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Sahugani’s One Piece Review 407

i wish it was horizontal so i could wallpaper it

Hi guys! First of all, let me say both “blech” and “WOOHOO”! The last couple days have been a bit of an ordeal in frustration and sleep deprivation mostly centering around “The Dark Knight”. How would you feel if you were watching the 3:00 AM showing of the BEST movie of the summer and the projector dies 20 minutes before the end? Anyways, go watch the movie. It is well worth it and Heath Ledger deserves an Oscar for his incredible role as the Joker. Also on the watch list are new AMV’s. Way back when I reviewed the Zoro vs. Ryuuma fight, I suggested a song for an AMV and ZOroranoaRo (http://www.youtube.com/user/ZOroronoaRO), one of the leaders of Longnose, has been kind enough to make it for me now that the anime footage is there. Here it is, Zoro vs Ryuuma – Ready to Fall (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v1KUqAoSsmM). Though JuniZorofan has stopped making AMV’s, I’m going to try plugging a new Longnose AMV each week and try to highlight as many members as I can. The pics in this review come from the Binktopia scanlation and the title pic is an awesome Oda original.

Oh and one more thing. There is a very good chance that I won’t be able to get a review out next week, but I have the best excuse ever. I’m going to the San Diego Comic-Con all weekend. If any of you guys are going as well, maybe I’ll run into you there. Anyways, if I do miss next week’s review as I expect to, I’ll do a double the next week.

Shanks is Waiting

that will be a fun day

Well last chapter the Strawhats got some bombshells dropped on them regarding Rayleigh’s past in Roger’s crew. One bit to be revealed was that Shanks and Buggy were in the crew as well. Now it seems that Rayleigh regrets revealing this last little bit of info and decides to stop reminiscing. The only reason he had mentioned Shanks was because he had assumed his former subordinate had already told Luffy about his past in the Jolly Roger pirates. Now that Rayleigh knows that this is new information to Luffy, he feels that such stories are things that Shanks himself will want to tell his young protégé. In any case, Rayleigh commends the Strawhats for making so much progress and pleases Luffy with the words that Shanks is probably waiting to meet with him somewhere in the New World. With story time out of the way, Rayleigh turns to business. He recalls that the initial intention of the Strawhats finding him was to get their ship coated. Though the job is usually an expensive task, the fact that the Strawhats are friends of Hachi leads him to dismiss any payment for the job. If his friendship with Shakkie is any indication though, I’d assume that for any of the other coating jobs he takes (or will take since he just got back to Shakkie after years), he extorts and coerces his clients into overpaying, so giving free jobs to friends evens out the cash flow.

Will of D

not so fast!

Before he can get too far into his business discussion, Rayleigh is interrupted by Robin, who insists to know the truth of the “Will of D” and the “Blank Century”. This is significant for her character since these are topics that she has not really been keen to bring up in the presence of her nakama. Mostly this is due to the fact that most of them are too future-driven to appreciate the information’s importance or too idiotic to understand it. She has at least brought up the issue of the “Blank Century” before as it is her reason for traveling in the Strawhat crew. The rest of the crew knows her interest in it even if they can’t fully comprehend its value as she can. The “Will of D”, though linked to the other subject through hinted associations, is a completely different matter for her emotionally. While finding the truth of history is a dream of hers that was passed on to her from her mother and the scholars of Ohara, this goal is more personal. The start of her interest in the “Will of D” started with Saul, the giant ex-marine who saved her on Ohara. He left the first small clue in her mind that the D is passed through his family. When he died and she left the burning island, this D was the only piece of personal information she really knew about him. In her research of history and in her own life as well, she has seen the mark that the bearers of the name “D” leave on the world and has also come to observe a number of quirks that find their way into the personalities of each of them. This means that it is more than likely that the truth of the name can be linked to nearly any world changing event in history and Robin has realized that, which has fueled her interest in the name. For Robin, finding the “Will of D” is now just as much a part of discovering the true history as it is about becoming closer to Saul through others called D such as Luffy or Roger.

