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August 01, 2008, 02:59 PM
Sahugani’s One Piece Review 508-509

http://img106.imageshack.us/img106/1770/onepiecefanart01byavionlh2.png (http://avionetca.deviantart.com/art/One-piece-fanart-01-90810877)
gotta love smitten Sanji

Hey guys. It’s been a little while since my last one but I must say, Comic-Con was awesome. I and Sai will be making a full report later this weekend or early next week which anyone who also went can feel free to add to. If only Oda was there as well, I could have died happy. I’d also like to apologize for not getting around to replying at all last week. Between the days actually at comic-con, the preparation beforehand, and dealing with rescheduling a midterm for a summer class (as well as a few other issues), I didn’t have a lot of time. Also, you guys have started leaving very long replies, which didn’t help with the time issue. As I said last time, I’ll try to highlight Longnose AMV creators in my reviews. I’ll find an AMV one of them put out in the preceding week and highlight it here. This week, I was impressed by asurazolo (http://www.youtube.com/user/asurazolo) and his work, CP9 Riot (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EF0O3Ipb10w). The pics in this review come from the Binktopia scanlation of chapter 508 and the Franky House scanlation of 509. The title pic is a great piece by Avionetca (http://avionetca.deviantart.com/), so stop by her gallery later.

Almighty Malachi

bowling must be so much more fun when you have the strength to do that

We’re back with the CP9 cover arc and the now friendly group has decided to have some fun bowling. With their sheer strength as CP9, the power they put behind the bowling ball is catastrophic as can be seen by the explosion Kalifa’s strike produces. Despite this immense damage that they will likely need to pay the owner afterwards to fix, everyone is thoroughly enjoying themselves. Even though we only see the back of Lucci’s head, we can assume he too is having fun. In the second frame as Bleuno tallies point totals and Jyabura prepares for his turn, there seems to be some commotion in the background that Bleuno and Hattori take notice of. From the looks of it, someone is carrying his injured friend and making a report to the police. This is clearly the start of the main plot of the CP9 cover arc as the guys use their talents to help others. Maybe I’ve been watching too many superhero movies lately (a lot of good ones came out lately), but I’m considering the possibility of a crime fighting team for the CP9. Well, lets give it a bit more time to develop before taking such a prediction seriously.

508: Isle of Carnage

Bege’s Guts
there's a man in my head that tells me what to do

The chapter starts actually with “Gang” Bege’s crew preparing cannons and horses. In the previous chapter, this crew had seemingly abandoned their captain, who ominously said that the marines surrounding him were a meager military force compared to his. This made me thing that Bege’s crew had hidden itself in the surroundings, but in fact, they had hidden themselves within Bege’s own body. He most likely ate a devil fruit that turns his body into a fortress. He can shrink his men, horses, and supplies and hide them within his own body. He can also open up parts of his body like windows or drawbridges to let his men in or out. When his crew or objects leave his body, they return to normal size. Now it is clear why his nickname is “Gang” Bege. Unlike other devil fruit powers that grant their bearers immense power to attack on their own, Bege’s power is reliant on the strength and organization of his crew. He allows them to use military strength in close combat, but it is their own skill that ultimately makes this style effective.


those threads must be handy

We turn now to Urouge on Grove 24, who is still smiling even though he seems to be outmatched by Kuma. On the other side of Grove 24 are Kizaru and Hawkins. Though Hawkins’ crew tries to tell him to run, he is busy calculating his odds with tarot cards suspended in midair by what we later learn to be prehensile pieces of straw. Through his calculation, if he attacks Kizaru offensively, he has 100% chance of defeat. If he tries to flee, he has a mere 12% chance of success. He calculates that his best odds are to attack Kizaru defensively, which gives him a 76% chance of surviving the fight until something happens to end it without his capture. In his final calculation, he measures that the probability of death is 0%. Assuming I read and interpreted this correctly, I can assume that this calculation of 0% chance of death means to Hawkins that even if he is defeated by Kizaru, the admiral won’t kill him under any circumstances. Instead, Kizaru will likely take him prisoner and send him back to Marine HQ as a live bounty head. So far, Hawkins’ predictions have been fairly accurate and since he is at the moment the third largest bounty head on Shabondy, we can trust that the calculations can be trusted. Even if he has not experienced the power of the enemy yet, his cards can calculate the chances, which is an incredibly useful skill to have when facing an opponent of this caliber. The choice his cards tell him in this case is logical as well. His best odds are to fight defensively. Fighting offensively would simply pit their two strengths against each other, which is a fight Kizaru wins hands down. Trying to run would simply invite Kizaru to chase him, which would simply pit their speeds against each other, a fight Kizaru also would likely win. Fighting defensively means that while Kizaru fights with the intention of winning, Hawkins puts his efforts into avoiding damage to buy time and looking for a way out. Since Kizaru’s main goal in coming to Shabondy is the “Strawhat” Luffy (with Law and Kidd to a lesser extent), Hawkins has a good chance that during the fight, Kizaru will find better prey and exit the fight on his own, making the option of buying time very smart.

