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July 18, 2008, 03:29 PM
How are you, my friends? Time to another review, even though I must say that I’m a little disappointed with it, but of course I wouldn’t quit with the reviews, after all, just one chapter won’t be able to screw up the great battles that are coming! Then, let’s go:

The scanlation used is from Bleach-Asylum

Bleach 318 – Five Towers, Four Pillars

This will be epic!

Thanks to the combined efforts from his friends, Ichigo was able to break in the fifth tower, where Ulquiorra and Inoue were awaiting. Surprising enough, Ulquiorra has no need to kill Inoue, but instead, Ichigo is his target. More surprising is seeing Ulquiorra unsheathing his sword to fight against Ichigo. I was expecting to see this moment for a long time, and finally, the powerful and cold hearted Ulquiorra will fight seriously. The dialogue built into this scenes were great too, a requisite in the most pre fights I’ve seen in my life, but still, well constructed as we can see some tension raising from them. Since the last chapter, Kubo always gave hints that Ichigo vs Ulquiorra fight would be settled first, even a perfect environment was created to be the stage, but unfortunately, things won’t go so smoothly as we can thought: just when the battle was about to beginning, Kubo has switching the focus again to Fake Karakura.

Switching scenarios, if well done, only will bring benefits on every aspect, but could be very dangerous if careless used. And now, Kubo just made the wrong move in the worst time: He just broke the climax involving this upcoming fight. Now I have the feeling that all the efforts from the past chapters were useless. Like I said before, such device is a double edged knife, and I think Kubo can be forgiven because the fight itself still didn’t began, then he has a chance to do the right thing in the upcoming chapters, and I sincerely hope this…

After Aizen, a new leader emerges…

But now, the focus has returned to Fake Karakura, where we can see Barragan talking about how Aizen, Gin and Tousen are imprisoned, and how numerous are the enemy. Then, some hollows just built some something like a throne, where Barragan just has sat. Even though Halibel said that Barragan was underestimate Aizen about the fire Barrier, I don’t think he’ll be able to escape, that’s why Aizen is entrusting to victory to espadas and why Barragan is assuming the control, giving orders from now. Barragan being the 1º espada is one of the most controversial points in this week, some people are saying that he cannot be considered 1º espada because the throne and the orders don’t mean anything, but what I see is an espada with authority over the other. Yes, Noitora was overconfident, and always was saying he was the primero, but let’s not forget that Noitora wasn’t giving orders to another espada, instead, only Tesla was his subordinate. Then, until further information, I’ll sticky with Barragan as the primero espada.

Barrangan then notices the four pillars, and their destruction would mean that the real Karakura would return to his original place, thus turning it on a great battlefield. But Yammamoto, being the general, already had some strategy to counter Barragan’s attack. It’s interesting to see how the strategy is being used on this chapter: Yammamoto predicted that the enemy could attack the pillar, then some countermeasures were created. I’m wondering exactly who is n charge of Soul Society now: Yammamoto seems to be the type who’ll think about every detail on a fight, and in this exact moment, Soul Society is left unprotected. Of course, he just can get rid from all the enemies now, and SS won’t be in danger, but being a general, he must have some B plan reserved for Soul Society. Maybe Kubo could present us with some nice surprise, maybe another newcomer, or even the filler 3º division’s captain, Amagai. This could be sweet, even though I think it’s highly unlikely.

Beautiful panel, but not enough to save the chapter…

And then, when the hollows are in their way to destroy the pillars, Yammamoto explain about his ace to counter such attack: powerful warriors were waiting on each pillar, and these warriors are Yumichika, Shuuhei, Kira and Ikkaku! The panel was amazing, showing all of them at the same time defeating the enemy. The art is being well drawn on the latest chapter, mainly with Ulquiorra: his lifeless eyes are always a pleasure to see, and in this chapter, Barragan acting as a leader was great to see. And like I said before, the speech and dialogue were well built.