Rayleigh’s Knowledge

he looks really sad throughout this part

To Robin’s surprise, Rayleigh admits directly that he does in fact know the truth of the Blank Century. However, he tells her not to get too far ahead of herself. He hints that the Jolly Roger crew and the scholars of Ohara may have become a bit too eager in finding the truth and that led them down a path they somewhat regretted. He tells her that even if he did tell her the truth, the knowledge would force her into a situation she is yet unprepared for. He would rather have her keep traveling with the Strawhats and learn the truth on her own. He even suggests that she may come up with a different conclusion than they did. With this in mind, Robin understands Rayleigh’s concerns and decides to take his advice. She does not know exactly what Rayleigh means by his implied concern for her but understands that the real value of the information can only be experienced by those who figure it out firsthand.

All this new info has led me into a theorization frenzy that I must share. There are two main aspects in Rayleigh’s talk with Robin that suggest valuable future twists in the story. The first clue is Rayleigh’s hint that the Jolly Roger pirates and the Ohara scholars were too hasty in finding the true history. This hints that the mere knowledge of the truth came at the price of some incident that caused them to regret finding the history. This leads me to one theory that I have long held but is now reinforced and revamped. I have long held that Dragon’s motivation behind his revolution is that he learned the true history and is taking revenge for their evil act in the Blank Century. If we consider the possibility that Dragon may have been in Roger’s crew, everything falls into place. Consider that Dragon is in the Jolly Roger pirates and finds out about the Government’s evil deed during the Blank Century along with the rest of the crew. At this point they are faced with the choice of what to do with the information. The rest of the crew, being pirates, decide that not only is it not the place of outlaws to take vengeance for others but the original sinners are already long dead and there is little use in waging war now. Dragon however is frustrated that his nakama refuse to do anything and leaves the crew to begin his revolution. Such a departure from the crew would be an incident worthy of the regret Rayleigh clearly feels. This regret was likely only deepened by the news that Dragon has expanded his revolution.

The second clue Rayleigh leaves to Robin is the hint that if she learns the true history on her own, she may realize a different truth than the one the Roger pirates found. To me, this hints that there were pieces missing from the history they found or some parts unexplained. They might have found records of the incident that the Government is hiding but there are aspects of the conflict that Clover could not figure out. In my latest theory, I’d say that the missing piece of information in the true history is the “Will of D”. Rayleigh admits to knowing the true history, but never actually addresses Robin’s first request. The one major difference in Robin’s pursuit of the truth and Clover’s was that Robin has simultaneously been searching for the truth behind the “Will of D” due to her own personal interest. I think that in studying history while onboard the Oro Jackson, Clover was able to piece together the facts of the Blank Century but the one thing missing or that he could not figure out was a connection to the name of D. It is possible that Rayleigh believes Robin will surpass her teacher and that her interest in the “Will of D” will lead her to view the historical facts from a different perspective and realize the true meaning of them that Clover was not able to grasp.

Another Old Nakama

and now happy face as he remembers Clover

As I have mentioned in my above theory, Rayleigh also suggests that Professor Clover, Ohara’s head scholar and Robin’s mentor, was also among the crew of the Jolly Roger pirates. I had long assumed that Roger had an Ohara scholar in his crew, but until now I had expected that the person was Nico Olvia, Robin’s mother due to the fact that we know she was journeying overseas during the time of Roger’s voyage and came back knowing much of if not most of the true history. However, it seems that Clover was the true Roger pirate and when the timeline is considered, it fits as well. We know that Ohara’s burning and Roger’s funeral occurred twenty years before the current story (or at least the start of the current story). Since the Jolly Roger pirates disbanded one year before the funeral, this gives Clover at least a year to get back to Ohara in time for the events of Robin’s flashback. Anyways, I talking about Clover, Rayleigh also reveals that the professor was the one that deciphered the poneglyphs, not Roger as Robin had assumed from the note in Sky Island. Rayleigh’s conversation with the Strawhats is meant to humanize Roger from the legendary being he was and this info goes to further this idea. Roger’s success and the feats that have become a part of his legend were not due to his own strength but due to the fact that he surrounded himself with the best nakama, each of whom contributed to the value of the crew as a whole. This dispels the idea of Roger’s singular greatness and makes it more akin to Luffy’s Strawhat crew. As Luffy says during the Arlong arc, he is not capable of doing everything himself, so he relies on his nakama to compensate for what he lacks. Having Clover in the Roger crew takes away from the mystery and legend of Roger and replaces it with a relationship between Roger and Clover that mimics that between Luffy and Robin.