Ludicrous Speed

because light speed is too slow

After asking Hawkins about Sentoumaru as he has for a while now and then receiving a negative answer from the pirate, Kizaru decides to attack the bounty head and kicks him in the head apparently at the speed of light. His ability isn’t entirely clear, but from what we have seen in the time we have seen him (including the next chapter), I’ve come up with a theory. The basis of his ability is Einstein’s famous equation E=mc2 which is the equivalence of mass and energy. His ability can exchange forms of energy for each other all revolving around the speed of light. There are two basic applications of this ability that we have witnessed. The attack he used on Hawkins is the exchange of attacking force and attacking speed. He himself says that speed is weight when it comes to his attack. The more force he puts behind his attack, the more his devil fruit ability enhances the speed of the blow, causing an exponential increase in the overall power of the blow. This close combat form gives him a speed of attack at or close to the speed of light, making it nearly impossible to defend against. The second application of his ability is a long range form and some of my analysis comes from Drake’s words in the next chapter. This technique allows him to convert the force of his kick into actual light waves, thus making a laser blast. This explains how he destroyed the mangrove tree before with a mere flash of light while kicking in midair. This revelation comes from Drake mentioning “Kizaru’s laser” when talking about the pacifista, which means that Kizaru is indeed capable of creating lasers.

Battles Merge

Here he comes to save the day!

From the smoke or Kizaru’s laser blast, it is revealed that Hawkins is fine though still a bit roughed up. From his arm, he pulls out two straw dolls, which explains his own abilities somewhat as well as the two random people that Oda cut to after each of Kizaru’s attacks. I’ll leave that for when I go into full analysis of Hawkins ability in the next chapter. For now I’ll just say that Hawkins transferred the damage he took to two random people rather than taking it himself. Before Kizaru can attempt to comprehend what happened with Hawkins, the fight is interrupted as Urouge and Kuma crash in with Kuma clearly holding the upper hand still. As Urouge and Hawkins exchange a few words, Drake shows up as well and lands a blow strong enough to knock back Kuma. Kizaru smiles at this latest addition to his list of opponents, revealing that he and Drake have some familiarity from Drakes previous life as a rear admiral in the marines, which is a rank directly below vice admiral. While Drake laments running into Kizaru, Urouge gets ready to get serious. He equips himself with gloves and dramatically increases his muscle mass to the extent that his upper body is many times larger than it was. I’m guessing that this is not a devil fruit power but is more similar to Zoro’s gorilla techniques that simply amplify muscle strength. Since this is Urouge’s specialty though, he can maintain this amplified status for long periods and over his whole upper body. During all this, Apoo is still watching the fight from the rooftop. While he is immensely entertained by it, his crew is terrified and tries to tell him to leave.

Kuma Again

there is a time and place for starry eyes

We now turn to the Strawhats, who oddly enough also seem to have run into Kuma despite the fact that he was already in a battle with Urouge. As he pulls off his glove, all but Luffy (who slept through the Kuma fight) believe he will attack with the paw shockwave attack. Instead, he fires a laser blast, which surprises everyone. Only a few of the Strawhats were conscious when Kuma revealed himself to be a cyborg capable of firing laser blasts. This fact is a dream come true for Luffy and Chopper, who have long wanted to see someone fire a laser. Robin and Zoro on the other hand are thinking objectively and notice that something is wrong with the current situation. Zoro experienced Kuma’s sense of honor firsthand and Robin was able to judge his personality after hearing what happened. Neither of them can make sense of why Kuma would randomly attack them or why he would come right out with lasers when normally he’d use his non-lethal shockwaves. The others do not have this sense of his character and simply figure that he came to finish the job by killing them. They all start to attack together and Luffy activates Gear 2 in order to assure victory. Though Zoro is going along with the full on attack, he is still having doubts as to the circumstances of this fight.

