. What better way to get revenge on the things he hated but by making them attack each other: get the Uchihas to start a coup d'etat, and get Konoha to plan to execute the village. However, thanks to Itachi appearing, he agreed to wipe out the Uchiha.

People have been talking about the possibility that Madara was lying: and the lie is here. Itachi did not 'ask' Madara to help him murder the Uchiha, he simply blackmailed him. This is most likely a lie on Madara's part if we take this analysis.

Why am I mentioning this here? Its thanks to pate, reading the 'and now' part really made my thoughts gather here, and I am thinking that Sasuke will end up realizing the truth before he attacks Konoha, perhaps through speech with the 8 tails (I'm hoping to see a little less action and a little more conversation from Sasuke as quite franly I'm bored of his battles: Sharingan, Sharingan, Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan). By realizing this truth, Sasuke will hopefully be smart once in his life and decide to surprise Madara by backstabbing him at the last moment. This is my true wish and it will most likely be the only way for Sasuke to rise in my eyes again (yes I think he is useless now).

Thats it from my end! Once again Pate great review and I also wanted to point out that I like your choice of panels for this review, they really got the message across and were very effective. Keep up the great work!

July 19, 2008, 06:08 AM
Hey Pat! This is a long time reader, first time replier lol. Anyways, I wanted to say thanks for your reviews they are fun to read and offer a perspective of Naruto from the eyes of a different person. About this chapter though, I think this really shows the level that Sasuke is at, in terms of ninjutsu. Let me explain. I was re-reading the fight from the Itachi vs. Sasuke fight and I realized that "Kirin" is like senjutsu, using the power of nature to create a devastating new weapon for Sasuke. Isn't that kind of like what Naruto is trying to do? Hasn't the manga always been like that? I dunno, I just wanted to know what you and the other people in here think about it.

The Flash
July 19, 2008, 01:18 PM
Hey Pat! This is a long time reader, first time replier lol. Anyways, I wanted to say thanks for your reviews they are fun to read and offer a perspective of Naruto from the eyes of a different person. About this chapter though, I think this really shows the level that Sasuke is at, in terms of ninjutsu. Let me explain. I was re-reading the fight from the Itachi vs. Sasuke fight and I realized that "Kirin" is like senjutsu, using the power of nature to create a devastating new weapon for Sasuke. Isn't that kind of like what Naruto is trying to do? Hasn't the manga always been like that? I dunno, I just wanted to know what you and the other people in here think about it.

Similiar but not quite. Senjutsu (according to the "accurate" translation from Bintopia) is Hermit Arts

July 19, 2008, 02:02 PM
Good review. I think you made this chapter better. I didnt really enjoy it that much. Even though i got something new i still felt empty. It like trying a peice of steak for the first time. And only getting a nibble and thats all you can get.

We already seen Sasuke use Tsukiyomi I beleive and I think were going to see him use Amaterasu or one of his new MS jutsu to atleast confirm him gainning control of Itachi's jutsu. But I hope Sasuke doesnt rely on MS too much like his brother did.

July 20, 2008, 04:47 PM
Great review as always and please keep it up.

Even though, Pein is planning a surprise attack on Konoha, Fukasaku-sama probably know something and deliberately left the communications lines open. I think Naruto’s two type’s chakra has to die to become one with nature. Falcon capturing 8 tails, I don’t think so, there is something special about him. The one tails got his fifteen minutes of fame because of Naruto, I believe the 8 tails will develop a relationship with Naruto as well. :D

July 21, 2008, 03:58 PM
Guys, again, I'm so sorry for the later response, but my job was taking so much time! Thanks god now the things gos easier!

I think you've said everything, and that's what I'm hoping for too: seeing Sasuke as a mature man, without the ridiculous "hatred" passion in his heart: I want to see a Sasuke who is able to recognize that he's being manipulated by Madara, a person that will use his intellect to be the true genius, not ony in battle aspects; Oh, and just like I said, from my POV Sasuke is being terribly developed, Kishimoto is trying to show us a strong Sasuke, when we only see a ridiculous and immature one;
Maybe the Hachibi will say things like: "Hey, c'mooooon, you're being manipulated all the time, my friend, try to use your brain at least once in the life"; And I can say to you that I'll be so happy in the moment when Sasuke will say: "Is possible to redeem myself? I don't know if it's possible, but without it, Sasuke is useless to me;