Luffy’s Desire

look at Luffy actually using his captain position to bark orders

As Robin decides to drop her request regarding the true history that the Roger Pirates found, Usopp decides to ask his own question and asks the question any average pirate would ask. He wants to know about One Piece. Before he can finish his question though, Luffy yells for him to stop. In a rare show of anger towards a nakama, he commands that asking about One Piece from Rayleigh is off limits. He even threatens that he’ll give up on being a pirate if this information is revealed to him. It is his dream to find One Piece and so he wants to find it through his own efforts rather than be told by someone who already know the truth. Knowing if it exists and where it is would mean that he would miss out on the adventure of looking for it, which is priceless to him. Shanks said that Luffy’s words were identical to Rogers and so it is easy to assume that Roger was of the same opinion on this topic as well. Once he had completed the dream he had set out to achieve, the dream was no longer a mystery to be explored and was thus boring to him, so he disbanded his crew. Both Luffy and Roger needed their dreams to remain intangible so that the dream could always be on the horizon to push them forward. Once the dream is proven to be possible, the drive to move forward is gone since the mystery of whether or not it is possible no longer exists.


best to go simple

Just as quickly as Luffy snapped at Usopp though, he returns to his normal smile again once Rayleigh asks him if he even can conquer the Grand Line. To Raleigh’s amusement, Luffy’s response is that he doesn’t want to conquer the ocean but the Pirate King is the person with the most freedom. For most pirates with the dream of becoming Pirate King, their dreams are based on a desire to obtain the legendary treasure called One Piece or to prove that they are capable of surpassing the obstacles of the world’s greatest ocean to prove themselves the best. Luffy’s motivation is much simpler. He simply wants to be Pirate King. To him, the title is not a symbol of wealth or power but a symbol of freedom. To him, a true pirate is a person who is unafraid to act on their whims and work towards their dreams, no matter how impossible that dream is. The Pirate King is symbolic of a person who has proven themselves capable of fulfilling impossible dreams and doing so with one’s own ideals.

Three Days Wait

what to do with three days trapped on a chain of islands with a powerhouse hunting you

At this point, Rayleigh decides to take his leave and go to coat the Sunny. As the Strawhats try to decide what to do to pass the time, they find out that even with Rayleigh’s skill, it will take three days for him to coat the Sunny for the undersea journey. To help get them back together when the work is done, Rayleigh supplies them with his vivre card so that after three days, they can all make their way back to the ship. In order to avoid the marines, he’ll move the ship to a separate place for his coating, but he’s not certain where yet. The Strawhats aren’t completely certain what to do until then. Since they have an admiral combing the island for them, they need to be somewhat careful about their actions, but most of them are relatively unconcerned. In order to keep marine focus away from Rayleigh and Sunny, Franky and Zoro decide that the best option is to split up and act independently on the archipelago. In the end, they’re still undecided, but divide up the vivre card between themselves and head out to prepare for the trip and waste time.

Franky’s Respect

he should have brought up Tom with Rayleigh for fond memories

As the Strawhats leave Shakkie’s bar, Franky becomes lost in thought. This meeting with Rayleigh has inspired deep thought in all who have connections to the Roger crew. Luffy reminisced about Shanks, Brooke was told of Crocus’s devotion to Laboon, and Robin was informed of how Clover learned the true history. Now it is Franky’s turn to remember Tom and appreciate that Rayleigh was one of the pirates his master had built the Oro Jackson for. Meeting Rayleigh was extremely important for Franky because he got to see someone who had lived on and accomplished his dreams due to Tom’s sacrifice in building the Oro Jackson.