Axe Man Revealed

not much family resemblance there

At the end of the chapter, the focus turns to the mysterious axe-wielding man from the beginning of the Shabondy arc. We now see his face and he is revealed to be a young man with a scar from his mouth to his eye. He also mentions that Kizaru is his uncle and he is pissed that the admiral is late in contacting him. Chances are that this is the Sentoumaru person Kizaru keeps asking people about. According to him, if Kizaru doesn’t contact him soon, some group of people is going to be utterly destroyed. My guess is that the numerous Kumas (I’ll call them pacifista from now on since that is likely what they are) running around on Shabondy are a completely separate operation than Kizaru’s deployment to avenge the Tenryuubito. Sentoumaru is likely in charge of the operation with the pacifista and so before Kizaru can execute his objective, he first needs to contact his nephew and exchange information. Sentoumaru can help locate the Strawhats for his uncle since he has familiarity with the area and Kizaru needs to act in such a way that does not impede the ongoing project with the pacifista

509: Kizaru vs. 4 Captains

Kuma Twin

Run away!!!

The chapter starts out with the Strawhats in battle with the pacifista Kuma. His laser blasts from his hands and mouth are overwhelming most of the Strawhats. In a final attack, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji launch a united strike that seemingly defeats the cyborg warrior. Zoro is quite certain that this is not the same person he fought before, a feeling that is shared by Sanji. Zoro points out that the real Kuma would have fought in an entirely different manner. The real Kuma uses his devil fruit abilities as his primary weapon in order to knock people out in a non-lethal manner while also avoiding damage through the use of the ability on his feet. His cyborg enhancements are secondary and are reserved for the last minute. Since this copy used cyborg abilities exclusively and didn’t even attempt dodging, it is likely a pacifista cyborg like Kuma but lacking the Shichibukai’s devil fruit powers. Although this one is apparently beaten, none of the monster trio seems relieved since its existence means there are likely more than one at the same power level as this guy.

Drake’s Knowledge

OK, Drake has officially become the most interesting supernova

The fight now returns to Urouge and the other pacifista. Now that Urouge has changed up his style, he has quickly gained the upper hand. His blows continue to land and deal substantial damage even to the cyborg’s metal body. However, this lead is short-lived as the beaten pacifista fires a laser through Urouge’s shoulder. Upon seeing the laser, Drake recognizes it as “Kizaru’s laser”. In his head, he recalls Vegapunk’s work with the pacifista. He mentions that Vegapunk must have incorporated Kizaru’s ability into the pacifista. Since Vegapunk is the global authority on devil fruit research, it is not unlikely that he could find a way to reproduce the effects of a devil fruit power. Drake’s thoughts also mention that this is simply the latest form of Vegapunk’s pacifista. For a while I had considered that Vegapunk might help the Strawhats somehow when we get to meet him eventually. However, the way Drake thinks about him makes it seem as though Drake considered his actions unforgivable and may have played a part in leading to Drake’s desertion. Also, the creation of an army of Kumas that attack with lethal laser beams and lack any form of the original’s moral compass makes Vegapunk seem somewhat similar to Hogback in that he likes to push the edges of scientific knowledge without concern for the consequences it has or the morality of his actions. Drake is in a very critical position to the story at this point. He is one of the supernovae but is connected to Kizaru through former service and the pacifista through his relationship with Vegapunk. I hope he survives long enough to pass information on to the Strawhats. One thing I have wanted from the first time I saw him was a scene or two of deep conversation between him and Robin. Now I want that more than ever.

Prehistoric Destruction

and has overtaken Kidd as second coolest (Law still rocks)