But unfortunately, wish I had only good things to see, but that’s not the case. This chapter has serious flaws, and I think the most important one: the chapter was too much subjective: When we read a chapter, we’re expecting to see some logic, some coherency, but with Bleach 318, I didn’t see these aspects, instead, Kubo just write some senseless chapter. My impressions while reading this chapter were that Kubo only set the chapter to present Ikkaku and the others. Yes, it’s a good thing to see some forgotten characters, but not when they interfere in the natural course of the plot, which was the case here. On brief words: Kubo just made a senseless chapter to show 4 minor characters. Kubo already has too much characters to deal with, there wasn’t need to bring more characters right now. At least, seems their fight is over, and we won’t see they fighting again for about 4, 5 chapter. The entire chapter’s content could be placed in just 7 pages easily, and this chapter really has the taste of filler. If I’d want to see fillers, I’ll just go to the anime Bleach, the manga isn’t a place for such a waste chapter. At last I still have high hopes to see Kubo just sticking with a single battle per time.

***Key Points***

Ulquiorra unsheathed his sword!
Beautiful art with the last panel


I don’t want to say it, but this chapter just killed all of my expectations about a great fight against Ulquiorra. At least we see his sword being unsheathed, which means he’ll go for real now. Other than that, the chapter was pretty much useless: the pillar was just an excuse to show Hisagi and the others, on a chapter without any logic inside. Since the Noitora’s fight, one of the worst chapters I’ve readied, unfortunately. Probably the only other positive point was Yammamoto and his preemptive counterattack, showing him as a true general.

And Now…

Well, I’m prepared to everything but a fight involving the 4 newcomers, their fights now should be irrelevant, and Ulquiorra vs Ichigo will really begin in the next chapter. After the last chapter, this is the fight I’m expecting most, and I don’t want to see switches in a so important battle… And Kubo, don’t make this mistake twice, at least give us THE fight, please…

July 18, 2008, 10:03 PM
Good review as always, but I'd have to disagree on how bad the chapter was. Even if it killed the building climax, we had more of a chapter here than the last two combined.

We've had: Yammoto releases his zanpukto, Ichigo races to Orihime, arrives and prepares to face Ulquiora, and the Karakura players prepare to fight. All in the last 3 whole chapters.

Kubo has to stop dicking around.

On Barragan, I'm still not sure he's No.1. There's the lack of development, the crown, the throne, the attitude. But at the same time, he comes off as a spoiled child, who just got an opportunity to get his way. Acting all superior, and his older siblings just let him get his way. "Why not? Sounds good", Stark comments. Halibel remains silent.

July 19, 2008, 09:54 PM
I like the review but I agree this is a weak sauce chapter, dissagree however on yamma's stratagy it's not really tatics but common sense. speaking of which where's Yammy? I mean I can understand bringing out the big guns but still come on unless he's still in HM about to fight Chad or something.

July 20, 2008, 12:08 AM
Very nice review, as it's been said before.

Although like Quartz-pebble, I'd say this chapter had more development than the last two.
We now have clues to work with on the ranking of the 3 Espada. We have now finally set the stage for the final battle.
This won't be the final 'build up' chapter I'm sure. Urahara, and the others still have to be introduced. Zaraki, and the other Hueco Mundo Captains need to make a come back as well, not to mention the Vaizard.

I have a good feeling that Ulquiorra VS Ichigo will be left for last. And I hope so, because I've been itching to finally see some of the characters who're on Earth now fight. (Shuuhei, Soifon, Ukitake, Kyouraku, Genryuusai).

July 20, 2008, 03:40 PM
Thanks for another great review but I slightly disagree with you. The four pillars mentioned was very important, destroying them, Aizen creates chaos. As for Soul Society not being protected, I disagree again, since Team Yama-ji out numbered their enemies, all the residents of Karakura Town including the Vizards, Ichigo and Uryu’s fathers, Kisuke and company all got transferred to a residential area of Rukon-kai in Soul Society. Overall, this chapter highlights the experience of Commander-General and Aizen’s. :D

July 21, 2008, 06:10 PM
Guys, like I said on Naruto 409 Review, I'm so sorry to respond this topic so late; unfortunately, I was with so little time, nd I think I don't ever have entered MH this weekend;