Meeting Kizaru

delightfully weird as is Oda's specialty

The scene shifts now to Kizaru, who we now see in full. As we first witness him, a low level pirate has just shot at him only to find that his bullet didn’t affect the admiral at all. Like the other admirals, Kizaru is only a title obtained by being one of the three top marines under Sengoku. His real name was Borsalino, which along with his style gives off an Italian feeling. As any good Oda creation must be, Kizaru is somewhat quirky. He seems to have a rather friendly demeanor and seems to be quite carefree. Unlike Ao Kiji though, who is similarly carefree, Kizaru is apparently quite impulsive and tends to act without thinking things through as opposed to Ao Kiji’s practice of not caring to act at all unless he deems it necessary. This habit leads him to situations where he must apologize afterwards or say “that’s weird” after something didn’t happen as he expected it to. This makes him as the “yellow monkey” quite similar to members of the Monkey family such as Luffy and Garp. His personality makes him unique among major villains and I suspect that unlike most of Luffy’s other opponents, he’ll come out relatively unscathed, deciding to relinquish the fight to Luffy before the Strawhats become drawn into a battle with an enemy who is actually despicable. This other villain would come either at the end of Shabondy’s three days or will be the established villain of Fishman Island. Kizaru will end up joining Ao Kiji, Smoker, and Mihawk as powerhouses with a keen interest in the growth of the Strawhat crew. As for Kizaru’s powers, they are still relatively mysterious at this point. We know he can ride on a cannonball, bullets don’t affect him at all, and with a kick he can cause a distant explosion large enough to topple a mangrove tree. Unfortunately, this odd collection of effects is not enough for me to formulate a theory as to what his abilities can do.

Supernovae’s Retaliation

this will be a good test of his accuracy in fortune telling

After Kizaru takes out the Grove 27 tree, we get a window into the actions of the other supernovae, who apparently didn’t make it off the archipelago. The first is Apoo, who stares with wonder at Kizaru’s destruction while his subordinate tells him they need to go. However, Apoo seems to like doing things in a cool way and so rejects the idea of running while his enemy isn’t looking. Even though he admits that he can’t beat Kizaru, he feels that he needs to make Kizaru mad at him before running away. Although this makes the act of fleeing public, it shows an adolescent sense of courage from getting the last laugh and causing trouble to the other but they can’t get you back. The next to be shown is Bonney. Here it is confirmed that she has some type of ability to manipulate age, which we saw briefly when she became a kid to act like Zoro’s sister. Now she has used to turn a group of soldiers into little kids and old men unable to fire their guns at her. The ability is quite fitting for her as it matches her somewhat childish personality. It also explains how she can be such a glutton as her ability would allow her to control her own metabolism. After Bonney comes Bege, who calmly smokes his cigar alone while surrounded by marines. He tells them that they have already lost in military force, implying that he has his entire crew positioned to wipe out this attacking group of marines. It seems like he might not even have a DF ability and his strength comes from his strategic abilities, which he uses to intelligently deploy his subordinates and demolish his enemies. The final one we see is Hawkins, who appears directly in front of Kizaru. The admiral is still asking him the same question he asked random strangers before, apparently oblivious to Hawkins’ standing as a supernovae. Meanwhile, Hawkins’ subordinates try to get their captain to flee but he refuses, once again citing that he does not foretell his death today. I am certain that Hawkins will live as he predicted, but that does not mean he won’t get his ass kicked or arrested. What happens to Hawkins will be a way to judge Kizaru’s character. I doubt Hawkins would initiate a battle unless attacked first or a marine attempts to arrest him or his crew. This means that if a fight happens, Kizaru would have initiated it. If Hawkins is let free due to not being the intended target, then I doubt Kizaru is a true villain. If Hawkins is beaten and/or arrested, then we’ll need to keep a close eye on the admiral to figure out what he’ll do next.