After a bit of goading from Kizaru, Drake reveals his devil fruit powers in order to combat the pacifista now that Urouge is down. He is revealed to bear powers of the rare zoan class of ancient beasts. He transforms into a tyrannosaurus-like dinosaur and attempts to bite the head off of the pacifista. Unlike most other zoan fruit users, Drake goes right into his fully transformed state rather than fight in the half beast form. I’m guessing that his half-beast form is powerful as it boosts physical strength like any zoan but also gives him access to a set of ripping teeth, talons on his hands and feet, scales for naturally armored skin, and tail much more muscular than most if not all animals of today to use as a blunt weapon. Instead, he decided to use his full form due to the immensely powerful set of jaws that cannot decapitate in the smaller half beast form simply because of size. He nearly succeeds in his intended action but the pacifista uses his free hand to fire a laser through Drake. When he returns to his normal form, he notices that the pacifista does not seem phased by this near death experience but the former marine still smiles because he has at least learned that the pacifista do indeed still bleed. To him, I believe the last attack was a test to see how far Vegapunk has come in his pacifista design. Drake needed to see if this pacifista still had a human core and was thus a cyborg rather than being a complete machine and thus an android. He is pleased that Vegapunk has not yet completed an android pacifista and the current creation still requires a living human body to operate. As long as the living part can be killed, the pacifista can be defeated. This should foreshadow the Strawhats eventually running into a fully mechanized army of android pacifista that cannot die. Anyways, after the dust settles from Drake and the pacifista’s clash, Urouge gets back up only to be kicked out of the area by Kizaru as a reminder that he is there as well. With Urouge out of the picture, Apoo only observing, and Drake handling the pacifista, the role of taking on Kizaru once again falls to Hawkins, who readies himself for battle.

Hawkins’ Full Power

that sight would make the average man shit his pants

Hawkins enters his battle mode in which his hair and body all apparently turn to straw and each of his fingers becomes tipped with an iron nail. The transformation is such that even Kizaru considers that Hawkins might be a straw logia, which would be rare as straw is not an elemental like the other logia powers. Since he has a physical body that can be affected by Kizaru’s attacks though, he is determined to be a paramecia. This form along with the abilities he displayed in the previous chapter reveal the nature of his powers. Hawkins is a living voodoo doll. So far we have seen two uses of this power. In the previous chapter, he revealed that he can transfer damage to other seemingly random people a distance away. After these people take the damage for him, he expels a straw doll from his body representative of the person that took the damage. Since his theme is to use actual straw voodoo dolls and he names the number of people he is currently using as ten, we can assume that this ability is limited to the number of people he can harvest hairs or blood from to act as a medium between the person and the doll inside him. This is his defensive ability though it can be used offensively if he is able to collect a sample medium from his opponent. Then he can create an inner voodoo doll for the enemy and when the opponent attacks, he receives the damage of his own attack instead of Hawkins. The second use of the ability is the creation of the battle form Hawkins is currently in. The form gives him a tall but very fast and flexible body, which comes in handy for a mid range combat fighting style. The nails on his fingers are likely for the purpose of getting a blood sample for Hawkins to absorb. Then he can activate his first skill and turn the opponent’s attacks against him.

Apoo’s Contribution

his arms must move damn fast in order to pull out a good multi-instrument song

Despite Hawkins’ terrifying battle form, Kizaru is not phased at all. He keeps his cool and easily evades Hawkins’ nails before coming in close to counterattack. First he uses his ability to generate a non-destructive light from his fingers to blind Hawkins. Then he is able to fire some small lasers to actually damage Hawkins. Since Hawkins’ voodoo doll body carries links to multiple people, I’m guessing that he needs to concentrate on who he wants to receive blows when he gets hit. The blinding light distracted him and allowed Kizaru to land the blow without the damage transferring. As Kizaru is about to finish off Hawkins with the laser beam thrust kick that toppled a mangrove tree, the fight is interrupted by Apoo, who has finally decided to act. Apparently, his entire body has been transformed into musical instruments and due to the double-elbowed long arms of his longarm tribe, he can make full use of his whole body to create a musical number. With his music, he launches an attack apparently with sound waves that is able to cut off Kizaru’s right arm. With a second musical technique, he causes an explosion right where Kizaru stands. Since this an admiral, we can expect that he is far from defeat and at most will simply need to take some time to reattach his arm, possibly giving the Strawhats the few days they need before Rayleigh has the Sunny coated. In the worst case scenario though, there is the possibility that Kizaru is a light logia that could reattach his arm and not just a light based paramecia as he has seemed to be so far. However, I would prefer that he is not a logia as we have already had Enel who could use light and beams as a lightning logia.