@Quartz-pebble, Flight-47
Maybe I'm wrong, and I'm sincerely hoping that I am, but my feelings are telling to me that Kubo won't cease with this build up so soon; Again, it's a double edged knife, and here are my reasons:

-Pros: The tension is being increased greatly, with a new chapter, we don't know who'll fight, against who and even if new characters will appearing as well; by doing this, we, readers, will be speculating every week about the upcoming chapter; Of course, this is great, because we'll sticky with the series even more;

-Cons: Maybe Kubo will get confused about how to deal with everything; look at this perspective: let's say that Kubo will set each fight, one by one. Then, th story won't lose its focus, because each fight will have his time; but if he just want to build up the tension on this chapters, in some point, he could mess with the once upcoming great fights; let's take this week as an example: Kubo just presented us with 4 old characters, but he has too many in the stage right now! nd with so many characters, I'm afraid that Kubo could hurry the fights, just to show all the characters, and I'm not counting with the vaizards,8 more people to join into the battlefield. That's my biggest fear, but I still have high hopes to see Kubo managing with all these events greatly, though;

Yammi now is kind of obsolete in the story: what's his true purpose now? the most powerful espadas will fight in fake Karakura, and Yammi is just the decimo espada! His fate now probably will be determined on some fight against chad, like you said; I couln't think of a better opponent right now, and probably Chad wants the payback, and that's a good opportunity to see his new powers again!

Yes, the four pillars were important here, chapter 318, but they won't be mentioned again in the future chapters, I think. Four people are stationed on these pillars, thus any effort coming from hollows or fraccions would be useless, and probably the fraccions will fight with the VC. That's why I'm thinking these pillars were introduced just to show us Hisagi and the others. And you've raised a good point: Isshin and the others. The vizards weren't sleeping, like the normal citizens, and probably Isshin and co. aren't sleeping as well. Could be that Yamma made some pact with them to protect SS? Interesting!

July 22, 2008, 03:02 AM
Thanks for taking the time and putting out these chapter reviews. It's greatly appreciated. As for the chapter, I thought it was a bad idea to have two major fights going at the same time. The Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight doesn't seem to get my attention as the battle taking place in the fake Karakura town. I want to see the top 3 Espada's in action. I really hope Kubo stays away from showing the "powerful warriors" in battle. It would be cool to see Ikkaku's bankai again but the other three would be a waste of a weekly chapter. The build up for the Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight was too predictable. It's too much like the Byakuya fight in SS. Unless Kubo has the Vaizards going to Hueco Mundo, I think the focus should be put on the SS and Espada fight.

July 22, 2008, 09:55 AM
mestizo, let's just hope to see how Kubo will manage to deal with the major fights: Ulquiorra and Ichigo's fight will be a great one, but in plot development, won't be so important as the FK battle (though I'm expecting to see this showdown more than anything else); then, first things first:

1º- Ulquiorra vs Ichigo

2º -Then, the Fake Karakura Battle;

this way, things would be perfect;

but now, the fantastic four just arrived, and I don't know where they be inserted in the context;
Now I just remembered a post in the discussion thread post some time ago, unfortunately, I cannot remember the user's name right now(sorry!)!
But the post's contents were the following:
he predicted that Ikkaku and the others would fight for about 4 chapters, and after their fight, when the focus returns to the captains and Aizen, the captains would be lying on the floor, affected by Aizen's hypnosis, and Aizen would me smiling, saying how foolish were the captains and Yammamoto;

I'm prepared to see everything but this bizarre event...

July 25, 2008, 04:56 AM
Holy crap! It seems like lately, Bleach is becoming more and more like a fighting manga like DBZ or something. Although this doesn't do the story much good, I am really enjoying Kubo's imaginations of fights. There are so many fights coming up and it seems like everyone is going to have to go all out. I think over the next few months we will get some beautifully drawn artwork from this manga. This chapter was well-drawn and really introduces a need for the non-captain shinigami of Soul Society. It is the way the story is revealing the theme of believe in your nakama. I think the story is coming to an end soon, or at least the part of the manga where everyone that you see will be relevant. This way, many of the shinigami's powers and characters can be explored before the story moves on. That is my opinion of the manga so far, what do you think?