Thanks for taking you time, I'll do my best on the future reviews!
From what I could understand in this chapter, fukasaku was trying to gather the internal energy, and by doing thay, would be possible to combine your own chakra with this energy; Kirin was summoned using the clouds as a fuel, and not an internal energy, as we can see with Fukasaku lifting that giant rock: he gathered the nature's energy combining with his own chakra, and Sasuke just used the thunder coming from the clouds, he didn't mixed his chakra with the nature, even because he was out of chakra in that moment!

if this fight really comes to happen, maybe some ninjutsu skill would fit way better than MS; and let's not forget that Sasuke doesn't have all the experience years that Itachi had, so I think that would be a little complicated if we see Sasuke fighting with MS full potential just now; of course ha had some time to train, but we cannot compare almost 10 years using MS(Itachi), with just some weeks, at maximum(Sasuke)...

Since the beginning, an alliance with Naruto was what I'm expecting to see, and I think you've used the right term: there's something special about him, the focus Kishimoto is giving to him is totally different from the previous one, like the 2 tails or the 4 tails; Gaara was an exception because when he appeared, we didn't know that he was a jinchuuriki, and like I said in the previous review, the lamest thing to see now is the so called powerful Hachibi being defeated by Sasuke...

July 21, 2008, 04:34 PM
Evil can be defined as the absolute absence of love.

Pain cannot be defined this way. It is because he cares for Yahiko that he is most likely acting the way he is. He is merely granting the wish of his closest friend (the ideology he is following about making others experience the same is Yahiko's logic BEFORE he grew up). Perhaps when he faces Naruto, he can become a good person like he used to be. I am hoping that Naruto's 'special ability' will allow him to sway Pain to the good side (DARTH VADER).

Madara, on the other hand, I believe is evil. While he does portray it in his actions, he is without evil within the scope of this definition. His desire to crush Konoha and the Uchiha without any feeling of remorse or regret is what makes him evil. The fact that he will gain pleasure from doing this is proof enough that he is evil.

The final spot is left for Sasuke. He is a tricky one: first of all, because we know that he does have feeling for Naruto as his best friends, and the fact that he did not kill him is proof of that. Even though he defined it as 'acting on a whim', that whim told him not to kill Naruto, and he did not. Whoever said that whimsical actions are random did not stop to think twice. As you said Pate, I am also hoping that Sasuke grows beyond the dark path he is walking down, which will most certainly make him like Madara, a pure avenger.

July 22, 2008, 02:17 AM
Nice review as usual Pat. I thought this chapter was nice, been a very long time since a chapter soley focused on naruto and not being just a side character for once. Heh, the sage art training sounds really nice and defintley what naruto needs.

I just hope we dont' see a Genki Dama Rasengan.. please nooooo, no more rasengans..

And as for the next chapter?

MEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. (couldn't care about MS/uchiha techniques)

July 22, 2008, 09:36 AM
Nasuke, Another interesting point on this topic Sasuke didn't kill Naruto that time because he had feelings toward Naruto, and I'm risking to say that such feelings were so strong; We know Sasuk's character, he wouldn't never admitted how strong his feelings were;

Sasuks isn't mature enough to bear with feelings, he doesn't know how to express them, and unfortunately, Madara knons about this weak point, a point who can change completely the life's course if in wrong hands;

Even though I dislike the "Sasuke character", his poor development, regardless of all Kishimoto's efforts, I don't want to see a life being destroyed that way, without any reaction; Sasuke's life was totally manipulated since his born, at least on one moment, he must have the right to decide which path he'll choice, without Madara, Itachi, etc...

Marq, we know that Kishimoto is a big fan of Dragon Ball, but he must be able to create his own variation of Genki Dama. Cloning it just now would be horrible to the story, Naruto should create something completely new, unexpected, after all, and like you said, without Rasengan! If I'm not mistaken, Naruto has almost 10 Rasengan's variation, including movies(I cannot say for sure, I only watched the first movie!), and I've heard even some Moon Rasengan!

July 22, 2008, 06:25 PM
Moon rasengan? You mean that large purple genki dama in the shipudden movie? XD But in serious, much as rasengan is naruto's trademark move, I'm going to get the pitch fork if it's another rasengan. I have a feeling this training is going to complete the FRS, seeing as Naruto can only control for so long..

*idea just went off*

Seeing as senjutsu relates to using the energy around the person, that would make the FRS complete, (it's powerful enough as it is, but adding natural wind power?... o_O)