Mystery Meeting

$20 on Kuma

On the final page, we get a frame with a silhouetted foot in the path of the Strawhats. Luffy takes notice and asks who it is. This at least means that the person is someone Luffy has not met and who has a presence intimidating or interesting enough to catch Luffy’s interest. From this information as well as the shape of the person’s shadowed foot and legs I’d say it is Kuma. Luffy never met the Shichibukai as he was unconscious during Zoro’s confrontation. His size and aura are also unusual enough for Luffy to become interested or concerned by his presence at first glance. I highly doubt that he beat up both Law and Kidd and as I said in my previous review, I expect that he left before the fight was over. Since Kizaru came, he was clearly not there to clean up pirates on the archipelago and so was likely there for his own reasons unrelated to the supernovae. If he was actually there to meet to meet the Strawhats though, I doubt that it was merely to pick a fight. He had the opportunity to take them down before and left them alone thanks to Zoro and with Kizaru here, he could simply let the admiral do the job and not be morally conflicted. My guess (or I should say my hope since there is no evidence for it) is that he is there to tell them information about Ace. The Strawhats did not receive the paper announcing the execution due to the Caimie kidnapping and as far as we know, they did not even receive the paper saying that he was taken in to government captivity by Blackbeard. The Strawhats only know for sure that his life was in danger for a while. Being a moral individual and from his question to Nami, I suspect that he had intended to bring up the Ace issue on Thriller Bark, but Luffy was unconscious and he left before anyone woke up. Now he feels inclined to tell Luffy in detail what is happening with Ace. It is also possible that Kuma is delivering a message from Ace to Luffy. From the Bible he holds, I expect he may also function as a prison chaplain for major criminals though most likely this is self appointed. I can see Ace asking Kuma a final request to deliver a message to Luffy.

Shifting Perspective

Well the three days twist unfortunately seems to put one of my favorite theories of this arc into a pickle. The Strawhats are now left on the archipelago for three days with Admiral Kizaru also there to hunt them and they have no access to the Sunny. This puts the idea of a naval conflict in a rut or at least on hold for a while. I’m still hoping it will happen eventually, but not during this arc. Seeing as how Thriller Bark occurred over one night and most of the other arcs have taken place over relatively short time frames as well, three days is quite a while, meaning it is very clear that Shabondy and Fishman Island will be separate arcs. The fact that the Strawhats are land-bound also puts a damper on the idea of a battle of pirate ships against an armada. However, to my delight, it seems that the other Supernovae did not flee to Fishman Island as they had said they would do. With plenty of time still remaining on Shabondy and the Strawhats suggesting to split up, we may get their battles occurring throughout the archipelago over time. The fact that the supernovae are still there and are also spread out gives opportunity for interaction with the Strawhats. This can come in two forms. The first option (which I’m not crazy about) is to have Strawhats fighting against the other crews. The other is to have individual Strawhats meet up with individual supernovae and form temporary partnerships. Most likely, we will see a mix of these and in the first case, I more expect members of the Strawhat crew fighting members of the other crews rather than captains. One case such as this I think we can expect from Chopper and the Heart pirates. While I don’t expect to see a direct fight between Law and Chopper, we may see Law pit his bear, Bepo, and his new subordinate, Bart, against the Strawhat reindeer. This would either come from a refusal to join his furry themed crew or simply to toy with him. As for the temporary alliances, the one with the most potential is Zoro and Bonney since they already have had some interaction that could be used very effectively by Oda. The others are harder to predict, but I’d say Hawkins and Apoo are good candidates for temporary alliances while Urouge and Killer (as well as other Kidd subordinates) are good candidates for battles.


I love it when Oda comes back from a hiatus and gives us such goodness as this chapter. In my opinion, the tail end of the conversation with Rayleigh was done beautifully and effectively dealt with the issue of not revealing too much from his own travels while still encouraging the Strawhats to keep following their dreams. It also gave us Clover as a Roger pirate and gave me material for theorizing. With Kizaru, its still too early for me to read what his role will definitively be during the arc, but I love his character design and his personality is looking to be another classic. While I am disappointed that my naval battle does not seem as likely to happen anymore, I am at least glad that the supernovae are still all here so they can be developed by Oda into allies or enemies. Due to the way Oda is going so far, I highly doubt that we can classify them solidly as being either way but rather that we must treat each one on an individual basis. I’m giddy for the next one, but as I said in the intro, don’t expect a review for the next chapter till the double in a couple weeks. Comic-con awaits!!! If Oda came, I could die happy, but at least there will be Kubo Tite and Mashima Hiro. Guess from my sig which I’m more excited about.