These chapters make me very happy. The only issue was that these chapters were very battle heavy and we got a somewhat rare instance of having series of pages with little to no dialogue. Due to that though, we did get some nice big battle scenes with explosions and everything. The true highlight of the chapters was that we got to see the abilities of the other supernovae. It seems that all of them except Urouge and Killer have devil fruit abilities and they are all truly creative and unique. For me personally, the one character that really shined was Drake. Not only is he a dinosaur zoan user, which is awesome to me in and of itself, but it is revealed that he was a rear admiral in his former life as a marine and during his time there, he had developed relationships with both Kizaru and Vegapunk. This makes him the most valuable person in Shabondy for the Strawhats to come in contact with. I had always expected that his former marine life would be crucial to the arc, but I underestimated how much.

August 01, 2008, 09:13 PM
Great review,sahugani-senpai.But I think you make a mistake in the picture on the "Prehistoric Destruction" part.Isn't it should be the picture of Drake biting Kuma's head?Because the pic is the same with "Drake's Knowledge" pic.

August 01, 2008, 10:24 PM
i thought the Kuma the SH were facing was still alright... Great Review thoo =D

August 02, 2008, 01:28 AM
Anybody else thinks that we're not gonna get the names of any of these DF powers until the next newspaper-like report, like the one where they revealed all the names of the 5 Enies Lobby Buster Call Vice-Admirals, or the next SBS?

August 02, 2008, 04:49 AM
great review sahu!
I agree 98% with you and those 2% are due to the "uncle" thing.
though I don't really know what I am talking about, as I don't speak japanese, that "uncle" was a "father" in the first spoiler translations in the mafia/yakuza sense.
I don't know whether this or that is true, but family bonds in OP are - except for the protagonist - rare imo.

August 02, 2008, 11:10 AM
Lol so Apoo can transform his sound into attacks..

Pretty cool, not sure how you fight that though..

Most of the Supernovae powers are pretty wierd - Law, Capone, Hawkins, Apoo, Bonney..dunno maybe would've preferred more conventional attacks. Ah well, at least the storys progressing really well.

What do you think will be Sentoumaru's role in this arc?

August 02, 2008, 11:29 AM
Thanks for the great double review.
I agree with most of what you said but I think Akainu is right about the uncle part.
I just wanted your opinion about the Pacifista: do you think that they might be advance forms of the androids in the Enel cover arc and that Vegapunk is related to the old geezer who repaired them?
I will be looking foward to your ans Sai's report.

August 02, 2008, 10:09 PM
@bunshindattebayo - thanks for catching that for me. i knew that would happen eventually

@OP ROX - it is not quite certain what the status is of the pacifista the Strawhats fought. Robin seems to suggest that it is not finished yet, but the conversation the monster trio has following Robin's comment makes me think of the "not finished yet" as referring to the fact that this was a Kuma copy and they realize that there are likely more. due to that, i'm inclined to believe that the pacifista really is down for now

@MAX_COLA_POWER! - unfortunately, that seems likely at this point. Oda has introduced these powers in quite rapid succession, so i doubt he'll take the time during actual chapters to flesh them out now. the three exceptions that i think may get an actual description are the powers of Kidd, Law, and Drake. the recent details about Drake strongly hint that his past connections will be a major theme and so he will stay in the spotlight long enough to get some actual development. Kidd is the highest bounty head on Shabondy and so it is clear that he will continue to pop up for some awesome combat scenes. as for Law, the coolness of the character, the mysterious aura around him, and the fact that his devil fruit is so ridiculously fantastic and creative tells me that Oda most likely has a liking for this character as well and will not drop him out of this arc's main plot. in addition, he bears a number of hints that he or his crew will have interaction with Chopper, making a perfect opportunity for him to explain his power (for now i'll stick with my analysis of its concept though)

@Akainu - thanks alot for that info. looking at it again, you are most likely correct on this point. it would be odd to see family connections on the enemy side

@paradoxe - the only supernova devil fruits i was disappointed with were Bonney's age control and Bege's living fortress. however, from the start i wasn't expecting as much out of those two as i was out of the others. Oda is really drawing upon his creative flair for the supernovae, which is one of the reasons i'm liking this arc more than any other. with Apoo, i like how Oda incorporated the natural second elbow of the longarm race to enhance Apoo's range of musical abilities. For Hawkins, i thought it was genius how Oda originally portrayed him like a white knight led by divine premonitions but then turning things around and revealing that his psychic readings come from the most stereotypically dark branch of the art, voodoo. so far, Drake and Law's abilities are my favorites though. i've always been a dinosaur nut, so obviously i think Drake's zoan power is awesome and as for Law, i simply love it because it not only fits his personality so well but it is one of the most creative ideas i've seen

as for Sentoumaru's role in the arc, we can't really be sure yet, but we can assume he is important enough to Kizaru's side to warrant him a final battle against either a Strawhat or allied supernovae (i've mostly given up hope on major alliances, but i have hope in Drake)

@noonethere - oooohhh!!! thank you for that little nugget. back during Enel's cover arc i knew that the robots and ruins we saw on the moon would somehow be brought back into the main story but it has been so long that it didn't even occur to me when i got onto my Vegapunk chain of thought this week. now that you mention that, it has actually given me a basis for ideas on what Vegapunk's introductory arc will be. i think Vegapunk may have had a past with the nice old geezer, but comparing Vegapunk's ambition to the geezer's calm, i'd say that the two had a falling out a long time before and went in different directions. it is quite likely that much of the pacifista design was copied from or at least inspired by ancient writings either from the lost century or from a recovered piece of the moon ruins. there either is already a connection between the pacifista and the moon robots or there will be when we meet Vegapunk and learn his ambitions.

as for the comic-con report, we'll try to get it up as soon as we can. there was a lot of awesomeness to experience

August 03, 2008, 03:08 AM
@noonethere and Sahu: I almost wrote a review for 508 solely so I could soapbox my theory on the Bilka-Vegapunk connection, but I decided I didn't have enough to say about the rest of the chapter to make it worthwhile :p

I suspected the connection from the very first time we saw Kuma's true nature back on Thriller Bark and I thought "if we ever see other self-sufficient cyborgs it will be all but confirmed". And 508, of course, gave us that near-confirmation. But after re-reading Skypiea, I have some more specific guesses about Vegapunk:

1. Vegapunk is originally from Bilka (possibly a refugee from Enel's rampage?) or,
2. He found flotsam from Enel's destruction of Bilka, specifically books describing the technology of the island.

I think 1. is far more likely, but I can't rule 2. out quite yet. One thing that is striking about Enel is the sophistication of the technology he shows in the design and building of Maxim. Far ahead of anything else we've seen on the Blue Sea. And once we learn of the connection between Bilka and the moon civilization, it seems clear that they kept the same high technological level even after their decent.

The other striking area of knowledge, specifically of Enel but generally true of all the Sky Islanders, is their knowledge of Devil Fruits. Enel was the first person we saw to point out the difference between Logia and Paramecium fruits, and certainly he had an excellent grasp on the limits and uses of his own. And the rest of the Sky Islanders, despite the fact that we saw no other fruits up there, instantly recognized the abilities for what they were, and what Enel's fruit was even from a small demonstration.

I don't think it's coincidence that robotics, ship technology and devil fruit research are Vegapunk's specialties. No one man single-handedly advances 500 years ahead of the rest of human knowledge. My theory is that he either fled Bilka during Enel's tyranny or was thrown to the Blue Sea in the destruction of the island, where he was picked up by the WG. After Enel's madness, I'm sure the WG's purported purpose of bringing stability and peace seemed like a welcome change of pace. Perhaps he was even hardened enough that weapons like the Pacifistica seemed reasonable. However, if that's the case, once the true nature of the WG is made clear, his reaction could still put him on the side of good in the end. /shrug

The threads we've been given also raise some interesting ideas on where devil's fruits come from and how they propagate, but since I would be almost completely delving into speculation at this point, I'll wait until we get more info.

August 05, 2008, 07:38 AM
@Mooncrow: speculations are good post them if u have some, i dont mind reading 10000 words if its good

@sahugani: i like ur review and i agree with u abt kizaru's light ability isnt a logia otherwise akoiji wouldnt be the most powerful admirial, and btw i think u used e=mc^2 wrongly, i remember that equations onli applies to particles and it doesnt work with real machanics (u gotta double check that been a while since i did physics)

August 05, 2008, 11:45 AM
@Mooncrow - i love that theory! it's one of the best i've read in a long while. i don't really have anything to add to it

@gfire2 - i said that the ability was based on the idea of exchanging light and mass, not that it followed the actual rules of the scientific principle. manga physics takes real laws and applies them to situations where they really aren't applicable. this is the same type of thing

August 06, 2008, 06:45 PM
i would say the Urgoe dissapoints, I believe he also doesn't have the mantra ability which totally sucks!!
and awesome review.