The Adamant Dragon
July 19, 2008, 06:42 PM
Nice review Sahunigai-san its always good to read your reviews.

Nice chapter, Oda really know how to set his chapters. Every pages and every panel's discussions was highly entertening...

One of the things I Noticed in thid chapter, is that among all Luffy's Nakamas, Ussop's probably the only one who get on his nerves... From the time he wanted to take Blue-Mary ( Not sure of the name ---- their previous boat ) for himself and went as far as to challenge Luffy in battle in order to do what He wanted... --Its in those time I come to hate Ussop's Caracter--. Because he's kind hearted, Luffy consider his crew more like his friends than mere followers ( --wich is good and takes him away from the pack of the other crews ways-- ), and that's why he doesn't act all bossy arround them, but surely, in times like this, I like how he can remind them that he's their captain... I think that his simple view of life is what makes us bond to this caracter, at least for me, He reminds me that life is short and we should live it to the fullest and believe in our dreams.

Though, I dont think Kuma is the one in front of them, he's got his hand full right now with Kidd and Law... Unless ofcourse their combined powers were'nt a mach for he's --- Who knows maybe he just teleported them to a deserted Island or in highly secured marine facilities --- For some reason i think it could be his father. I Guess we'll just have to wait and see...

As for Kizaru, when I saw his face, his caracter immediatly made think of a Mafia-Boss who over-Used drogz LOL! i can't keep myself from laughing each time I see his Face. I'm looking forward to the outcome of his encounter with Hawkins.

And Because most of OP chapters contains funny comments, in this one, Its when brooke said He'll play dead Until the 3 days are over -- that made my day --

Once again, nice review.

July 20, 2008, 02:36 AM
whoa, it's really been a long time since I last posted here. I got busy with life, but I still managa to read the threads here and of course, your review.

as always, you put up an intelligent, well-analyzed review. congratulatiuons sahugani. from a writer's point of view, you are making a really an outstanding review. keep it up! (and yeah, i'll miss reading your review in case you fail to write one for next week).

i also have some comments in regards with this chapter and with your review. This will be long....

on "Shanks is waiting:"
I love the fact that Rayleigh stopped discussing some matters with Shanks. Though it leaves us hanging as to what Shanks have told Rayleigh about other stuff, it shows the latter's respect for the former's wishes not to inform Luffy about his background and his status as a pirate. As expected from the relationship of the crew of Jolly Roger's pirate, who shares deep similarity with the Strawhats,' Rayleigh believes in Shanks completely, so he thinks that the latter has a great reason for leaving his status a mystery. As I dig this though more deeply, Rayleigh did not tell stories much further for more profound purpose. For some reason, I believe that Rayleigh has a belief in Luffy (he must have seen his former pirate in him), leaving the opportunity makes its way so that Shanks and Luffy reunites somewhere in the world. Thus, Rayleigh completely trusts and believes that Luffy will make it to the New World and will become a great pirate.

On "Will of D" and "Rayleigh's Knowledge"
More than anything, I am focused on Robin's character development. Back in Sky Island, we see her roaming and finding the Poneglyph without any nakama. Though I understand that the other Strawhats have other businesses to attend to, she didn't mention about the said Poneglyph to them. Even if they don't have much interests to ancient ruins and the true history, a special bond would be an adequate reason to share her dreams with the others. On the other hand, we see her asking Rayleigh about the Blank Century and the Will of D in front of them. And it's not like she doesn't have any other chance of asking him about it. This gesture, I think is a symbolic way of sharing her dreams with the Strawhats - a proof that their bonds are getting much deeper. Another thing I'd like to note is that she refuses to hear the answer. Though some of her reasons are provided by the logical reasoning of Rayleigh, she chooses to know the truth by herself. This is, to me, a way of showing how she changed and how she possess this "Strawhat spirit" - like the way Luffy wants to find One Piece in his own way. Back in Arabasta, she seems to be "greedy" in a way, doing everything it takes just to get her questions answered. But now that she is finally becoming a Strawhat pirate, she has gained an adventurous spirit.

Roger's ability to "hear all the voices"
While other readers think that this ability was a Devil Fruit, I am convinced that this goes deeper than that. If it is a mantra-like Devil Fruit, I think it nullifies the idea of Roger being legendary in his own way. Like what you said, the main point of the conversation between Rayleigh and the Strawhats is to show the human side of Gol D. Roger, and also the very similar qualities between the Jolly Roger pirates and the Strawhats. With this thought, I am thinking that Roger's ability to "hear all the voices" is a metaphorical way to describe Roger's humanitarian characteristics, a person who is not just courageous and driven to beat all the impossibilities, but also a human who has a kind heart to take concerns about the matters of the world. After all, another point of their conversation is to line up the similar characteristics of the former pirate king to the future pirate king. As what we've seen from Luffy, he is a person who has a gold heart to help everyone in need, thus linking the metaphor of the "ability to hear all things" to giving care and lending a hand to crying hearts.

On "Meetin Kizaru"
I read the discussin thread for chapter 507, and found a very interesting fact. Though this is not confirmed, Kizaru's face must be based from a senior Japanese actor named Tanaka Kunei. I checked his picture and man, he really looks like him. On a different side of note, it appears that he and Ao Kiji shares the smae quality of being carefree. Though I guess it seems that Kizaru is more driven to accomplish his task, having been given a businessman-like demanor.

On "Mystery Meeting:"
A lot of readers have guessed that this mysterious leg belongs to either Sentomarou, the shadow guy (considering that they are two separate indentities), Kuma, or Dragon. I never guessed of it as Dragon. I picture him seeing Luffy in a surprising and cool way, not in a shocking way. After reading your prediction, I am somewhat convinced that it might be Kuma. Besides, looking at the leg very carefully, it bears a similar feature on Kuma's leg, where the upper portion of his leg is larger. Besides, Kuma must have a good reason for being there at Shabondy.

I praise Oda-sensei for putting such an impressive chapter. I like how he stuffed the action (Supernovae encounter), character progression (Robin), consistency of the other characters (Usopp who tends to be stupid sometimes, not thinking of the consequences of what he says or asks, and preferring the easy route), and excitement and a bit of mystery (the mystery leg) all into one chapter. It is a proof that One Piece is not an ordinary Shounen series. It has substance that keeps its readers wishing for more chapters

The best part of the chapter is Brook making his dead joke again: "I'll just play dead"

July 20, 2008, 04:18 AM
whoa could it be that the crew are going to move to the holy land and within 3days break ace out n return to silver to escape the marines

nice review as always its a pleasure reading your thoughts on chapters

July 20, 2008, 05:37 PM
hey look! my amv! =3 your so nice~
i was thinking about the secret leg person thing and people are thinking it's Kuma....i don't think so.... if you look here

he's not wearing black pants.... o.o it may be shadowed but idk...i suggest a supernova maybe...? one that hasn't left... or fighting... maybe like Drake (has he left yet?), he has fancy boots, but they are black.... it can't be capone, he's fighting or bonney, she's fighting too, hawkin's it talking to tha admiral (and his boots don't look like the ones in the last chapter) apoo has like a dress thingy, killer has white pants (and is with kidd) the demon monk, maybe....you can't really tell size, but i doubt it... then there's law....
so idk, just throwing that idea out there....

July 21, 2008, 05:16 AM
great review sahugani!!! once again...hope you have fun at the comic-con, hopefully oda will there and you could find out some interesting stuff for us...

July 22, 2008, 04:48 PM
$20 on Garp.

Luffy's response is a red herring. Just too many things other than Luffy's response say its Garp.

1) Garp was the first to say he'll arrive, and isn't there yet.
2) Those legs look JUST like Garps.
3) Garps looking for Rayleigh and thats where you would expect to find Rayleigh if you did your homework.

Luffy is either A) Just being an idiot, or B) Garp is wearing his Dog hat....and Luffy doesn't recognize its him because he's an idiot.